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  1. I haven't heard any commentators being disrespectful of Ryan Hall at all. They mention his lack of tries in the NRL as an interesting point, GIVEN his great record in superleague and tests. He's been a perfectly adequate performer for the roosters, but he's clearly been out performed by not just their other quality test wingers, but now also Ikuvalu. For all the lack of quality ball (which is not a conspiracy of course!) I've also gotta query whether he's putting himself in the right position. When his opposition winger dropped a bomb last week, he wasn't there to pick it up. When breaks are made, he's not there demanding the ball. I hope he gets another chance this week and takes it. He's been a great player in his prime and remains a good one now.
  2. I've got no problem with a proposed Exiles game next year, but I don't understand why England can't play France or Wales at the end of this year too.
  3. I think he'll shift over to the left side soon enough and hopefully outside Fifita, he'll get a few more chances to find space. He looks to me like he's a talent, but very hard to show it in this woeful Brisbane team right now.
  4. Farnworth has only got clean ball once, in all his games, as far as I can recall. He actually skipped outside his man and almost created a try. In a badly beaten side against Newcastle I thought he matched Bradman Best.
  5. This is the chance he's needed. I reckon he'll go well and prove he's a quality NRL player.
  6. This is great news for super league and continues a heartening trend of quality NRL players heading over there to play. With Hastings likely heading back to Australia and O'Loughlin retiring, a player of Bateman's quality is just what Wigan needed. With all the experience and confidence he's gained in the NRL, I wouldn't be surprised if he thrives being the main man at Wigan and takes his game to a new level again.
  7. Playing straight after two weeks in quarantine and a few months in iso back in England is a big ask. I suppose they have to do it sometime, but another week of training couldn't hurt...
  8. Shaun Johnson seems to have been slowed down by hamstring/back injuries (which explains why the Warriors let him go), so doesn't offer anything like what his reputation suggests he should. Nathan Cleary is also overrated - in his case, just a solid player who was overestimated when he first came in. There are plenty in fact. I might come back with a complete list!
  9. Exactly. It's messy and confusing.
  10. I couldn't care less what term is used. Just explaining the reasoning. I don't think it's any more or less logical than the three quarters, or even halfback. It's a name that was made up for some reason, which is used in Australia but not England. Who cares. You can't just say 'the halves' and leave it at that, because 7 and 6 are different positions... And again, don't think 'stand off' is really any more logical a term.
  11. In the traditional formation, the 5/8 plays second receiver - getting the ball from the halfback and before the three quarters.
  12. Heighington and Chase were both selected by Steve McNamara. But I spose if you get your facts from catchy songs, you're bound to slip up occasionally.
  13. Qld isn't a nation, which may impact its 'national pride'. But aside from that, I'd like to point out that in the last decade, England or GB league has selected McQueen, Chase, Heighington, Coote, Austin and Hastings. That's more players born elsewhere than QLD has selected. And at least those players QLD has picked either grew up there, or lived there playing football at some stage.
  14. England v France and Wales, proper tests and time together in camp. Exiles shouldn't be a post-season game, as a lot of Australian/Kiwi players will want to go back home for a break. England v Exiles to start the next super league season with a bang might be a better idea? It's an exhibition game similar to NRL all stars, so why not?
  15. Thought Hall looked very fit, and much more confident than last season. His early hit ups were very strong, and his one attacking run showed the sort of pace and power he had before his knee injuries. It's a shame he's competing with two other test wingers for a spot - I'd love to have him at the Broncos!
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