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  1. Celt

    Australia vs Tonga

    you are absolutely correct. unfortunately I predict a false dawn along the lines of the GB test where Darren Lockyer dropped a goal to draw, except that he didn't... he ran and so owed a try instead. I would love to be wrong here, but I fear Tonga are going in cold, and the Roos left edge will be simply too efficient for them. Come on Tonga - make me eat my words.
  2. I watched this - and couldn't believe how few English fans turned out. when was the last time England played at home? it must have been a while. Eddie Hearn gets more people than that to turn up at his middle-ranking (non PPV) boxing matches. I am talking about an indoor venue, not a stadium... and none of the biggest named fighters. The events are also available on Skype, yet still twice as many people show up.
  3. Celt

    Australia vs Tonga

    can't wait for this.
  4. Celt

    Grand Final media watch 2018

    It gets a bad rap, and u would never buy it myself. But..... The Daily star is consistently the only paper which gives RL a fair crack. This has been the case for many years. It certainly puts the so-called 'serious' broadsheets to shame in this regard.
  5. Celt

    London in Superleague

    agreed. sounds like a Bingo event.
  6. Celt

    London in Superleague

    highly unlikely. Let's face it.
  7. Celt

    Grand Final Crowd

    financial squeeze low income fans Wembley already this year not a 'one off event' fears of adjustment in the economy (!) Brexit (!!) Even by Rugby League standards, that is a really impressive list of excuses in one post. Grand Final. Showpiece event. Played in Manchester. Between two teams 1 from Greater Manchester and 1 from literally next door. If the sport is in any way growing, this should be sold out.
  8. Celt

    England Knights

    You thought completely wrongly (in the case of the top end of most sports). Look at Denny Solomon's FFS. Refused to play for England RL because he felt "Kiwi. Or possibly Samoan, but not English". Then England RU came along. He found out that they make 22k per match including training payments etc. He rapidly started to feel a lot more English. He would not be the only one - I assure you.
  9. Celt

    England Knights

    errr... I assume cash has something to do with it?! If these guys progress to full England side, then they will receive payments which Ireland will be unable to offer. People on here keep wittering on about 'loyalties' and ###### like that. Money drives the majority of these decisions - unsurprisingly too given that Rugby League in England does not make anyone rich.
  10. Celt

    New Retro Salford Shirts

    eeeeeeeeeee. Is it raining over your house? (all the time). Rugby League merchandise has basically zero visibility nationwide. The sport is literally MILES behind it's competitors in this regard. Some entrepreneur is offering some new lines of retro merchandise, and you come out with this guff. I hope TotalRL shuts you down.
  11. Celt

    Catalans - BPI sponsor

    And nor should you have mate.... they are no Eric France, or Wetherby Whaler unfortunately. Nope. Instead of a chippy adorning our top tier clubs' jerseys, we are going to have to make do with a state-owned investment bank. Hopefully things can get better in future.
  12. Finally somene has said it. I actually can't believe a so-called professional club could be so utterly 'amateurish' as to not do just that. It is an insult to their fans as much as anything else. The sport would be a complete laughing stock if any media outlets could actually be bothered to cover stuff like this. They can't though, as the game has (justifiably) become completely irrelevant in the UK sporting landscape. Stuff like this simply reinforces that.
  13. I can't wait for this. The last 2 weeks (bunnies - dragons then roosters - souths) have been sensational. 2 really great sides in the final. I see Melbourne are favourites and feel that probably that is correct.
  14. why are they playing Serbia out of interest? A full France team should annihilate Serbia. No disrespect intended - the Serbs are working really hard on development, but they are basically playing in a park-level competition. (in fact some matches take place actually in a park).
  15. Celt

    New $250,000 NRL Logo

    Looks good. Clean, simple, symetrical. And not too much of a change, therefore retains the 'recognition' factor. With only one colour, it can be replicated better in black and white or on coloured backgrounds, so is more versatile. Thumbs up from me.