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  1. Great to see another successful Nines competition in Hong Kong and even better to see established sports clubs like Scottish and Valleys add Rugby League to their sports offerings. The HKRL are doing a really solid job of getting incremental, but sustainable, growth in a market many thought would not be interested in the sport. The growth of Tag Rugby League in particular I think would surprise many.
  2. I know it only lasted one or two seasons, but having a mid-season and end of season clash between Wales and France would do wonders for both national squads. Matches between the two nations have been relatively tight over the past few years, meaning there would be an intensity in the clash, but have also been close enough that you could get a crowd and broadcasters interested in the game.
  3. FB reporting over 460,000 view now for the stream. I'd imagine over the next 24 hrs for that to swell to above a half a million. Possibly equates to roughly 4K-5K worth of sticky viewers (ie. watched 50% or more of the game), plus between 150K-200K worth of people who just caught snippets (based on streaming behaviour for other sports) Considering the UK was out of the mix and it wasn't a great viewing time for AU/NZ, very solid viewing numbers.
  4. I honestly don't get the logic of the RFL / RLEF proposing having an England 'A' / Knights team in such a tournament. From a sponsorship / broadcast perspective, partners are going to be far more likely to get behind a tournament featuring a 'full strength' or at least best of SL national team than anything considering 'developmental' or 'second-string'. Secondly if they believe Italy will bolster their side with Australian players, what makes the RFL so certain that a full strength England would dominate the tournament? Italy did beat them last time the two met and Scotland went very close last year... The opportunity to play and potentially defeat a full strength England side would be very appealing to many of the heritage players Thirdly, England don't play enough games to start handing over matches to other sides. It would do wonders for England RL for the national team to maybe have 8 or so fixtures a year... Now of course if England can't play because they will be playing someone else then (ie. Touring or Test Series), then just play the event without England.
  5. If true, I'd love to understand why. Considering the RFL helped Toronto with getting the stream sorted (I imagine primarily from a rights and access perspective), then I would be surprised if it was them standing and the way of BBC showing the stream in the UK. For me, if there is some reason preventing the BBC streaming more than one game, it needs to be fixed. It is in everyone's best interest to have as many games as possible covered in some capacity.
  6. Agree that the RLIF should be investigating creating such a competition. Whilst costs might be a bit of a concern, the RLIF could look at having 4x core nations (Australia, NZ, England, France) and then based upon whether it is held in the Southern Hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere determine the other entrants. Maybe when in the Northern Hemisphere, we have the likes of Canada, Wales and/or Lebanon; whilst in the Southern Hemisphere we look to have Fiji, PNG and/or South Africa. If the event is annually, then those fringe nations will at least get an opportunity every two years.
  7. Don't blame Gigot staying at Catalans. In fairness to him, he has already tried his luck in both Australia (Cronulla) and England (London), and Catalans were the first team that his style of play really gelled with. Plus the Gigot v Escare battle for the French Number 1 jersey is only good for both players and the national team.
  8. Great news for French Rugby League. Escare is a very talented player and appears to be developing a lot quicker under the Wigan structures than he did at Catalans.
  9. It is often forgotten in these discussions how much of the heavy lifting Telstra has done and is still doing for the NRL and AFL Live Streaming. From underwriting it, providing the core infrastructure and hey even offering it to free to postpaid mobile customers, they are a significant player in the success of the concept. It's not like there isn't an upside to Telstra, they are collecting incremental revenue (yes it goes to Telstra not the NRL), plus it has helped them retain market share and even attract new customers in a very competitive mobile market here in Australia. Whilst the NRL could have and did investigate going alone in this space, their discovery was that the Australian streaming market wasn't yet mature enough to make a profitable enough model, especially when you have partners willing to bear most of the risk. This is in a country which had a massive Netflix subscriber base before it officially came to the country, and has been towards the front of the curve for adopting alternate TV models for a while. As such the NRL took the path of catering for this market and building a strategy to grow it, whilst not hurting their supporter base who will never stream, and ensuring that they had a solution for both markets and picked up a partner who was prepared to promote the offering to their existing customer base. Now for me, the RFL need to look at a similar model. The RFL needs a Sky, BBC and/or BT to help build out the streaming program offering as well help change the behaviours of the average RL fan. Anything else will, just like their upcoming offering, will cop backlash and result in poor audiences and poor revenue.
  10. I don't believe they are. As far as I'm aware only Super League, Championship, World Cup, WCS and Tests against Australia and New Zealand (outside of a World Cup / Four Nations) have been tied up. As such there are a few options which could be considered by the RFL. Firstly they could dip their toe into the space with something small. Maybe a few L1 games? Academy / Age based internationals, etc? They don't necessarily need to charge, but can test things like infrastructure, processes, support, etc. Whilst there are plenty of 'off the shelf' options, I guarantee you that nothing works perfectly first go in this space. Even if the tech and infrastructure are perfect, there will be users who will struggle, and the RFL will need a strategy to assist them and ensure their opinions don't destroy confidence in their product. Don't get me wrong, streaming needs to be investigated by the RFL and as a sport we need to understand what new revenue streams are out there for us, but unfortunately going in half baked is only going to result in failure and by used by the RFL to justify them not exploring this again in the future.
  11. Regardless of whether or not 10:30am on a Saturday is a popular viewing time (the game is on Saturday night in Australia) for the BBC, doesn't really matter, it will still be a far larger audience than that which will ever pay to watch a one-off match on the RFL site. Now whilst I get that audience isn't everything and the RFL should be investigating live streaming, there are some real flaws to them picking this game. Firstly, the RFL has never done this before, so they are starting behind from both a technology and customer base perspective. They don't know if their site can handle the bandwidth requirements for live streaming or if they can either effectively register and manage the user / payment side either. This is just asking for trouble. Secondly, there appears to be no strategy beyond the one off event. Again this approach would be viewed differently if suddenly this game was the first of many being streamed this way and the RFL was selling a subscription versus a one-off transaction. Thirdly, the England brand doesn't get much exposure, so can we really afford to hide it away? I know if I was BLK, Kingston Press or another partner of England, I'd rather even 100K on BBC (the audience will be more) plus the chance it will appear on the BBC News, versus a sub 10K audience and the likelihood that no news network will cover it as they can't easily get footage. This attitude would be different if England played more often, same if they played more often, the likely subscriber audience would be larger.
  12. Quite like ECT's suggestion that some strategic areas should be targeted for the Women's Super League. The amateur starting point does level the playing field a bit and arguably a successful Women's side in some of these areas will only help raise the profile of RL in those regions overall (which will have benefits for the men's side). Naturally the preference should be to have the majority of the league based around the heartlands, but 2-3 outposts make sense, especially if the pathways are a bit light, we need to steal some athletes from other sports and other areas.
  13. Toovey was always a good coach, and was always good and creating an us vs them mentality, which is working perfectly for Bradford at the moment. For me, I'm glad that they are competing and are a good chance of staying up. Whilst I get that the RFL wish to discourage clubs getting themselves into bad financial positions, the unfortunate scenario is the point penalty didn't hurt the previous administration, it hurts the current. Rugby League needs Bradford and I'd rather they be in the Championship than L1.
  14. Whilst I understand the strategy in aligning the Women sides to Professional Men's sides from a brand recognition perspective, I just hope that they don't force sides to be aligned with Super League teams. As already mentioned in this thread, Bradford have a Women's side, and I believe that there are already a few other Championship & L1 sides that may have teams as well and should be considered for the Women's Super League if they are stronger sides on the pitch. Whilst of course there is a desire to have the blue chip SL sides represented, Featherstone, Barrow, Batley & Bradford who are all currently in the Premier Division should be considered. It's not a bad thing for the sport to have different top teams in the Men's & Women's Super League. For some clubs it might be the only way their brand can be represented in the top tier again.
  15. In fairness to BBC they did announce it in this article http://m.bbc.com/sport/39365882 Great to see it finally happening, shame it took so long and needed to be pushed by Sport England.