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  1. A big matchday presentation to bring awareness of domestic violence and tell people to stop... Followed by the announced signing of Stuart Reardon 24 hours later. I nearly stopped going. Luckily he failed his medical.
  2. Just because you can't afford it, doesn't make it wrong. You don't have to go to every game. If you can't afford it, fair enough. But don't go whinging about the price just because you can't afford it. Just don't go.
  3. Can you imagine the backlash from fans if they sold him! In the days of Kath, this would probably have happened for £50k whether we liked it or not.
  4. As for the 2 yellow cards, I thought Crooks was unlucky. It was definitely a penalty, but didn't really make contact with the head. Taylor definitely a yellow for the tag on the neck. Had Taylor not done that though, we wouldn't have even received a penalty as the ref only checked it after the scrap. He'd signalled a Rovers penalty at first. Sometimes you DO need to take it into your own hands, it seems!
  5. What about New York Friends, and they always play "I'll Be There For You" and their club house could be Central Perk... Or New York Big Apples. Could sell a lot of merchandise.
  6. I can't believe how we can put in the performances we have this season and then go and do that! The Rovers fans liked to tell us about Radford breaking records... Well there's another one
  7. He's not been sacked though. If he'd been sacked, then yes definitely. As a teacher, if I was ever accused of anything like this, I'd be suspended pretty much indefinitely, guilty or not. It would be the end of my career. It's bad, but I've seen it happen time and time again in the papers. One lad I used to play rugby with in Bradford had the same issue (but turns out he was actually guilty so it's probably good he was stood down!). The key is to try and protect yourself from getting into situations like this, especially if you're in the public eye so much.
  8. What's the capacity at Cas these days? Thought they might have sold that one out.
  9. If he'd a thrown a dummy, Williame would only have been high and using an illegal reckless shoulder instead of late as well. If he was committed to that challenge, rather than just poorly adjusting last minute, then it goes from being reckless and looks more deliberate.
  10. Can I list the half back pairings we've had in the last 15+ years? 2001-2003: Horne and T. Smith (and J. Smith 2004: Horne and J. Smith (and Cooke) 2005-6: Cooke and Horne 2007: Horne and Head (injury prone) 2008: Horne and Dykes (both always injured) 2009: Horne and Thorman (less said the better) 2010-11: Horne and Long (always injured) and Obst. 2012: Horne and Seymour (mental health issues throughout stay) 2013: Holdsworth and Miller (Ok, but not amazing) 2014: Horne and Miller 2015: Pryce and Sneyd 2016: Tuimavave and Sneyd 2017-2019: Kelly and Sneyd (and Connor) Since Cooke left in 2007, it's safe to say we've had some poor choices at half back. We've been desperately looking for one for years. Suddenly, we landed three!
  11. It takes 10 years to develop an elite athlete. You'll see very few coming through for at least a decade, and they won't be the top of the elite. They'll be lucky to be on the level of Scotland and Ireland without the expats in such a short time. France, with more players in SL, could have a good chance.
  12. That's a lovely shirt that. Think I'll get me one.
  13. So what you're saying is, if it wasn't high, reckless and not a shoulder tackle it would have been good? I agree. But it wasn't. That's 3 fairly significant reasons as to why it was a shocking and dangerous challenge! I'll add a fourth - it was off the ball. So had he been about a second earlier, it did have been a better challenge. People can argue he was committed to the charge challenge, but in a way that makes it worse because that means he set out from the off to basically smash him with a reckless shoulder. There was no duty of care. It resulted in a late illegal blow to the head of another player that luckily didn't result in serious injury. Red card and lengthy ban all day. A disgrace that neither has happened. Lee Radford should be shouting from the rooftops about that considering the amount of red cards we've seen at Hill for less over the last 2 years.
  14. Surely the derbies on Good Friday are?
  15. Wigan shirt looks like a Salford shirt, but can see why they've gone for it so good effort.
  16. What about New York Friends, and they always play "I'll Be There For You" and their club house could be Central Perk...
  17. There aren't many "top top" players around, but you don't need to fill a team with top top players. That become the top of the top by being given opportunity. There are plenty of players around that could make a decent NRL player or SL player. Not amazing, but not out of their depth. You'd be surprised at the amount of talent that can be found in the NSW Cup, QLD Cup, Championship and other leagues.
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