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  1. What isn't clear is who's favour the 1 year option is in, the players or the clubs? If he performs well then he could get snapped up by a SL club, could even end up back at Saints as they're looking to bring in at least 1 new prop for next year having released both Walker and Richards.
  2. For once I actually agreed with him. The defence should never have to make that decision on a player running round the back behind another. Very surprised that try was given when so many others haven't this year for less.
  3. Given Hudds are likely to get a big win against Leigh this is a bit of a dead rubber for Wire as they pretty much guaranteed a middle 8 spot. This result will depend on whether Wire want to build momentum for the middle 8s or rest players to keep them fresh.
  4. It's against the governments own rules for any MP to interfere in the decision making in any way. The procurement panel are also banned from talking to any politician or other outside body about the assessment during the process.
  5. Can't help but laugh at stories like these. It's either lazy journalism or just incompetence if they don't understand how government contracts are procured. No politicians sit on any of the procurement panels so regardless of any share ownership by an mp's spouse it would make no difference to the decision to award or not. The relevant government minister just rubber stamps the deal and is not permitted to vote on selection, only to veto the company selected by the procurement team.
  6. How the he'll did the AJ Bell cost £26m, Saints only cost £25m and that was a purpose built all enclosed stadium not 4 individual stands. Wires cost around 10 didn't it, but to be fair they did get it from IKEA as a flat pack and then filled in a couple of corners later. Maybe Wakey could do the same.
  7. Given Trumps stance it makes absolutely no difference where you place climate change on the list of priorities. He ain't gonna change his mind whether we make it our top priority or not. Better focusing on things we can get changed during these discussions
  8. Wilkin won't be missed (except by hull who will miss out on several penalties). These days Wilkin rarely runs and his metres made is awful. He usually just gets in the way of the halves thinking he's Thurston. Richardson is very talented and was treated badly by Cunningham earlier in the year. If he's allowed to play his natural game he potentially offers far more of a threat than Smith, but his inexperience sees us without a half with that game control, especially if it's close going into the last few minutes. It's an absolute must win for Saints. 2 points guarantees a top 8 finish, and still able to overhaul Wakey for 5th, where as a loss could still see us finish in the bottom 4.
  9. Savelio is on a pretty hefty contract for his age and ability. He got a big increase at Saints in 2016 and Wire offered him more. saints just wanted him off their books to free up cap space which is why they let him go for free.
  10. Except in this case it's like saying yes you can leave the gym and you can't have access any more but we still expect you to pay your membership fees for the next few years and pay it all up front before you leave.
  11. I'm saying those countries can afford to provide their own aid to the poor in their countries but choose not to and instead choose to spend Billions on things like nuclear weapons. so why should the UK taxpayer be helping their poor when their own governments don't?
  12. Define poor Two of the biggest recipients of our aid are India and Pakistan. So poor they can afford to spend Billions every year on nuclear weapons
  13. The Crown Estate doesn't belong to the Queen, it belongs to the monarchy as a collective. As Head of the monarchy she administers it. The only way crown estate becomes liable for inheritance tax is if every last remaining member of the monarchy dies.
  14. I see they forgot to show the renationalisation pledges from Corbyn Estimated at £98Bn for the energy industry, £60Bn for the water industry. Guess they were do distraught at the DUP deal they slipped their minds. Not sure how they only got £0.8Bn for Royal Mail either given Corbyn pledged to buy 50.1% which at current share price is around £2.1Bn
  15. Barba isn't Saints marquee player for this year. To afford him they released Walker a month ago and sent Fleming out on loan to Leigh. Their salary savings are paying Barba this year.