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  1. I almost started a thread on RFL/SuperLeague YouTube output last week, so glad someone else stepped up. I was looking on Saturday last week, and there were no highlights from Thursday or Friday's games available on the platform! It is truly incredible how we could consciously be avoiding putting content on such a popular platform. If I take the SPFL football as an example: similar (roughly) number of spectators at matches, similar (roughly) market size, yet they update all match highlights via the spfl official channel a couple of hours after the match. The Rugby League output normally has: no commentary no crowd noise no conversions no score update in the corner Basically, they tend to only show tries. This makes it hard to follow who is leading etc. Pro 14 union shows conversions, scoreline etc, so match is easy to follow. The content Rugby League produces is so bad it is truly incredible. We used to be leaders in this field (regarding domestic sport), but have regressed enormously, to the point where I wonder why people are not being fired for producing such garbage. I have harked back to this before, but a few years ago, we got stuff like this. I watch this (am not a fan of either team) and leave, buzzing about RL . WTF happened since? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9C9OxTnpM4 (For this game, and all of that 2014 season, 'plain' highlights were alsao available on the parrallel SLHighlights channel, as well as on Wakefield Trinity's own channel)
  2. Celt

    R2 Attendances

    Aye - stadium looks empty for two supposed 'giants' of English Rugby League. What is going on??
  3. Celt

    Wolfie Sacked !

    i'my pretty sure Warrington shared the stunt as a tweet on their official Twitter too so surely they can'take then turn round and fire him for that?!
  4. Sunday League kit for a Sunday league team. Does anyone know if they ordered a full set of 17?
  5. just a thought, but if you are struggling again next year, there is an 8 year old kid in Cumbria who should be able to help you.
  6. He wasn't... i agree. (one of my favourite players ever in fact). But the OP was talking about 'Great' fullbacks... world class players. Taity directing traffic in the middle of the Wembley as Martin Offiah turned him inside out is simply one indicator that Alan was a bit short of word class level.
  7. I have been critical of Rugby League World on occasion but I have to say the article this month by Matthew Shaw about joining Huddersfield Giants' preseason training is absolutely superb. It is one of the best articles that I have read about UK Rugby League anywhere at all over the last few years. I would highly recommend people on here get a copy.
  8. I never said there wasn't racism I'm Scotland. There are retarded bigots everywhere. but face it. I have no idea where you are from, but Scotland voted squarely to remain in the EU. Even the über-Brits of Norn Iron managed to do the same. England voted to leave, and everyone in Europe knows why. Xenophobia and Racism are the driving factors. We have all seen the soundbites, the TV documentaries, the 'street polls' etc... and "foreigners" is THE word that comes up consistently. Scotland also... despite being slightly 'unionist' if we are to believe the Indyref results... does not vote Tory. We choose NOT to be governed by Etonians and the Bullingdon club. The electoral map of England is basically blue, with some red in a few urban areas. Even the North, which we keep hearing is more 'socialist' etc, is overwhelmingly Conservative & Unionist. Not only that, but the so-called 'Labour heartlands' were often among the most staunchly pro-Brexit. In my experience, chambermaid jobs are filled in the vast majority of cases by EU nationals (non UK). In any event, there are a ton of jobs which young Brits simply refuse to do. Good luck filling them after March.
  9. The Scottish vote in a Westmister election is very small. However losing it would be calamatous for labour, and mean that they could kiss goodbye to ever being in government again. (hence their pathetic alignment with the tories over Indyref). Someone however needs to tell Comrade Corbyn about that, as he is clearly as clueless about Scotland as he is about everything else. From Today's Times: Scottish Labour faces a historic defeat if it fails to stand up to a damaging Brexit, according to a poll of more than 2,000 voters in Scotland. The YouGov poll, conducted for the People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum, found that support for the party would fall 6 percentage points to 15 per cent if a deal passed with the support of Conservative and Labour MPs. A quarter of voters who supported it in the general election would choose the SNP instead. Without Labour voting with the Tories, the poll, conducted between December 21 and January 4, put the SNP on 40 per cent, Conservatives on 25 per cent, Labour on 21 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on 8 per cent. Although Labour has pledged to oppose the Brexit plan in parliamentary votes next week, Jeremy Corbyn has said he might back a deal that completed the UK’s departure from the EU, and suggested that Brexit would go ahead even if he won a snap general election. Ged Killen, a Labour MP who supports the People’s Vote campaign, said: “This poll is a real wake-up call for the Labour leadership and is a warning not to appease the government over Brexit. In 2017 we made great strides in regaining the trust of people in Scotland, but if Labour is seen to allow Brexit to happen, we will undo that progress and take away Jeremy’s best route to No 10.”
  10. As a Scotsman, I am struggling to read this without my blood boiling. To be dragged out by the English (and Welsh - a structural support region FFS) against our will, and having my EU citizenship revoked is truly staggering, and something I will never forget. I live in the capital of the EU, however my ability to move freely around europe will be revoked, and my employment prospects will become substantially limited as I will be competing against EU nationals who do not require a work permit. I am currently in the process of changing nationality in order to get my rights as an EU citizen back asap. Good luck england - enjoy picking your own fruit, subsidising wales yourselves, cleaning your own hotel rooms, "trading with the commonwealth" LOL, and continuing to moan about foreigners (because let's face it.... that is why you want to leave). I will probably benefit financially from your decision... (property prices are soaring in my city as financial institutions flee from London to set up here) but the fact that my freedom has been removed FAR outweighs that. Independence for Scotland seems a long way off, but I hope to god we get it - the deferrential "Tories/Etonians know best, so they should rule us" attitude of english people absolutely sickens me.
  11. Celt


    there are vacancies in the CID for people like you....
  12. hmmmmm.... a couple of months ago people on here were refusing to go to Anfield (a few miles from Widnes) as there is no caravan park nearby. So 'simpletons from the 70s' might not be totally inaccurate.
  13. No problem Essex - happy to help! 👊 I like your posts normally, but that one was fantasy stuff... like a lot on here unfortunately.
  14. Absolutely. PSG are doing the same. Due back any time. I think Rugby League history has shown that this is ... almost certainly not going to happen. "regrouping" FFS 🙄