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  1. Yakstorm

    The upgrade that is not an upgrade

    It's an interesting move by the RFL... As they are still selling parts of the Upper Bowl (so they are still having to pay to open up the area), and when you click through the available bays, there aren't that many tickets left for sale. They are honestly creating a scenario where technically they may sell out and still be 25K-odd short of capacity... Maybe their strategy is, by 'upgrading' fans to arguably more 'expensive' seats (excluding Coupon offers) they can then consider opening up areas in the top tier for even more heavily discounted prices... Especially as they still have over a week to move tickets...
  2. Outside of the exceptional players who can jump from Academy to Firsts, Reserves provides another opportunity for young players to develop their skill sets, whilst still being part of the same coaching structure as the First team. Unlike Dual Registration, which creates a scenario where players are jumping between different teams, working with different players and not necessarily learning the structures the First team might be trying to implement, Reserves usually train with the Firsts and usually the Reserves Coach is part of the First team coaching setup (sometimes as an assistant coach, other times they are part of the wider coaching team). That's not to say it is necessarily better for a player to learn in Reserves versus say DR, however a good Reserves structure provides more opportunities for players to get game time, which in turn means they are more likely to develop as a player. Considering there are scenarios currently where some players are contracted to First teams, but are only getting a game every 4-6 weeks or so (between DR and Reserves) because of their age and just where they sit in the squad is a terrible situation. Unless injured, you want your players on the field every week. Reserves also gives an opportunity for older players to keep involved, which adds depth to the overall squad. It can serve as a good opportunity for older players, not only to share their experience and help younger players develop, but to refresh as players. You only have to look at Benji Marshall in Australia, his form in 2018 was helped by him playing Reserves for Redcliffe in 2017.
  3. Yakstorm

    More RFL BS

    So what part of the RFL release is BS? The RFL has not said that everyone who has bought one of the 28,723 sold will turn up, let alone stay for two games, just that they are sold and that the only way to watch the match (unless you had already bought a ticket) was to watch on BBC One. As already pointed out by other posted, the total sold for today's game is greater than most Semi Finals in the past decade, most of which were played in half full stadiums. At least for today there will be a peak in the second half of the first game and first half of the second where the ground is likely to be 80%-oddish full. Whether that extends or not, who knows, but a 50% full Macron won't look too bad on TV...
  4. Yakstorm

    Even Distributions for the Championship

    No, but it limits the seperation of the haves and have nots. Currently, the haves (whether by luck, fortune or management) are rewarded with more, whilst those stuck at the bottom are stuck with the same. It also curbs unnecessary speculative spending when clubs overspend one season in the hope of getting upwards to 500K+ more the next. Honestly, I am surprised by the reluctance by Championship clubs for the removal of the Super 8s. The proposed 1 up / 1 down actually makes it easier to qualify for SL and to stay there. There is no requirement to have to beat multiple teams who get more in central funding and then when you get up, you just need to aim to finish 11th or better, rather than 8th. Sure the Super 8s does bring some nice attention to the Championship, and the MPG does command media attention, however a finals series for the Championship (rather than just minor premiers being promoted) will also create some interest and maybe the Championship could try and get SL to allow an MPG between team 11 in SL and the 2nd placed Championship game if we must have the jepody element. As for the crowds element, the stats show that Super 8s hasn't helped crowds.
  5. Regardless of who's idea it was, long may it continue. Considering the CC Semi Finals are always played at neutral venues and has a six week lead in, it makes it such an easy property for the game to sell to venues around the country, especially as a Double Header. Works well for any 25K - 35K venue which are arguably a bit too small for Magic, plus has the added bonus of national TV coverage on BBC. This is the types of games we should be trying to sell to say Coventry, etc.
  6. Yakstorm

    Hong Kong Rugby League

    Hong Kong Super League Grand Final kicks off tonight with the Pacific Toa hosting the Oreana Storm. Pacific Toa will go in as favourites, after going through the regular season undefeated, whilst the Storm defeated the Wanchai Warriors in the major Semi Final to qualify Third and deciding match in the Women's Battle of the Hemisphere 9s will be curtain raiser.
  7. RFL are saying under 2,000 now: http://www.rugby-league.com/article/53005/less-than--tickets-remain-for-ladbrokes-challenge-cup-semi-finals So with more than 25,000 set to converge on Macron, you would have to say the venture has been a success, especially as now the RFL arguably have created an event they can 'sell' now to other venues in the future, will look better on TV than what past Semi's have, and has drawn a better crowd that most of the Semi's combined over the past few years (2017: 25,322 / 2016: 20,846 / 2015: 24,156 / 2014: 24,137 / 2013: 16,895 / 2012: 22,333 / 2011: 25,871)
  8. The bid isn't for all games, but it would be for a significant majority of 'premium' matches. Anyway, regardless of whether or not the bid is the right strategic choice for the code, the great news is that people are already wanting to talk about RLWC2029 and put forward money for it. Provided 2025 remains in North America, then really both Europe and the Pacific will be up for hosting 2029. The more competition, the better. NSW will have some great stadiums in the next few years, would not complain about watching some RLWC matches at some of them.
  9. The one plus we have is despite RU havimg a more established presence, they pour all their efforts and funds into the big cities, meaning there is a real opportunity to carve out presence in the more neglected regional zones, establish a foothold and take it from there.
  10. What I posted in another forum around what I know about Indian RL Development: "I know of three different individuals leading the attempts to start Rugby League in India. They aren't rivals, just a case of it is a very large country, both geographically and population size. In the south-west is Kerala, which is where the RLFI and lead by Rajeev Raj. The RLFI has been primarily focused on junior football, with kids between 12 - 18 taking part in their events and courses. Kolkata is where Paul Walsh is based out of, a British Ex-Pat who sits on the ASEAN Rugby League board and help set up the Jungle Crows Rugby club. Then in Mumbai, there is former St Helens man, Anthony Wright, who is doing work through the ACE Foundation to teach kids the code. As for Bangalore, not sure who is driving there, and maybe it might be one of the above." Now since then I've found out that the RLIF is keen on getting these groups to agree on a common national governance, still allowing each group to continue developing the code in the respective areas, but to try and improve collaboration and ensure that any 'national' teams consider all eligible players, etc. This is part of what the Tertiary tour will do, a bit of a carrot & stick approach. RLIF will help get teams over IF you tick these particular boxes from a governance perspective.
  11. Yakstorm

    Colonial Cup 2018

    The Americas RLWC Qualifiers are set to take place this year, so potentially that is why the Americas Championship has been postponed for 2018. Shame that there are no planned Colonial Cup games.
  12. Yakstorm

    Poland to play Japan and Hong Kong in ENWC

    Each Group C team has a three day break between games. Only advantage / disadvantage is some teams start three days before the others, but could have been a lot worse.
  13. The progress being made across LatAm is incredible. I know there had been a few pockets attempts made prior to the Latin Heat in Brazil & Argentina, but since then the progress and collaboration has been a real success story in RL. We now have clubs in Chile (around 16), Argentina (3x in Entre Rios, plus clubs being formed in BA and the coast), Uruguay (Paysandu), Brazil (Rio, São Lourenço and Baixo Guandu), Mexico (Izacalli, Coatlicues, Osos, Silverbacks, Jalisco) and Colombia (Medellin and Bogota) and now El Salvador.
  14. Yakstorm

    Poland to play Japan and Hong Kong in ENWC

    There are a few things happening in India at the moment. The first is there are three different groups attempting to establish the game in the country. Now they aren't hostile to each other or even interfering, but the RLIF wants to bring them together. To help drive the cooperation, they have organised for the NSW Tertiary side to tour and will encourage the group's to build an overarching governance.
  15. Yakstorm

    Poland to play Japan and Hong Kong in ENWC

    It will be Poland's first official Test. The pools are all seeded based upon RLIF World Rankings. Only Pools A and B can play for the Emerging Nations World Cup. Other nations are playing for Trophy and Bowl.