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  1. RL Stadiums

    25 of 33 currrent 18 of 30 old
  2. Tyler Randell not Chad Randall
  3. SOO saved Australian Rugby League

    I've was lucky/unlucky enough to attend the first match in the 2016 SOO series and to be quite honest the game bored the threepenny bits off me. 6-4 to Queensland with both sides that frightened of losing nobody tried to win it. On the other hand the build up in the weeks prior to the game and the presentation of the game was fantastic. Whilst SOO may have saved Australian Rugby League it effectively killed off international Rugby League. Most Aussie fans and seemingly many administrators see SOO as the pinacle of the game and don't give a toss about international football, although there are some such as Mal Meninga and Cameron Smith who speak in support of international football. GB/Englands inability to be consistently competitive over the last 35 years or so haven't helped either.
  4. I'm sure it will disappoint you but the answer is no. Michael Carter said at the fans forum tonight that this had blown in over the last couple of days and that they had a meeting with JK at 4pm this afternoon where they asked him to stay and offered him a further extension on his contract. He apparently has gone away to think about it and will probably give the club an answer. I suspect it may be more of a case of JK getting that itch to be a head coach again and possibly wanting to scratch it again.
  5. Post-World Cup blues!

    Pennine League is still operating. OK so it isn't the World Cup, but it is Rugby League. Get yer hat and coat on and support the grassroots.
  6. Agree. Some nice places on the Central Coast. Eldest daughter lived in West Gosford until just recently and is getting married in Kincumber in October next year.
  7. I don't think the game is being shown on BBC. At 7:30pm tonight they had a rundown of sport on the BBC this weekend. Guess what didn't get a mention ?
  8. Might be a bit early yet but don't discount James Batchelor at Wakefield.
  9. Pauli Pauli signs for Trinity

    33 for Parramatta 2014-2015 15 For Newcastle 2016. Badly injured in a car smash in January 2017, once recovered played in the Intrust Super Cup side then broke his leg in July 2017. Had a bit of bad luck but apparently fit and raring to go.
  10. BBC News

    Can't have been any underwater badger gassing games on today to report on so they had to find a fill in.
  11. A bit of clarification from a Trust Member, posted a short while ago on the other Forum: The deal at Newmarket which was put to and accepted by HM Planning Inspector was that in return for planning consent that took a great swaith of land out of Green Belt the Developer had to build, with a £2m contribution agreed by the Council a 12,000 capacity stadium and assiociated sporting facilities.The Developer then had to transfer the land on which the stadium and other facilities sat to the Wakefield and District Community Trust (the Trust) for a peppercorn on a 99 year lease, effectively giving the stadium to the Trust.The Trust in turn was then to sub-lease the Stadium and associated facilities to Spirit of 1873 Ltd (the Club) for a rent to be agreed between the Trust and Club - not the Developer or the Council.The Trust agreed that the most economical and sustainable way to ensure that the Stadium was managed efficiently for the benefit of all was that the Club would take a FRI (Fully Repairing & Insuring) Lease whereby they are fully responsible for all costs associated with the running of the stadium such as Insurance, Council Tax/Rates, Heat, Light & Power, Maintenance and Repairs etc. etc. In return the Club would be able to generate revenues from the use of the stadiium on non match days such as conferences, weddings, concerts etc. in order to sustain the Club and ensure that the stadium would be maintained to a high standard and ensure its long term sustainability. There would be a covenant in the lease whereby the Club would have to make the stadium available for Community uses.So the Club would be faced with a big bill in order to maintain and run the Stadium so I cannot see where the view that the Club is wanting a stadium without spending a sinle penny and then wants to benefit from the using the stadium comes from.So that is the deal that we are looking for - nothing more than what was promised at and agreed at the Public Inquiry so I dont think the Club and the Trust are being unreasonable and the view by some that the Trust is "not fit for purpose". Unfotunately some appear to have a different purpose in mind to the Club and Trust.
  12. As I see/understand it: Developer gets green belt land to build on in return for providing the city of Wakefield with Community sports facilities. (S106) The then chairman of the Community Trust agrees to a development on the site not counting toward the trigger figure for building said facilities, Council when asked to enforce planning conditions say, "nothing to do with us guv". National press get hold of the story Council hold a meeting and are now keen to be involved Development on green belt seems unlikely to happen (why?) Council with others produce plans for a re-developed Belle Vue and ask anchor tenant to submit Heads of Terms Anchor tenant submits Heads of Terms based on those originally drawn up for the stadium that was to be built on green belt land. Council receive these and announce out of the blue that the anchor tenant has pulled out of the negotiations Anchor tenant states they will seek legal advice Council out of the blue announce that they will redevelop Belle Vue anyway despite nobody having agreed to play in it/use it, yet. Forty odd years of following Wakefield Trinity and it doesn't get any easier (off the pitch anyway).
  13. Your Club's Links to the World Cup

    John Kear, Danny Brough, Scott Grix., Liam Finn, James Hasson, Anthony Walker, Frankie Mariano, Anthony Mullaly, Dale Ferguson, Ben Kavanagh, Pita Godinet, Paul Aiton. All have been through the revolving doors at Wakefield Trinity