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  1. mickhornet

    so whats the sky deal this year?

    I pay £100 for everything except the movies and I have SKY broadband and uhd.
  2. mickhornet

    London sign Morgan Smith

    Played well for Hornets on loan, scored a last minute try which won us the game against Swinton . Bringing the house down,very good player.
  3. mickhornet

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Sky show NBA games Le Bron James of the LA Lakers well worth watching.Its usually on in the night so I tape it.
  4. mickhornet


    Are we playing Mayfield in a warm up match?
  5. mickhornet


    Is that the only pre season game Oldham away?
  6. mickhornet

    Dale chairman Chris Dunphy

    Been like that for ages no staff.
  7. mickhornet


    Might do if it reaches its peak this Saturday.
  8. Always thought it was a rich country.Doesnt seem so, lots and lots of people with nothing.
  9. mickhornet


    Cant see what youre on about?we have a good coach.
  10. mickhornet


    An offer to hire a box and take over the club?do me a favour.
  11. mickhornet


    No news of the Law Cup yet.or any other,warm up game.
  12. mickhornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    March 29 2019 and we are out, roll on.
  13. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Wont know until the season gets going every so called pundit has us bottom or second bottom of the league.Hopefully they will be proved wrong.
  14. They never seem to learn.I would have thought those one or none legged vets begging was more than enough to put put me off war.He wants to join Israel and Saudi in a major war against Iran.