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  1. That was actually better than i thought. Marwan kept his cool which surprised me and Derek came across well. Sad case though, Marwan obviously thought Hock was going to retire from Rugby League and led him down the garden path. For someone so successful in business Marwan was very naive.
  2. Sorry being lazy (haven't read the article), do you know if he actually played in the game when he betted against his team? Quite crucial.
  3. I think it's funny how many people thought Kevin Brown would be the last piece of Warrington's puzzle - most overrated player in SL.
  4. Sorry haven't got any answers but I hear it's not soon. On another note think before his injury he was probably the best English winger in the league. I'm really hoping he can get back to full fitness and be injury free because he's had a fair few injuries now and they've been bad ones too. Think the World Cup might be a stretch for him but I think he could be an international regular if he can get back to fitness.
  5. Saints are in trouble, possible middle 8's if they don't improve quick. Hull to win by 12+.
  6. Warrington to take advantage of Wigan's experimental back line to beat Wigan by 10+ points.
  7. Top try and finish from Caton-Brown - I did wonder why Salford let him go! Saints look to be lacking confidence. Going through the motions a bit without any creativity. Having said that I think the weather conditions is a leveler here and suits wakey more.
  8. I think Michael Maguire might be the first for the chop this season. Why he left Inglis on was terrible. Off topic but players will make their injuries worse if they continue to play with them - it's basic, he's probably extended his recovery period by some margin now. It was the same with McGillvary last week, has made it worse. Coaches including Maguire need to make better decisions in these circumstances. Back on topic, I expect George Burgess to back next game / one after. He was playing with injuries last season and needs time to recover properly and get back to his best. Again he shouldn't have been playing with injuries, maybe he'd be back playing 100% if he wasn't made to last year!
  9. Another try. Hardaker is a shoe in for England FB if he stays fit (imo)
  10. Running Rugby league at its very best here. It's a pleasure watching.
  11. True but I have a feeling Hall is in decline, probably the best of him is in the past.
  12. Greg Eden looks unreal early this season. Could be in th running for England at this rate. On another note, since watching Gadwin Springer I've always thought he lacks a bit of stamina - tires way too quick.
  13. Danny Maguire should've been penalised for late challenge on Minikin in act of scoring - this absolutely does my head in.
  14. Another try for wolves! This is like how the aussies used to blow teams away first quarter!
  15. Brisbane looking a bit laboured here, hopefully it continues.