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  1. We've lost Alex Brown who has retired, so that does leave us a threequarter short and we're currently playing Lee Smith as a centre with Ash Gibson. Neither of those two, whilst having good points, are the best at serving their respective winger which leaves us with edge players rarely seeing the ball. I'm hoping Butler-Fleming can make up that deficiency and along with hopefully getting Ross Oakes teamed up again with Ethan Ryan, our backs can flourish and give a wider dimension to our attacking play.
  2. The rules never used to give a minimum but just say that "grounds should be as close to the maximum size as possible", and , of course, throughout the games history the majority of grounds have never met that particular aspiration, in some cases by being well below. I think the only "must" was the grounds should be narrower than they were long.
  3. I thought it was a fascinating programme and a big shock for it to be on the Beeb. Giving equal prominence to league and union - whatever next!
  4. You don't need a millionaire to survive in RL. It's certainly true to say you need a millionaire (maybe even multi) to be a top SL club though. Bradford have no millionaire at the helm and, despite the club's best efforts to fall into oblivion, are still hanging in, complete with a full junior and academy set up. Nil desperandum.
  5. We certainly should be - we get enough practice!
  6. Stadium's.

    30 plus years ago there used to be a hill, or grassbank, on the Low Moor, or Cleckheaton end of Odsal, the end where the Coral stand, now Southbank, is situated. Though, to be fair, 'grassbank' is maybe overegging it bit as most of it was made up of accumulated ash from the days of being a rubbish tip back in the 1920s...Back in the day, when I used to swap ends, I've watched many half matches from that wondrous viewpoint!
  7. Eddie Hemmings

    Well, yes he was - and he was superb too - but rugby commentary is much more, 'in your face', than the much more languid cricket variety, and is also continuous, not just for a while and then handing over to someone else. I'd prefer a UK voice myself.
  8. Restructure 2019?

    Something might change for 2019? Well, it certainly would be a change if nothing did change.
  9. Bradford Rumors

    Indeed Adey, the idea that the RFL acted merely as the 'honest broker' in all this, or tried to help the Bulls is not a logical way to look at it. The truth is that the administrator had a duty to extract the best price but the RFL, via its ability to allow, or disallow, any bidder from membership, had a direct and very obvious effect on the value of the bids, effectively tying the administrator's hands. Whatever went on behind the scenes it wasn't intended for the Bulls' benefit.
  10. I think that's spot on. Far too many, top quality, small to middle sized independents bit the dust in the 60s and 70s during the takeover mania of the, so called, 'big six'. They took over the independents and when they ran out of those they started taking over each other. The sad part was that they mostly only ever wanted the name, and rarely kept the fine brews which were lost forever.
  11. Interesting Adey! I used to drink Ruddles County (though only sparingly...)in the Sportsman at Ploughcroft, just outside Halifax back in the sixties and seventies - it certainly wasn't spread around much in those days! Of course, 'real ale', as we didn't call it back then, was the only beer you could get on draught before the sixties, at which point the abominable, 'keg', was first foist upon us. You ask if I remember Red Barrel - well, yes, it was probably that particular brew which CAMRA railed against more than any other, though I do remember going to a beer festival at the long gone Queens Hall in Leeds, where CAMRA staff had put up signs over the toilets with the name 'John Smiths' emblazoned upon them...
  12. To be right, there have been breweries of varying sizes in the UK for many years, certainly from the eighties, and that includes micros, though the numbers these have gone up over more recent times. Over the last century, North America seemed to have only supersized breweries, Like Coors, Molson and the rice brewer Bud, but significantly, none of the smaller independents and I'd suggest that it was this gap in the market - which didn't really exist in the UK - which was the driver of the rise in the US and Canada. Incidentally, gold and other very pale ales in the UK were originally made as a marketing device to encourage younger lager drinkers into drinking ale instead and were made to 'ape' the european lagers and certainly not anything to do with American brewers.
  13. Bradford Rumors

    Our wish to be placed in Championship 1 was nothing whatever to do with getting out that division at the first attempt. As I understand it the rules suggested that we should have been automatically demoted after liquidation anyway? For what ever reason, the RFL chose ignore their own rules and to leave us in the same division but give us a 12 point deduction. We (in general) felt that that decision left the fans paying to watch a wasted season, with little chance of our much denuded squad with a few added loanees ( who largely disappeared around Easter) gaining anything other than the expected relegation at the end of it. In the event, this slow motion, train crash is exactly what happened and it vindicated our view. We felt all along that demotion at the start of the season, with no points deduction, would at least have provided a season of competitive games to watch and a chance to begin again, from the bottom. We certainly had no expectations of getting back in the first year - we barely had a team, for heaven's sake.
  14. Bradford Bulls.

    I think that if the club, in its current iteration, is still going in three years most will then be convinced. As you're more than well aware Adey, we have been badly let down by a succession of incoming 'white knights' who turned out to be nothing of the sort. With that history, the current owners (from abroad, little money, no connection to the club) came in to an instant distrust and, whether they like it or not, it is their job to dispel that mistrust and to bring people onside. But we've had nothing but intrigue, misinformation and rumour over the last five years and other than the misinformation becoming lack of information (which might, admittedly, be an improvement) nothing much has really changed. And, I say that as a supporter for over 60 years who belongs, pretty much, to your first group, if any. I'll be honest, I gave up going away towards the back end of last season and still haven't decided about this - other than I'll be getting a season ticket, I'd feel naked without one, to be honest. Time is the only way for the owners to prove themselves. Like still being here in a few years. We've had far too much self-serving talk and no action from previous people. Let's hope they can give the impression of knowing what they're doing (the coaching situation isn't helping) and make a better impression than they have so far.