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  1. Yeah. I saw a thread on twitter taking the mick out of it.
  2. In other news... it seems the 'alt right' are having a bit of a fall out amongst themselves these days lol
  3. All politicians lie. It's what they do. It comes naturally to them. With so many gullible voters around it pays to lie.
  4. New 'Tau Cross'. So looking forward to this album!
  5. He's a horrible piece of work. It's beyond me how anyone 'supports' him.
  6. Hardly. People lose their prejudices quite easily on a Sat night when they've had a few, feel hungry and wanna go home. Comes back on Monday mind...
  7. I know quite a few peope who tick a lot of those boxes. Doesn't stop them using Taxi's and calling the Asian drivers 'mate' whilst carrying their Indian takeaway or nipping to the Asian shop for some cans though.
  8. Had to google and then youtube him To be honest I was expecting a pub singer lol
  9. "Every nitwit who thought that saying they DISliked The Smiths/Morrisey would make them seem more intelligent" I haven't read the Napalm Death account but sounds interesting.
  10. Although I'm sure there is an element of that, some just liked the tunes. Mind you... I also like Napalm Death so what do I know?
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-48393548 With the sad demise of my favourite thread I'll post this in it's own. What do people think of this? Now I know Morrissey is a divisive/much loved/much hated figure (I will openly admit to liking his music both The Smiths and his solo career) and he has spouted some ridiculous stuff over the years that I 100% DO NOT agree with BUT what surprises me is that his album was album of the week on Radio 2 where it's been quite heavily promoted and yet elsewhere a poster advertising the album has been taken down. Ironically he has probably got more publicity from the poster being taken down than from the BBC. Personally I have no issue with the removal of the advert (in fact I would happily live in a world that is devoid of all advertising) but I'm wondering if this could kickstart a wave of complaints against adverts?
  12. Sounds like a complicated sitcom. Must be hard for the Neanderthals to keep up with.
  13. Quite some time back I started intermittent fasting. I've been doing 16:8 ie no food for 16 hours and eating within an 8 hour window. It's a lot easier than it sounds and I've lost approx 3 stone doing it (also gone vegan which no doubt has an effect as well) I've recently adopted just eating 2 meals a day Mon to Fri (again easier than it sounds) and what has suprised me most is just how alert I feel now and how much better I feel overall. Healthy body, healthy mind? I eat more and drink (mostly cider) at weekend so it's not that restrictive. If anyone is struggling to lose weight like I was then perhaps intermittent fasting might help you?
  14. Jeez.... how many of these groups are there now? Are the BNP still a thing or are these it's replacement?
  15. I'd forgotten this lot even existed until I saw the pic of Morrissey wearing their badge the other day.
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