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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Typical remoaners response - let's think of a bad situation. Because it's what I think it must be right and will definitely happen. The reality is you have no actual evidence to base your apocalyptic scenario on. Your guess is just as likely to be 100% wrong as it is to be right.
  2. Our new position in the EU

    The Japanese economy isn't what it was when they dominated sectors like electronics and cars. They could afford to have an arrogant attitude like that. They now need trade like never before to try and compete with the emerging global economies like China & India.
  3. Didn't the English FA put this to the Scottish FA a few years back but they weren't interested. Largely because they know their competition is 2nd rate and most of the Scottish teams would quickly find themselves languishing in the lower leagues. Even Celtic would most likely find themselves as a mid-table team with little hope of any European football. They'd rather continue in a lower standard competition and keep the money rolling in than have 2nd rate teams in a premier competition.
  4. Our new position in the EU

    When you have a trade deal with a country it's in both their interests to have both economies to be as healthy as possible as it leads to increased trade between them. The better the deal between us and Japan, the greater the likelihood of us having a good stable economy post Brexit, so of course it's in their interests to work towards a good deal. Japan has no petty political issues with the UK unlike some EU countries.
  5. Carillion - gone?

    From a personal point of view not sad to see Carillon bite the dust. They're notorious in the industry for being one of the worst for bullying suppliers and screwing them over. Most of the time they got away with it because they were bigger than everyone else. The company I work for is in dispute with them over a contract we worked on with them, they tried it on with us only this time their tactics didn't work as we have a much bigger bank balance and team of lawyers than they do Not sure how this will all play out now they've gone under.
  6. Our new position in the EU

    Oh dear, I think Bowes link 2 posts below yours has just well and truly peed on your anti-brexit bonfire regarding trade with Japan. How dare our pesky PM blight your catastrophic predictions.
  7. Except in 75 the EU didn't exist. In that referendum the vote was whether to remain in a 9 member state common market. The last one was whether to remain in an EU with its own parliament, central currency and legal powers over individual states. 2 votes on membership of 2 hugely different institutions. A yes to the first and a no to the second.
  8. The taxpayer has already foot the multi million pound bill for a referendum on whether to leave or remain. That question has been answered so move on, absolutely no point in asking it again. What I would be in favour of is parliament running an on-line questionnaire setting out the main options for Brexit, running from the extreme hard brexit stance through to the brexit where it's almost the status quo in all but name. The electorate can then rank their top 3 preferences. While not binding it would at least let parliament gain a firm understanding of what the electorate as a whole would like the final brexit outcomes to look like and this is what they should be aiming to then achieve.
  9. Reserve and Academy teams

    They tried, Leeds refused point blank to even consider the idea, so that ended the discussion of any sort of agreement between the clubs.
  10. Reserve and Academy teams

    Saints want reserves to be compulsory, the reason they've scrapped their team this year is that in 2017 some of the reserve players were going a month or more without a game due to a lack of opposition. The coaches want these lads to be playing regularly and until everyone has a reserves team the only way they can achieve this is by sending them out on loan to the championship instead. So for Saints it's not the cost, its the lack of opposition.
  11. Our new position in the EU

    Well as a supporter of Brexit i'd like to second Bob's point Since the vote i've elected to change companies, have seen my wage rise by approx 20% and am very much looking forward to my 2 weeks in the Carribean this year
  12. I agree, I didn't get what all the fuss was about at first. Maybe its a generational thing but when I first saw the advert I just saw a kid modelling a hoodie, I didn't see a 'coloured' person.
  13. Our new position in the EU

    But thats no different to the 48% of remainers who are also split on their vision of the EU. There are those who wanted to retain the 'status quo' or remain in the EU but with some powers handed back to individual members, while at the other end of the scale there are those who want full membership with adoption of the Euro and Britain to be part of an eventual Federal Europe. The latter's vision is probably just an unpalateable to the majority of people as that of the vision of the extreem Brexiteer's.
  14. Our new position in the EU

    Now now, you know full well that's utter bullox. We don't have full control of our borders as we have no legal right to restrict entry to any EU citizen unless we can demonstrate that they pose a risk to our society. Parliament makes British laws but they can and have been over ridden by the EU courts. There are swathes of British law where the British courts don't have the ultimate authority over. Just look at Poland now where their parliament has made its own laws and are bring threatened by the EU because they don't like them.
  15. East Coast main Line privatisation

    Nowhere near, but after years of lobbying from industry the government has at least gone some way of ensuring the taxes collected direct from motorist is spent on motoring infrastructure.