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  1. In the end can't argue with the result. Saints were the better team in the first half but failed to take a lot of their chances and Child helped Leeds back into it time after time. 2nd half Leeds didn't do a lot but deserved the victory as Saints were awful. As others have said Lomax in particular was shocking and Holbrook should have taken him off.
  2. University Manchester vs Salford varsity

    Good luck Salford! I played in a couple if those games back as a Salford student in the early 90's. Though they weren't called the varsity challenge then.
  3. Unlikely, having a scan today to determine the extent of the injury. They're hoping it's just a 'stinger' but it could be a lot more serious.
  4. Sandow had the class, sadly not the attitude. Roberts gives it his all, he just isnt good enough. Wire aren't the only ones to have signed duds from the NRL, at Saints I'd be happy if Morgan and Douglas were let go, both major disappointments despite years of NRL experience.
  5. That's just a highlighs real, he didn't do much of that. Most of last season he couldn't even get a half back place in a struggling titans team. They used him as a utility player at full back, hooker and even on the wing. The Sky team have made him out to be some sort of superstar half back, the reality is somewhat different, he was a 3rd choice half at a lower NRL team and he's never really stood out as a top class player. Sandow wad 10 times the player Roberts will ever be.
  6. But that isn't Roberts, anyone who watched him in the NRL could tell you he isn't a maverick player capable of off the cuff spectacular stuff, he's a steady Eddie who's always just moved the team around. The muppets at Sky have totally overrated him and made him out to be something he isn't and never will be. Roberts is completely the wrong player to be along side Brown, they needed more of a runner with pace to take on opposition defences (dare I day it a Sandow type).
  7. Our new position in the EU

    And why can't we start negotiations on any new trade deals now, oh yes it's your beloved EU banning us!
  8. Totally agree about Richardson, bit of the Sean Long about him in that he plays what's in front if him and doesn't stick to a set pattern every play. OK so sometimes it doesn't come off and several time this year he's been tackled on the last play or put in a poor panicked kick, but when it does come off we get results like we saw last night. I'm so glad Holbrook let's him play his natural game and doesn't try to stifle him like Cunningham did by sticking to a rigid plan for 80mins
  9. Well he completely nullified the threat of atkins and murdoch masilla last night, the latter he hammered a couple of times with some real good shots.
  10. Our new position in the EU

    Interesting to get the details of Hammond Brexit speech today as he looks certain to include details of Britain's requirements to include financial services. Hammond had also leaked info about Barnier and his assertion that there can't be a deal that includes financial services. Seems Barnier oversaw the drafting of the section of the TTIP which included financial services. So the guy obviously thought a trade deal could include financial services with the US (who's regulations aren't aligned with the EU) but somehow now believes it's not possible with the UK who's regulations are already aligned. And they accuse the British government of playing games, Barnier is as 2 faced as the rest of them.
  11. Though don't the RFL have the power to refuse this, or at least have the power to refuse him to register with another UK club until either his ban had expired or until his previous Cas registration has expired?
  12. Adopt the NRLs points system as this was brought in for exactly this reason.
  13. Isn't his record even worse than that, I thought it was 4 reds last season, let alone in 2 years. His poor record has certainly gone against him as most other players would probably only be looking at a 1 match ban for what he did.
  14. RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    My personal preference would have been media city but this is still a huge step forward for the game. The fact that other sports governing bodies are also there means that the game will get a huge boost and have access to the best facilities in the country. It's been a long time coming but at last the game is dragging itself out of obscurity and is ready to show just how great our sport really is.
  15. Bar the last 10 mins or so when Saints cut loose it was a pretty dire game. Definitely not helped by the game plan Salford obviously came with to try and slow the game down and niggle as much as possible. They got penalised a lot for hands in and holding down but still the ref was fairly lenient with them as twice he warned them for persistent offences in the tackle but never put them on a team warning. Tasi had a brain explosion, the ref missed the 1st high tackle, penalised him for one on the very next play, and straight from the tap penalty he went head hunting and was lucky to only get 10 mins in the bin as it was obvious what he was trying to do. A few high points in the game though, Barba is pure class can create something out of nothing, Walmsley & Thompson just chewed up the metres up the middle, and for Salford Lui looked really good at times. He was a constant threat when he ran at the Saints line and was unlucky a few times when things just didn't cone off.