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  1. That’s not a high tackle! Harsh.
  2. Didn’t think that should’ve been disallowed
  3. Great break from Escare and lovely offload from Greenwood. can anyone tell me why the sky cameras pan off to the coaches after every try? So strange - I don’t really care what their reaction is I want to see the players and fans!!??
  4. Southerner

    Dom Manfredi

    With Marshall getting badly injured today I think Wane May have to pick Dom earlier than anticipated!! With Burgess also out I’m not sure what their other options are?
  5. This is a real bugbear of mine. Basically I think we need to crackdown on defenders trying to prevent tries with their feet. - it’s dangerous. I’ve seen many a game where players have been hurt / injured with this challenge. - players would be penalised in any other area of the field for this dangerous lunge. - we need to encourage attacking play and penalise such dangerous play. Otherwise we’re not defending player welfare. - There is no issue in Union for this type of tackler and I don’t see why it is in League.
  6. Shoulder charge, I miss the big hits. Very few nowadays.
  7. Southerner

    Tom Johnstone signs for...

    Does this lack a bit of ambition? Does he not want to win things and have the best possible coaching.
  8. Can anyone tell me the ways in which clubs can get promoted from League 1 into the championship? Does top place get promoted after how many rounds? Then playoff for second promoted club?
  9. Bradford just signed Lilly from Leeds! Should boost their chances.
  10. Yes, he’s made the squad. Will be interesting to see how he goes.
  11. More like a one man tent signing.
  12. I saw a fair bit of him when he played for NZ Warriors and he rarely impressed me. Rarely impacted games and his defence wasn’t the best either. He was playing FB but wanted to play in the halves which is why he left. Must admit I haven’t seen him for west’s this season but nowhere near the talent that Blake Austin has.
  13. Southerner

    Gadwin Springer

    I agree. Whenever I watch him he seems like he seriously lacks stamina needed to do big minutes. He often comes off the bench and is breathing heavy after a few minutes.