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  1. wilf Rosenberg would be an obvious name for the list
  2. just seen a couple of the leeds players and the good news is they seem pretty sober so were in with a chance . leeds by 7
  3. don't blame only rovers for it been a one sided game blame the likes of wigan and warrington as well if they had not been so poor then rovers would not have been in the final . strikes me that certain clubs did not treat the cup with respect either that or their not as good as they claim to be . I did not in fact see rovers not trying I saw leeds go out with a plan and execute it close to perfect and work hard for each other . finals are not there for a team to look pretty they are just to be won that's what you get the medal and bonus for not for it been exciting and im sure a good portion of the crowd and viewers were very impressed by the way it was won . one persons disappointment is another persons joy
  4. don't think leeds signings will be very high profile but more the kind of players who will fit into the structure of the club . no doubt there will be the same who the hell is he comments that were thrown around about cuthbertson and garbutt when they were signed
  5. well I see Leeds was named the richest city in the north of England recently but that does not follow that it should have the best teams just go down to elland road and see the truth in that
  6. yep Hetherington times his announcement's to perfection . the signing of Galloway was announced the same week as the memberships for next season were announced and the signing of garbutt was announce a couple of weeks before the semi . on that basis I would expect the next signing to be announce the week of the playoff semis and the final signing to be announced just after the grand final if Leeds get there otherwise a couple of days before the grand final
  7. the style of leeds play reminded me of last year in so many ways just keeping the ball down near the rovers line and putting pressure on . it was pretty obvious they would adopt the same style after last years success with it at Wembley . obvious difference was the ploy of putting peacock to the short side quite often which really took its toll or rovers left side
  8. get a bus to Oldham or Rochdale should be plenty there showing it
  9. when Hetherington comes out and says there's little room under the cap I can only think its because they have made a major signing that's yet to be announced . after all just look at the players leaving at the end of the season sinfield ,peacock aiton.yates and lueilui and the wages there on then look at who leeds have signed mulaney and Galloway . who would think the salary cap limit is in any danger of been full for leeds
  10. I suspect they are legal in super league as in the past players have joined clubs midseason on modest contracts for the rest of the season with improved terms the following season and is that basically the same thing
  11. it took me long enough to figure out a super 8s don't confuse me with another brain explosion
  12. the programmes is going to have a panel made up of gary Hetherington, ian lenigan and Marwan koukash . just a pity they cant have the respective club coaches there as well
  13. hull fans with knifes well who would have thought it