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  1. Our new position in the EU

    Given it was the Germans who started the last 2 world wars there's little chance of there ever being a 3Rd in Europe now as the Germans have near enough achieved what they've coveted for over a century. They practically run Europe now and they've achieved it without war, they've just conned everyone else into believing it was in their best interests to be part of a German controlled super state.
  2. Very odd signing for Wire, as average as average players get.
  3. Should start the betting now for which one of rounds 1 to 30 Inu will have his 1 good game a year? Awful signing for Widnes. Signals their intent already for being in the middle 8s.
  4. PNG have looked impressive so far but all their games have been against teams that quite frankly have had defences that have been disorganised and amateurish. They've bullied their way upfield and drawn players in centre field to create space out wide for their backs to score. For all of Englands frailities, they've been pretty stong defensively (barring a few lapses in concentration) and the English pack is much bigger, stronger and more organised. I think PNG will struggle to break the English defence down when their route 1 up the middle strategy doesn't work an while they'll play hard I can't see them really pressuring the English defence like an Australia, or a NZ does. For me the final score will very much be decided on how well the English attack performs on the day.
  5. Tough one to pick an all time top set of players when there have been greats across several era's. But for Saits i'd have to go for:- Kel Coslett Tom Van Vollanhoven Mal Meninga Paul Newlove Darren Albert Sean Long Alex Murphy Kevin Ward Keiron Cuningham Cliff Watson Dick Huddart Paul Sculthorpe Vince Karalius Just missing out:- David Fairleigh Alan Prescott Harry Pinner Chris Joynt Guggie Greenhall Alf Ellaby Jamie Lyon
  6. He's from a Welsh union background so not a huge shock he's gone back. He had natural talent but 2 things seem to have hampered his league career. He's had a fair few injuries and his body seemed to struggle with the physicalties of league. He also got a rough ride from Cunningham which knocked his confidence a lot.
  7. I think this is the 6th tour they've done now. Including the 3 games so far this year the clubs overall record is P23, W19, D1, L3. It's hard to fathom how we can equal (if not better) the NRL clubs up to the age of around 18 but then fall so far behind from then on?
  8. Sounds like the Saints lads are revelling in their time in Oz, Played 3, won 3 so far against the Doggies, Roosters and a 26 Nil hammering of the Rabbitos this weekend. Final and toughest game to go next weekend against the Panthers.
  9. Hooker is a difficult decision for Bennett. Roby is tried and tested and never lets any team down at club or international level. He's also coming off the back of one of his best seasons for a few years. Hodgson on the other hand had a somewhat disappointing 4N last year despite having a fantastic 2016 season with Canberra. This year his form has been pretty erratic. When he's been on form he's been great and been a real leader for the Rraiders, but he's gone missing in a fair few games which is something of a worry going into the WC. I think Hodgson is a talented player and deserves a chance as being the starting 9, but given his last 12 months performances for me he's too much of a risk to start at 9 against the Aussies but should be given his chance to start against the 'lesser' opposition and prove he can hack it at international level.
  10. Well done the government: seriously

    I dont think there's anything wrong with having an independent jury but I do think changes need to be made to the selection of jurors. I understand they want a jury to represent a cross section of society to avoid bias but its just a fact that not everyone who gets called up has the intelligence or capacity to be able to listen to the evidence and make a reasoned judgement. I do feel that everyone who is called up must pass some form of assessment first to check they have the suitable skills. There are also some highly complex cases where even generally intelligent people struggle. For cases like this there's a case for us to have a 'semi-professional jury' consisting of people who have received some legal training and have the additional skills to be able to disseminate the information. I know jurors are instructed to form their decision based purely on the evidence but its incredibly difficult not to get emotionally involved in some cases. Another area where some training would help those jurors.
  11. Which prize, cubbiest and slowest half back in SL?
  12. Our new position in the EU

    So the Scots should get a say in having independence but all UK citizens should not have a say in independence Democracy SNP style
  13. Our new position in the EU

    I apologies, you were correct, It was Blair who brought the Wales & Scotland devolution referendums and the one on the creation of the London Mayor and it was Cameron who brought the choice of changing the 1st past the post system (not sure why you thought this was a cock-up as there are many critics of the current system and this was their opportunity to try and change it. The fact the vote went in favour of keeping the existing system wasn't really a reflection of Cameron giving the choice for change)
  14. Our new position in the EU

    I actually find myself in agreement with you. Hammond doesn't have to spend or committ to spend everything now. He needs to committ to spend enough to complete all the contingency planning and then set aside the money for the worst case - only an idiot would do nothing ! As otgers have said we all plan for and pay for things that may not happen (Insurance)
  15. Our new position in the EU

    So you basically oppose letting the people have their say then on anything ! Presumably you disagree on their having been the various devolution referendums, you disagree with Blairs holding of the referendum to change the electoral systesm, and that the people of Scotland should never have had their say on independence ? Also I pressume that if we had remained in the EU then you would have disagreed with the UK ever utilising its right under the EU Act 2011 to hold a referendum and allow the electorate to decide whether we would transfer any further powers over to the EU. You would have been happy for the MP's to give away any rights & powers they wanted to the EU without asking the people ?