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  1. mickhornet

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    If the PM survives they cant have another one for a year.
  2. mickhornet

    2019 Predictions

    We seem to be getting a decent squad together.At least one to avoid the wooden spoon.7th or 8th I think.
  3. mickhornet

    nobody worried?

    Are the March bros still there?
  4. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Wonder where Jack Fox has gone? He'd be a good signing.
  5. mickhornet

    The TV Thread

    The script is superb"there I was having a nice quiet time and you had to spoil it"have to be careful with getting in tears of laughter tho.sometimes your tummy can be very painful.
  6. mickhornet

    The TV Thread

    Classics,very very funny.Hard boiled eggs and nuts!!
  7. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Obviously got backing Baron.
  8. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Gav Bennion signed for Swinton.
  9. Has he not got a brolly or a mac?
  10. mickhornet

    Paul Rowley

    Is Noble going as well?
  11. mickhornet

    Batley Bulldogs

    Lol, good mate of our new coach,think he scored a few tries against us.
  12. mickhornet

    Batley Bulldogs

    Shaun Ainscough has signed for us.
  13. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Shaun Ainscough signed, winger from Batley.
  14. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Good that.
  15. mickhornet

    2019 squad.

    Hope he does, cant see it tho, he is SL class.