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  1. James Maloney to Warrington?

    No Aussie still playing Origin will come to SL until their rep career is over.
  2. Really poor game. Saints well and truly put the cue on the rack after an hour but still 16 points flatters the Giants. 40-16 FT
  3. Not a great game, Giants lucky to be only 18 behind as Saints have been totally dominant. Without Brough the Giants would pose no threat at all. 24-6 HT
  4. Don't you know it's all part of the Brexit plot. We sent you Mcbanana as a warning, with the further threat that you give us everything we want or we send Agar to France as well and finish off the Dragons once and for all!
  5. Our new position in the EU

    The 1975 referendum to take us in was held on a simple majority result of greater than 50% and that was a major life changing decision for the country. So why should the 2016 referendum to take us out have had a higher threshold applied ?
  6. Our new position in the EU

    Typical remoaner response - totally blinkered to the realities of life in the EU and how decisions made in Brussels are far from democratic as you'd love everyone to believe.
  7. Our new position in the EU

    Why is 60% any better that a straight majority of more than 50% ? So why 60%, why not 70% or a 3/4 majority of 75% ?
  8. Our new position in the EU

    Tell that to the likes of Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia & Poland who have had the EU ride roughsod over their wishes and use the EU courts to impose their will of taking refugee quota's - Democracy eh ! EU Democracy - for the good of the few in Brussels not the good of everyone across europe.
  9. Tony Smith leaving Wolves (merged threads)

    Interesting you should say this about Briers. Last season I got to Saints early and watch the U19's game against Wire and wa sat just in front of Briers. He spent the entire game swearing and slating his young team every time they made a mistake or did something he didn't like. I remember thinking at the time that he didn't exacly come across as someone who was good with young players
  10. In the few games I can remember him playing in I think he played in the back row rather than at prop ? Not really a stand out in the NRL but you never know what you'll get with guys like this - could come and give it his absolute all and turn out to be a good buy, be be just another plodder
  11. For me the outcome will very much depend on Holbrook's half back selection for Saints. If he goes with Smith or Lomax still in the halves I'd fancy Wakey to create more chances and take a narrow win. If he goes with Fages and Richardson then I'd fancy Saints to take a narrow win.
  12. Graham to join the Dragons

    Good move for Jammer, the dogs are on a downward spiral. They have some good players, particularly in the pack, but they lack a good 6, 7 and 9 which completely stunts their attacking options, can't see Foran being the saviour. Think Jammer will be more suited to the Dragons style of play, sadly I thinkthat also means he'll see out his playing days in the NRL and not come back to Saints.
  13. how do you solve a problem like korea?

    Even Britain's former ambassador to NK has now admitted that diplomacy now has no chance of success ad NK knows they can ignore the UN at will. The only country who can stop them without all out war is China and currently there's little political will to intervene directly from them. Until they do its increasingly likely that war is coming. I doubt the Yanks will make a pte-emptive strike, but with NK continuing to test fire missiles over allied countries like Japan, one more incident like this could set it all off. With or without a warhead, if just one of these lands on mainland Japan the Yanks will launch back, obliterating NK making the whole region uninhabitable for generations.
  14. Can't argue with the result pies were the better team. Holbrook got it massively wrong with the halves, Lomax was poor and Smith was utter garbage. Thank you Cunningham for saddling us with the useless pile of dog ###### for the next few years
  15. What Now for the Red Devils?

    The new Bridge was completed over 6 months ago but during the load testing phase it collapsed. It needs a redesign and additional safety checks and testing so the road bridge element has set the project back over a year.