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  1. Last 10 minutes have been brilliant. Made up for the previous 70. Good things come to those who wait....
  2. Good try by Wigan. ive never seen so many players slipping over in once game.
  3. Why oh why are we checking this make a bleeding on field decision, it’s clearly not a try!
  4. The one actual high tackle hasn’t been picked up by the ref.
  5. 2nd half is going to be a lot better!
  6. Has the “Free Play” ever worked?
  7. Good to see Leeds not taking the penalty and getting a try for their reward 👏
  8. We’ve got to stop going upstairs so often. It’s ruining the momentum of the game.
  9. Another video ref even though it was obviously a knock on. On field ref needs to grow some balls. He’s dropped the ball for crying out loud.
  10. There’s been 3 neck high tackles given as penalties. Usually they’d be ok! None of them particularly dangerous.
  11. We shouldn’t be checking with the VR for how the game restarts (only try’s) it’s a fricking waste of time 😡
  12. No, I used to like the top 8 system we had (same as NRL). Attendances aren’t everything.
  13. I thought Makinson spoke well when receiving his MOM. He should make the England squad. Not necessarily the big character Super League needs but nice lad.
  14. Olympique-Dragons

    Toronto nick it by 2 points! Nice close game for the crowd... any reports on whether it was an entertaining game etc?