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  1. Rioman

    Chris Sandow returns?

    It's the usual, "let's go for a short term fix (hopefully) and sign a known 'bad boy' who can play a bit in the hope that he can take us to the next level before he stuff's up again"
  2. Rioman

    Smith Retires from all rep Rugby League

    Perhaps now he's retired from reffing he'll take up playing. He might be good at it.
  3. Trinity to bounce back with a ten point victory.
  4. Nothing wrong with Thaler tonight. Decisions were correct. Glad to see a ref penalising all the rubbish going on at the ptb. Eventually players will learn.
  5. Rioman

    Huddersfield future

    Perhaps they could merge with Sheffield and play at Sheffield's new ground.
  6. Rioman

    Drop kicked conversion

    It saved Sneyd having his usual wash and brush up and chat with the tee carrier before deciding to put the ball on the tee.
  7. Rioman


    There's that much begging for penalties these days I fully expect a player to come onto the field with a dog and a polystyrene cup. Most beggars seem to have them.