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  1. All teams do it to be fair, maybe some more than others, but all are involved. It's difficult for referees, to be fair, as players are obviously allowed to try and prevent the off-load by covering the ball and unless the ball comes out as if fired from a gun it's hard to say what the reason was as defenders are constantly, legally, 'pawing' at the ball. Often though it really is just a loose carry - even when it happens to your side.
  2. Can't see us winning at Leigh to be honest, though Joe Keyes apparently came through last night's reserve game Ok and if there are no flare-ups from that there are suggestions he may play on Sunday. With young Milnes on the sidelines for a few weeks he would make a tremendous difference alongside Jordan Lilley. It would also mean we could leave Mattie Wildie at hooker. We're still definite second favourites though, what ever.
  3. From that angle it appears to be, though it's not a good enough angle to make any proper judgment. Nor is it close enough to say who actually got the last touch. It's so 'up in the air', as it were, that I think we must take the ref's call, after all he was closest.
  4. Yeah, common sense really concrete. Bulls are doing OK; we're in our first season since promotion and we're mid-table AND no-one is shouting anything about wolves at the door. Yes, I'd love to see a more expansive game, a few more off-loads and more points scored but I'm happy enough, there are some decent sides in this division, a lot of good quality games and no real gimmes, some people are just never happy. We've got Jy Hitchcox coming back soon and Joe Keyes too, which hopefully should pep the side up a bit. As for Batley, well they're another good side and you're right - if we don't match them in the forwards then we could easily come in second, not something we want to do as losing, just like winning, is a habit.
  5. Like all 'fringe' SL players they are pushed from pillar to post to get a game as they are rarely wanted by their 'home' club. This is hardly conducive to their development. FWIW, I think we've got a good young player because of this but in SL the system needs to change and it should be a condition of membership that they run a reserve side or players like Jordan are going to fall by the wayside. In these situations my mind is often drawn back to Jamie Peacock, who, superb player as he turned out to be, never really commanded a place in the Bulls' side until he was around 22 years old. The best of the best don't always burst onto the scene at 18.
  6. Is nothing sacred? We've had cup draws since Adam was a lad, it's fair, above board and it works. When you start 'fiddling' with it that leads to people being convinced that they, or their club, are being done out what is rightfully theirs. Leave well alone, imo.
  7. Don't remind me of that one! Mind, it didn't put me off as I went to the away game at Wigan shortly afterwards. I seem to remember we 'just' lost that onetoo, the night Wigan were presented with the championship trophy. They were a damned good side, though, to be fair.
  8. Well, yes - a single post post completely without context - tells us everything, I suppose...
  9. You're very welcome! I'm not being funny mate and I've enjoyed many performances from Chissy over the last season or so,...….so if you're expecting a 'but', well here it is. When it comes off he's brilliant, when it doesn't he's not - he can be just as awful as he is brilliant, to be honest. He's not really the man for when things aren't going well either, he's quite an ebullient sort of player but he appears to become de-motivated quite easily, though I'm sure you've not seen this side to his game yet. He's only appeared in 3 games for us this year (partly due to injury) but mostly because he wasn't picked. Enjoy the games, I hope he plays well and turns out to be a long term fan's favourite.
  10. I don't know a single person who thinks we're anywhere near good enough for SL. Yes, I've read the odd post, on boards, from individuals with no common sense but please don't think this is in any way representative. If they had a meeting they'd struggle to raise a quorum.
  11. Great news from a Bulls' perspective. He's a good rugby league player and a good bloke too. The way the game is set up makes life pretty poor for players on the margin so I guess he'll be happy to sort things out and know what he's doing for the next two years.
  12. I think the line-ups will be interesting with both sides losing last weekend. The Bulls didn't lose at Fev they got a shellacking, though there were a few, largely forced, changes made from what would have been regarded as the 'usual' line up. Even then the 'regulars' who did play didn't play well, but I think that Kear will stick the tried and trusted as that's his usual MO - if "trusted" is the right word after Sunday's debacle. My reason for thinking he may stick with those players is that they let themselves down badly late in the game and they must realise that a much different attitude will be required. Fax are a good side, so I'm not counting any chickens, but I fancy us at home for this one, though in truth absolutely nothing would surprise me.
  13. Dunno is the short answer to that. Someone must have said something as there was the usual RFL announcement over the PA about 'respecting everyone', though even that didn't happen until the last couple of minutes of the game. It's a shame really. We got stuffed, which was what we deserved, to be honest but no-one should have to listen to racist rubbish like that in 2019, I'm sorry but it's just unacceptable.
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