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  1. Joe Tiara may be injured which will be a blow, fingers crossed it wont be too bad.
  2. What stadium issues do we have at Hornets?
  3. They have underperformed since they moved to the Falcons.Thought they would be in C1 by now.Could be their year, the owner deserves it.A brilliant ground.
  4. I of the 3 clubs from Cumbria plus Toronto to go up.
  5. A bit like "Washington behind closed doors" starring Jason Robards and Robert Vaugn.
  6. Terms have been agreed.Stand by for a big rise in subs?
  7. How many innocent Iraqis were wiped out by the coalition in the invasion looking for nonexistant wmds.About 1.million. Seem to have very short memories.some people..
  8. £18billion, wonder if it will go through?A bid by News corp was stopped as not being in the public interest.
  9. Barrow look a good bet, together with Toronto.Hornets were a 25/1 shot last season so it is a very difficult call.
  10. It is a blow to lose Woz. Always Mr 100%, GOOD LUCK WOZ!
  11. A terrific player one of the best.
  12. Toronto with a billionaire owner may go up to SL in 2 seasons.Dont know about Toulouse,see how they go on this season.
  13. Are the RFL subsidising travel to this fixture as they did last season?
  14. With quantitive easing or money printing going on.How do banks go bust? The ECB will bail out the Italian banks.
  15. You sound very jealous of pensioners. I cant think for a moment why ? How far off are you.from drawing your oap.