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  1. ...and in other news Mafeking has been relieved. Yes, BSJ I know what he said. If you haven't been keeping up with the twists and turns of this thread (and I wouldn't blame you, It does get a bit surreal) then you won't be aware that there have been a few posts about Odsal's other possible uses and the problem of waste, dumped long ago. My last two (or was it three posts) have been on that topic. Ie, if the old Superdome development was given the green light on safety and financial grounds then the waste can't be as expensive to put right as some suggest. NB, for whatever use that may be, not necessarily sports. Though, who would be daft enough to rule anything out, whatever was said..?
  2. I never drink in grounds as I find the beer far better in pubs, however I think many clubs would lose a lot of income if sales were banned in grounds, so for me it's a total non-starter. I can't remember the last time I saw anyone actually drunk in a ground, though I confess they can be a nuisance when going to and from the bar when the game is in progress.
  3. Sorry, you misunderstand me. There is toxic waste, I didn't say otherwise, it has been there for years and is so old no-one seems to know exactly what (or where) it is. Just what it was and how 'toxic' it remains is also beyond my ken. What I do know, and which was the main point of my post was that a commercial stadium was designed, had local planning permission and had finance in place before the government pulled the plug by saying a sports stadium in a retail park was against their planning guidelines. One can only assume that any costs relating to the waste had been factored in, so it nonsense to suggest, as some have, that it isn't financially viable.
  4. All of the debate seems to omit to mention that a commercial deal to build a stadium plus a commercial element (aka Superdome) was all signed off and ready to go a few years ago. Unfortunately, it fell foul of the then government's building criteria and not a lack of investment or problems with toxic waste on the site, which was known about and reported at the time. Other than the current toxic political position and a looming economic slowdown there is little actual difference on site.
  5. Lol, Leeds untied - you couldn't make it up!
  6. The bit in bold is below the belt and must be actionable. My solicitor will be in touch...
  7. My only real concern is the time we'll be out of the city. The Tetley''s stadium is a fine ground and easily the best alternative with all things considered. The problem is the time we'll be away - and if we'll ever get back. Chalmers has given a two year timescale, though nothing has yet been set in stone. One, unidentified, area has been identified and the council contacted but they haven't even agreed to it yet, so it's not even at 'early stages,' though he does have a development company involved. There is a 2 year deal with Dewsbury ( though, as yet no RFL approval) but Chalmers also says it may take 4 years and that amount of time away form Bradford is verging on forever, to be honest and suggests that even he is far from sure about the situation. Incidentally, I can see no problem with the ground share. Many clubs have done the same over recent (and not so recent) times. Wakefield have even played SL at the Tetley's stadium, so why would there be a problem?
  8. Don't really think so Johnny. The RFL have been very 'hands on' in bringing in their preferred candidate and recommending them as 'fit and proper', people who turn out to be neither fit nor proper. If we were ever to go bust again I pray that we'll get no more 'help' from the RFL.
  9. Sounds more like a 'holding strategy', to be honest. Not sure why he would need an exit strategy, like all our recent owners since the initial financial disaster, he appeared on the scene, having been recruited by the RFL (with what promises? who knows?) so, by the same token, who knows what long, short or medium term plan (or whose it is) is going to be in place. Not me for sure.
  10. Lol, there seems to be a few smartarses about today
  11. It's a poor state of affairs but nothing new, to be right. I can remember coaches being stoned coming away from Whitehaven and Hull KR in the seventies/eighties. Coaches from Hull FC always had police motorcycles as escort for a good few years in that period as well. We got stoned coming away from Wigan in the noughties too. We like to pretend that everything has always been brilliant in RL, but, in truth, we reflect society just like the rest.
  12. An interesting nugget from another board has pointed out that, whilst saying they are prepared hand in the keys to Odsal in September, the Bulls are still advertising Xmas meals in the South Bank at the ground. Mmmm!
  13. He's been a great player and deserves all the accolades he'll get. Good luck for the future.
  14. Avenue's ground at Horsfall has a capacity of around 2k, so far as I know. Avenue average somewhere around 500 and even for their own aspirations it isn't big enough long term and would definitely need some money spending on it before next season if we were to be playing there as we currently have around 3k season ticket holders this season. I don't know why but, in my water, I feel we'll still be at Odsal next season. I think chiefly because the alternatives are either; outside the city (Dewsbury) the majority wouldn't travel imo, more expensive than Odsal (Valley Parade) again not popular with the fans or just not really feasible (Horsfall).
  15. To be honest mate I'd suspect that a good number of the 199 (though I thought it might have been more than that) were probably family and friends of the players. As said above, it's all good for the game, so who really cares where they came from?
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