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  1. Couldn't agree more. Cannot believe people on here are arguing with you on this one.
  2. The Olympics, if we are realistic, is utterly pie in the sky. FFS we might not even fill the stadium for our own World Cup final (not a sell out yet.... which other sport would be in that situation??) The appetite for international RL is derisory if we look at the current World Cup - very tiny numbers of fans have travelled from Europe for it. There is very little commitment from the publuc. But... Commonwealth Games could be a realistic target for your idea. RL is overwhelmingly a Commonwealth sport (all 6 womens world cup teams for example). This would be a logical first step (and the path union followed years ago). Your idea would have legs if ghe RLIF launched a co-ordinated campaign to attain commonwealth games status for 9s. Sadly... i am not sure there is a will from the sport's governing bodies....
  3. Aye - but the team is not even remotely Scottish. And nobody from Scotland supports them. (Even when they play a "home" game in Cumbria) And they get like...absolutely zero coverage in Scottish media. So...Draw, Lose or Draw.... the team remains an utter irrelevance e wrywhere apart from (lerhaps) Hull, where hhe lical rag innexplicably publushes the odd article about them....................
  4. The only person around who appears to think the same. The average Northerner on here (and token Canadian of course) is totally kow-towing to the idea that some of Camada's womens union team might lower themselves to an off season jolly at the Rugby League 6 team world cup. Unreal
  5. 1. Considerably longer than 9 years as a member. (Forum has undergone nimerous changes you would have nae idea about). 2. Served 1 QOH. (The real one -Seaforth and Camerons - not some North American, part time affiliate, pretending to be Scottish) 3. Am interested in RL primarily. Follow the sport intently. Have limited interest in the "schism" as you call it. 4. Have decent knowledge of rugby union from a purely PROFESSIONAL perspective. Additionally know a large number of staff at rugby canada due to professional obligations. Have literally returned today from an international match to read your uninformed drivel. 5. (Pretty irrelevant , admittedly) Have lived in Canada - and played union there for 1.5 seasons. (Job, accomodation etc paid by club) 6. Your post, as we say in Scotland...... uninformed Pish. (And your username.... an utter embarrasment)
  6. Yep - from 8 teams in 2008 to 6 teams 9 years later... it is really snowballing. Why post such unsubstantiated garbage, with zero facts to back it up? I know one of the girls who played for Russia in 2008. I asked her why she stopped playing: "We switched over to union". Me: "what... your whole club?" Her: "No... the whole country" We are talking about Russia here. You ramble on about positivity - but what sort of sport is so badly governed that the biggest country in the world switches en masse to another sport entirely??? Aye mate... at least the other guy is positive. FFS. ..
  7. Indeed! Also... how have teams failed to qualify, while a team of people who have never played the sport before, are somehow part of the 'elite' 6 teams actually in the tournament. The entire thing sounds like a farce!
  8. Sounds like you really know your stuff. Wait until pro Rugby Union arrives in Toronto (either via an expanded pro14 or from some sort of franchised US competition). Then, when the marketplace develops into a head to head contest (like Perpignan... or a few years àgo in Lyon) lets see how you feel then. I am pretty confident it will happen. From an RL perspective, i hope TW use the time wisely, to build up a strong support base and presence in the market. And calm down with the insults too. I have posted on this forum for about 15 years - and suggest my knowledge of both codes is a lot deeper than yours.
  9. Well... OK. A new nation starts, and fields a national team of players who have never played before. I get it. But... they then become the 6th nation in a supposed "World Cup"??? People are getting all defensive here, but is that what the World Cup is in Rugby League? A kind of "try out" session for people who have never played before? A learners competition? How cute!! It sounds like the sort of thing that "sports" like ultimate frisbee might try. Or the sort of stunt that a sport with zero international profile, like Gaelic Football might pull. Rugby League's "World Cup": Australia Women NZ Women Some other groups of girls who have never played in their lives. Credibility? Zero.
  10. New Balls Please!

    I have one of them still. Tbe problem was: they were shaped a bit differently. The ends are more 'pointed' than on other balls - a bigger taper from the middle.
  11. 2018 Kits

    I am not a fan of this model in principle, but I suspect that done well, it could make real commercial sense. Suspect the RFL are miles away from it though... look at the shambles around the non-existent england kit! I also completely agree that ISC would be the logical partner. Nobody bigger would be interested until it was proved to work, and ISC appear to be quite reliable in terms of quality, range, delivery etc. Good post.
  12. The Canada team is a joke. Nearly all their players are union players. A good few of them were playing for Canada in the union world cup in Ireland this summer. The union team are one of the strongest in the world. There are hardly any real RL players in the side - some of them have never played the game.