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  1. Well I take no pleasure in putting this down in writing but I fear it will be the same as last year for the Raiders. Lots of talk before games but then on the park, like rabbits caught in headlights. Josh Ward may well be a god player in the future but his decision making is poor. We throw the ball about like it was sunny dry weather. Take wrong options all over the park. I know the Board have faith in the Coach but the 1st real test this year has surely set alarm bells ringing. I hope I am wrong but I feel the raiders will be lucky if they finish in the top 5.
  2. Not sure if they realise it or not but commentary/background noise already on line!!
  3. Good to see that the boys can get back to training at Craven Park but with the Thunder now playing at Kingston Park will Barrow be able to have a run out on an artificial pitch similar to Kingston Park before they pay the Thunder?
  4. Thanks John. I will be there on Sunday with money in my pocket ready to spend! Can you put an XL aside for me please?