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  1. I think the result will depend a lot on whether the Saints pack turn up and take it to a much bigger Wakey pack. For most of the season Thompson had been the one giving the go forward and Peyroux had led the line with our edge defence. With these 2 missing and no Walmsley then they need someone else to stand up and take on those roles. Problem is I just can't see who? I think this is heading for another Saints loss!
  2. Always thought this was the best system for deciding who are the SL champions. If they want/need the extra games for income then bring back the old Premiership trophy as an end of season competition so there are 3 main trophies to play for.
  3. Saint Toppy

    Feigning injuries

    Implement the NRL system where the medical professional makes the decision, not the player.
  4. Saint Toppy

    Feigning injuries

    If they're genuinely injured then they can be substituted.
  5. Saint Toppy

    Feigning injuries

    There's a simple way to clamp down on it, make it mandatory that if the ref has to stop the game for an injury then that player must leave the field for an assessment and must stay off for a minimum of say 1 minute once play resumes (about the time it takes for 1 set of 6). If the doctor/physio thinks it's serious then he can be substituted immediately but if they want him to play on then he has to wait it out on the sideline for the full minute. Players would soon stop feigning injury if they knew it would disadvantage their team, and coaches wouldn't encourage their players to do it. I also think we should adopt the shot clock like the NRL for scrums and drop outs as this is where players also waste masses of time as whole teams of physios and water carriers come on.
  6. The player that was actually injured was clapped off the field by the Saints fans. It was obvious to everyone except the ref that the rest were just play acting, hence the booing.
  7. They were booing because all except 1 (who went off) were play acting to get the game stopped and allow their defensive line to get set. There was one instance in the 2nd half where Saints made a break and got tackled about 10M from the Giants line. A Hudds player (think it was Rankin) then just sat down on the 20M line and put his hand up, the ref saw him and stopped the game. As soon as the trainer got to him he just got up having received no treatment and walked back into the defensive line. It was embarrassing, not just for the pathetic powder puff of a player, but for the incompetence of the referee who allowed himself to be conned time and again.
  8. The Giants didn't play particularly well and they didn't have to. All 3 try's came off the back of unforced errors in Saints own half and 2 were complete walk ins after really bad defensive reads by Costello and taia. The vast majority of the errors were also unforced, dropped kicks, knock ons before contact was even made, passes going to ground, throwing the ball into touch. The Giants should really have racked up a massive score tonight with the amount of possession and field position they had
  9. You think 1 completed set in 30 mins wasn't awful from Saints?
  10. Some of those Saints players should hang their heads in shame at that performance. Thompson, Makinson and LMS aside the team was truly awful (gotta really praise Thompson he was head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch) All Hudds did every set was 5 drives and a kick into touch as they knew they just had to wait for another mistake. Boring but good tactics.
  11. It's almost impossible to put into words just how bad Saints have been in that first half. They completed only 1 set in the first half hour and even that was them getting tackled on the last. Any team that knocks on for 6 consecutive sets deserves to be well behind. Hudds are barely having to break sweat to get near the Saints line and it's a good job they're not that good a team otherwise Saints could easily have been 30+ behind. They came alive in the last 5 mins and scored a good long range try but they need to play the 2nd 40 like that to rescue this game.
  12. Saint Toppy

    Jon Wilkin leaving Saints

    He intimated earlier this year that he wanted to play another year so if another offer comes in he could well take it. Having said that he can afford not to with his outside business and media work. Had an up & down career at Saints but been a good servant to the club and the game. I hope his media career takes off as he's far better than most of the current offerings. A team of Wilkin, Wells and someone like Robbie Paul might actually see the game get some sensible debate and analysis.
  13. Did I miss something, when did Wigan sign Sau?
  14. He was walking back to his own half while they lined up for the goal kick when he threw the ball into the Saints fans, long after the try had actually been scored.