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  1. Wow. The levels of ignorance in this one are astonishing. The '2 sovereign nations' cannot make the decision because the Ireland border will represent the edge of the EU. The EU will have a border policy (different with EEA countries like Switzerland from non EEA like Ukraine for example). Additionally the UK border policy will be set up to prevent immigration (unless we are in a soft Brexit) and the bigots/ukip/tory types will be paranoid about EU immigrants continuing to enter the UK from Republic of Ireland. I am starting to see now how uninformed some people are about the whole thing.
  2. No. 'You' can be singular, or plural. I know that the Westminster government does not place nearly as much emphasis on education as my own does, but I am quite certain you are not totally stupid. The English voted to Leave the EU by a majority. The largest reason given in England via various exit poll information (and MSM reporting) was "immigration". This is now backed up by the fact that despite stories to the contrary pre-referendum, the 'soft Brexit' EEA-style model, allowing for free movement of Labour and capital is now firmly off the table due to squawking English and Welsh racists claiming that "Leave means leave" and other nonsensical statements that do little or nothing to hide their fear of foreigners. Hide behind it any way you like, the rest of Europe sees you (the English) as a nation of racist bigots. Of course you are not all like that, but that is now public perception. 30% of this forum (source: Brexit thread) now wants a No-Deal Brexit FFS..... a glance at ANY reputable research (try the economist for example) states that sterling will tank to all time lows and the economy will be seriously damaged. All parties within Westminster acknowledge that this would be madness, yet 30% of Rugby League supporters (if this forum is representative) think they know better. Still - cheap assets to be snapped up for the waiting Eurozone/USD/Asian investors, already circling the carcass of the UK. ('every cloud'and all that!!!)
  3. no idea if you are or not. I didn't say you are. Do you support a racist political party? (Hint: I'd you do, that might help clarify...)
  4. I take your point Jacksy. And i was not tarring everyone with the same brush. But you are right about anger... in Scotland you can feel it. And it is not directed at 'immigrants'.
  5. If the cap fits! Over to you then mate..... you describe for me the sort of northern locality where the BNP thrives, in your own words! "An unaspirational racist hell hole" ? (just throwing ideas out mind......)
  6. of course. The sort of places where the present generation's version of Alf Garnet lives!
  7. Some are - absolutely. They are easily identified for the most part too.... union flags, orange order parades, protesting against Independence ('better together' apparently.... WTF??) and the same sense of Britishness and superiority complex that seeps out of middle england, as well as a lot of those bleak scumhole northern towns where the BNP thrives. Scotland has a fair number of those types. I don't dispute that. Thankfully, they are in the minority. EU interference/control was cited as the most popular reason for brexit among Scots who voted leave (certainly the information i read at the time) whereas in england, it was immigration, immigration, immigration. This is compounded by the fact that there is a desperation among english people to avoid a soft-Brexit, with EEA (or equivalent) membership status....... I wonder why??
  8. How clear do you want it? Every single region in Scotland voted Remain. Down in England however, where education is not given such a high priority by government, an overwhelming number of regions voted to leave. Exit polls showed the most popular reason for this choice was "immigration" and topics linked to that. We are different. The map shows that. We don't want our citizenship taken away. English people keep shouting on about 'democracy' , so looking at that map..... Why are they so opposed to Scots retaining European citizenship? As I have said on here before - Brexit is making me wealthier. My home is rocketing in value as property prices in my city climb monthly as more and more financial services companies exit London and set up here. The crash in Sterling following a no-deal Brexit means I will probably profit by buying a property in the UK (dirt cheap in Euros) and rent it to somebody (hopefully not a Brexit voter - I will try to find an immigrant). However that is no replacement for my European citizenship which I was born into, have always had, and now am having removed against my will by people from another country.
  9. Because people in England are racist bigots? I notice that none of your solutions/reasons place any 'blame' at the feet of the english and welsh population. The Brexit map was quite clearly majority 'Leave' and when questioned, most people i heard via MSM justified their reasons for leaving as ''immigraaaaiiiiiition'' usually in some kind of whiny uneducated northern accent. (though this may of course be due to selective reporting). Still.... I thought I would throw it out there, as statistically - you (the English) appear to be really quite racist.
  10. What a fantastic crowd. Bien joué Les Dracs. The game clearly needs more down-at-heel Brexit-voting scummy northern mill towns. Only by firmly entrenching itself along its existing heartland, can it have any hope of truly developing. The last thing the sport needs is a list of venues like London, Leeds, Barcelona, Toronto, Toulouse, Manchester on any given weekend. That would send out the wrong message.
  11. That really was 2 truly abysmal teams. No wonder people laugh at Rugby League, when we see 'defence' like that. Hull KR in particular, make me wonder if the League has too many teams in it. The 'quality' on show here was absolute garbage. Hudds' hooker walked through 3 defenders at one point for a try. For HKR J Tomkins just tapped and dived over as huddersfield showed pub team levels of organisation.
  12. probably away games when he was a kid at Huddersfield.
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