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  1. Toronto

    Time for Brian Noble (assuming recruitment is part of his role) to step up, use his experience and contacts to find some decent replacements.
  2. Toronto

    This is a blessing in disguise. They were only over there to pick up their pensions. They don’t need big names who will rinse the coffers. They need to make smarter acquisitions when they reinvest - will be interested to see who they bring in?
  3. Hock

    Good signing for Fev. Probably no longer up to SL level.
  4. Here we go again. 4 errors already it’s not good enough.
  5. Gales second mistake... after a great clearing kick.
  6. My heart says we can do it but my head sees the unfortunate injuries and Heighington on the bench. Whilst I think players like Hill, Currie, Gale and Brown are ok ESL players they’re nowhere near as good as their counterparts. Then you have Bateman who shouldn’t be playing centre. This in addition to Heighington and the injuries doesn’t leave me too optimistic this morning. I hope im proved wrong but too many weak links in this team to beat Aus.
  7. England or Great Britain?

    How many English players were in that 1972 GB side?
  8. This is brilliant. Loved the comments about the line outs and scrums 😂👏
  9. Michael Maguire

    He should probably wait for the first SL coach to be sacked.
  10. This is a leveller and it’ll dowse the heat. Clutching at straws as it’ll probably mean we’ll drop more ball and make more mistakes!
  11. SkySports News just reported SOL is fit after hamstring strain.
  12. Media Watch World Cup

    Just seen a Two minute feature on SkySports News with Chris Hill (speaking quite well) and Aaron Woods speaking about the final. Weak but better than nothing.
  13. I can’t believe he’s picked Heighington! I think that was our chance to bring in someone different, that might surprise the Aussies - George Williams would’ve been ideal. What does Heighington bring?