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  1. Celt

    West Wales Raiders

    It is a crying shame really. There are clubs who COULD make a first of the league.. treat it properly... Do a proper pre-season... Prepare correctly etc. The likes of West Hull, Hunslet Parkside or whoever. Instead of this, you have a bunch of jokers who prioritize rugby union, a totally different sport, yet the RFL entertains their nonsense and allows them to "compete" in the sport's 3rd tier ahead of some real Rugby League clubs. They are not an RL club, and at this rate they never will be. They are an utter embarrassment.
  2. Celt

    West Wales Raiders

    Says it all really. They are not a Rugby League club.
  3. Great! How many of these 11 clubs who 'support' reserves do so by fielding a team??
  4. Celt

    Jet 2 should be ashamed

    This whole thread pretty much sums up TotalRL for me these days. No wonder that your forum is dying. We have State of Origin match threads... Not allowed on here - relegated to the Australian sub forum. SOO is the biggest Rugby League match in the world this year. We have guys switching codes (some of our sport's best athletes) relegated to the cross code forum. We have international games between world 4 and 5 rankedTonga and Samoa relegated (bizarrely) to a generic match thread on the "Australian" (!) forum.... Yet we get irrelevant guff like this ( and it is irrelevant to Rugby League) and minor international stuff like Ukraine or whoever popping up on the main forum!! Joining Jack is a worthwhile cause, and the Rugby League guys do a great job (by playing union) to raise money for it. However - this story has absolutely nothing to do with Rugby League. The guy who has started the thread has never been to a Rugby League game in his life, and has never (AFAIK) even started a thread about Rugby League before. Seriously... I have often more active Rugby League chat on union forums! This vehicle appears to be stagnating every time I stick my head in, due mainly to ludicrous ly officious moderating. I have been posting since 2002 and frankly stuff like this just highlights how a once great forum has fallen away. No wonder it is dying.
  5. a ridiculous comparison to be fair. Hockey (field) does not have a professional tier and is not really a spectator sport. it is an amateur, participation sport in the most part, followed by friends and family of the players. Rugby League is a professional sport trying to exist in a very competitive market.
  6. Are you actually serious? What do England draw currently for a home match? (Given they only play an average of 1-2 a year, it must be pretty high......) So you reckon 40, 000 fans will watch them in a 1 sided blowout against someone like Fiji?? This forum really is filled with utter fantasists a lot of the time.
  7. Celt

    Wane to Scottish RU.

    forget it. if he has left for the relatively minor role of 'high performance coach' he clearly has his eyes on progressing up the union ladder. He won't be rushing back. Big loss for the sport. One of our best coaches IMO.
  8. an ineffectual global governing body, coupled with incompetence at running a sport properly.
  9. He is a trier - I will give you that. However England seem to be constantly unaware of the physicality difference between club and international RL.... particularly across the backline. Your backs regularly look smaller, slower and weaker than the opposition. A quick look at the Tonga game this morning - Samoa just couldn't match up physically. A lot of Super League players simply don't have the physique needed to compete at top international level.
  10. i am astonished every time i see that guy in your team. An international centre?? He is an undersized club-level second rower.
  11. worst anthem i have ever seen. She blatantly hadn't learned it.
  12. Celt

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Good finish to be fair. Footwork and good power.
  13. Celt

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    True. Tonga looks a good bit stronger than England to me actually (if they were given opportunities to play together).
  14. Celt

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    people are enthusing about it and the atmosphere looks fantastic.... but Tonga has way too much firepower for this Samoa team. Samoa look lightweight. Mismatch really.
  15. Celt

    New online England store

    Strange that. They have such a huge fanbase, and massive visibility - the stuff will be worn at least 3 times a year, in front of massive crowds of about 23,000. (maybe even more if they play at Leigh again). I am astonished that Hummel's design department are not beavering away on such a high-value account to produce a range of dedicated, unique and totally cutting-edge products.