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  1. Not even going to bother reading the article, anyway, sales so far. Blue is available seats, red is what we know has been sold. Grey is seats not yet on sale. There maybe some other seats sold which I have missed in marking, but there is definitely some traction being made.
  2. Round 1 Results: http://www.asiapacificrl.com/2018/03/05/results-opening-round-jason-taumalolo-cup/ Round 2 Results: http://www.asiapacificrl.com/2018/03/12/tnrl-jason-taumalolo-cup-round-two/
  3. Let's not be too harsh on the Raiders, they have been dealing with a pretty sharp learning curve since taking over the licence. Whilst yes they did control the team for some games last year, the reality was that was using existing infrastructure, with just some games played out at Llanelli... Now the club is learning, the hard way, what it takes to run a club in a professional, national competition, with no support from the RFL on fundamentals like policies and procedures. Like most clubs would, they are fumbling along, and unlike some of the other expansion teams in the league, they didn't have the benefit of either over 12 months to get ready, being grouped with other clubs in similar positions or even DR to help boost their playing stocks. Anyway, at least the team they named, was filled with local players who will be better for the experience... That is better for the Raiders long term and Welsh Rugby League.
  4. Additional Bays have been released, with tickets now available in Bays 331 - 346 & 300 - 315, meaning pretty much most of the second tier is now on sale (not just the ends like before) Middle bays of Level 3 are selling strongly on both sides. Elsewhere there has been a scattering of sales over the past few days.
  5. Bay 301 has the exact same thing. Just one random seat on sale... Tickets continuing to move nicely across the ground, 309 only has a scattering left, $15 bays have moved another few rows, with about 40% of the available inventory gone and then there continues to be a scattering of new sales in pretty much every bay. With media, direct marketing, social & banner ads still to come, it is all positive signs.
  6. I don't know if we're struggling to convince them, we literally only became a member 5 years ago of the GCF and they said over the next 3 tournaments (so 9 years) we expect to see you: - Improve your presence in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa - Hold a minimum of two Commonwealth Championships Remarkably, we have actually achieved one of those requirements four years ahead of schedule, with us growing from one 8x team men's tournament to have 17x teams across men's, women's and physical disability. Arguably for Birmingham, we should be able to build on that again. As for the first requirement, we are making progress in Africa, Asia we need to put some extra effort into the small presence we have in India and Pakistan, whilst for the Caribbean, I'm not sure how we grow there easily.
  7. Pretty solid opening day of sales for the England v New Zealand match. Bay 105 (middle-lower bowl) has sold around 85% of it's available allocation (Note: For all lower bowl bays, the back 10 rows has not been put on sale, and for the 8x corner bays, the front 12 rows are also on hold). For the other lower bowl bays, the first couple of rows have sold well for most Bays, with a smattering of sales elsewhere. The cheap $15 Bays have also sold quite well, with a solid chunk of the first 8 rows sold in 229 & 235. For the 300-series Bays, I didn't pay enough attention yesterday if the first few rows were on sale or on hold (I feel they were kept off-sale), so can't comment if any traction has been made there. But yeah, looks to be a couple of thousand tickets moved at least... just 38,000 more to go...
  8. Some interesting information in the following interview on the Wales Rugby League site. States that Rugby League will be eligible to potentially move from a Category 3 Commonwealth sport to a Category 2 sport (and thus eligible to be included in the games) in 2022/23. http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16315/commonwealths-another-step-forward-for-wrl "Rugby League's global governing body, the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF), asked the Commonwelath Games Federation over five years ago how the sport could become part of the Commonwealth Games. In their response they offered no guarentees however the Federation said rugby league must become a category 2 sport in order to be considered. It is currently category 3, and this status would be reviewed after the 2022 Commonwealth Games. "In the meantime the Commonwealth Games Federation asked the RLIF to do commit to two programmes of work. Firstly, continue to establish and develop the sport in Commonwealth nations especially those in the Caribean, Asia and Africa. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, commit to delivering a Commonwealth Championships around the Games themselves. Whilst officially recognised by the Federation, these events would recieve no financial or logistical support from them. This was a test to the sport to see how committed it was. "Thankfully the RLIF and its member nations such as Wales are committed. So far two fantastic events have been delivered in Glasgow 2014 and Gold Coast 2018, the latter having $150,000 Australian Dollars invested into the event by the RLIF, building upon the first mens competition by adding two new competitions for women and disabled athletes. The hugely entertaining games streamed around the world and involving many partners have been a great success. "Next up will be Birmingham 2022, after which the Commonwealth Games Federation will let know rugby league know its fate. The answer may be no however there can be doubt the sport had tried to do become part of the games and certainly moved a few steps forward into one day doing so.
  9. Auckland RL Going Semi-Pro

    New Zealand needs its own premier competition, to help develop and retain talent. Now ideally whilst it would be preferable for this to be a national competition, at least by having something based around Auckland would still be a massive improvement on the current situation. Auckland has the money and the players to anchor a successful league and if somehow a Wellington & Christchurch team could be added, it would be as good as national anyway.
  10. How much damage could Hearn's really do if we were to hire his services and he turned out to be hopeless? Currently the game is talking about giving him Magic, Challenge Cup and help boost the profile of the top SL players, if let's say he turned out to be useless, what would happen? I doubt he could reduce the profile of Magic or Challenge Cup, which is currently primarily attended by core RL fans, and our top SL players are unfortunately invisible even in parts of the RL community. As such, to me, the risk feels minimal. On the flip side, if he can raise the profile of these events/players, potentially draw in some new sponsors or help increase the media coverage, or make these events more profitable, that would be significant pluses. Already, just Hearn's mentioning the game is generating press for the sport, so he seems to know how to play that game at least...
  11. The official event site says there will be at least a curtain raiser. Most likely will be USA v Canada or Jamaica. Kick off for that game is at 12pm, with main game at 2pm.
  12. That only saves 4x teams from L1, what happens then to the other 10? 3x 14 make sense if there are plans to bring in any of the new North American teams and/or sides like Manchester Rangers and Hull Academy, but then it actually makes the money issue worse, unless all new teams forfeit their right to these funds.
  13. The pro-league is unlikely to happen, unless of course the RFL don't accept Hamilton, Boston and New York; plus Toronto gets unfairly blocked for Super League. If that happens, then that's the first four clubs straight away. Throw in Denver, Jacksonville and two other teams and there's a US Pro League. Unlikely, as I imagine the RFL / SL will want to fast track NYC and will look after Toronto. Anyway regardless, at least Moore has seen value in RL and is underwriting these ventures. We should work with him for as long as he is prepared to invest and it is providing value for the code.
  14. Tickets go on sale on March 5, match will be a Double Header, most likely involving USA v Canada, but that will be confirmed later. https://www.rugbyleaguechallenge.com Kick off 12pm local time for the curtain raiser and 2pm for England v New Zealand. Works out to be 9pm broadcast into UK and 8am into Auckland.
  15. One of the biggest issues League One has had since the latest incarnation of it, is no one has ever defined what the purpose of this league is. Is it just the third division of Rugby League in the UK? Is it an Expansion League? A Development League? A dot making exercise? Honestly, it very much comes across as a bit of all of the above, which is part of the problem and why moves to make it more amateur or professional are flawed. Rugby League would be silly to push a Bradford, York or even a Newcastle (who have a solid backer, good ground and semi-regularly draw crowds over 1K) out of their professional structures. These are clubs, which for everything bar on field performance, are stronger than a number of clubs above them. There are plenty of other clubs in the competition as well who you can argue, bring value, to the competition and to the code. But whether the sport should continue to invest in them the same way as they currently are, I guess is dependent on what the point of this league is?