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  1. Celt

    Hull KR launch club beer

    I think I remember St Helns having their own beer when the stadium first opened too. It was available in the ground on draught if i remember correctly. Good initiative from KR.
  2. in other sports, fans are booking up for seats at a Europe-wide final a year in advance.... regardless of who is playing. Is it really the RFL's fault that they 'lost a fortune' on the final last year?? Or do we fans/wider public have to shoulder some of the blame? Admittedly the lack of a nearby caravan park will not have helped with crowd numbers........
  3. Really??? I always find Rugby League to be just about the cheapest sport on offer anywhere.
  4. he kind of has to go to the NRL in order to be taken seriously/gain some credibility. I mean.... a lot of English fans don't seem to rate him, despite his consistently good performances. He hs played well for Saints, well for England, been consistent over a number of seasons, but a lot of people just see a guy who is a bit undersized, and not particularly fast. He is (for me) a good finisher, and can really defend when needed to. The NRL could be a great opportunity for him to prove to people that he can really play. He has won the Golden Shoe, so should really play in the best league. International games cannot really be classed as a proving ground, as England hardly ever plays.
  5. Celt

    Catalans vs Perpignan.

    definitely not. They are however, more successful (currently).
  6. Celt

    Wolfpack borrowed from Saracens?

    Surely this garbage should be in Cross-Code by now?? There are union videos, and links to union sites all over the thread. 75% of the posts have nothing to do with Rugby League. Where's that pompous bloke from the cross-code forum when we need him????
  7. Salford probably won't. In fainess, anything will be a step up from errr.... "Raging Bull"
  8. an absolutely dreadful signing IMO. reminiscent of the sort of guff Catalans used to sign.
  9. Celt

    Wolfpack borrowed from Saracens?

    Nothing like who??? In reply to initial poster, the wolfpack brand has been used for years in Canadian rugby union, by the representative team from Alberta/Manitoba area. Prairie Wolfpack is their name. I suspect there are probably other Canadian teams with the same name. I very much doubt it has anything to do with Saracens rugby union club in southern England.
  10. Surreal. I have just scrolled back through the thread and found I posted almost the same post (nearly word for word) on 23 January. I got Manning's first name wrong in both posts too. Very, very odd!!
  11. A few Scots played for them too if I remember right. George Graham, Peter (?) Manning, 1 or 2 others as well perhaps. This was close to the end of their existence I seem to recall.
  12. FFS.... Predictive text and a broken screen. My apologies - I actually had made an edit to correct a couple of typos already!
  13. Celt


    absolutely Bert. the last thing the game needs is a version that is tailored to modern audiences and attention spans. You only need to look at the failures that are Twenty20 cricket or Beach Volleyball. Why on earth would we need another version of the sport when people are clamouring to watch the original?? Look at England v France for example. THOUSANDS of people (at least 5 in fact) packed into (half of Leigh's) stadium to watch the cream of the country's talent wear the national jersey. Auckland 9s???? As if people would show up to watch that rubbish!
  14. it is worth noting that these exams (at the absolute bottom of the pyramid) still played 18 games. there are 'top' amateur teams waders who play less fixtures than that.
  15. Aye - but he was playing for England as a skinny wee guy who was far too lightweight to match up to the Aussies. That was my point. Honestly - looking at England at that point....you were laughable! Credit where it is due, you are considerably improves these days.