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  1. Ref for Whitehaven.

    I don't think you can blame the club for its main sponsor going bust.If we go down then we go down, we are not dead yet.We were not expected to go up, least of all by the RFLWhat is the point of slagging off players coaches management etc.
  2. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Super League teams have lost there an awful place with awful fans.Jambos.
  3. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Nothing unusual Brent.Fully expected a hammering.Not confident about Sheffield.
  4. Ref for Whitehaven.

  5. Ref for Whitehaven.

    If Dewsbury lost there, no surprise for us to lose.
  6. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Magic of the Cup my eye.We cant win there.Just hope we put a game together next Sunday.
  7. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Hornets losing 18-0,ht, Allen in sin bin.
  8. Ref for Whitehaven.

    You never know,but the coach company wanted £600 only 8 names,talking £120.Barrow,yes,Haven Worky ? too many bitter disappointments.
  9. How come Toulouse were allowed to bypass the Challenge cup? Would the RFL allow another team to do it?
  10. Ref for Whitehaven.

    A great result if we won They have buried us last 6 times there.We have won twice at ours.
  11. Ref for Whitehaven.

    What we do need is a win over Sheffield next week.Cup is much more secondary
  12. Ref for Whitehaven.

    No mate, would do , but the pricey coach doesn't match the people interested.Dont fancy a very long drive.
  13. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Right there Brent.
  14. Ref for Whitehaven.

    Mr L Stavely, hopefully better than McMullen.
  15. Hornets/London highlights

    A 350 ml round trip,dont think i'll be going, If ref is Straw, Grant, or McMullen I think we might lose.If players are injured how can you have a settled squad.