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  1. Players deserve applause for stepping onto the field IMO. That isn't "patronising" anyone. League 1 is a division which pits, on many occasions, good players at a decent amateur level with hard bitten, long in the tooth professionals, some ex-internationals, who been playing the game for years. It's not 'like playing like' it's far from it, it's nearer Christians against the lions, and the league needs to change. I do wonder if the RFL ever consider implications when on their flights of whimsy. I'll continue to applaud the teams which receive beatings from my professional (many full time) team because they deserve the applause and, to be honest, I resent it being called patronising.
  2. Hard competitive game at the 'Recre' with the result in doubt until the last couple of minutes - what's not to like? It was never going to be a classic, the almost constant fine drizzle bowing over the field must have made passing and catching the ball very difficult, so congratulations to both sides for keeping the errors to a minimum. From our POV it was definitely a banana skin avoided. It's good to hear that Haven have done well financially too, heaven knows we've had enough of that over the last few years at the Bulls and I wouldn't wish it on any club.
  3. It's my gut feeling, mate, simple as. As I said earlier, the system is decided by others and that's how we play, but I feel as I feel.
  4. Oh indeed. I remember playing Leeds five times per season more than once when in SL, and I'd suspect that Wigan and Saints would have done the same, few things devalue "big games" more than constant repetition. To be fair, we play to whatever system is devised, whether that be play-offs or first past the post, but it always feels very false to me to be called "champions" when you weren't even good enough to be top of the league. We've both won and lost the crown on that premise so I can see it from both sides.
  5. The play offs devalue the league matches; the 'big games' are no longer quite so important since, "well what does it matter we'll probably/hopefully win the play-off", so why bother attending the league games? Attendances certainly aren't going up. My view is that it was better when the champions were the top of the league and the play-offs were a separate competition, you are, of course , perfectly free to disagree.
  6. Dual registration is a nonsense, in reality. It serves only to let clubs who don't run reserve teams give fringe players some game-time and, of course, to skew the lower divisions. Much of that criticism also applies to loans too, though loans are one way for clubs to overcome periods of injury to players. All clubs should play their part in player development by running reserve grade teams and then the 'need' for clubs to farm out their big squad numbers would 't exist, also the championship and champ1 would be more genuine competitions.
  7. If we look back over the years in Rugby League we will find that the idea of holding play-offs, to decide the Championship, has indeed held sway for most of the games' history. Indeed, it was undoubtedly the only fair way of naming the Champion side under the prevailing league system of those times. For those who have forgotten, or are too young to know, prior to 1972 apart from about two seasons in the early sixties, rugby league was played in two divisions, basically divided geographically East and West, Yorkshire clubs played fellow Yorkshire clubs and Lancashire clubs played Lancashire clubs. This though is actually an over simplification, because Cumbrian clubs played in the Lancashire league and, due to an imbalance in numbers, one or two Yorkshire clubs also played in the Lancashire league. The precursor of the London Broncos, Fulham, also played in the Lancashire league in their early days. The problem was that there was only one league table. Two separate fixture lists but all clubs listed together in one league table. So it was quite conceivable that, shall we say (just to pick two names at random) Leeds could have finished top, one point more than St. Helens, but not having faced them in a single league match. Indeed the two clubs would have had a totally different fixture list. It was for no other reason other than to make this iniquitous situation fair that the play-offs were introduced. Today, with home and away fixtures against every other club in its division, the need for play-off games simply shouldn’t exist – except as a money spinner, both for the clubs and Sky.
  8. Not sure anyone wants to make it "amateur", to be honest. What it needs to be is a 'development' league - pretty much as it was when it was first envisaged, there is a big enough difference between, say Newcastle and South Wales without skewing the division with teams such as Toulouse and Toronto last year and York, Bradford and Oldham this time round. I accept that Toronto is a 'development' area, but the amount of money behind the club (and where all their players are sourced from), precludes them from being regarded as a development club, imo. You're absolutely correct to say those kind of results are not good, but in modern RL, when teams, 'getting a roll on,' seem to become unstoppable, they are still rare in most divisions but certainly not unique to championship 1 - I can distinctly remember the Bradford of old putting 80 and 90 point scores past fellow SL teams in the 'Bullmania' days. For what it's worth, whilst it's infinitely better to see your team post such scores than it is to concede them, it's still a poor game to watch.
  9. Looking forward to a trip to the Lake District, the scenery is always first rate even if our performances aren't... I'm hoping we have the edge though and that we have learnt from the Workington match that the Cumbrians always need a lot of respect, particularly when playing on their own patch.
  10. It's difficult to put any time frame on it, to be fair but ultimately, yes that would really be the hope. The biggest driver for attracting youth and particular anyone who shows an aptitude is the professional game though, and without that pathway through to the pro ranks you'll always find the better ones will tend to move 'up north'. I do think we should nurture these clubs as best we can though if we genuinely want RL to be a truly national game at all levels.
  11. Bulliac

    Marwan Koukash

    Just like with all the previous owners, I doubt Bradford fans will have any voice in these decisions. There always seems to be a Kremlin like attitude to what we need to know. As of right now, our club seems stable; the bills must be being paid and we've heard nothing from the Inland Revenue about monies owing for some considerable time. There is a general feeling of, 'steady as she goes', around Odsal at the minute and most fans have bought into the, 'long road to recovery', as promised by the owners, much as we are fully aware of the links between them and Marwan. All that said, no one knows what is around the corner, or what, 'secret plans', have, or haven't, been laid. What I do know is that the fans, in general, expect the improvement to come - whether that be slowly and surely, or all at once in some coup. There is a large latent fanbase at Odsal - even in this division it is over 3K (and would be even higher if they stopped picking daft days like Saturday afternoons for games) and there is an expectancy that, at some time in the near/middle future, the club will be back in SL - even if not a dominant force in it.
  12. I can understand that reaction, to be fair, but that assumes that clubs like Coventry must always just accept being behind the 'heartland' clubs. To mitigate that disadvantage, one way forward may be to target schools by encouraging sports teachers to push the game in their schools, though I suspect that has been/is already being done.
  13. Bulliac

    Marwan Koukash

    No wish to be any kind of grammar police, however, I'm far from keen on the lack of a comma between Leeds and Bradford - unless you mean the airport?
  14. The Bradford V N wales game never seemed to get going, to be honest - though to put on 50 points isn't a bad score. The game was dominated by the Bulls, who none the less, managed to appear lethargic throughout. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe I'm just being picky as two points are two points.