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  1. the man

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    Mossop -slight injury - will be fine for the start of the season D Toal - back spasm in training last week - left out as a precaution M Aspinwall - just looking after him - he's fine G Hock - Due back in May S Toal - ahead of schedule, running well, back May, possibly earlier L Cresswell - should be available for the start of the season J Stack - should be available for the start of the season B Carter - ankle injury - nothing too serious - not sure when he's back W .Puara - can't wait to start S. Amean - ditto W.Minoga - suffering from the drop in temperature and has picked up a virus - antibiotics should sort it out
  2. the man

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    Updates only. They are at the ground next week for the Whitehaven fixture
  3. A club determined to increase their fan-base: "For all games next season kids go free with a paying adult. However, we just want to explain that a little better. A paying adult can bring any number of kids. A teacher can bring their class, a rugby coach can bring their team, a dance school can bring every child dancer. Barrow Raiders are determined to introduce the next generation of supporters and bring some atmosphere to the ground. We want The Matt Johnson Prestige Stadium to be the place to be every Sunday afternoon."
  4. the man


    For information, we also have a grant application in to Dong (are they still called that?) to help fund our community programme. By hook or by crook I've also obtained the vendor list of all BAE Systems preferred suppliers so that will keep our commercial department busy for some time.
  5. the man


    Things don't move particularly quickly in BAE Systems. In the end we put together a development plan ourselves and we back that up financially with our salary cap submissions to the RFL and our financial forecasts. I had another meeting with them December 21st but they now want me to go away and almost put together something similar to a grant application to try to obtain specific funding. It is a little bit frustrating that we are working so hard and there's so much to do and must now dedicate a lot of time to put something together that may or may not result in sponsorship. it would be great to put resource to every task but if it's a toss up between organising an event like the boxing or jumping through BAE hoops I think I would go with the former. That said, we will probably still jump through the hoop.
  6. the man

    Where will we finish?

    Fair points Michael. We know that associate director isn't really a position but for some time it has been given to people who have been given a role within the club and have been invited to attend board meetings for their valuable input without voting rights. And there are no payments made to any of the directors. The plan recognises the need to increase the expertise within the club and the creation of paid roles could help with that. We aren't suggesting directors get paid. For example, we have created a paid commercial role which is paying massive dividends to the club. Eventually, I'd like to be in a position to create more paid roles all with the aim of managing and increasing income streams, but it is early days at the moment. I think the fact that we have a plan means that we at least know where we want to try to be in the short term and by going public we have made ourselves accountable
  7. the man

    Summer bash dates

    Pretty sure it's 18-19 May and we have had a choice to vote for York, Bradford, Newcastle, Doncaster or Blackpool We voted for Blackpool but don't know the result
  8. the man

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    This is where we are with the visas.:The club has to apply to be a sponsor to bring in overseas players. We have done that and have a licence for four years. Next we have to make sure the players meet the criteria to get an RFL endorsement. We have done that too and they meet the eligibility by virtue of having played in the 2017 World Cup and 40% of PNG games since 2013. The actual visa application has now to be completed. We couldn't do that until the players had signed. So yes, that still needs to happen but we have done our homework and know that they are eligible.
  9. the man

    2019 Fixtures

    We've been told 19th November
  10. the man

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Almost over the line with two props that you will like
  11. the man

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    I haven't been on this site for a while but just to make a correction, Jarrad Stack's injury isn't as bad as first feared and he will be back December/January for pre-season training - Steve Neale
  12. Roose Pioneers have arranged a Sportsman's Dinner with guest speaker Brian Noble and MC Michael "Braddy" Bradshaw. Friday October 17th 7pm for 7.30pm Start at the Barrow Golf Club Tickets cost £25 which includes a 3 course meal If anyone wants a place booking or a table for 10 then they can send me a message and I'll get the tickets to you This is a mixed event
  13. the man

    Pre-Season Friendly

    Roose Pioneers have arranged a friendly at Redwaters to Leyland Warriors for Saturday 9th February KO 1pm. As part of their recruitment drive anyone who fancies a game would be made most welcome and will definately get a run out. Meet 12 Noon.
  14. The semi Final between Dalton and Askam has been switched from Holebeck to Redwaters due to Pioneers game being called off (Woolston couldn't raise a team). KO 1.45
  15. Is it possible that franchising could actually have hindered Harlequins? Are they forced to budget at a Super League level to try to compete when clearly their income through crowds and sponsorship cannot sustain them. In the absence of a rich backer would they not be better off in the Championship where crowds around the 2000 mark would allow them to be competitive. I don't buy in to the argument that suddenly all the youth development would grind to a halt without a SL presence, surely the infrastructure is stronger than that. My own town of Barrow has not had top flight rugby for over twenty years but we still churn out Super League players. We currently have Gardner (Saints), Harrison (Wire), Lupton (Crusaders), Wilkes (Quins) and over twenty players in the Championship leagues.