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  1. There's a few copies of the 5th anniversary brochure out there in the heartlands. I have read it, a long time ago, but not seen one for a few years. Trevor Hunt must have one to lend you if you contact him i think he compiled it? Some info here, mostly accurate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_National_Conference_League
  2. 2 bad analogies. 1. Apart from the millions that work in the public sector that manage to survive 35+ years. 2. Jock Stein, Bill Shankly, Joachim Low, Walter Winterbottom, George Ramsay, Bill Struth, Helmut Schoen among many that defy this fallacy
  3. I would say no for several reasons, Eddie. The costs are prohibitive. Amateur RL teams are not set up like semi -pro sides as they often run 12+ more sides than them. The RL divisional model is nothing like the FA pyramid where the only ambition is move up the tiers and cash in. Failing League 1 sides will be forced to enter the NCL or fold in the very near future.
  4. I can assure you they did pay out despite being suspicious, contrary to your experience. This was because there was no rule against it and the RFL told them there was no case to answer. Hence, there is now a signed betting conduct code for stakeholders in the Challenge Cup.
  5. Everybody that bets on a regular basis knows this and winning accounts are suspended in short order. There is a large scale use of other people's accounts by people paying for the privilege to combat this. They did pay up as one of the companies had only just started sponsoring the competition. There you go, you have learned something.
  6. Yes, limited to £50 stake as they know a few people go to town on this niche market. One season, a group of individuals i know, made a 5 figure sum. The betting companies were'nt happy and appealed to the RFL after trawling the facebook accounts of the winners and noticing their affiliations. But there were no rules in place then to stop insider trading, which is what it is. today, Bentley off scratch (now -10), West Warriors -16 (now -22) and GB Police -28 3 large handicaps don't usually all come in, it's the small handicaps where the betting companies make errors. Just a tenner today.
  7. Upton -12, Royal Navy +8 and British Army +4
  8. You are correct, I meant chair but was consumed by a fog of current and former BARLA officials tentatively posting on rugby forums without trying to give their official positions away.
  9. Never been a member of BARLA I said it was possible in my post, please keep up. I have no desire to wade in on BARLA politics, I would rather to try to solve the Israel - Palestininian dispute as that would be much easier The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 tries to address this but it does not apply to serious crime. Since 2012, DBS checking in RL renders it futile. The point I'm making, also made by Greenfinch, is BARLA were perfectly happy for Morton work his way through the district and county ranks until he got too uppity and applied for the Secretary post. All of a sudden his alleged previous misdemeanours now apply when they should been taken into account much earlier. But only via a whispering campaign. BARLA in a nutshell. A conniving, manipulative, self-serving organisation that exists for it's officials.
  10. Yeah, similar ?... He claims it's a relative don't forget. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest/judge-cages-armed-carjack-terror-pair-1-2107606
  11. I would want to hide it if it was attempted kidnap and possession of a firearm and sentenced to 8 years. He is claiming that it's his uncle, which is possible. However, the fact they were both born in the same year and have the same name may prove hard to substantiate. Anyway, you know all this and you are a bit mischievious to start the topic, answer your own question and then throw some more fuel on the fire. I've seen these Machiavellian - style antics from BARLA pub team types on these forums a few times....... He's toast.
  12. 150 of the best professional RL players in Europe can't be wrong
  13. A bit harsh Cumbria1 as the 3 Premier clubs are supplying 10 players to the BARLA and Community lions squads in November... However , all 3 county squads will be digging deep due to the above rep games... I think Cumbria's most highly rated 18 players will be missing but this is an opportunity for players not on the representative merry-go-round (its harder to get off than on) to make a name for themselves.
  14. As an ex-GB lion he doesn't have to. You knew that, surely?
  15. Aahhh Yes! That shirt brings back great memories
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