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  1. Depend which Wakefield Trinity turn up. If it's the one who bend their backs in defence and throw it about in attack then they could shade it by 2 points. If it's the one who turned up at London last week the God help us.
  2. 8 Sub rule didn't affect Wakefield. They were poor for the last 65 minutes of the game. No complaints from me about the loss. Beaten by a side who wanted it more.
  3. Rioman

    Ben Barba sacked

    I think the NRL have to be draconian to get it through to some of the k***heads who play the game that off field misdemeanours will not be tolerated and can/may be career ending. Such is the profile of the game in Australia, particularly NSW and Queensland that over the last few years the game has featured on the front pages of the papers nearly as much as the back pages and despite the games popularity there are still plenty ready and willing to put the boot in when they see/hear this kind of behaviour. As for domestic violence, the minute a man raises his hand to a woman he stops being a man.
  4. Rioman

    Unlikely Teammates

    Wally Lewis and any of the Wakefield players in 83/84
  5. Rioman

    Team Warnings

    Ref will make a circling motion with his outstretched arm.
  6. Rioman


    I'm sure the compliment would have been returned had it been Wakefield.
  7. Glen Tomlinson at Batley springs to mind.
  8. Rioman

    Great RL Photos

    I think it was a Dewsbury v Saints cup game game when it all kicked off, A saints player (Warlow?) was getting belted so the landlady from his digs ran on and gave the Dewsbury lads a handbagging. Something like that, although I'm sure a Saints fan of a certain vintage will have more info.
  9. Rioman

    Hull KR launch club beer

    Snowie was brewing Trinity Ales from his brewery behind the hospitality block at Belle Vue three years ago. Belle Vue Blonde, Legend, Ruby League, Well I'll be Foxed were just some of the brews.
  10. The yellow vested cretin who laid the lad out is lucky he's not facing a murder charge. He could easily have been a "one punch killer". if the bang the lads head took when he went down was any worse.
  11. Nor has he stated whether it was last year or this year.
  12. Question. Has Carvell seen fit to clarify it is this year, he is referring to, or is he raking up something that Michael Carter freely admits, and explains happened 2017/18