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  1. The chap from cricket who was in place at the RLIF (I think he may have left in disgust?) had the right solution here IMO. He proposed a kind of top 8 international tournament between each world cup. It was based on cricket's ICC trophy (?) and would have nicely filled the gap with a high quality international tournament, without devaluing the world cup. All the best teams would have been involved. Like so many good ideas in Rugby League, it was shot down by naysayers in bleak Yorkshire towns, or bogans in rural NSW (I forget which this time round) and never got off the ground.
  2. If they play one derby at the KCS and then another in the USA, it could be the first time ever that both matches were played in proper fit-for-purpose stadiums.
  3. Birmingham 2022 and 9s

    Absolutely. If anyone can decide what sports are in the games, it is Birmingham City Council.
  4. Balkan Superleague

    I know that. He tried to be though - tried out for their national sevens programme, hence my comment "did not get a gig in union..."
  5. Balkan Superleague

    I am genuinely surprised Gaddis did not get a gig in rugby union (I expected him to be involved in the new 'major league rugby' competition that the USA union people are launching). Fair play to him for heading over to Serbia - he is a superb athlete - and a very interesting back story - the game should be all over him as a kind of ambassador - focal point for social media etc.
  6. Balkan Superleague

    That should certainly generate a lot of readership...
  7. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    OT, and probably for another thread, but York's case is more down to being badly run - no? Reason I say this is about 15 years ago, 2003 ish, the sport was doing well over there. Knights were pulling 4 figure crowds (just), 9s tournament was attracting some interesting names - and a couple of amateur clubs were doing OK too. A lack of direction after that?
  8. Albi, Avignon & Villenueve

    World Cup game there in 2013, France-NZ. What a weekend. One of the best RL trips I have ever been on.
  9. Prince Harry

    Wow! What an incredible gesture!!! Three cheers for his Royal Highness.
  10. It is a good post, and informative. But...... as with so many on here, it ignores a key point. 'capable of playing League One level of Rugby League'.... League One is really not a very high standard!! People on here go on about 'professional tier' etc etc, but the bottom chunk of League One is basically just above participation-level sport. Sure York, Doncaster etc are serious, but the likes of Oxford, South Wales etc are garbage. ('Were' in oxford's case). These teams are pulling players in from very low level rugby union. There was a post on here recently talking about players at oxford standing drinking a pint straight after the siren. Why on earth would teams at that level "scout" for Serbs who they would need to find a job for etc? Surely just trying to locate SLIGHTLY better union (or even better proper Amateur RL players ) would oay more dividends?? These Serbs etc could trot off to France, play low level union there and pick up a job, cheap rent, maych payments etc etc very easily. Far more easily than they can in League One. There are a couple of hundred clubs in the French union Federale leagues. My point is that the sport as a whole offers very little in terms of career path outside England. The 2 French teams have loads of foreigners between them blocking spots (mostly at Catalans) and there is zero pro RL in Wales since Celtic folded. Even in England, pro opportunities are very limited. The RLIF appears not to have any strategy regarding growing the professional tier of the sport globally (but then we are talking about an organisation that allows non-neutral refs in international matches....)
  11. One of the lads I have coached has just been made club captain at Durham. He had never played RL pre Uni, but has grown to love it. He said they are a smallish squad, and always looking for players. Standard wise, they appear to be average (North 2B). Couple of others I coached play at Bath. Again, both new to the code. Club appears to be small down there, but attracts some pretty decent players due to the uni's reputation for sports.
  12. Good post, and i have already given it a 'like'. However this part I can't agree with... anybody who knows a slight amount about RugbyLeague can see that this is true, and has been for at least 10 years. We didn't need a World Cup to tell us that. (A quick glance at any Challenge Cup weekend results would confirm the same).
  13. Helping Toulouse get promoted to SuperLeague would make a big difference to the French team. A proper high performance support structure at Toulouse (medical, S&C, and coaching) would help propel them to Super League level, and provide a pro pathway for young French players. The France team was decent, but hopelessly lightweight in Pool1 - as you would expect from any team with a load of semi pro (and/or very young pro players). Toulouse playing at SL level would help develop a cadre of player athletes who could compete physically with England, Tonga, NZ etc.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted, but worth a look. JJB doing a vlog tour of Souths' training facility at Redfern. As he says: "Super League is officially behind". http://rugbyam.co.uk/watch-george-burgess-tour-of-south-sydney-rabbitohs-training-facility/ Feel free to move to the Australian forum if this isn't appropriate but I felt it might interest general RL fans.
  15. It was full for Scotland vs Samoa too. Please.... continue with the excuses