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  1. New Kit Vote

    A lot of the time we have to wear the home shirt when playing away due to clashing with the other team. Got to be one .
  2. Onwards to 2018

    George Tyson left Oldham for Swinton.
  3. Onwards to 2018

    Think Jono is bound for OZ.Dont know anything about Jo.
  4. Onwards to 2018

    Harry Reardon looks to be a good signing, players player of the year, cant be bad.
  5. Premier division play offs

    Be a row about that.Mayfield should be compensated.
  6. Onwards to 2018

    The coach has him down as a winger, with Rob Massam on the other side.
  7. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    They wouldn't be able to keep to keep that secret, think he said the debt was down to 20% when he said he was handing the club over.
  8. Onwards to 2018

    Richard Lepori Italian international signed from Oldham,coming along nicely.
  9. Onwards to 2018

    Lee Mitchell got going really well at the end of the season, hopefully he can carry on where he left off.Well done Lee.
  10. Zak Hardaker suspended for positive drugs test

    Very sad state of affairs.
  11. Two, maybe 3, North America rugby league sides.

    Its going to be hard for them to go from L1 to SLToulouse didn't make it and Catalans nearly came down.The money is in SL how long can they afford to stay in the Championship? Catalans said they were going to pull out if they lost the £1,000,000.game.
  12. Matty Haddon

    Well done Matty, well deserved,enjoy it.
  13. The semis were great,tonight a bore unless you are a Leeds fan.
  14. Bookies refusing to pay out

    Right thanks,who knows it might change again.
  15. Bookies refusing to pay out

    Are TWP League 1 Champions? was there no League 1 GF with Toulouse.