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  1. 15-7 penalty count plus 2 binnings,mom C Straw,
  2. Quite true,we,could have kicked a pen and gone in front.They did and stayed there.The only time we went ahead was at the start.When things go wrong tighten up don't turn your nose up at 2 pts.
  3. Straw made Campbell look good, one of the worst ref displays I have seen.Simply awful.
  4. Marwan wont have been pleased Salford fancied there chances a lot.Nothing you can do though.
  5. Well done BBC. Enjoyed Sidall Toronto very much,and going out world wide on the internet.
  6. Toulouse London Oldham Hornets Sheffield Swinton
  7. C Straw, hope he is better than last week.C Campbell is back in Super League Leeds v Salford.
  8. The ref rating was 50/100 very low.cant remember us winning one with him.
  9. There was a bunch of really foul mouthed HKR supporters sat behind us who were a disgrace , swearing in front of young children does nothing for the game.They ruined it for us
  10. Every team will want to win against Bradford..Good luck Lions.
  11. Toulouse Batley Halifax Oldham Hornets Swinton.
  12. HKR will be difficult still who knows the confidence must be going higher with every win.
  13. Lets hope we are well up for the Law Cup on Sunday.
  14. Wayne English executed the perfect tackle at LSV on our final with Oldham. Wrapping Palfrey up one on one a yard from the line.This could have been crucial,as it was we never looked back.
  15. The only time i can remember having Joe was at Whitebank when we beat Oldham for the first time at this venue. As he went up to SL he must have had something about him.Good Luck Joe.