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  1. They didn't use metres back then. I base my view on what I saw at several grounds around league. Odsal was full size under the old rules.
  2. You are clearly mistaking partial lines, which back in the day were only about as wide as the goalposts, for lines across the pitch. These were intended as a guide for the ref but were never extended across the field. I've only been following the game for 60 odd years but if you say so, ok.
  3. I've no idea about the lines on the field at Wembley (remember it is also used for other sports) but back in my early days of watching RL (1950s) the grounds were marked as I stated; with dead ball lines, goal lines, a halfway line and two 25 yard lines, ie 25 yards from each goal line. They remained like that until the game went metric, I think maybe in the seventies.
  4. Well, there was no actual need to change but as the country moved to decimal it would have made the RL look a bit fogeyish not to, imo. The determination of the RFL and RU not to do the same was evident in our going to 20 metres and RU going for the, more or less equivalent to 25 yds, in using 20 metres. For some reason, I'd guess, it's more cock up than deliberate, Toronto have their markings at 9 metres between the lines. If you see their games on TV the (intended) 10 metre line just about touches the 10 yard soccer centre circle, so must be short. Strangely, as a died in the wool diehard who wouldn't normally say this, I think, for a short field, it may be a better way than a mixture of 10s with an odd couple of shorter sections around then centre line, which is the norm. I'll go away and don my tin hat now...
  5. Maximum size was 100 yds years ago. with two 25 yd lines, basically quartering the field. Even then, 100 yds was a maximum and not a mandatory length. Most of the older grounds will definitely have been built to that specification.
  6. Agree with that totally. BTW, I love how you squeezed in the word 'RAMifications', BSJ.
  7. 10, 20, halfway and 10 metres each side of halfway are mandatory, so far as I know. The 30 is, I believe, optional and is the one often misplaced/dotted when the ground is not full size.
  8. Pretty rubbish? Damned by faint praise. I like Michael Carter, Wakey are lucky to have him. He's afforded stability for a while now and, as a Bulls fan, I'm impressed by such simple things. Good on him.
  9. These things go in cycles, usually dependent on whether the rules tend to favour defence or attack. A few years back it was general practice in the UK to "take the two", now it isn't mainly due to the rules favouring attack over defence. Some would say that there are too many tries scored in today's game and I wouldn't totally disagree with them.
  10. Macca is a comic underneath it all. I remember during the Bulls' 'glory years', queuing for tickets for some final or semi-final at Odsal, Macca, who was supposed to be training, was wandering up and down the lines cracking jokes like a stand-up. Class!
  11. Newcastle were a decent side when we played them in league one a couple of seasons ago, to be honest I'm a bit surprised they are still in that division.
  12. To be fair, I remember on the radio someone saying that all the football and 'the rugby' was cancelled, so the media certainly must take its share.
  13. Couldn't make the game (Friday nights are a total pain...) but it sounded like great game on the radio. I saw the Toronto V Hudds game on ourleague and didn't have any problems on my laptop on the website. The presentation is excellent too, both commentary and camerawork.
  14. I know you're answering Konkrete but I'll stick my two pennorth in anyway... It's inevitable that youngsters want to progress and the better ones will inevitably go on to SL or to Aus as the Burgess brothers did. If we get a season or so out of them first then I'm happy, given our position. I wish more of these lads were playing for us, but I take pride in them appearing at the top level and particular pride in seeing "our lads" in an England shirt. The only time I'm really down is when our junior products are loaned out to the opposition, but then I don't really like D/R at the best of times.
  15. No, along with Joe Cator, he was wanted by Hull, so not available to us. We manged well enough without as it happens. Defensively we were very good and though not really fluent on attack, managed to score five tries. Hopefully the attack will be better as the grounds dry out a bit.
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