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  1. Anarchist - n, A person with delusions of self importance. Usually from the lower social classes, with levels of below average intelligence and poor social skills
  2. Jesus wept - I suggest you go and take a look where much of our countries H&S legislation came from (and when). Britain introduced much of it and to much higher standards than most other European countries. Most of our workplace H&S regulations (past & current) give far greater levels of protection than those in use across the continent. Us leaving the EU won't change that one single bit as we chose to introduce them completely independently of the EU. As for the unions, you just have to look at France to see the mess created when unions are left unchecked. Also not sure why you should hark back to the 70's, what happened during that period is exactly why the unions needed to be curbed - Winter of discontent anyone !
  3. Match highlights on youtube. Unfortunately it doesn't show the Smith tackle
  4. Just Browny : We're all Doomed ! (liked by ######, Phil & Griff9of13) Edited to remove the name of someone who thinks Trump's a complete d*** but also dislikes Just Browny
  5. Actually he isn't, Mike Coleman is the main money man at Saints and he put in the bulk of the cash for the new stadium (believed to be around £11M) - but I do get your point about rich benefactors
  6. Nobody knows how good (or bad) a president he will turn out to be. He has no political record on which to judge him on and all these predictions of him being a disasterous 1 time wonder as based purely on peoples own prejudices against him personally, not on any political decisions he's taken. He could bring prosperity back to the US while simultaneously bringing misery & poverty to other countries like Mexico - that's not exactly something many Americans wont like and wont stop him getting a re-election. He may decide to take the US out of NATO and concentrate their military in defending the US, US interests and certain allies only, leaving other countries to fend for themselves. Again, maybe not great for global security and specifically for those countries left exposed but actions like this will be seen as putting the US first, another potential re-election vote winner.
  7. Yes they ban export subsidies in order to sell the product cheaper, but the WTO rules don't stop any direct subsidies in things like plant or equipment that could make that company or factory more competitive. EU rules are far more restrictive banning direct subsidies of pretty much everything once the business is established.
  8. Why make it public - exactly what would be achieved by that ? It would be embarrassing for the Royal Navy. They also wouldn't want any enemy states seeing footage of a failed missile test as every little bit of evidence they get helps them find a solution to counteract our defence system. Particularly as this is a new system they were testing and one they will probably install throughout the rest of the fleet (once the problem has been fixed obviously)
  9. I don't see what's the big deal with all this ? They've upgraded one of the submarines with a new launch system, they tested it using a missile with no warhead and it developed a fault. So what, faults happen during the testing period of new equipment all the time - that's why they go through a test program ! The British (& probably the US Navy) have almost certainly identified and rectified the fault by now. The sub in question wasn't on active duty anyway after her refit and the other 3 subs in the fleet still carry a system that works perfectly. The only people making a real meal of this are the tub thumping No Nukes brigade
  10. Where does it mention Nissan or any other specific investment ? Besides which its only EU rules that prevent goverments from not directly subsidising private companies (not that it stops most of them from funding them indirectly anyway). Once outside the EU the government is free to subsidise whoever they like if they feel it benefits that town/region or the country as a whole.
  11. No idea what a 'Ninja' tackle is, another typical Cunninghamism, but it was definitely a late tackle, and not for the first time in the match either. Until he has a scan today wont know the extent of the injury, hopefully its not a really bad one. Didn't appear to be as he wasn't stretchered off or have his leg put in a brace to move him, and he was waving to the crowd as he went down the tunnel, so not exactly the picture of a guy in excruciating pain. Thankfully young Danny Richardson showed he's ready to step up and take over at 7. His kicking was excellent and he peppered the Widnes back 3 the whole 2nd half with high, testing kicks, and his cross-field kick for Fages try was superb. I think Widnes should be seriously worried for the coming season, 3rd game in with a near full strength team and they looked clueless at times. Thought Hanbury & Gilmore played well for them but other than that there wasn't much to offer. Saints brought on 8 youngsters at half time while Widnes kept a largely full strength team out for another 20mins and they still struggled for large parts
  12. Err the Swiss people did, it's their weak politicians that didn't. Come the next Swiss elections let's see how much they get punished for ignoring the wishes of the majority.
  13. So Brexit has caused us to lose the benefits of something we haven't actually had any benefits from anyway. So in effect Goldmans decision leaves us no worse off because any benefits had never been realised because we're not getting the extra staff we never had.
  14. Jeeze, will they never learn !!! Another Rangi Chase but with a bigger ego, a worse injury record and even more problems
  15. Cunningham wrote a piece in the local paper this week about the youngsters. He's said having seen them through a full pre-season he's going to give some of them game time this year. If Lomax gets injured then Ricky Bailey will be his back up, If Fages is out then Danny Richardson will play, and he also said both Regan Grace & Calvin Wellington will get game time this year. All the youngsters will be playing against Widnes on Sunday.