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  1. Are you talking about Corbyn (Putins poodle) or Farage (Trumps puppet) ?
  2. After al the good work the RFL has done over the years in promoting RL as an 'inclusive' sport to even contemplate allowing his registration with any SL club would undermine it all Folau is never going to change and his religious bigotry will always come to the fore. There's no place for people like this in our sport.
  3. You dont have to be loud or 'nasty' to be a good captain. Chris Joynt wasn't much of a talker but was a fantastic captain, same can be said of James Roby now. They both led / lead by example for what they did on the pitch and with a few well chosen words in the dressing room. Watkins isn't very vocal on the pitch but also at the moment he isn't really doing much as a player either, he's struggling to recapture his form from a few years ago. He's not the only player under-performing though so its a bit harsh to lay all the blame at his door. There's plenty of other very senior players out there who aren't stepping up.
  4. BMW's are the worst cars on the road !! Every car has a major defect as i've never seen a single one with working indicators ! I think they also must have a defect with their windows as they seem to prevent all their drivers from seeing anybody else on the roads.
  5. For all their public berating of May and the 'lack of compromise' I've yet to see any such compromises from Labour either. They're so far refusing to budge frm their insistance of a customs union. They're being just as arrogant & stubborn as the Government are, which is why we're in the mess we are now with neither side really prepared to agree on a sensible compromise deal.
  6. So which 2 Leave questions would you have on the ballot paper then if these are your preferred Remain options ?
  7. Well thats just not true is it ! There are MP's on both sides of the poitical divide that hold differing opinions on our membership of the EU, ranging from those would quite happily see us part of a future federal europe through to those who believed in Cameron's stance of a fully reformed EU.
  8. So how many Remain options should be on the ballot paper then, ranging from 'Hard' remain to 'Soft' remain ? A - Remain and i'm happy for the UK to go down the EU's chosen path of a future federal state with a single currency, single parliament and to give up our rebate & make substantially greater contributions B - Remain but only if we retain our rebate and make no future increased contributions (ie. the current status quo) C - Remain but only if there's substantial reform of the EU (the Cameron option he wanted) Surely its only fair that we also find out what kind of future remain people want if thats what your proposing to ask of leavers ?
  9. The mess we have now is all of the MP's own making. They forced the country into this position in the hope that they can now stop Brexit from happening altogether. Virtually none of the muppets in Westminster care little about duty, they've pretty much all shown their true colours and just how much they will put their own self interests first. Thats why they're so split, they're all arrogant and power hungry and unwilling to compromise. Its either their way or they vote the option down
  10. So where do we stop then ? If we have another referendum now and its a close Remain, do we then have another vote in another 3 years time to see if people have changed their minds and want to leave again ? or are you saying that if remain win next time it should be final and binding ?
  11. 1 - Polls are notoriously inaccurate, hence why the only true reflection of public opinion is an actual vote (which we've had already) 2 - MP's may have invoked A50 expecting a deal, but its the very same MP's who have voted down every single option. There was game playing and personal political manoevering going on and its backfired spectaculalrly on everyone.
  12. E & F - We've had a public vote, it was called the Referendum in 2016, wherin a majority told parliament that they wanted to leave the EU. Any future public vote should be purely on what the public's favoured method of leaving should be. Remain shouldn't even feature, we've had that question already. G - Parliament voted by a majority of 461 - 89 to invoke A50 in the first place so its just plain stupid to now vote to revoke something they overwhelmingly passed only a few years ago . Besides which asking parliament to pass anything these days is a waste of time. They all got a chance to vote for what they wanted last week and they proved that they couldn't come to a single unanimous decision.
  13. Gary Wheeler would be my pick. As a youngster he had everything, electric pace, good hands, great side step. Sadly his body just can't handle the weekly rigours of such a tough sport and he can barely string more than a couple of games together before another spell on the sidelines injured.
  14. So just over 10K at Saints is poor but just over 11K at Wigan was a positive ? Catalans rarely bring much away support but neither did HKR on Friday (maybe 250max)
  15. After such a big performance the week before against Cas it was probably to be expected that there would be a drop off in performance this week but all the last minute changes really disrupted the flow of the team and they looked really disjointed. Roby was 50/50 anyway to play but failed a fitness test on the Friday morning, Percival was taken ill and only dropped out Friday afternoon and both Taia & Walmsleys partners went into labour early so they both dropped out late on Friday. Saints still started strongly but really started to struggle after Fages went off (after yet anothe late hit from grub Tomkins) and Peyroux limped off (though he did come back late on even though he didn't look fit at all) Credit to Rovers they battled hard but after going behind again in the 2nd half there was a noticeable step up from several of the more senior players from Saints and the last 15-20 mins they were pretty dominant just like the opening 15mins. Thompson was head & shoulders above every other forward out there, absolutely outstanding (again), but for me the one who changed the game was Coote with his long kicking game. He put in 4-5 pinpoint accurate long kicks into the HKR in-goal area and 2 of them the Saints defenders were able to drive the rovers player back over the try line and force drop outs. Gotta give a mention to Aaron Smith as well at 9. After 2 decades of having world class hookers at the club in Cunningham & Roby there was always going to be huge expectation on whoever took over next, but this young kid really stepped up and is growing in confidence. Scored 1, got held up over the line and he put in some great long passes from dummy half. Overall not a great performance from Saints but pleasing to get a result with all the disruption before & during the game
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