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  1. Parliament already voted for a possible no deal. If they can’t agree a deal then the legal position which they voted for is to leave without one
  2. Its Peers that looks like a muppet here, its only misleading to the uneducated. The EU sets maximum limits not minimum standards, all Gove is saying in his tweet from wat I can tell is we have a further opportunity for the UK to take the lead in bettering the current recommended EU limits. Initiatives like London's ULEZ and Manchester's proposed new CAZ should be rolled out across other towns & cities in conjunction with wider national initiatives.
  3. Forget SL, that's going to be extortionate for the Championship next year
  4. Pretty damn well !! I left the public sector a few years later and never looked back. I've negotiated my own pay & benefits in every new job I've been to since. Also always been a firm believer in pay increases based on personal performance not on some sort of collective discussion that rewards everyone just because of time served. But even during my time in the public sector I always got a pay increase because I made damn sure I met all my goals each year. I treat all my staff that way now, those that perform well get good pay increases each year, those that don't get naff all (or as I call it, rewards for the workers, tough s*** for the shirkers).
  5. Never been part of a union and quite frankly never wanted to. My only dealings with them involve me being threatened by a union rep back in the early 90's for refusing to join and then go out on strike, to which my response was that if he tried to stop me getting into work and cost me a days pay then he'd lose his teeth. Typical union weasel then backed off and cowered when I stood up to him, the strike never happened in the end anyway. So given my experience is it any wonder I have anything other than utter disdain for the unions, especially the militant ones (as was the case in Islington that I came up against)
  6. I think they could be if they sell Hastings, particularly if they then lost Lui to any sort of injury. Too much of a gamble for me given the consequences of going down.
  7. Edited for accuracy The majority of unions are run by militants and their decisions are politically motivated rather than being in the best interests of members. Their main goal is the help install a hard left leaning Labour Government (like Corbyn and his momentum thugs) so the unions themselves can directly influence national decisions
  8. Salford would be stupid to sell Hastings to Leeds. He's by far their most influential player and the one most likely to help them stay up in 2019. Selling him now would put their place in SL in jeopardy and the financial consequences of dropping out of SL far outweigh the benefits of any cash they would get by selling him.
  9. Err wasn't it the Tories at the end of 2010 who lent Ireland half the money they needed to stay afloat (around £3.5Bn if memory serves) with the EU then loaning them the other half ? For a party that "doesn't give a stuff" that's a pretty big UK taxpayer loan to make or with my cynical hat on maybe they jus realized Ireland's financial incompetence offered an opportunity to make a few quid as that size of loan must be earning us at least £70-80M a year in interest payments
  10. Hetherington's not made many friends amongst the other SL clubs chairmen so I can't see him managing to get a majority of them on side to vote to change the rules mid-season and save Leeds from relegation. If anything there's probably a majority who would be glad to see the back of him, at least for a year, from the SL board.
  11. Depleted, really, by my reckoning you only had 5 first choice players missing - McGilvray, Cudjoe, Uate (who's been utter garbage anyway), Leeming & Wardle. Saints had 4 missing (Roby, Peyroux, Lees, Grace) so that's a pathetic excuse for your performance. You were just out-played in every department. You had a pretty much full strength pack but they got dominated down the middle. Your defence was that weak you even made Amor look good (and that's saying something as he's been garbage most of the year) Not a great crowd, one of saint lowest in the league this year, but then again Shuddersfield can only dream of getting 9.5K even on a good day. But credit to the 50 Shudddersfield fans ( a 1 cow bell) that made the trip, you could hear them from oooh 10 yards away
  12. Well if I were a Tory party member BoJo would get my vote seeing as I fall into that 3M people category who pays 40% tax Just think what I could do with the extra cash, have a 2nd Caribbean holiday every year, add a 2nd luxury car to the household. Far better than the taxman wasting that money on public services for the great unwashed
  13. Going away on tour seriously disrupts a players pre-season training schedule, more often than not leading to a drop off in performance the following season. Surely the best prep for a WC would be to allow all players a full off-season followed by a slightly shortened league season to help keep them as fresh as possible ? A perfect example of this is some of the Saints players this season. Saints asked for Grace & Knowles to not be considered for Wales at the end of last year and in 2019 its been noticeable that both their performances and levels of fitness have improved significantly. Conversley Its been noticeable that Matty Lees has struggled this year with his intensity in some games well below what it was last season.
  14. The Bible (and all other works of similar fiction) are completely hypocritical. Depending on which chapters you choose to read & interpret they can go from love & forgiveness to punishing non-believers of that particular religion. A world without religion would have been a world with far less war & conflict. Its as true today as its ever been that religion causes division and using a centuries old book of religious fiction to try and solve todays problems is utterly pointless
  15. Its Makinson as both he & Lomax have suffered serious knee injuries on artificial pitches in the past and have made their views public about their suitability of playing surfaces. If Holbrook wants them to play then of course they will, but it wouldn't surprise me if both dot play leaving Swift to come in on the wing and a HB pairing of Richardson & Fages (assuming Fages is passed fit after his failed concussion assessment from the previous week) I don't think the result is in too much doubt but a lot of teams have underestimated London this year so the core could be reasonably close. Saints had to work really hard for their 26-0 win against them at home earlier in the season. London competed well but it was that extra bit of class that told in the end.
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