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  1. I agree. Been well impressed with him since he's returned from injury. Lively and dangerous in attack. Makes some good decisions with the ball.
  2. Is every Leeds player tonight English / British?
  3. Widnes did ok considering the personnel they had missing! 10k crowd was impressive considering it was technically a dead rubber.
  4. Exciting times. I've just noticed Carassonne is about in the middle of both Perpignan and Toulouse (Approx. 1hour 15 mins by car). Nice little link.
  5. I imagine Peacock had a say in his arrival. I'm pleased to see Maguire extend his career. To still be playing at 36 is good for the game.
  6. Awful game last night. Sorry to go off topic but I wanted to post this during the game. In my opinion going in with the feet to stop a try must stop! It's dangerous and reckless. We need to stamp this out (sorry for the pun).
  7. "heavy handed" indeed! Shame for Sarge, I like him as a player (I watched him many times at the London Broncos/Quins). This along with his injury I can't see him staying with the Titans.
  8. Brilliant to see them doing so well. Unfortunately it doesn't seem as positive on the fan-front
  9. I've enjoyed watching Vatuvei over the years but I think he's well past his best. It's a shame Salford couldn't have signed him a few years ago.
  10. I think he's brilliant. Exciting to watch as he's always looking to redistribute the ball, has speed and power, very mobile with a decent step. Only question mark against him could be stamina I think. Not sure why he's coming off the bench for Warrington.
  11. I'd be pleased for the lad after everything he's had to go through.
  12. Watching the NRL match between Titans and Dragons and I've seen players being dragged into touch and where the "draggers" have not been penalised. I really feel this needs to be stamped out somehow but the penalty for dragging is too severe (because often the players start by pushing and unintentionally get into a pulling position). I feel it needs to be rectified because: (a) it's a dangerous gang tackle where you have some players pushing and some dragging. (b) It complete discourages teams to play "running rugby" by going to close to the sideline, which I believe is a negative the spectacle of the game. Why can't the ref bring the play back inland and make the "dragged" player play the ball and continue the tackle count? If itthey's on the 5th tackle give a penalty!
  13. It seems to take the NRL an age to make any decisions! I really think Fiji is a good opportunity to grow the game. I feel like the game has been slowly gaining against Union there for sometime and this would surely help increase the popularity.
  14. I'm worried too. All this talk of expansion and next season we may have no teams whatsoever outside of the "heartlands". No London, France, Wales.... Will be a backwards step for SL and Rugby League in my oppinion.