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  1. I think that game still showed where Saints are at. There was the initial bounce from getting rid of Cunningham, but at the end of the day he's still left the club with his legacy of some awful players. Lee & Smith were poor buys and Owens & Peyroux are just wasting cap space. Wilkin & LMS are more often than not a hindrance than a help to the team and should never have got new contracts. The new coach will still have a lot of work to do to turn this Saints team around and make them genuine title contenders again, and sadly it could take a few years before we see the back of the dead wood.
  2. No thanks PR just leads to endless hung parliaments and total gridlock with nothing ever getting done. You do realise that under PR UKIP would have been the 3Rd largest party in Westminster in 2015.
  3. Can't argue with that result, some good displaya from a few Widnes players when it mattered. Conversely some awful plays from a few Saints players, Swift in particular, allowing himself to get pushed back over the line by changing direction was absolutely criminal, especially when Widnes scored from the next set. When Makinson is back next week it's Swift who should be dropped not Grace. Also terrible decision from Wilkin not to take 2 from in front, that bad call cost Saints a draw in the end.
  4. A bit similar to me in that respect. My constituency is St.Helens South. And even though our MP Marrie Rimmer is completely & utterly useless (and still awaiting a retrial for an assault charge) there's absolutely no doubt that she (Labour) will get elected with another big majority. From memory her majority last time was about 21,000. In fact you could probably put a red rosette on a dog ###### and it would get elected
  5. Well there we have it, I'm a closet Tory. Having never voted for them previously seems i'll have to now as they come out on top with 75% No surprise really that the bottom 3 are the SNP, Green's and Sinn Fein with me agreeing on no major issues with any of them
  6. The RFL's own ruling is that an indirect head contact is misconduct and is worthy of a Grade A charge. I await to see this weekend just how many players who make an indirect contact with an opponents head are subsequently charged with a Grade A misconduct charge.
  7. Except the first contact and all the force of the tackle was against the chest not the head. There are dozens of tackles every week where the arm ends up around the head and most go un-penalised let alone warrant a card. If the RFL are to be consistent then they now have to charge every player with at least a Grade B offence for every single contact with the head, even if its secondary contact with the arm bouncing up off the chest or the ball.
  8. Seriously ! It was an open hand which is a good indication that that there's no real intent to cause serious injury First contact was straight across the chest not the head, again showing no intention to deliberately attack the head of an opponent.
  9. The 3rd game of the Easter period are usually the ones that produce the most 'shock' results. The Easter Monday players are a bit fatigued and have aches & pains but mentally probably haven't come down from the Friday. By the 3rd game players often find it hard to lift themselves again mentally and we usually see a lot of erratic individual performances. I still think Saints will win this one but it wont be the walkover that many are predicting I'd go for 24-16 to Saints
  10. Except that you see at least a dozen other tackles like this every single week and some don't even get an on-field penalty. I'm fine with what the RFL have done with Amor just as long as they now charge every single player every week who makes contact with an opponents head. Following the RFL's own ruling then any head contact is a Grade B charge regardless of whether first contact was with the body or not. They hadn't charged any other player in the previous 8 rounds of SL for a tackle like this and I seriously doubt they'll charge any in future rounds. So its not so much the fact he was charged, its the completely incompetent way the RFL handle charges & gradings across the whole game
  11. Leave poor Tony alone, Since leaving parliament he's done a wonderful job as a middle east peace envoy. I mean you only have to look now at the legacy he's left behind there with such a stable & peaceful region
  12. Britain effectively handed decision making in Palestine over to the League of Nations in 1923, long before the state of Israel was created
  13. Except the IRA were killing people on the streets of Britain and it was inevitable that the Government had to start talking to them at some point in order to bring the violence to an end in the UK. Its the UK's duty to resolve issues with terrorism in the UK. Israel is thousands of miles away and their disagreement with the Palestinians is pretty much naff all to do with us, and even less to do with some backbench nobody MP, well not unless Islington has suddenly been twinned with the Gaza Strip or something.
  14. Should never have been charged in the first place, complete joke. At least they've seen sense and not banned Amor and Dropped Thaler to the Championship again this weekend.
  15. Needs to pick a position (or rather the club does) and let him develop into it, otherwise he'll end up as just another 'squad' player. He's done alright so far but I wouldn't say he's looked anything spectacular