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  1. Tom Johnstone

  2. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Rabbitohs as my nephew is the Corporate Manager. Used to follow the Raiders as a mates nephew played for them but he's gone to the Bulldogs for 2018 so I'll be keeping an eye on him/them.
  3. RL Stadiums

    25 of 33 currrent 18 of 30 old
  4. Tyler Randell not Chad Randall
  5. SOO saved Australian Rugby League

    I've was lucky/unlucky enough to attend the first match in the 2016 SOO series and to be quite honest the game bored the threepenny bits off me. 6-4 to Queensland with both sides that frightened of losing nobody tried to win it. On the other hand the build up in the weeks prior to the game and the presentation of the game was fantastic. Whilst SOO may have saved Australian Rugby League it effectively killed off international Rugby League. Most Aussie fans and seemingly many administrators see SOO as the pinacle of the game and don't give a toss about international football, although there are some such as Mal Meninga and Cameron Smith who speak in support of international football. GB/Englands inability to be consistently competitive over the last 35 years or so haven't helped either.
  6. I'm sure it will disappoint you but the answer is no. Michael Carter said at the fans forum tonight that this had blown in over the last couple of days and that they had a meeting with JK at 4pm this afternoon where they asked him to stay and offered him a further extension on his contract. He apparently has gone away to think about it and will probably give the club an answer. I suspect it may be more of a case of JK getting that itch to be a head coach again and possibly wanting to scratch it again.