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  1. Bulliac


    Doesn't matter which club is involved, there is no excuse for not paying taxes. It is money which was owed in wages to players but was kept back for the tax office or it is VAT which the club added to ticket/food/drink prices. what it definitely isn't is the club's money - end of. I pay my taxes; RL and other sporting clubs can do the same - no excuses.
  2. Bulliac


    Not exactly mate. Keighley were denied SL status because the powers that were, thought only big cities and big clubs should be in SL. You know, like Paris, Barcelona, New York and Rome, Keighly's face didn't fit is the simple truth of it.
  3. Bulliac


    It's always sad to hear of problems at any club and the Cougars are a team whose results I always look our for. I hope all turns out well but, from what has been said, particularly BD20Cougar's post, it doesn't look good. All the best, guys.
  4. The balance between attack and defence is what makes a good game and the PTB is often the defining factor. It's difficult, to be fair, both ways round. We get attackers throwing themselves to the ground, just to gain a quick PTB and defenders determined to 'hang on' for as long as they get away with. Whether the ball is touched by the foot is just another part of the same equation, though I confess my preference is for the rules to be followed, though whatever happens we'll always get defenders who don't get back and others who do get back but are then only five metres away by the time the ball is played. Basically, the whole game around the PTB needs to be looked at, taking into account 'diving ' to the floor (which is literally a voluntary tackle), how far back the defenders need to be (along with how strictly this is enforced) as well as how the ball is played and how long players should be allowed to maul about in the tackle. My view is that players and coaches will always be trying to find the 'edge' to gain the advantage and this attitude will obviously never, ever end so let's play the ball correctly simply because it looks better.
  5. Bulliac

    Is RL fading away in Yorkshire?

    Queensbury is renowned. 11 months of winter and 1 month of bad weather.
  6. I think most neutrals will be cheering for Wire, for heaven's sake it's long overdue that a new name was added to the list of champions. Is it still only four clubs? and one of them is now in division 3.
  7. Yes, I think it is. Crowd is hard to guess to be honest. We've averaged a massive (by div 3 standards) 3.2 to 3.4K over the season but only got C2.9K for the semi, which was actually more of a 'do or die' game than the final, given that there is now a second chance against Rochdale or Swinton which came about in the re-organisation. I'll guess at C3.5 K, but could be wrong, either way.
  8. I'm sure Workington will come in firing on all cylinders with a big pack as that seems to be their general MO. I'm far from sure they have a plan B? I'm also pretty sure we'll be trying something very similar too, as dominance up front is the natural precursor to a win in rugby, at any level. I'm not really sure that we have a credible plan B either, btw. Should be a good game.
  9. Hoping we break a season long habit against Worky... I'm sure we're more than good enough, our league position and points record show that, but we need to show it in the game and be good from the off as they are a pretty useful side themselves. No time for nerves.
  10. I remember when he (Senior) was back coaching at Sheffield a season or so back at the university ground, I was standing next to the dug out when Chev Walker his former Leeds teammate and then Bulls' second in command shouted at him, "Get off the pitch Senior, you spend more time on the field than Gary Mercer", which certainly made my day.
  11. I suspect you're head will be correct, but this is sport so who knows? I've a lot of time for both Scott Naylor and Leon Pryce. Scott was no slouch with ball in hand but will be remembered at Odsal as being the best defensive centre I can recall seeing and Leon, who could (almost) do magic at times. Obviously, I hope we win, but it would be good to go up with either of those two.
  12. Bulliac

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    I've already stated that I know players can be pigged off over what they feel are poor decisions, of course they can, but if players don't respect the decision, whether they think it is right or wrong, the game is dead mate.
  13. Bulliac

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    Indeed. There is a lot to be said about how things were when "I were a lad". The ref's decision was accepted and you just got on with the game. Even though you knew the twit had got it wrong.....
  14. Bulliac

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    I think it does matter. Questioning his integrity is far worse than saying he isn't good enough, though neither is acceptable. We all know, and accept(galling as it can be at times), that many referees in our league are very young, inexperienced and still very much 'apprentices' learning their trade, and they will through maybe naivety, make more poor calls that a more experienced official might. As a fan, I'll always reserve the fan's right to moan and groan at will, but players really ought to know what they can say and what they can't. These games are very important to the players obviously, they can and do, get frustrated at what they see as poor calls. The 'random' calls and occasional guesses usually go both ways, of course, something which shouldn't be forgotten along with the fact that the guy, along with the rest of us, the guy is simply human and will always be subject to human error.
  15. Bulliac

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    It's certainly a novel way of saying the ref is rubbish, and I confess I've often felt the same, but he surely didn't think he could get away with it? On the field? To his face? He's definitely got a nerve but I'm far from sure about his brain being engaged.