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  1. Bradford just signed Lilly from Leeds! Should boost their chances.
  2. Yes, he’s made the squad. Will be interesting to see how he goes.
  3. More like a one man tent signing.
  4. I saw a fair bit of him when he played for NZ Warriors and he rarely impressed me. Rarely impacted games and his defence wasn’t the best either. He was playing FB but wanted to play in the halves which is why he left. Must admit I haven’t seen him for west’s this season but nowhere near the talent that Blake Austin has.
  5. Southerner

    Gadwin Springer

    I agree. Whenever I watch him he seems like he seriously lacks stamina needed to do big minutes. He often comes off the bench and is breathing heavy after a few minutes.
  6. Southerner

    Widnes sign Gelling

    He’s going well in NZ so a bit surprised at this. Very odd considering Widnes arguably have the weakest squad in SL. All a bit bizarre. I only assume NZ warriors aren’t offering him a new contract.
  7. Southerner

    Greenwood signs for Wigan.

    It’s the sort of signing that was needed with all the negativity surrounding Wigan at the moment. Plus he’s an upgrade from the departing Joel Tomkins. I do expect him to be a bit rusty as he’s not played too grade for a while now. He’s always come across as very professional so I’m sure he’s physically fit enough. Maybe not match fit for the first few games!
  8. Looks like they’ve conjured up a decent atmosphere.
  9. That was a very physical match. Thoroughly enjoyed it. That Gigot drop out was one of the plays of the season. Annoying SkySports put the game on the red button instead of GAA!
  10. Can anyone tell me anything about the Biff between Ferres and McGilvery?
  11. Southerner

    State of Origin - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

    Lovely intercept
  12. Southerner

    State of Origin - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

    Shame that Inglis tackle was offside, it was a beaut.
  13. Southerner

    NRL going to 6 interchanges in 2019

    Disadvantage to reducing interchanges: As talks increase about “player safety” surely reducing the interchanges means players will have to play longer minutes and there’s a link between injuries and fatigue - therefore putting the players at an increased risk of getting injured? Also there are arguably more injuries than ever - if a player gets injured the side with the injured player is at an even bigger disadvantage with fewer interchanges available, meaning less players will be forced to do more minutes. What annoys me the most is the majority of injuries are at the fault of the opposing player and as a result of injuring said player their team now has an even bigger advantage.
  14. Southerner

    State of Origin - MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!

    Never rated Boyd. NSW coming into this nicely. They’re quite well matched up here I think.
  15. Southerner

    NRL going to 6 interchanges in 2019

    What are the actual list of advantages (and disadvantages) to reducing the number of interchanges?