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  1. Todays match.

    A lot better than Wednesday.Many thanks to the Wire players and fans.
  2. Rochdale Hornets

    If the chief sponsor folds leaving the club £20,000 in deficit its a problem.its not Hornets fault.Its only a couple of players leaving not the squad.
  3. Money Trouble?

    After your win at Batley you really should have stayed up.However our win at home to Swinton and your loss scuppered it.Down to the wire alright.
  4. Money Trouble?

    Gary Schofield has tipped us and Swinton to go down ,as he usually gets it wrong we might stay up.
  5. Woods gone

    Do you think he is worth £500,000 I,dont a scandalous state of affairs.Leaving a sinking ship possibly.
  6. Money Trouble?

    Nigel Wood the CEO of the RFL has resigned .The guy behind TWP Toulouse.
  7. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    I would take 7th before we start for Hornets. hope youre right.
  8. League Restructure 2019

    When is New York coming in?
  9. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    Are you sure they want to enter the CC.Or if they do, get out right away so they can have a better chance of SL.
  10. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    TWP at Wembley? no chance.
  11. Sir Nick Clegg

    How come Tony and Cheri are not at the top of the honours list instead.
  12. No snow in Manchester,hopefully stays like that.
  13. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    Right,last time there was note gate, with Darren Abram,hope we do better.What a disaster that was.