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  1. Anyone who spied his twitter and instagram over the last couple years would know the bloke is in a very deep hole. Sad.
  2. I think the coach of NY moved and the way I heard it they were taking a rest to regroup rather than fail to have player numbers. Go Boston 13s
  3. Tigers is a far more marketable mocker. I'm not across it but this seems like a positive, hopefully the new Leagues Club can be a success and offer some stability.
  4. Toulouse have been impressive.
  5. This has been blown out of proportion. Beattie has been great for the game and has gone out of his way to engage with fans even ones that call him horrible names. This was either a gaffe or an off colour joke gone wrong. But the outcome is that he has quit twitter and the fans lose and the media mob win.
  6. Titans fans are still recovering from the Searle debacle and the Hayne pain. But trust me, the fanbase is very happy with what the club is doing. We got Meninga on board and now Preston Campbell. But we really feel like a culture is being built here. Also there have been recent announcements of a Leagues Club to be built in northern Gold Coast. She'll be right.
  7. No the PM doesn't select it but the current Australian PM, Scott Morrison (I know) is a big rugby league fan and took an active interest in it last year. I think this is an excellent evolution of the concept and adds another team that we can send around the region. The Pacific is vital for our sport.
  8. I used the NRL app from Hong Kong. Watched Titans vs Cowboys, worked fine at all times. Happy to see the NRL finally streaming pre-season games.
  9. No way should an Australian Indigenous team compete in the same competition as the Australian Kangaroos.
  10. Maybe we will have to wait for the Kangaroos to Tour and then just wait for the Lions to return the favour. If we are going to revive it, it should come after the Kangaroos lead the way. The trip north was always more acclaimed than the trip south.
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