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  1. Celt

    Fewer than 17 players

    that reminds me of a time in my 20s when I went to get a sandwich. I was thinking I was definitely going to buy a tuna sandwich but then a mate who was with me (nice guy) who worked for the fire service suggested that I might have cornflakes for lunch instead. So I did. (Or at least I planned to but then remembered I had no milk).
  2. Celt

    New Grounds.

    wonderful. A shuttle bus you say? I can see a lot of fans being enticed in by that.
  3. Celt

    RL in Primary schools

    Why is it 'non code specific' if it is your RL club who has the coach in place?
  4. Celt

    RL in Primary schools

    if by "resources" you mean activities/games/coach-related stuff, give this a try: https://playnrl.com/coach/coaching-activities/
  5. Celt

    RL in Primary schools

    riveting stuff, and a real meaningful contribution to the thread.
  6. Celt

    Are Centres a dying breed?

    good post - definitely stimulates a bit of thinking.
  7. Celt

    Good move SRD

    Not to mention that the Manchester Arena is about 100m from the boundary of.... Salford.
  8. Harsh?? Really? Look at the score that makes it '44' to Manchester.... Jack Mccarthy is the scorer. The 'tackling' is truly laughable. Literally, they look like a university social team. The Hunslet chap is on point with his post IMO.
  9. Celt


    All this talk of Tyson, Buster Douglas etc... here is another from the era, who popped up at the 02 lastonished night.... Tim Witherspoon. And... check out what he says wearing!!
  10. Celt


    This. Totally agree. The way boxing is reffed now, the shorter, barrelled chested big hitters like Chisora or David Tua (formerly) can't compete any more as huge giants can just jab them off and then grab hold as soon as the shorter guy comes inside.Ref calls 'Break' of course, but nothing is really done to stop it. Hearn as you say, stage-manages Joshua like the cash-cow he is, and Parker is small enough and inexperienced enough to be picked off now, before he becomes a genuine threat. I also think antipodean boxers really struggle to compete with top Europeans - probably due to the lack of quality sparring available down under.
  11. Catalans were appalling. There seems to be a total lack of professionalism at that club.
  12. Celt

    RL on Youtube

    Good post. I have often thought the same - but ... I have a couple of ideas as to why it is like this. 1: the content put out is GARBAGE. Think back to the old SLTV channel... the match day highlight videos set to music etc - well put together and painting the sport in an attractive light. They no longer exist. 2: Official match highlights, with commentary. They take several days to appear nowadays, and while the commentary in years gone by was basic to say the least, it is now non existent. People would want to watch (I guess) the night of the match or a day later for the most part. Usually nothing is available at this point. This is criminal IMO. 3: The 'features' available are a joke. During the world cup, the official RLWC youtube channel had the most recent video uploaded something like 3 months prior to the tournament. Embarrassing? Incompetent? Tinpot? Or all 3? Look at comparable sized events from 'the competition'... RU Pro14 ... comparable crowds TV money etc to Super League . All games aRe rapidly uploaded as highlights packages a few mins long, usually with commentary, usually showing the score (the RL stuff only shows tries, and no box score...) and are slickly branded up with the Guinness sponsorship etc. You can usually see them on are Sunday (maybe earlier) and matches are played Friday/Sat in most cases. This is what Super LeagueTV USED TO put out.... now, it puts out rubbish IMO. I am not a fan of either club, but how brilliant does this make the game look??
  13. Celt

    Playing at a higher level

    I should also say I was thinking this, but did not want to post it as it may have provoked some argument, and got away from the point of the thread. I absolutely agree with Copa. Get as big, strong, fast and agile as you can. You only need to look at what kids stand out at youth level - the biggest and most athletic. Which players are pulled up from Championship to Super League? - Normally young-ish ones with good size and speed. Who does union look at poaching from League? Speedy wingers (Solomona, Charnley, Tomane, Radrada, Duffie) and Big strong ball carriers with good physique (Burgess, Thornley, Burrell, Te'o) There is definitely a perception that good athletes can transition to a higher level better than other players. Again, all the best.
  14. Celt

    Playing at a higher level

    I would say a number of NCL teams are stronger than a few League 1 teams, so transitioning between the two should not be an issue. (Especially if you are flexible and willing to travel). Good luck, and keep going!
  15. Celt

    2018 Kits

    Ellgren I presume?