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  1. 5th v top Houghy and Wayne going strong,Should be a bit tasty.Get down to the Field.!
  2. The highlights are out,we really should have won.The Dwyer try for Swinton looked forward.
  3. Thinking we need a reliable kicker.Take it off Palfrey and ask Danny Yates to have a go.We are not dead yet
  4. That's awful news, get well soon John.
  5. I think the bitter disappointment of Batley is still in the system. Its still in my system I know that .We need a win!!! Take the game by the scruff of the neck Perhaps Jordan Hand will play a blinder.
  6. Anywhere but 11th or 12th will do. Our form has gone off a cliff.
  7. Why not TAKE 2 when its in front of the post.No, lose the ball ,in no time we are 12 behind and never got going instead of 8 in front and the ball back.Still in 7th though.A loss to Swinton cannot be afforded.
  8. You can only hope we get a fair ref,a 19/7 count against us swung it I hope they don't inflict him on us again.
  9. No commplaints about Bentham,Straw was totally biased to Batley and against us.
  10. Mr Hewer is a fair ref no problem.Nothing like Straw.
  11. Hopefully it will be posted on a public site.Unless you see it you cant judge.
  12. Where is the video ? On your official site,utube?
  13. Well when the video comes on we can see.Not every ref just Straw the worst in the league.
  14. A 19/7 penalty count in Batleys favour indicates a one eyed ref.That was the reason you won.The blatantly ignored knock on for Batleys winning try proved it.