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  1. southstand loiner

    Is RL fading away in Yorkshire?

    is rugby league dying in Yorkshire good question and to answer that the game needs to be strong at grassroots . 2018 NCL GRAND FINAL HUNSLET PARKSIDE V WEST HULL. seems its in better health than in Lancashire
  2. southstand loiner

    Told You So

    indeed they could also play more games if they want to but mine was just a solution to an unbalanced number that including the magic games as loop fixtures would bring up . oh for the days of 40 plus games a season
  3. southstand loiner

    Told You So

    well make one of the loop games an on the road game and that would even up the numbers
  4. southstand loiner

    Told You So

    hey when has stupidity stopped something been done . just imagine the outrage from the flat earth brigade if it promoted Toronto to the top of the middle 8s . its almost worth doing it just for that
  5. southstand loiner

    Told You So

    you never know but they did say its based on finishing positions in the league . now on your little theory can I add that if Toronto win the million quid game they may decide to give them 2 points and put them above rovers in the league . thus giving rovers a even number finishing position.mind you that would put them at the top of the middle 8s but hey ho gives plenty more chances to the more negative rugby league supporters to claim fix I suppose. I'm just joining in the fantasy possibilities that seem to be running wild
  6. southstand loiner

    Told You So

    they are going by finishing positions in the middle 8s as can be seen by the hull loop fixtures not including Leeds who finished 9th in the regular season but after the 8s were in 10th place so avoiding a loop fixture with hull fc. In effect rovers finished in 11th place at the end of the season .
  7. southstand loiner

    Leeds and Toronto lose in Qualifiers Round 4

    tell you what why don't we just have one big league of 34 clubs with no need for promotion or relegation like in the good old days and go back to those massive crowds of 4,000 for a Leeds v st helens game that I remember with such fondness
  8. southstand loiner

    R.I.P Ken Eyre

    sad news that ken eyre has died aged 76 . a fine prop forward for hunslet, Leeds and great Britain
  9. southstand loiner

    Irish interest in League 1

    that's certainly the case . I go from Leeds to Belfast at least twice a month returning the same day and sometimes do the Dublin run in a day as well from Leeds . quicker to get to Belfast or Dublin by plane than it is to get to Cumbria by car if traveling from west Yorkshire
  10. southstand loiner

    Leeds and Toronto lose in Qualifiers Round 4

    does it need to be this round when both teams lose . ok Salford beat Toronto that's half the story but if next week Salford beat Leeds then its at the same situation with the prospect of a Leeds v Toronto game in the final round to decide which team goes into the million pound game .A game that would be as full of drama as the million pound game itself . a real will the million pound game be a game played in England or Canada situation going into the final week . now that's drama if only to see if sky would pay for someone to fly to Canada to talk to the players before or after the game if its held in Canada or would they stay in the little bunker in England . as for them meeting in the million pound game who do you see finishing in third position as I assume you have Salford and hull kr penciled in at 1 and 2 ?
  11. southstand loiner

    Leeds and Toronto lose in Qualifiers Round 4

    true but if thick northerners like me can understand it then just what type of new support are we chasing . I took a friend from work to a game recently and explained the workings of the 8s and he had grasped it all within 5 minutes and that's a bloke who took 3 weeks to understand a simple stock file at work .
  12. southstand loiner

    Leeds and Toronto lose in Qualifiers Round 4

    simplest thing would be to leave things as they are because we have all got our heads around it now
  13. not Leeds happiest of hunting grounds . a case of which of the teams decides to get there ###### in gear and put the effort in
  14. Toronto by 8 . Salford are due an off day and this could be the one
  15. please please please a hull win