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  1. Now I'm totally convinced Bennett should have gone last year 3 wingers means 1 will be playing out of position, and plodder Taylor in ahead of Thompson - utterly baffling! Then again shouldn't be too surprised given he thought Bateman was an international centre.
  2. Saint Toppy

    Tyrone Roberts heads home

    Matty Smith awaits! 😁
  3. What a muppet! He calls for an end to open hostility and bickering in the media, yet he's just chosen to release a statement to the media openly criticising some in SL Presumably he meant he wanted an end once he'd had his say in public!
  4. Shock, horror, club chairman releases statement setting the record straight by pointing out inaccuracies in a public rant. Some of the Hetherington lovers on here need to take their heads out if his backside
  5. Remind us again who started all this with a public rant because they didn't get their own way The only one who looks silly and has launched personal attacks is Hetherington
  6. Where's the personal attack? To me that statement just points out all the inaccuracies of Hetherington childish rant
  7. Dummy spitting from Hetherington yet again as his Red Hall power base is further eroded. With wood gone and Rimmer nearly gone he's lost his influence at the top, plus with the RFL leaving Leeds he feels further threatened. Not so much a power grab from the other 11, more an erosion of power of the 1.
  8. Because they had 16 lads from their junior set up out with long term injuries
  9. This was a joke, right? The RFL can't even manage a team of development officers and yet you think they can manage junior development better than the likes of Saints, Wigan and leeds who have excellent set-up. It should be the complete opposite with rules put in place that make all clubs have academic as good as the top clubs.
  10. Except if you choose confrontation and back the big SL clubs into a corner you then risk a complete breakaway, wherein practically all the money goes with them leaving the RFL with nothing but semi-pro and amateur clubs and no money. It wouldn't take long for some of those ambitious championship clubs to also jump ship and follow the money. Even the FA recognise that the Premier league is the power base and where the money is and the 2 organisations rub along pretty well.
  11. In case you'd forgotten championship clubs can now spend up to the same limit as SL clubs as long as they can demonstrate their financial viability to do so (as Toronto are doing now). So the only thing holding clubs back from being immediately competitive if they get promoted is their own ability to generate income, not the rules. If we're using P&R then clubs should stand or fall under the same rules for everyone. Artificially manipulating the rules to favour 1 club over another almost always ends in disaster as that club is in a false position. Protecting 1 club just punishes another, so instead of having 1 potential yo-yo club you then create 2 or more.
  12. Been there, tried that farcical manipulation to keep clubs in a division they can't compete in (Huddersfield for one). It needs to be a level playing field with everyone under the same T&C's, no artifical protection. If championship clubs have a genuine ambition to play in SL then they need to plan accordingly for life in that division and get away from short-termism.
  13. Definitely Tuimavave, must be seeing as both Richardson incidents were deemed by the officials to have been through foul play by Hull players, where as Tuimavaves wasn't through any sort of foul play Even you can work out which player was actually injured and which was play acting to try and win a penalty. Do Tuimavave and 'swan dive' Miloudi attend the same acting school? I guess Connor just also attend, at least the weekly class on whinging!
  14. Did he actually intercept the ball or was he just in the way practicing one of his Swan dives at the time?
  15. Is that Tuimavave during the cup game? I'm guessing it must be seeing as it's a guy rubbing his neck with no-one else around him.