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  1. Always enjoy Baba O'Riley which always seem to be played when we visit the KC/Kcom. Seem to remember Black Dog by Led Zepplin always being played at Wilderspool.
  2. A good test for Wakefield against a decent Hull side after victories against lower placed sides and a Wigan team apparently devastated by the Black Death. Wakefield Trinity by 4.
  3. It's amazing how good refs are when you attend a game as a neutral.
  4. But for three disallowed Wakefield 'tries' it would have been their heaviest.
  5. Interestingly, not one comment about the state of BV, only about the game, the welcome, atmosphere etc. Whilst there is no doubt that BV needs redeveloping or Wakefield Trinity need a new ground it's nice to see that a 'newbie' can see beyond that and appreciate the game and the welcome.
  6. 143. Subs wearing Donkey Jackets (often with NCB on the back)
  7. 134. A brass Band at half time 135. Straw on the pitch in winter
  8. 127. Correct score tickets.
  9. 115. Toe end kickers