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  1. WOLVES WELCOME HONG KONG COMMUNITY Photos by Liberty Ratcliffe https://warringtonwolves.com/news/2022/july/Wolves-welcome-Hong-Kong-community/ ON SATURDAY 2 JULY WARRINGTON WOLVES OPENED OUR DOORS AT THE HALLIWELL JONES STADIUM TO MEMBERS OF THE HONG KONG COMMUNITY THAT HAVE RECENTLY RELOCATED TO THE TOWN. Around 200 visitors enjoyed watching the first team train, a tour of the stadium including the heritage timeline wall in the South Stand and were able to engage with the first team squad for pictures and autographs. It is estimated that more than 2,000 people from Hong Kong are now living in Warrington. Saturday’s event is a great example of the Warrington Wolves and the Warrington Wolves Foundation supporting our community to be fully integrated in the Town and sport of Rugby League. Claire Gamble, the Club’s Community Marketing Manager, said: “We know that Warrington has a big Hong Kong community living in the Town. “We want to help them integrate into life in Warrington and what better way than to engage them in the sport of Rugby League and our community than introduce them to the Warrington Wolves. It was wonderful to see so many families here meeting Wolfie and the players, many of which purchased tickets to the game against Salford Red Devils and got to experience their first live game of Rugby League. “We hope that the kids were excited to talk about this with their peers at school on Monday morning. We are looking to invite these children back to attend our Wolves Foundation summer camps. It would be great to see these kids playing rugby league at our community clubs in the future.” Hong Kong1 / 3 Hong Kong2 / 3 Hong Kong3 / 3
  2. Regular meet-ups happening for the NRL Finals happening, including tomorrow for the NRL Grand Final. Plenty of interest and passion for Rugby League in HK.
  3. Hong Kong Rugby League Returns! Hong Kong Rugby League marked the dawn of a new era last weekend, hosting its first competitive game in the city since the onset of the pandemic. The exhibition match between Hong Kong Select and Rest of the World took place ahead of next summer’s highly anticipated competition return in Hong Kong. To celebrate the occasion, HKRL hosted a traditional Chinese roast pig cutting and “bai sun” ceremony ahead of the game, to offer blessings and good fortune ahead of next season. More than 150 people turned up to King’s Park to spectate what was a monuments evening for Rugby League in the city. Jason Yip, President of HKRL, gave a few words at the ceremony: “It’s extremely humbling to see have many people here tonight to celebrate our return. To us, rugby league is the greatest sport in the world, and we’re thrilled to finally be back and sharing that love in Hong Kong. We can’t wait to continue building on this and to come back next summer with a full competition and an even larger talent pool.” Despite the game taking place under the floodlights, the humidity of a Hong Kong summer left referee Shane Barr no other option than to run four 18-minute quarters, with hydration breaks in between. Alex Wong and Anthony Law ran the touchlines, while HKRL veteran Neville Metcalfe called the match on the mic. Hong Kong Select spotted a blue and white jersey, while Rest of the World wore a predominantly orange kit. The home side took an early lead in the first quarter, capitalising on errors from the opposition and making good use of several experienced heads. Rest of the World didn’t die wondering though, and grew into the game as fatigue kicked in from the heat. There were just 10 points in it going into the second half, after which Hong Kong Select’s stronger bench gave them the edge as they ran away with a few late tries. The game finished 42-24, but in reality the only winner for the evening was Hong Kong Rugby League. In the face of organisational setbacks and stiff competition from other sports in the city, the game’s success showed just how there is still much appetite for RL in Hong Kong. And with so many newcomers looking forward to gaining more experience, the future can only be bright for HKRL. Congratulations to all those who took part in hosting the game – from organisers and players to all the spectators. Thank you and we’ll be back. Interested in playing, training or sponsoring Hong Kong Rugby League? Contact us to find out how you can get involved. FB: Hong Kong Rugby League IG: @hongkongrugbyleague
  4. Watch how the Dolphins make things explode. We will have a ferocious rivalry with the Broncos. And the Dolphins won't forget the Gold Coast trying to steal their name.
  5. Original thread is archived. So here is a new one. Click here to read the original CLICK HERE Lots planned for the future with a return to the field after COVID. Including the ever popular HKTag.
  6. And then you have Pacific Coast Rugby League with the LA Mongrel and San Diego Barracudas.
  7. Once saw a Jonathan Thurston Cowboys jersey being worn in a shopping mall in the New Territories in Hong Kong, near the mainland border. Worn by a local too I might add. I think it was this one https://www.cowboys.com.au/news/2018/01/20/thurston-testimonial-jersey-revealed/
  8. If only splitting and infighting was an Olympic sport. Hopefully they sort it out. And talk to each other. I don't think male and female national team mascots need to be the same. Kangaroos/Jillaroos.
  9. The new Titans logo is poor. For starters it's blue not gold. Being blue it is lost in the jersey. Fans want a big focus on gold, we are the GOLD Coast. We suffered a few jerseys that were dominated not just by blue but dark blue. Being on the border, we also suffer the QLD v NSW dynamic. We have both fanbases. But making it blue is the wrong way. It looks a lot better swapped out to gold colour. There needs to be a balance between light blue. gold and white. Hopefully the club works that out and changes it. The Broncos did after bringing in a horrendous blue horse mascot in 2000. Now it is Maroon. They also tried to force blue into their club colours during that period. It would be lovely if clubs wouldn't follow marketing trends so easily.
  10. Sad that Rugby League can't do this themselves. Including supporters.
  11. Really appreciate the first hand account.
  12. It felt like years ago that some clubs actually had some NRL/SL sister clubs. I'd be interested in buying some non-ticketed memberships. But seems like many clusb only offer "season tickets". Perhaps there could be a very well research and thought-out quiz, where an NRL club can find "What Super League club you are". Not a stupid one. But something that compares and matches some significant similarities.
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