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  1. That feeling when you see more posts on the NARL thread but it's just people fighting.
  2. I'll listen on the way to work tomorrow. Today I listened to Chasing Kangaroos with NARL COO, Rob Curtis. https://anchor.fm/chasingkangaroos/episodes/Ep-112--NARL-Deep-Dive-evuvip
  3. You got it. I'll post whatever I find. I'm finding it very interesting. I really hope the venture is successful.
  4. I know the Titans are especially keen for a womens team. Co-owner Rebecca Frizelle is a big advocate.
  5. I like it too. Nice and simple with the shield style. Gold and black are nice colours and pretty unique. Keep us updated.
  6. I also got a lot out of the podcast. I also picked up on the "WAS" in relation to the USARL. I was encouraged by his background and enthusiasm. He also said that the West would add two expansion teams. Named LA and Colorado. He also said one game a round would be broadcast on social media / YouTube. Also said there would be an announcement about TV soon.
  7. Didn't the chant used to go CRU CRU CRUSADERS! That was a good one.
  8. Crusaders have all my support. It sounds like a positive move.
  9. Nate from Rugby League in America podcast has put his feelings on record about how CRLA and USARL are reacting to the NARL and what should happen next. https://soundcloud.com/rugbyleagueinamerica/ep-199-an-offical-observation
  10. It was bad. Very bad. No answers to Manly. And not questions themselves.
  11. Thanks for posting the Austin Rugby podcast. They seem excited and supportive. Shows in the big USA there isn't much animosity over what type of rugby it is. They just are passionate for rugby and want it to thrive. This is me paraphrasing the host. "And when we get some players and coaches, We will have them on too. Mix it up a little. It's Austin Rugby podcast. Dont really care what code it is."
  12. I'd like to see a return of more scrums.
  13. I'm learning a lot about American sport. I noticed NARL used some short footage of CaliRL in their latest video. Someone on Instagram said "Has CaliRL sanction?", CaliRL actually replied "Negative".
  14. Happy to see the Silktalks first win. https://www.facebook.com/chasingroos/posts/891632218048932
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