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  1. just by chance would that also be the attendance for the bulls v Coventry game that was on before the women's game ?
  2. oulton v milford

    law must have changed then because it used to be that you had to have 7 backs when there was a scrum . not a minimum or a maximum but 7 players outside of the scrum . mind you not looked at the rules of late but it was certainly the case for a very long time
  3. oulton v milford

    late in the game I noticed Oulton had a 6 man scrum so they must have had 13 players on
  4. Pretty Girls

    why bother with a premier sports subscription when the games are available on freesports
  5. Biographies

    the danny sculthorpe one is a good read
  6. I think he means the concept which when you have teams from the bottom half of the league is always a problem in ths country
  7. you want it refined but still plenty of games well how about a top 4 round robin with the top 2 getting 2 home games. follow that with a week off and then the grand final . never really liked going from the semi to the grand final without a break to build up the tension and perhaps sell a few more tickets ect
  8. Featherstone's Major Announcement

    maybe they are taking a neighboring club as sub tenants for a few years . fight it out between yourselves which club
  9. Jimmy Keinhorst goes on loan to Widnes..

    jimmy needs to get some game time in so its a good move for a month . far to good to be playing in a reserve side or the championship
  10. one for those that like to see a team grind out a win I think . no frills rugby league at its best it will need a strong ref for this one .
  11. One Club Men

    McDonald bailey at Leigh ?
  12. Greenwood to SL?

    Hetherington loves a good rumour as it allows him to get the player he really wants without any fuss .
  13. Toronto v Swinton - Relocated

    that's 3,200 seating capacity but there's plenty of standing areas
  14. "The trouble with referees is they aren't accountable"

    the real problem is there are not enough younger people coming forward to be official's thus there's no great pressure on the ones at the top of the tree . perhaps if the sometimes quite frankly hysterical outpourings against the official's did not take such prominence on social and mainstream media it would not deter people from trying to climb that ladder and put pressure on the top guys . I for one never call a ref a cheat or many of the other things people utter when things go against there team . I take it back there is one former ref I called a cheat but we are all allowed one slip. ough people coming forward as officals
  15. Workington & Bradford in live streaming beef

    cheers mick I will certainly been watching that game . no problem with your broadcasts which are of good quality . I think you know the gist of the town argument so I think that's pretty much been put to bed now not much to be gained by endlessly raking over the ashes