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  1. Saint Toppy

    Tommy Makinson/Newcastle Knights

    Your right, laziest of all journalism. Saints gave Makinson permission to return to training late after the Test series so he could go away on holiday to Aus to visit his sister who lives over there. He then went down to Newcastle to catch up with his ex-coach (Brown) and a few ex-team mates (McDonnell & Walsh). Some numpty suddenly believes he's moving to the NRL and signing for Newcastle.
  2. Saint Toppy

    2019 Signings

    Gotta sympathise with Hull fans over this as its simiar to the position Saints were in under Cunningham, signing overpaid dross and blocking the pathway of promising youngsters. Thankfully Saints acted far sooner by changing coach and its no coincidence that most of those players have either been moved on or been frozen out of the 1st team and youngsters like Richardson, Ashworth, Grace & Lees have come leaps & bounds since and the team as a whole has gone from one mid to lower table to top of the league. The only major signing Holbrook has made has been Barba, and as good as he is one player can't make thata much of a change to a team.
  3. Saint Toppy

    2019 Signings

    Toronto have already made Jon Wilkin a 1 year offer should they gain promotion to SL, he's said he'll decide at the end of the season whether to accept or retire.
  4. Saint Toppy

    Good things about this season

    Wood leaving the RFL The scrapping of the 8 8 8 Format SL appointing Elstone and trying to drag the game out of its stagnation Bradford having a year of relative stability and starting their journey back up the leagues. The Championship - for me this has been the most interesting year ever with clubs like Toronto & Tolouse mixing it with the traditional clubs like Leigh, Halfax & Fev Oh and Leeds finishing in the bottom 4 and watching Hetheringtons dummy spitting
  5. Saint Toppy

    2019 Signings

    I thought Lachlan Lam was coming over for a year with his dad ? I think he looks a really promising young half and would certainly give them more attacking options than Powell at 7. But hey if they're that desperate they can have Matty Smith back now he's been released by Saints
  6. Saint Toppy

    2019 Signings

    I wouldn't expct too much from Levy if I were you. He has natural ability but attitude was always his main problem (well that and having hands like flippers). He'd make 1 good run and then disappear for the next 20mins not interested in taking the ball in again. If anyone could have sorted him out and helped him progress I would have thought it would had been Craig Bellamy but even the Storm gave up on in less than a year. It says even more that when he came back he couldn't even get into a struggling Salford team beset with injuries. I know Hull have had a terrible year with injuries this year but I think there's some more deep seated problems as even their established players have massively under-performed in the 2nd half of the year. They have some serious rebuilding to do for 2019.
  7. Saint Toppy

    2019 Signings

    Thats not a good signing at all for Leeds, I hope he's bringing his own physio and treatment table with him as part of the deal. The guy can't play more than a few games in a row before picking up another serious injury, and its not as if they'll get anything spectacular from him anyway when he is fit. The Raiders stuck by him for year after year of injury before finally getting rid and he's barely managed to get on the pitch at all this year.
  8. A month or so ago I would have been dreading this fixture with the way Saints were playing. Key players tried to play through injuries and it just didn't work out with several of them seeing a big drop off in form. However Holbrook has been able to rest them over the last month and allow them all time to recover full fitness (notably Barba & Roby) so aside from Walmsley they have a fully fit squad to pick from. I think Saints will take this one as they have more match winners in the team capable of changing the game. Barba is getting back to his early season form as is Percival, Lomax is playing some of his best rugby for years, Roby is back to control the middle and Thompson is in the form of his life at the moment. If Saints can control the kick returns from Ratchford and put pressure on Brown near the end of each set then I tink they could control the game
  9. That happened right in front of where I was sat and gave me the best laugh of the night ! He had hold of Barba's shirt and as he pulled him to the ground he dropped the elbow straight into his face, but in dropping the elbow he forgot to let go of his shirt and bent his own fingers back dislocating them. When Manu went off injured he was rightly clapped off by the Saints fans, when Connor went off he left to a round of laughter and jeers because in trying to deliberately injure a Saints player with foul play he just injured himself - Karma at its finest !
  10. Saint Toppy

    New league structure revealed

    He knows he will lose out on the majority of votes once SL has full control of its own destiny. For years he's pushed his own agenda through by getting the backing of people in the RFL like Wood and the support of some Championship clubs. Now that power and support is gone. One such item was the Dual Reg and Reserves argument. He now knows its almost certain SL will vote to abolish Dual Reg and make having a reserves mandatory
  11. Saint Toppy

    New league structure revealed

    Has anyone informed Air Traffic control at Leeds/Bradford airport yet of the vote decision ? They'll need to be on the lookout for Hetheringtons low flying dummy, last seen leaving the area around Red Hall
  12. Saint Toppy

    will catalans get a wcc match next year?

    Aside from the actual WCC game which the NRL have started to bother about now they just treat the other games as pre-season friendlies (which they essentially are). Is it really worth an extra game and a trip half way round the world with nothing on offer.
  13. Saint Toppy

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    I wish people would stop coming up with daft ideas that reward mediocrity. If don't win enough games after 23 rounds to put yourself in contention for the top 4, then tough s###! Why should a team finishing 8th and 20 points behind deserve a chance to be at OT? - They don't! It's professional sport not a pathetic school sports day. I don't know why we ever adopted the NRL method of deciding the Champions, there was nothing wrong with the 1st past the post system, it's a far better reflection of who the best team is over the course of a season and the team most deserving of being called league champions.
  14. Saints are willing to release Barba but want either cash or a player exchange of their choice.
  15. You can't kick an opponent in RL, accidental or not it's classed as foul play. He may have intended to kick the ball but he didn't (he was nowhere near) he just kicked LMS in the shoulder. In some respects it's similar to high tackles, most aren't deliberate but when they happen they're classed as foul play and worthy of a penalty or more.