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  1. If they can find a proper halfback and Radrada comes back to rugby league, they could stack up next to Tonga as a genuine threat in 2021.
  2. This team would never and should never play, but it certainly is strong! It's also not surprising that an 'others' team should be so strong, given NZ picks it's side entirely from the NRL (and beat Australia last year), half the England side is out here, and most of the best players from the Tonga, Fiji, PNG and Samoa sides too. Particularly in Australia, a lot of fans tend to forget that (it's a malaise in the media too). That's why I think onthe more level/unpredictable playing field that 9s may offer, the end of year World Cup should be a great showcase to general Aussie fans who don't watch tests of just how much international talent is now in this sport.
  3. I think that'd be a bit of an insult to Super League players. Herbie could be considered for England in the 9s, and should go back to play for the England Knights, but not GB when he isn't even in NRL first grade.
  4. Great. Though not sure what any of that's got to do with my suggestion that they give a few older players time off, and blood a few younger ones...
  5. I think they have to take a bit of a long term view here. Despite the apparent extra prestige apparently associated with GB, they're not actually playing for any trophies. Next year for England is the Ashes, the year after the World Cup. In that context, I'd overlook a few blokes who seem like they could do with a full off season to get their bodies right, prolong their careers, and rediscover their best: Watkins, McGilvray, O'Loughlin, Roby, Graham and Hall might all be in that category. Similarly, I'd look to take a young player or two in key positions, to learn. Fullback is one position where they need to unearth someone for the next few years - could Walker or Shaul be that guy? A few weeks training under Bennett and alongside Widdop, Lomax, Tomkins might help their development.
  6. If SL copy the ball steal rule that would be pretty funny, given most of the talk around the NRL seems to suggest it will go back to the old interpretation next year.
  7. The idea that refs give the Warriors a bad run because the NRL doesn't want them in the comp is absurd. Every sport has similar themes regarding unconscious refereeing favouritism. We all know decisions usually go the way of respected high profile glamour players, consistent disciplined teams, and respected captains of stature within the game who stay composed and speak respectfully. For most of their history, the Warriors haven't had those elements together - so unfortunately for them, they often don't get the rub of the green. I can understand it being frustrating for their supporters, but it's not a conspiracy.
  8. Presumably this move is about playing, not being a backup somewhere else.
  9. The whole English backs failing thing isn't 100% true. Ryan Hall has been strong, just unlucky with injury. Joe Burgess struggled at the Roosters (in a poor year for the club) but was brilliant for Souths. And for all his critics, Sam Tomkins had a really promising first year in a famously erratic side, before injury ruined his second. Read here for some proof: https://www.nrl.com/news/2014/12/15/the-nrls-top-five-fullbacks/
  10. I'd put Manly above Canberra, as they have more established big game players, like Jake, Tom and DCE in key ball handling positions. I also think if they can make it to the finals at full strength, Cronulla could be very dangerous.
  11. If super league clubs keep looking to Australia for coaches, this is going to keep happening. Most Aussie coaches are looking to build NRL coaching careers and super league is purely a stepping stone. I don't think that reflects badly on super league, it's just a fact. Coaches who do well there come back and do equally well here.
  12. The Roosters have ridiculous depth in the outside backs. 6 top line internationals competing for 5 spots, plus a number of good youngsters. Robinson seems to be rotating and resting all of them. Hall has improved with every week and should be hitting top form come finals. His metre making is already valuable and the other parts of his game are getting up to speed. I'd be surprised if he's been dropped. As for Watkins - looked solid, and the only way is up with game time and combinations.
  13. Played league and a little bit of union growing up. Retired at 17 after my second ACL... Made a couple of local rep teams around under 13s and 14s... But ultimately was too skinny to be a forward, too slow to be a back, and too breakable to play at all!
  14. Lots of clubs pursue policies of locals juniors first etc. Look at Wigan, or Penrith. Gold Coast focusing on Queensland would not be unusual, let alone illegal! All clubs have strategies of some kind. Canberra recruit almost solely from England, and Catalans mostly from Australia!
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