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  1. The Mediterranean Games already has Football / Soccer as a sport, so from an infastructure perspective Rugby League Nines does not add any additional infastructure costs to the event, so it would be an appropriate event for the code to target. It would be interesting to see what the code would need to do to qualify, as getting into a multi-sport event like that would not only help the existing RL nations in the region, but potentially help us get back into countries like Morocco.
  2. Rugby League Nines will be one of 28 sports played at the 2019 Pacific Games in Nuku Ľalofa, Tonga. http://www.asiapacificrl.com/2017/01/14/rugby-league-nines-feature-2019-pacific-games/ With Nines part of 2007, 2015 and now 2019 tournaments hopefully that means it will automatically be included as part of the sports for 2023 in the Solomon Islands as the code continues to grow in the Pacific. Out of curiosity are there any multi-sport regional tournaments in Europe (or parts of Europe), which Rugby League should be targeting to try and qualify for?
  3. At least Super League is a brand with some currency. The Middle 8s is a new brand that comes in towards the end of the season which doesn't even carry the SL logo. We do ourselves no favours by making it harder for fringe RL / sports fans to know what they are / should be watching.
  4. Based upon what the FNRL announced in December the Fiji game will be against the Fijian Residents (who are also off to Hawaii and Canada). Not a bad opponent for a hit out. It's honestly a shame that the Pacific Island sides and European sides don't meet more often.
  5. The 8s will be replaced by a new systems called the RL 2s, where after everyone plays each other twice, we'll group teams by their best derby opponent and force them to play home and away 8x times. This approach should mean a minimum of 10 - 11 (including Magic Weekend) Saints v Wigan clashes... In seriousness, whilst there are benefits to the 8/8/8 system (ie. It arguably gives 4x clubs the chance for promotion, it gets Championship clubs on TV and the Million Pound game does attract interest), the approach just has too many faults. The ridiculous 3 match ups for the top 8 teams (plus potentially Magic & Finals) really hurts the competition, creating match fatigue. The fact that the approach encourages reckless spending in the Championship is not healthy either. As such I hope that they go back to a simpler system. Something where the top team in the Championship gets instantly promoted works for me. Potentially they could keep the Million Pound game by having the second last SL team play the second placed Championship team (means they could bring back the Championship GF, with the runners up playing in the game). The code then needs to look at how it can work with Sky to get the Championship on TV and/or what other 'Competitions' can they create to mix things up a bit. More of the same will just result in many supporters just switching off as the seasons go on....
  6. But the numbers you've posted are only for Twitter. Twitter is the third largest social media network in the UK, behind both Facebook and YouTube in terms of registered users and its fourth (add in Instagram) for active users. Facebook has 32 million UK users, YouTube 20 million, whilst Twitter and Instagram have 14 million. Now whilst again RL is comparable to RU on FB, overall 150K for Super League and 25K for the RFL are not numbers to be happy with.
  7. Why should the NRL give the RLIF $2m in tax, when the NRL already spends well above that per year on the International game? In addition to funding the Kangaroos and underwriting their Tests, the NRL also supplement the Kiwi wages for Tests against Australia and England (in an effort to limit Kiwi players declaring themselves for Australia), underwrite the Pacific Tests (there were 3x this year including one in Samoa), fund Development Officers and programs in PNG, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, help co-fund the Hunters, plus fund around 20 teams from Australia to tour those nations and play matches in various nations against locals. This is in addition to roughly $600K - $1 million+ 'tax' they already pay from home Tests each year (which net around $3m-$4m in revenue). All that would happen if the RLIF suddenly wanted a set annual fee from the NRL is that money would be taken out of existing initiatives. We saw this in the UK after RLWC2013 where the RFL pulled out of funding the likes of Scotland and Wales because they had already 'earned' for the RLIF more than what they were contributing to those nations (a poor attitude and one that also was driven by cost cutting, but a risk none the less). To grow revenues the RLIF needs to either take over assets for it to sell or create new ones. Nines and Confederation Cups are new assets they need to be looking to kick off before 2023, whilst the European Championship is an example of an event the RLIF could take over from the RLEF and commercialise. Ideally the RLIF will want to have at least one tournament a year to commercialise. Other revenue options the RLIF could take over is selling the broadcast rights to existing international fixtures into markets that other the RFL, NZRL, NRL, etc. don't sell into. The RLIF might have success into some of these markets due to the fact that they can sell a wider range of games.
  8. Padge is right that content is king, something that the RFL arguably has bucket loads of but doesn't leverage. Currently between the three professional divisions there are 18 games a week on average. At most 2-4 of these get onto TV, with only Magic Weekend / Summer Bash / Finals being the only exceptions. That is a lot of quality content that could be better leveraged which isn't. Now whilst of course we have an agreement with Sky which means we can't just do whatever we want, there is no reason that we can't work with Sky to get more games broadcasted (whether it be on TV or online). Using Cricket over here in Australia, Cricket Australia had a number of assets that either got minimal to zero coverage by their broadcast partners. The domestic one day series, Sheffield Shield and the Women's Twenty20. Even when they threw in the rights for free the broadcasters refused to show it, or only did their contracted minimum requirements. So what did CA do? They asked for the opportunity to 'Live Stream' the games. The broadcasters agreed on the provision that they could either re-use the 'Live Stream' or request the game back. From here CA used the content to build their Digital strategy, driving social numbers, mobile app use and building a sellable digital subscription. They also, through this approach were able to get more games on TV, with the three products listed now getting increased coverage on TV. The games that don't make TV are live streamed on Facebook Live and available through the Cricket Australia mobile app and site via a free subscription. Optus, a telecommunications provider in Australia, also showns all these games via its IPTV Sports Channel. The approach has driven up CA's TV value (as they have been able to prove there is a market for these other products that broadcasters use to neglect), drive value for partners like Optus who want content, build social numbers and engagement and build CRM numbers. All important ticks and a very similar approach to what RL in the UK could take. In fact, the RFL could even use the Tech Partner CA have used - Perform, they are a British company.
  9. So with Long Island potential joining the USARL, we have New York Knights, Brooklyn Kings, White Plains Wombats, Philadelphia Fight, Bucks County Sharks and the Ospreys all within about 2hrs of each other. Surely between those six teams a regional second division could be formed. We already know that most USARL clubs have a surplus of players, so anything that could be done to get more people on the pitch would be a significant boost to the code in the region.
  10. Whilst it didn't get much fanfare, the FFRXIII has refreshed their brand across all assets heading into 2017. The new logo is below and is based upon the Les Chanticleers logo that has been used on the national team the past few years. Whilst the new logo removes any 'football' reference (that was what the curved line was meant to be), I personally really like the new look Chanticleer and the new font type etc. A new more professional logo for a new more professional FFRXIII.
  11. Yeah it's full 13-a-side. Encouraging that interest has been strong enough for 5 teams to be formed.
  12. Whilst it rarely ideal for a league to make a fiscal loss, as mentioned earlier in the thread, it is only around 200K. It's certainly not an amount the FFRXIII can't pay back (and of course we're assuming that they borrowed against the loss versus drew down savings and/or sold assets) and in an absolute worse case, considering both TO & Catalans have turn overs in the millions, I'm sure that they'd come to the rescue if this was causing some breaking point for the FFRXIII. What is arguably more frustrating is that the previous administration claimed that the FFRXIII had made a profit. Not only has the lack of transparency affected the new administrations ability just to get on with things (wasting time chasing paper trails and suspect bank accounts) but there is also a legal aspect to incorrect financial reporting which hopefully doesn't pop up to again hinder the new administration. Anyway, I am liking the way the new board is approaching these roadblocks. They have been transparent with what they've found, explained the decisions they've made and looked to move forward. Whilst of course we would have loved to see France in the Women's WCs in Australia, arguably France hosting a Euro Women's tournament next year will do more for the domestic game, and at a lesser expense.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I fail to see how a successful Manchester club would hurt Salford? A successful Rangers club will only generate more attention, sponsors and players in the region which won't just benefit Manchester, but the surrounding clubs. The introduction of another Derby opponent for Oldham, Salford and/or Swinton is not a bad thing, nor if RL can grab a stronger spot in the Manchester market. Arguably if Super League feels expanding from the north is a bridge too far, it should be doing all that it can to build its presence in cities like Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, etc.
  14. Source: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=382802 According to FNRL CEO Timoci Naleba, the request has been made with the proposal for the game to be played in Fiji. Arguably not a bad warm up opponent, Fiji have made the last two RLWC semi finals and have a growing roster of professional players. For a hot out before England's opener against Australia, they could pick worse opposition.