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  1. As no-one expected us to go up, staying up would be brilliant.
  2. Superb game well played Leeds.
  3. Is it being televised or shown on line?
  4. HKR Fax Broncos Hornets Sheffield Toulouse
  5. As the Chairman said we have to try to score enough points to make the ref irrelevant.Straw hasn't had a game over Easter.So it must have cost him.Hopefully we don't see him again,or Grant.
  6. One of your squeaky clean Barlow got a 4 match ban for striking with elbow.against HKR.more than our players. Pan calling kettle ?
  7. Jordan Hand no case to answer , should not have been yellow carded, Steve Presley the referee coach found the penalty awarded after it perplexing. Jo Taira and SamirTahraoui have submitted EGPS As we lost by a point the wrong carding and penalty could have cost the game.
  8. 5th v top Houghy and Wayne going strong,Should be a bit tasty.Get down to the Field.!
  9. The highlights are out,we really should have won.The Dwyer try for Swinton looked forward.
  10. Thinking we need a reliable kicker.Take it off Palfrey and ask Danny Yates to have a go.We are not dead yet
  11. That's awful news, get well soon John.
  12. I think the bitter disappointment of Batley is still in the system. Its still in my system I know that .We need a win!!! Take the game by the scruff of the neck Perhaps Jordan Hand will play a blinder.
  13. Anywhere but 11th or 12th will do. Our form has gone off a cliff.
  14. Why not TAKE 2 when its in front of the post.No, lose the ball ,in no time we are 12 behind and never got going instead of 8 in front and the ball back.Still in 7th though.A loss to Swinton cannot be afforded.
  15. You can only hope we get a fair ref,a 19/7 count against us swung it I hope they don't inflict him on us again.