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  1. yep 1 of each every hour although on match days I heard they diverted them ?.
  2. fair enough if you think it will attract 5k extra fans but even that will not really make a difference as that will most likely cover the charges for rental of the stadium so in fact 13k at headingley would produce when taking hospitality in to account more profit than 18k at eland road . getting away from headinley to east Leeds by bus is easy you go to the top of burley hill and catch the 49 or 50 both of which go to east Leeds or for different parts of east Leeds you change in town . its never taken me more than 15 mins on bus to get to town that way . now getting to town from eland road on a bus is a nightmare of epic proportions unless you climb the big hill to beeston which I used to do before the old knees got to bad . I used to do a bit down at hunslet warriors so yes I know a lot of kids have rhinos tops but just go in the pubs in south Leeds and you will soon find a strong anti rhino sentiment not all because its a rl team but some for much worse reasons that are again becoming all to common . as I said as regards fiscally viable a 18k crowd would hardly be equal to a 13k crowd at headingley when you factor in hospitality gains in money at headinley against costs at eland road and also costs for using elland road all of which will have been gone into by Gary Hetherington at great length before the decision was made and nobody can tell me he does not know the value of just about everything rugby league certainly including how to get most money out of anything
  3. for me the reality is its about tradition and that counts far more than getting maybe another 500 in to watch the team and then giving a big wad of cash to Leeds united for the privilege. by the way I live in east Leeds and find it a lot easier to get to headingley than elland road at any time of the day for instance plenty of direct bus services from east Leeds to headinlgey but none to south Leeds which on the way back can make the difference of getting home well before 11pm or after it if from elland road . there will be 2 select big games at eland road v hull kr mostly as headingley will not be ready by then and against Castleford as we expect there fans will want to see the super league CHAMPIONS trophy paraded around the ground . hardly think any other games will attract bigger crowds of Leeds supporters
  4. Rangi Chase

    cocaine is addictive and ruins life's not just the drug takers but also there families. after been at the funeral of a young man of 28 years old only 4 weeks ago who died from an overdose and seeing the effect on his girlfriend and there 3 children to say nothing of his dad who has now lost both his son and his sister to drugs over a 3 year period then nothing will change my mind on that . the fact that so called celebrities and sports people take drugs hardly sends out a good message to impressionable young people and for me I would ban them for life on a second offence but at least for 3 years on the first offence
  5. Rangi Chase

    if you consider it releases inhibitions and gives a more brazen approach to risks then I would say it is performance enhancing.
  6. a share of say £40k is still less than all of around £35k
  7. from the centre of town maybe but how many supporters live in the town centre
  8. well try and reimagine it my friend as the vast majority of Leeds supporters are from north of the river . I'm certainly not thrilled to been going to south Leeds even for 2 games as its a fair trek at my age . if Leeds had said they were playing a full season there I'm afraid I would not have renewed my season ticket and I know plenty of others that think the same
  9. who is going to buy those seats is quite easy as there are quite a number of southstanders and former ones who are now of an age were standing for a full match is not as easy as it once was and I dare say many of there families will go with them thus freeing up more space on the terrace which by the way will hold 5,000
  10. I hardly think a £40million investment in the ground shows a lack of ambition . everything has been budgeted for and according to Hetherington the figures will still allow the club to make a healthy profit from the 2018 season and as the boss man at the most profitable rugby league club in the country I think I trust him
  11. yes there is far more hospitality at eland road and lees united will get all the profits from it instead of Leeds rhinos getting on average £100 per person which when you think of the approx. 1000 settings there are at headingley is a lot to lose . as it happens leeds are playing 2 games at eland road the first of which is against hull kr because the temp stand in the north stand at headingley will not be ready in time for that game . the other game is against Castleford as of course with castlefords new supporters we expect a big crowd
  12. eland road is in south Leeds and Leeds are a north Leeds club . it would be like hull f.c relocating to east hull the fans wont stand for it . by the way I have a south stand season ticket for 2018
  13. Lo & Behold!

    well I'm not buying it as there's no Leeds connection on the cover. such a shame giving in to those pesky LEEDS haters don't you think
  14. League 1 2018

    seems fishy as teams wanted extra fixtures and most teams will only get 13 home games . the same reason that the 8s were brought in for super league