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  1. Too many uncertainties to predict this one. History says that we very rarely beat Wigan on their own turf, though we did beat them recently (last year?). Current form suggests a close game and home advantage might just be enough for Wigan. Add to the mix the loss of Rob Lui and it looks like a home banker, but our new half-back pairing may just click and win the game for us. On balance, Wigan should win but this could go either way. Just to prove that I do have a heart, I'll let it rule my head and go for a Salford win by 10.
  2. Is your real name "Goldilocks"? Not too hot, not too cold, just right.
  3. But, if there is "so much uncertainty", why make such a radical (and irreversible) change?
  4. Could this feed into a conspiracy theory? The Tory brexiteers are desperate to make their fortunes from brexit but know that the political cost will eventually be too high. Therefore, install Corbyn who will push a no-deal brexit through whatever the cost (to Labour) and when it all goes pear-shaped, they can blame Corbyn and Labour. The result is Labour destroyed forever and the fraudsters will present themselves as the only ones who can rescue the country. Is that too far fetched? Would Jezza fall for it? Have I been on the "kool-aid", whatever that is? Or should I just chill with another beer?
  5. FT: Salford by 10. 26-16. We tried our best to lose this one. Check out the comedy of errors at the end of the first half! After the hooter, Inu kicks a penalty which hits the post and bounces out. A Cas player suffers a brainfart and hacks the ball to Salford. Salford then try to throw it about, only to give an interception. A Cas player runs 70 metres to score under the sticks. Only Salford!
  6. That's got to be John's best whataboutism. Almost in Saintslass' league. Bravo, John!
  7. Two weeks ago I would have had this as a definite Cas win because we've struggled to win games at home this year. However, we got the W against Wakefield last Sunday, so I'm hoping for another this weekend. Salford by 10.
  8. Happy birthday, Bleep. Great to know you get to spend quality time with your daughter.
  9. Thanks for the reply. It seems that I don't know what I'm talking about - again! Good luck, anyway.
  10. W3, why do you say "uncoached"? I might be wrong, but I thought Chester was doing a really good job there and it was injuries that were hurting you. I have a bit of a soft spot for Wakefield and I hope they can turn things round. Also, look on the bright side - you're not Leeds ☺
  11. There is, imo, a reason for this. We are repeatedly told that "the market hates uncertainty." However, there is a section of the 'market' that takes the opposite view because there is money to be made from market chaos. Lots of it.
  12. We've lost games from positions like this before, and recently, too! However, we should be able to hold on to this one. (Famous last words?)
  13. Freedom of speech does demand resposibility, so ... Who has accepted responsibility for the freedom to put "350 million a week to our NHS" on the side of a bus? You don't need to answer, John, because I already know the answer.
  14. Regarding the forcing of a by-election when a sitting MP switches party, you need to be careful of apparently simple solutions to complex problems. (I'm not even sure it is a problem) For one thing, there is a cost involved. Would you force a by-election if the switch was made just six months before a general election? Why incur the cost and inconvenience for just a few months of 'correct' party alliance? IMO, simple solutions like this are rarely correct and often create more problems.
  15. Wow! You are now officially so weird that you don't even match with any of the weirdest bunch ever assembled! Congratulations! (tongue firmly in cheek here, Niels!)
  16. I don't know if she really is the worst, but she does provide evidence to support the phrase "dumb blonde." I apologise to all blondes on here. It wasn't personal ... unless your name is Esther McVey.
  17. It sounds like both sets of fans are hoping for the win but expecting a loss. Typical rugby league fans.☺
  18. Not sure home advantage is working for us this year. We seem to do better away from the A.J.Bell. Still, hope springs eternal! Salford by 10.
  19. We'll know he's making progress. Martyn, how could you get it so wrong?
  20. Not good news. Stay strong. Stay positive. Good luck.
  21. Esther McVey and IDS!? That has generated an image of hell that will haunt my nightmares. You swine!
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