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  1. I bet he doesn't. RL can't take the high ground here... you simply don't see that sort of stuff in union. (And yes... i know you are probably just alluding to the ridiculous Ben Barba situation.)
  2. Moving from another sport to Super League. Signed for 18 months. Feel free to move to Cross Code if required, but as it something of a rarity, I thought I would start it here.
  3. Totally agree. Scotland would be the biggest waste of money ever. People suggesting it have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Internet fantasists.
  4. How is this going? I have sent one player along already, and might find another for them.
  5. I thought the first guy had lost the plot with "Christchurch" (WTF??) but then along came you with places that have barely even heard of Rugby League. You are suggesting places where there is literally zero Rugby League played, and in the case of the Australian locations, Aussie Rules hotbeds, that even the cashed-up AFL had decided not to drop pro teams into. Seriously... Fantasy stuff. Total nonsense ideas. The NRL would be simply burning money with your suggestions.
  6. Where? I am interested to know. Chesterfield? Or somewhere else close to the Yorkshire " border" would be my guess.
  7. Just an FYI - Aberdeen were short of players due to guys playing local low grade union. They actually had 3 guys up from England to play for them, as they were so short. They had 16 and 17 year old kids in the team too. Aberdeen played 5 games in the whole of last season, and Saturday was like a pre-season game for them. Credit to the people who hold their club together, and strive to get a team out. They are clearly evangelist S for the sport, and deserve huge respect. The overall state of the sport in Scotland however, is very close to extinction.
  8. Absolutely. Why are we having brands owned by large multinationals as sponsors when we COULD instead target small local businesses? I am with you on this one, comrade - the last thing this sport needs is positivity around sponsorship deals. How about Wakefield being sponsored by a dog grooming shop? Is that one "local" enough for you, or would you prefer something smaller?
  9. Apologies to take this slightly off topic, but I thought that Colomiers play in Colomiers, at a bigger stadium (approx 11k)? The stadium in Blagnac is a lot smaller, and used by the Blagnac union team who play in the Federale league - no? I understood that T.O. were playing in the stadium at Blagnac (small ground) due to the Minimes being unavailable due to construction.
  10. This isn't correct in this instance though. While it may work in the south of England (or wherever) it certainly is not the case in Russia. The sport in Russia 'crossed codes' wholesale to union a few years ago. Simply gave up RL and started playing union. The Russia women's national team actually did very well in the 2008 world cup - they beat France (and I think Tonga in a warm up game) but switched entirely to union just after the tournament. Women's union in russia is now purely sevens, since the sport gained olympic status. IM2 mentions playing in Kazan, but 'world rugby' went in there in 2014 and targetted it as a developmdng area fof union (Tatarstan). Rugby League to my knowledge is dead there now. Around the time skolars played there, the city hosted a student european championship (2001ish?) and RL World covered the tournament with a great article, it was watched by massive crowds. Union has effectively wiped out RL in Russia (certainly the women's game) so please don't post stuff about how great it is that union clubs are offering a bit of off-season RL.
  11. I wonder what he would have made of the 'Stobart' sponsorship deal?
  12. One thing that Barry Hearn did VERY well with darts is that he realised what products advertisers would sell to the darts TV market.Darts on 'pay TV' seemed ridiculous, but Hearn Sr realised (his words) that there was a big audience sitting on their couches waiting to be sold beer and cars. He then targeted those companies to advertise during the darts. For me, RL has really been sold short with regard to advertisers and sponsors. There are a lot of people who watch the sport, and they fit into a certain (fairly broad) demographic which should be a target for a certain type of advertiser/sponsor. Hearn was superb at packaging up the PDC darts (and the matchroom league snooker before it... Same principle) and then selling it to advertisers. If RL could take anything from the darts it would be IMO to adopt a similar strategy in conjunction with their broadcast partner. B Hearn spoke at the Scottish Football Association conference a couple of years ago. His speech was incredibly on point, and quite damning of the way the SFA run football. As a Scotsman I have often thought that RL and Scottish Football are broadly similar. Community-based, with a far bigger competitor locally able to steal their best players. Attendances are roughly similar (2 big Scottish teams are outliers), Sky broadcast games but no real magazine show etc, localised media, radio etc provide good coverage of both. Hearn's address is covered here. The SFA ignored it, and learned nothing. RL could apply a lot of it - especially around building/packaging a brand. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearn-stuns-sfa-with-attack-on-scottish-football-1-3624056
  13. Interesting. Just one tiny piece of advice re your post: Calm down.
  14. Right.... where is he from? And he would he qualify to get into the UK to play part time sport? Kolpak? Seriously - you said I was clueless, but how would these clubs sign guys from the US (for example) to play part time RL for a couple of hundred quid a week? But yeah... if I am "clueless" let's revisit in 6 months and see how many of these guys have actually appeared for other clubs in the UK. I am pretty confident it will be no more than 1. Still, you figure you know what you are talking about, so let's see if I am proved wrong.
  15. Fair point Copa. A lot of the Wolfpack guys are RL novices though. Guys who go out to Oz are usually active players looking to kick on with their game. Point taken though!