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  1. Today’s League 1 results

    Pleasantly surprised at the standard of rugby at League 1 level today when I went to see York City Knights take on Bradford Bulls. As a neutral, I think a 20 - 20 draw would have been fairer. Fellow super League fans please do not dismiss the championship or League 1 for entertainment. Give it a try!!!
  2. Participation

    ? zzzzz
  3. Participation

    I noticed that the rfl community board meet every 3 months and the minutes are informative. However, I notice that the last meeting minutes of October are still not online. Any ideas when they will be available?
  4. Participation

    Some interesting links and comments. Much to consider.
  5. Participation

    Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 22 October 2014
  6. Participation

    I thought there was supposed to be a meeting in October?
  7. Participation

    Does anyone know when the next community minutes will be on RFL website please?
  8. Why are most Union scores divisible by 3? I've used that line for years...what a ###### kick and clap ganme yawnion is...

  9. Travelled the M62 corridor from Leeds to warrington yesterday saw THREE stobarts lorries NONE advertising Rugby League. Indeed one was advertising Tesco. Still waiting to see ES supporting promoting RL!!!!
  10. Leeds Rhinos

    Think the 4 mentioned are on the way down - yes capable of some big performances but not consistent over season. And think need to shake up creativity department - Maguire seems to have had an excellent season not sure abbout Sinny and Burrows. Promote some kids - look foward to seeing Watkins, Bishop, McShane
  11. Sad news - Terry Newton

    All very sad. R.I.P Terry Newton
  12. Wakey sign..

    Sorry to see Kev go. Really exciting player. Yes gaffs but some fantastic tries. Disappointed witth Smith and especially Lowes (when in charge)for their apparent attitude towards his defensive problems. Lowes dropped several people seemingly for poor defence and in their absence it just got worse. Right to blame the player or the coach? Good luck at Wakey
  13. Leroy Cudjoe

    fast, very fast and seems good player as well
  14. Disciplinary

    When I went to Bayhorse tonight someone was telling me who was on the disciplinary committee. Do we actually know this info in the public domain?