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  1. Catalans were appalling. There seems to be a total lack of professionalism at that club.
  2. RL on Youtube

    Good post. I have often thought the same - but ... I have a couple of ideas as to why it is like this. 1: the content put out is GARBAGE. Think back to the old SLTV channel... the match day highlight videos set to music etc - well put together and painting the sport in an attractive light. They no longer exist. 2: Official match highlights, with commentary. They take several days to appear nowadays, and while the commentary in years gone by was basic to say the least, it is now non existent. People would want to watch (I guess) the night of the match or a day later for the most part. Usually nothing is available at this point. This is criminal IMO. 3: The 'features' available are a joke. During the world cup, the official RLWC youtube channel had the most recent video uploaded something like 3 months prior to the tournament. Embarrassing? Incompetent? Tinpot? Or all 3? Look at comparable sized events from 'the competition'... RU Pro14 ... comparable crowds TV money etc to Super League . All games aRe rapidly uploaded as highlights packages a few mins long, usually with commentary, usually showing the score (the RL stuff only shows tries, and no box score...) and are slickly branded up with the Guinness sponsorship etc. You can usually see them on are Sunday (maybe earlier) and matches are played Friday/Sat in most cases. This is what Super LeagueTV USED TO put out.... now, it puts out rubbish IMO. I am not a fan of either club, but how brilliant does this make the game look??
  3. Playing at a higher level

    I should also say I was thinking this, but did not want to post it as it may have provoked some argument, and got away from the point of the thread. I absolutely agree with Copa. Get as big, strong, fast and agile as you can. You only need to look at what kids stand out at youth level - the biggest and most athletic. Which players are pulled up from Championship to Super League? - Normally young-ish ones with good size and speed. Who does union look at poaching from League? Speedy wingers (Solomona, Charnley, Tomane, Radrada, Duffie) and Big strong ball carriers with good physique (Burgess, Thornley, Burrell, Te'o) There is definitely a perception that good athletes can transition to a higher level better than other players. Again, all the best.
  4. Playing at a higher level

    I would say a number of NCL teams are stronger than a few League 1 teams, so transitioning between the two should not be an issue. (Especially if you are flexible and willing to travel). Good luck, and keep going!
  5. 2018 Kits

    Ellgren I presume?
  6. Eddie Hearn’s six?

    It really shows how bad a state the sport is in when you see names like that listed as a kind of 'top 6'.
  7. David Vaealiki preferred RL I believe. He played a couple of years union in France on the recommendation of a mate of his at the same club who told me he preferred RL but union offered him a 2 year deal.
  8. I see a lot of similarities between Rugby League and Scottish football. Similar core populations (Scotland, M62 corridor). Similar crowds (take out the 2 big Scottish teams as outliers). Similar salaries. (See above). Similar TV coverage. Similar issues with big-name sponsors (lack of). Reason I say this is because Barry Hearn addressed the SFA annual conference a couple of years ago, and absolutely slaughtered the way the game was run. He said he was astonished by the competition's inability to fund a major sponsor etc etc. He was plausible, and has a very strong track record of getting advertisers to pay good money to back 'his' sports. The SFA ran a mile from him. The chief exec was not in the auditorium when he spoke. Hearn addressed a number of points that are very pertinent in Rugby League, and effectively explained how he would make a difference. I think they (Hearns) would be superb in Rugby League. https://www.google.lu/amp/s/www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearn-stuns-sfa-with-attack-on-scottish-football-1-3624056/amp
  9. Second Canadian Team

    Well my understanding (i have not read every post on the thread) was that New York was a potential venue, but is no longer being considered? As such, I thought this is positive, as putting a 'pro' Rugby League team in there running out against Gloucester Students, Hemel Hempstead and South Wales etc would lose out in a head to head with a professional rugby union franchise. The 'rugby' community in New York will (I think) jump in to support the new union team and their backers appear to be very knowledgable indeed, and focussed on getting good people on board. So... my real fear was that RL would not gain a foothold in NY, and the team would die quickly.
  10. Sam Burgess has stated clearly he prefers RL. I am also pretty sure that Mark McLinden said he preferred Rugby League, but admittedly he played only a few games of union. Scott Grix said he absolutely prefers Rugby League, and did not want to sign for Saracens as rugby union did not excite him at all. (He played for Saracens reserve team prior to signing for Leigh). Mike Ford actually offered to sign him and even said he could travel down just to play, but Grix preferred to take his chances in League, despite having no firm offers. Chapeau. Alan Tait preferred Rugby League, and said so in his book. I THINK that Dom Feaunati said when he was at Albi, that he preferred rugby union. Brimah Kebbie told me he preferred union, as he had grown up with it. Tyrone Smith said union was his first love, although he did enjoy playing Rugby League. (shame, as he was a player I really liked...) I know another current player (ex ru Championship - now playing in France) who told me he far prefers union. He is a big tall guy and played age grade at St Helens. He told me that he loved playing 13, but Saints pushed him to prop due to his size and he did not like it at all. Moved to union, and much prefers it. I won't name him.
  11. Second Canadian Team

    Looks like we have dodged a real bullet with NYC. It appears that rugby union are going in there (MLR) run by an Irish conglomerate and tapping into the union club scene there. I strongly suspect that union (MLR) will come into Toronto very soon (2 or 3 years) so the WolfPack really needs to work hard to bed in and become 'established' on the sporting scene. Taking on union in these limited 'rugby' markets would be suicide IMO, so fair dos in going for MTL.
  12. How much trouble are Catalans in?

    I have just watched the highlights on their YouTube channel. Led Cats are miles ahead of other clubs in terms of video content IMO. This Catalan team must be one of the most naïve SuperLeague sides ever. They literally threw the game away - kicked ng direct to Johnstone, arguing with the ref (who seemingly was appalling) and not even being of the rules on occasions. They have the money, they have unrestricted choice over French players (effectively) and they have by far the best climate/quality of life to create a high performance environment. How hard can it be to appoint a battle-hardened coach, top quality S&C (lime they had with Keegan Smith) and sign some performing overseas players,: Brits, NZers and not 'problem-case' Aussies? It must be so frustrating for their fans to watch the is shambles unfold.
  13. How much trouble are Catalans in?

    Sorry if I have missed this. Is McNamara honestly the head coach???? Of the Catalan Dragons?? Can that clown even speak the language?????? (A word of it??) I mean seriously.This is a joke... right? Assistant coach MIGHT be reasonable. MaIGHT. If he is actually in charge... they are last.
  14. The pics on the Scotland site showed that the place was completely empty. It was like it was played behind closed doors