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  1. Different work permit criteria in the 2 countries
  2. Yes it was. Didn't Greg Bird have the same problem?
  3. Gary Schofield always thinks that he could do better than any other coach and he is available
  4. He could retire like that bloke from Cas did
  5. One of the more interesting DR tie ups especially with Aston's previous comments about the unsuitability of DR and the Leigh fans, especially my old mate Craig's, depth of feeling about Sheffield ranging from their lack of ground to their perceived thuggery on the pitch
  6. It might explain any delay but the bond or guarantee won't be that material surely to the new owners that they can't afford it after all they are looking at having to plug a c£1m gap in year 1?
  7. Who knows? anyway Bradfords number 1 journalist hadn't been invited to any Press Conference whether going ahead it cancelled. I don't think he is very happy at that
  8. Mr Bower from the Guardian and the LE stated that there was one planned for tomorrow and this was at tea time today
  9. There is a Press Conference scheduled for tomorrow
  10. Your first paragraph is spot on As for the second it was much better under Cummings than under recent "leaders"
  11. Yes there was. Ganson was there both before and after Sharp
  12. Nothing will change in that Department until they get rid of Ganson who was completely the wrong appointment in the first place
  13. In other words you had a plan that you stuck to and involved spending within your means which shows it can be done
  14. No any overspend is down solely to the club(s) and their owner(s) not the RFL but I know this doesn't fit with your agenda