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  1. What a complete waste of time and money.One good thing should be the end of Mrs May as PM and possibly an MP.
  2. Hope youre right Gavin, a win would have been so good,
  3. We need a win ok, and another at Barrow.This squad looks good.
  4. Mendez Laing ex Rochdale hero scores twice at Old Trafford , for Cardiff to sink Man U.
  5. The RFL video man was delayed and the game could not start until his arrival.
  6. Don't know I liked Tyler didn't know he'd left.
  7. Never heard of him.Sounds a prat of the first order and and like lots of other people in the BBC massively overpaid.
  8. Im not going.Dont know whether its on or off.
  9. IS the meeting on tonight ?
  10. Wont have to wait long to find out whats what.
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