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  1. There's a maximum number you can send out on Dual Reg and Holbrook says there's 1 more spot still available to saints. He just needs to decide whether its Richardson, Swift or Bently who goes out.
  2. Saint Toppy

    Season of the fake

    Its not so much the moving forward as the refs usually just shout "you shortened the 10, play on". Briscoe more often than not steps to the side and the markers then get called offside, giving the next ball carrier extra time before they reach the defensive line.
  3. Saint Toppy

    Season of the fake

    Briscoe at Leeds is probably the worst offender in the league for this. Last year the refs had a short spell of eith penalising players constantly for moving off the mark or stopping play to make them go back & play it again. The enforcement seemed to be quickly forgotten though and certain players are back doing it more then ever.
  4. Saint Toppy

    Mikolaj Oledzki.

    Exactly, the RFL had to make a decision whether there was a deliberate bite or whether the marks on his arm were as a result of him deliberately putting his arm into Oledzki's face. They obviously decided the latter.
  5. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I get all the bravado from the EU over not renegotiating but surely even they can see its a pointless stance. If we leave without a deal then there's a hard border by default, at least on the ROI side. If there's a no deal then after 29th March the UK can choose not to implement a hard border for anything crossing into NI. Its a UK border and they can choose how they want to patrol and enforce it. If they say we'll just install cameras or do random checks and uphold the GF agreement by having no hard border then thats what they'll do. The ROI on the other hand is legally bound by EU rules to implement a hard border for anything coming the other way from NI so they would be the ones going against the GF agreement.
  6. What a farce ! Aren't we supposed to have a 'live' cap so why wait until now to implement the punishment. Surely they should have punished a 2017 breach during the 2018 season. Those 2 points would have put wigan 3rd and not 2nd in the table meaning an away SF at Cas and not a home draw.
  7. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Thst been sugested to May numerous times over the last 2 years. Problem is that meant cutting out the extreemists on the Tory Party and the Labur party but also completely excluding the LibDems and SNP. So whenever she's tried to adopt any sort of stance like that (all be it feebly) the likes of Sturgeon have popped up and started spouting how Scotland was being ignored and how May doesn't respect the devolution agreement etc. IMO what should have happened not long after the referendum is to garner opinion across parliament (via some sort of poll or vote) as to what form of leave they wanted. No remain option on the table as that was dealt with in the referendum and was defeated by a national majority vote.
  8. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Both sides have been equally at fault over the last 2 years. The remainers weren't interested in discussing anything that didn't involve remaining in the EU and the Brexiteers weren't interested in anything that didn't involve leavig the EU.
  9. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    One of the very few sensible comments coming from any MP. For all those clamouring for May to break her red lines and compromise - lest see how many on the ardent remain side are willing to do exactly that (I'd hazard a guess at next to none showning just how entrenched both sides are)
  10. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Given it was the MP's themselves (including some from Labour and some Tory remainers) that voted to put 'No Deal' as the default position in the first place, it smacks of total incompetence from parliament as a whole to now be whinging so much to not have it as an option at all. Is it any wonder the public have lost all faith in 650 muppets in Westminster to be able to deliver anything at all
  11. Saint Toppy

    Luke Douglas joining Leigh on a months loan

    LMS said in an interview a few weeks ago that he's expecting to be playing more at prop in 2019 as they now have more cover in the back row with Bentley & Batchelor coming in. That suggests Walmsley, Thompson, Lees and LMS will be the first choice props followed by Amor and Ashworth as back-up. Douglas is surplus to requirements while all the others are fit so it makes sense to put him out on loan. It keeps him match fit if they need to recall him, and while he's out on loan his salary is off Saints cap, creating more space for later in the season if they need to bring someone else in.
  12. Overall i'd actually say Saints squad is stronger than last year. It remains to be seen whether Coote can bring as much as Barba but as for the rest of the changes they're all definate upgrades. Add in the likes of Batchelor as an addition and other youngsters like Lees, Bentley & Smith having experience now.
  13. I'd put Kurt Sorenson in there as one of the best O/S props. David Fairleigh was also fantastic in his season with Saints
  14. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Except Corbyn who was seen by many (especially the DUP) to have nailed his colours to the Sinn Fein/IRA mast decades ago
  15. Saint Toppy

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    I agree, utterly pointless extending A50 as nothing will change. The pro-remain groups will just continue to bang their drum to stay in the EU with no intentions of ever trying to reach any sort of agreement for leave. I actually think the best way forward now is to leave without an agreement on 29th march. It at least removes all the remain arguments off the table and everyone can then concentrate on finding the best option for the country outside of the EU (which is what the referndum result showed the country wanted anyway) The SNP and LibDems will whinge, whine and throw their toys, the extreem brexiteers will rejoice and slink away happy, but ultimately the majority of the rest of the MP's will then actually focus themselves on at least trying to reach a deal to such an extent the extreem leavers and remainers can largely be ignored.