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  1. If there's no scrums what happens after a knock on? Does the other team just take a tap restart?
  2. Don't like it personally. I find I actually prefer the no crowd sound of the Bundesliga to the fake crowd sound of the NRL.
  3. It's based on this year's League finish. Top 2 non grand finalists.
  4. Grammatically it should be knocks on but convention seems to be knock-ons.
  5. Right let's see who knows this one. As we all know on Saturday, Saints and Wire meet in the Challenge Cup final for the first time ever. However, there has been a previous St Helens v Warrington fixture at Wembley. What were the circumstances?
  6. Can't recall the last time a team went to pieces after one of the other side was sent off!
  7. Hardly a huge advantage. By the end of the season they will have played the same number of home and away games as we everybody else. Doesn't really matter what order they are played in.
  8. 18 years between my first game in 1991 and the Challenge Cup win in 2009. So no, hardly glory hunting!! ?
  9. Stumbled on a Challenge Cup final one year. May have been 1980. Hadn't a clue what was going on but was enjoying it so made a point of watching every year. Then around the early 1990s some mates from the football started going to watch Featherstone Rovers (can't recall why - not a natural team to follow from Stourbridge but there you are). So in 1991 or 1992 attended my first live game - Warrington v Featherstone at Wilderspool - and the rest is history. Been a Wire fan ever since and a season ticket holder for 20 years!
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