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  1. No,Surely you could have beaten Swinton?Why couldn't you sign anybody good.
  2. If the Bulls and their coach are full time, it beggars belief that that they have lost so many games.We did the double on them,All Mr Toovey could do was complain and after having a 12pt lead.It has defied logic.
  3. How sweet was that.Our first three tries superb,we managed the win very well. A while ago we might have blown it, not now.
  4. More likely to get your lot down where you belong.
  5. Great win for Hornets at Stalybridge.Started out like a house on fire,18-0 up in no time.
  6. Think you're right,Jo Tiara m.o.m. for me.
  7. Good squad today apart from Rob Massam being out.But Gaz Middlehurst is back so we should put up a good show.
  8. No idea, the buyer was connected to the Roughyeds and put a shedfull of cash into Oldham pulling out when they failed to get promotion, in any event it was Goodnight Vienna for Blackpool.
  9. Blackpool went bust a few years ago despite having an agreed buyer. The RFL insisted on him paying off £75,000 of debt from the previous owner.So the deal fell through.Robbing us of a great away day at Fylde.
  10. Bradford Sheffield HKR Broncos Hornets
  11. These super 8s are going to be exciting.
  12. Jarrod Samutt is a fantastic player,dont know about the rest.Have to wait and see wether they are Super League standard,simiilar to Ford with Toulouse, one great player pulling the strings.
  13. Enjoyed Trailfinders when we played there very close to the action.If they get into SL then they will need a larger ground.
  14. I hope we get the details,why sweep it under the carpet?now its not sub judicie any more,. Lewis was labelled racist on the word of Oldham players who apparently don't turn up for the appeal.Why not?
  15. So they didn't mind swearing they had heard Lewis racially abusing Sammy Gee once but not twice?