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  1. Wakey are a bit light in the front row, could be a long night. Chuck it about and hope that Wire players are not particularly interested and are saving themselves for next week.
  2. Rioman

    Hunslet Club Parkside

    They play at the side of the M1, about 100yds from the Range store on a Tulip Retail Park. LS10 2BB. Find the Retail Park and you can't miss the ground.
  3. These days it seems to take ages to get a scrum formed. Players stand round chatting, having a drink then eventually decide to pack down (in the loosest sense of the word) then lo and behold one of the teams suddenly realise that there should be six players in the scrum so call up the player who is stood furthest away to join the fun. All the time the ref stands there watching all this and may or may not decide to stop the clock. Both teams guilty of it last night and no doubt we will see the same in this afternoons televised games.
  4. Rioman

    France beating Australia in 1978

    I was at the second and third Tests in 1978 and all three Tests in 1982, I suspect the '82 team stands out most because of the huge impact they made on the British Rugby League public. In '78 we thought we were unlucky to lose the series 2-1 and that the Aussies weren't that far ahead of us. But in '82 at the first Test at Boothferry Park, the reaction was "$h!t, they're playing a different game to us, they're light years ahead". That was the start of Australia dominating the game and as such probably had the greatest impact.
  5. Rioman

    will catalans get a wcc match next year?

    Will anyone get a WCC match next season? No doubt the Aussies will do their usual 'ummimg & aaahing' making it clear (as usual) that they couldn't give a toss, that is unless it's at a time and place of their choosing with their refs and NRL interpretations of the rules, the weather is nice and the grass is not too green. I think that covers all possible excuses for a possible loss.
  6. Rioman

    Do his team-mates call him....

    How about Rella for Barba. I haven't seen the film Barbarella for a long time either
  7. Rioman

    Bill Tupou

    Not for a centre position in the Dream Team they're not.
  8. Could be a case of which side has put the cue back on the rack.
  9. Rioman


    Thanks for the confirmation.
  10. Rioman


    Sorry I'm not sure. It was a question on the Wakefield Trinity Heritage facebook page some time ago,
  11. Rioman


    Nigel Stephenson scored the first one point drop goal I believe.
  12. Rioman

    One for the expansionists...

    Jumping ???. Don't you mean 'being lifted up by a couple of fat lads' ?
  13. Heard that one about Billy Thompson sending off both full backs who were not involved in an all in brawl. Like you say probably apocryphal.
  14. Wakefield v Hull at The Boulevard. Wakey fans were behind the sticks when a youg girl, probably about 15 or 16 walked along the front of the terrace pushing a pushchair with a 2 or 3 year old toddler in. A few comments came from the crown about 'young mothers', at this point the toddler sat up in the pushchair and gave the Wakey fans the middle finger.