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  1. Correct, punctilious as ever
  2. The acceptance of applications was closed on December 2nd, so the draw date should be imminent if all teams have accepted. Teams invited were last season's NCL Premier plus top 6 of Division 1 along with BARLA National Cup winners Thornhill. 4 Services ( Army, Navy, RAF, Police), Student Champions ( Leeds Beckett Uni), NW Mens champs (Haydock), Yorks Mens champs( West Bowling), Pennine champs( Fryston) Cumbria champs ( Distington) 3 development sides Scotland (no idea), Wales (No idea) , Harry Jepson winners (Wests Warriors) Conference League South ( Valley Cougars) 32 community teams in total, first round on weekend 28/29 January 2017
  3. Not much, it's next Tuesday Please keep up...
  4. No, you're wrong. Stanley were charged under CR 4.13 and 4.14
  5. I will have a bet with anybody, Hunslet Warriors are going down. The last 2 sides charged with Rule 4.2 received a warning, a suspended fine and no points deduction. Any takers for the bet?
  6. No, you're not. The rule has been there since 1986 and you haven't voted to change it once despite your posturing to the ranks.
  7. There's only 47 members
  8. Very surprised at you, Wilber.... CR10.1 Promotion and relegation issues throughout the divisional structure will be determined annually by the League’s Management Committee at the pre-season meeting with the bottom two teams in the lowest division being obliged to seek re-election.
  9. Plus 40/1 for the Conference Challenge trophy a few days before they played Leigh Miners
  10. No more evidence needed. As anyone that watched it would know. They only ever showed half a match live or towards the end of it's run, when it was scheduled late at night, only match highlights....
  11. No he wasn't. He was supporting his brother who played there and was off loaded after 1 appearance... Is that you Matt?
  12. It's on Bank Holiday Monday... I know details aren't your thing.
  13. The 19 man squad can be changed within the final 48 hours subject to a doctor's medical report.
  14. Semi finals 30th April Fryston Warriors vs. Myton Warriors East Hull vs. Thornhill Trojans