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  1. He'll probably spend the whole programme disputing Sue Barker's decisions.
  2. Interesting questions raised by the local MP can be accessed via the twitter link: ... 1743278081
  3. Land prices ? Bricks, concrete and plastic seats are more expensive in Australia ? I gather the Parramatta Stadium is going to be around 30k capacity and a bit more 'luxurious' and have a few more facilities than the hoped for builds at Cas and Wakey,they are pretty basic by comparison. I think the good people of Parra will be losing their swimming complex to accommodate the stadium which if correct is a shame as it looks like a great facility.
  4. Donkey for a thoroughbred ? No Thanks.
  5. Offiah did many times. Ten tries in one game quite a few from individual breaks .
  6. Nando's have a place in Toronto. Give them a bell and try and set up a deal for all League 1 clubs visiting Toronto. Also there must be a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee. Most RL players seem to like Nando's and a fancy coffee.
  7. Geoff Clarkson must be in with a shout: Wakefield - 2 spells Leigh - 2 spells Bradford Northern - 2 spells Oldham Featherstone York Leeds Bramley Hull KR Warrington
  8. Always enjoy Baba O'Riley which always seem to be played when we visit the KC/Kcom. Seem to remember Black Dog by Led Zepplin always being played at Wilderspool.
  9. A good test for Wakefield against a decent Hull side after victories against lower placed sides and a Wigan team apparently devastated by the Black Death. Wakefield Trinity by 4.
  10. It's amazing how good refs are when you attend a game as a neutral.
  11. But for three disallowed Wakefield 'tries' it would have been their heaviest.
  12. Interestingly, not one comment about the state of BV, only about the game, the welcome, atmosphere etc. Whilst there is no doubt that BV needs redeveloping or Wakefield Trinity need a new ground it's nice to see that a 'newbie' can see beyond that and appreciate the game and the welcome.