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  1. Good news indeed. Who is this "sponsor"? How do they expect to be able to have a new stadium next year?
  2. FYI - Just been on their website and as far as I can see the season tickets are CAD 323 which equates to about £192 no bad!
  3. If true. WOW!
  4. Happy they've made this decision for the safety reasons. I'm bit annoyed that the decision makers on choosing a field didn't know about this beforehand - it's pretty unprofessional at this late stage. Tad embarrassing for the sport.
  5. I hear NZ will blood 4 debutants and may make up to 6 changes which might affect their performance! Of course it could work the other way with players trying to force their way into the final squad. Clutching at straws maybe but I think it could work in ours and Scotlands favour.
  6. If Bennett makes changes for the Scotland game, assuming they go well, the conundrum will be deciding whether the replacements can up their game against the Aussies. As they're playing against weaker opposition whoever gets picked is likely to look good. Personally I thought Gale was very ineffective and I don't think he's capable at the top level (i said this before the game and proved me right) and Sarginson should be dropped for Percival as he didn't play well (although I still don't think Sarge is a centre).
  7. Agree with all of this... apart from that I would keep Bateman instead of farrel. Bennett can't play the same team for the Aussie match.
  8. That keeps us in it can't believe he missed that.
  9. Completely agree he's been awful.
  10. They back in it. Great kick by brough. I'm not his biggest fan but he's been awesome in a beaten team. Respect to him and a few of the other Scottish players - inc Liam Hood, ferguson.
  11. Oh no another one 22-0 after kick
  12. Sorry for knee jerk but this isn't a good advert for international rugby league. Shame France didn't make it as they'd be putting up a better display imo. At this rate will be 80 nil.
  13. Contradicts himself a tad by saying he's not trying to impress Bennett and then stating “I don’t think he rates me as a coach, but that’s OK.”
  14. This is a massive step up for Luke Gale. I never thought he would be good enough at this level but I'm obviously desperate for him to prove me wrong. I'm a little more concerned now!
  15. Decent signing, only committed to wages for one year. Can be brilliant on his day. Sensible business for once from Catalans.