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  1. Dolphins is synonymous with Rugby League in Queensland. Here is some more things to think about. - Who will be the Dolphins Feeder clubs? - The Derby with the Titans will also be juicy for two reasons. 1. The Gold Coast bid was originally the Gold Coast Dolphins (Teal, orange and white) and there was a massive shitfight over the name. Redcliffe threatened to sue the GC over it. It got a lot of people off side. It seemed reckless. And then they chose a new name, the Titans with a new colour scheme. I don't think they'll forget about that. 2. The Titans were very vocal against their admission as a 17th club. Dolphins vs Titans will be spicy.
  2. That's a tough question TBH and things pull be in different ways. I know the NRL's CEO mentioned it 3-4 times in the announcement that they will be The Dolphins. So we have some mixed messages. I would give them a geographic name but lean into The Dolphins in my messaging. Also Dolphins bid chief (Not Dolphins boss) says it'll be The Dolphins. https://www.zerotackle.com/dolphins-name-decision-explained-following-expansion-bid-111024/ I'm Brisbane biased and we have the Olympics coming up. But I feel it's important to embrace the other areas too. I think this time where the name is up for debate has going people thinking and talking. It's generating some buzz. I think Moreton Bay Dolphins would be the front runner. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moreton_Bay Sunshine State Dolphins would be weird as it is the nickname for the entire state. South Queensland seems vague and less relevant than North Queensland. It also has the stigma of being attached to the old SQ Crushers. North Brisbane Dolphins is another candidate. I think the fact that they are the Dolphins, play in red and white (Maybe with the addition of gold?), are based at Redcliffe for admin and training and will even play games there is enough for the Dolphin diehards. Plus they will still have their Queensland Cup side named Redcliffe. I think that the footprint of North Brisbane, Moreton Bay Region and Sunshine Coast is correct. We just need to settle on a name. I can see why The Dolphins would be chosen and it doesn't surprise me or bother me. It can mean something to everyone. What really matters is what happens on the ground in the different areas to make people embrace the Dolphins. At the end of the day I'd prefer a geographic name attached. The NRL seems pretty keen on the Sunshine Coast - Central Queensland idea. Club colours and logo will be announced next week. I imagine they will include gold which has featured on the Bid logo and merch.
  3. If anyone is interested in Dolphins Bid merch. https://emusportswear.com.au/collections/dolphins-nrl-bid
  4. You obviously don't live in Brisbane. The club must have a larger representation than just Redcliffe. Which merged their council with Caboolture Shire and Pine Rivers Shire into the Moreton Bay Regional Council. I grew up 15mins from Redcliffe in Brisbane's northern suburbs. I even worked in Redcliffe. But Redcliffe also has a very undeserved stigma. It has a nickname "Deadcliffe". Easts and the Bombers/Jets already tried to minimalise the club by referring to them as merely Redcliffe during the bidding process. Which was very disingenuous. Luckily the NRL didn't buy it. The fact is that Queensland licenses in the NRL have been severely limited. We had to fight tooth and nail for a third and finally got a fourth. We can't follow the Suburban model of the NSWRL and VFL from decades and decades ago, even a hundred years ago. We have to think bigger. The new club will represent Brisbane's northern suburbs, Pine Rivers, Redcliffe and towards the Sunshine Coast. And even Central QLD has been mooted. We need this so more areas of Queensland can be services. While it has been mentioned that they will be "The Dolphins" now, it seems like they will announce a name in the future. And I think they should. There needs to be a strong connection to Brisbane to tap into its anti-Broncos supporter base, corporate sector, media and Lang Park. AFL's Brisbane Lions are moving their training and administration base to Ipswich, so I don't see the big deal in the Dolphins being based in Redcliffe. Seeing you throw around terms like lunacy, crazy and serious mistakes is hilarious to me. I'm definitely bookmarking this to return to in the future. Bennett is also a great signing because he automatically makes it a bitter rivalry with the Broncos. Bennett has an axe to grind. It really captures people's imagination. Suddenly the media, the fans and the neutrals are very interested. Bennett (With the help of other great people such as Cyril Connor) built the Broncos from the ground up. His expertise in building the Dolphins pathways will pay off in the years to come. Once things have been established, younger blood can be brought in. I can't wait for the Battle of Brisbane 2023.
  5. Seems like the game was well received by Wolfpack fans.
  6. Love to see more France v England games. Long overdue.
  7. As an Aussie I am very unhappy and angry with the ARL...
  8. I hope some cohesion can happen between them and CARL and the Wolfpack and Aces. I don't know what to think.
  9. Queensland's BHP Premiership has been great. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QRL_Women's_Premiership
  10. I'll definitely be watching every second of this match. Thank you for sharing the link! Two very interesting sides competing. Brazil who have done amazing work And the Philippines who I have some affection for after travelling there to play Manilla Storm with the Hong Kong Residents team.
  11. Origin 1 proves to me that Queensland desperately needs more NRL clubs. NSW has 10 and you could basically include the Raiders as well.
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