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  1. Dessie O'Hare

    Man of Steel 2018

    150 of the best professional RL players in Europe can't be wrong
  2. Dessie O'Hare

    Tri County Championship

    A bit harsh Cumbria1 as the 3 Premier clubs are supplying 10 players to the BARLA and Community lions squads in November... However , all 3 county squads will be digging deep due to the above rep games... I think Cumbria's most highly rated 18 players will be missing but this is an opportunity for players not on the representative merry-go-round (its harder to get off than on) to make a name for themselves.
  3. Dessie O'Hare

    Blackbrook ARLFC

    One of those senior Project management types, that we are all familiar with, that comes in, causes chaos and then quickly jumps ship to a better job...
  4. Dessie O'Hare

    Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    I kind of agree with you, however, I hope you don't include me as : 1. I've been on here 10 years and viewed it for 15 so I already know the NCL monitor the forum, including the NCL President Peter Moran, who regular moronic posters managed to retire from posting a few years ago. 2. My moderated forum compliant views are my own and not the views of any current NCL club so am at will to be as uncouth as anyone. 3. I've seen blowhards from all the teams that fancied themselves over the years crank it up on here and I know how it all ends.
  5. Dessie O'Hare

    Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Schoolboy error and mildly offensive to boot. It's not going to end well, rubbing people the wrong way along with your triumphalism..
  6. Dessie O'Hare

    Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Apart from you and Hunslet green and old Here he is posting before 3 years ago
  7. Dessie O'Hare

    New season - it's finally here!

    Didn't you predict Normanton to finish bottom of the division? Will it come back to haunt you?
  8. Dessie O'Hare

    Challenge Cup 4th Round Draw

    The current Kells Amateur Rugby League Club can trace its origins back to 1931. On February 3rd 1946, Kells were drawn against the mighty ‘Wire’ of Warrington in a Rugby League Challenge Cup 1st round tie. The early rounds in those days were two-legged affairs and in the first match played at the Recreation Ground, Kells lost by the narrowest of margins, 3-0. In the return game at Wilderspool they lost the game 27-0. With the advent of a professional club in Whitehaven, many Kells players graduated to the paid ranks. In the late fifties Kells again reached the first round of the Challenge Cup drawing the powerful Hunslet side Parkside, losing 55-9. In 1965 Kells again qualified for a place in the Challenge Cup but due to a mix up, were not registered at Rugby League headquarters & were exempt from the draw. Towards the end of the seventies Kells made two important developments which in retrospect perhaps account for their pre-eminence today, the set up of their youth system & the building of their own club house & changing rooms, which opened in 1980, thereby breaking their long established links with Haig Colliery. The Eighties saw this youth policy starting to pay dividends as Kells Under 19’s appeared in two consecutive BARLA National Cup Finals. In 1986 they lost out narrowly to Hunslet at Elland Road, while twelve months later drew 4-4 with Fulham at the Recreation Ground before losing the replay at Chiswick. They then played Leeds the year after at Whitehaven going down 28-0 in front of 6000 fans. These games however enhanced the reputation of the Kells club & indeed the amateur game as a whole. While the Nineties were perhaps not as productive at open age as the club would have wished, the youth & junior scene thrived and the professional game benefitted greatly with numerous young players progressing in to the professional game with David Seeds, Craig Chambers, Lee Kiddie & Graham Morton to name but a few. . Kells also produced many youngsters that have gone on to represent BARLA & the Community Lions, indeed the current squad boasts no less than six BARLA & Community Lions internationals in Scott Lofthouse, David Lowery, Ross Gainford, Danny Rowell, Ben Milburn & Connor Holiday. Kells joined the Conference in 2012 and progressed to the Premier Division in 2016
  9. Dessie O'Hare

    Challenge cup 2018

    No criteria for entering and minimum standards B4 of the Operational Rules do not apply in rounds 1 & 2. All you need is a perimeter fence around the field.
  10. Dessie O'Hare

    Premier League Predictions

    1. Mayfield 2. Thatto Heath Crusaders 3. Hunslet CP 4. Wath Brow Hornets 5. Siddal 6. Underbank Rangers 7. West Hull 8. Wigan St. Pat's 9. Normanton Knights 10. Kells 11. Egremont Rangers 12. Myton Warriors
  11. Dessie O'Hare


    Mmm. This sounds like an apocryphal tale, but it was told to me one night, several years ago, by 2 pensioner "civil servants" retired to a small Greek Island. A former colleague of theirs, that worked with them at a secret location in Cheltenham , was a fan of one of the Garden makeover voting programmes that were, around the millenium, then popular . Whilst at work, he took pity on the team that had the lowest votes and decided to even it up a bit by directing the entire BT feeds to their voting number giving them an unlikely landslide victory but finding himself carpeted and the scandal concealed. Conspiracy theorists will think he's struck again last night....
  12. Dessie O'Hare

    Ncl cup 2018

    A bit naughty, as you know it's been scrapped
  13. Dessie O'Hare

    Ncl 2017 fixture list

    Correct, punctilious as ever
  14. Dessie O'Hare

    Ncl 2017 fixture list

    The acceptance of applications was closed on December 2nd, so the draw date should be imminent if all teams have accepted. Teams invited were last season's NCL Premier plus top 6 of Division 1 along with BARLA National Cup winners Thornhill. 4 Services ( Army, Navy, RAF, Police), Student Champions ( Leeds Beckett Uni), NW Mens champs (Haydock), Yorks Mens champs( West Bowling), Pennine champs( Fryston) Cumbria champs ( Distington) 3 development sides Scotland (no idea), Wales (No idea) , Harry Jepson winners (Wests Warriors) Conference League South ( Valley Cougars) 32 community teams in total, first round on weekend 28/29 January 2017
  15. Dessie O'Hare

    NCL Meeting

    Not much, it's next Tuesday Please keep up...