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  1. Rangi Chase

    I think you're right. Especially when you considering player welfare and trying to rehabilitate the player it's not great giving him such a long ban at his age. I wonder whether his reputation and previous issues haven't helped the decision! Is this a gauge of how long Hardaker may receive?
  2. Rangi Chase banned for 2 years for testing positive to cocaine. Unfortunately I think that might be it for him now. I hope he can sort himself out. Sadly SkySports who have failed to barely mention the WC have this on their breaking news banner!
  3. Those stats are interesting! SOL has made more tackles tho (clutching at straws!).
  4. Can England beat Tonga?

    I was surprised at how they had Tonga as favourites. Several of the pundits was quite damning about our chances.
  5. BBC News

    I have a feeling the media is starting to take note even more now that NZ have been knocked out. Think the media will realise we should make the final now and are therefore getting ready!
  6. England Team for the Semi

    Don’t get me wrong mate, I wasn’t happy to see him get concussed. Just hope he’s not picked again.
  7. Regarding Hodgson, he’s world class and was one of the best players in the NRL two seasons back (where he nearly won the dally m award) and was decent again last season. My point is he’s got the ability to trouble the Aussies, whilst it could be argued that other players in the team such as Bateman (at Centre) and Brown (sorry I keep slaying him) simply don’t have that ability. For that reason, Hodgson should be picked. Plus I thought he did ok against Aus especially with Roby.
  8. I thought the first game against the Aussies this World Cup was an impressive performance. I know we lost and they got the late try but we competed the whole match and our completion rate was excellent. It wasn’t perfect but was impressive.
  9. England Team for the Semi

    He did nothing before this incident and nothing after. He also didn’t play well against the inferior France. He also had a poor season with wolves etc etc. I just don’t think he’s anywhere near good enough for the team. It’s an opinion that I feel strongly about as I can’t stand to watch such mediocrity at the highest level and I’m desperate to see England win the WC. I find it astonishing that anyone can think he’s up to it.
  10. England Team for the Semi

    Kevin Brown was anonymous today. I’m not a fan but I was willing to give him a chance today. Then all I saw was dropped balls and a complete lack of involvement. He’s so weak and passive. Even if he’s fit he should not play.
  11. I know it's early days but I'd be tempted to bring over Lachlan Lam from PNG. Still a while until he gets a go with the Roosters?
  12. I agree with this. It was a shame because I felt if Samoa had played even close to their potential then it could've been under 30 point margin. They were pretty poor all round and they'll be really disappointed with their performance. Sean Long was one of their coaches and it doesn't look like he's had any impact on their structure. Shame they couldn't get over the line at the end too. Can't fault their efforts!
  13. I think we’ve got to compare it to the last time the WC was played in the Southern Hemisphere rather than 2014. In 2008: semi-qualifier between Fiji and Ireland @ Gold Coast got 8k. Considering the teams, I think it’s a good gauge to what we should be getting.... over 10k for all quarters. Semi between Aus and Fiji got 15k so Aus and Samoa “quarter” maybe should be 10k?
  14. As a sport we need to be more creative / original when selling a game. I think we can look to the Toronto game day set-up to see that fresh ideas can work. I understand the counter arguments to this i.e different cultures etc.... but we need to think of new innovative ways of bringing fans to games. Peoples expectations of an event are increasing and we’re not moving with the times. Maybe a soccer playoff match between Aus and Honduras doesn’t need promoting as it’s got huge ramifications with a one off game.... But a RL “Walk-in-the-park” match between Fiji and Aus may need something a little different to draw big crowds.
  15. Sorry for the big question but what's the general reason for AFL getting higher attendances than NRL?