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  1. Strange how many of these are euphemisms for "We lost."
  2. Biggest hope is that the World Cup organisers have a contingency plan just in case the Aussies pull the same stunt again.
  3. I'd suggest Stoke Potters but I think that's the name of the speedway team.
  4. Usually a Premier League game on BT Sport and a Championship game on Sky Sports.
  5. It would be the sort of foresight not normally seen in RL circles!
  6. Up for a Magic weekend in Leipzig or Salzburg! Or New York even!
  7. Based on League position. The derbies are just a coincidence.
  8. Presumably as no longer half term week. For selfish reasons, does mean I only need to book one night in Newcastle and only need to book half a day off on the Monday
  9. You missed out someone suggesting a 9s tournament!
  10. Well. I did once see Wire lose to Hull KR despite being 16 points ahead with 5 minutes to play...but...
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