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  1. Maybe, who knows. Ultimately, you're right - it comes down to the quality of leadership. And the RFL is and has been completely inept. So could that leadership have driven the game forward as you've suggested could have happened? ... unlikely. Remember, they do still run the Challenge Cup on FTA - how's that going? That was a rhetorical question by the way. I don't wanna start an argument - I agree strong FTA presence is ideal, in a perfect world. In any event, these ratings are great news.
  2. Don't really need to imagine - just check the challenge cup ratings.But then again, not so sure if too many people would tune in to watch amateur teams running around at Leigh - which is what the GF would be without Sky money.
  3. They need to start next season well, or it will very quickly slip away. But with some promising early season form, they can hopefully keep some momentum going. Sarginson is a very good signing, and Brown will help too.
  4. Great news, which seems to be a nice continuation of an upward trend in TV ratings for super league this year. Combined with the increased value of Betfred's title sponsorship, and crowds going up a little bit, this year has seen some good signs. With big names joining a number of top clubs, and Toronto coming in, there's no reason the trend can't continue next year too. Add a home ashes series and then a world cup into the mix, and it could be a good few years for English rugby league.
  5. Why insist on re-establishing GB only to not pick anyone from Wales? The number of withdrawals from this squad exposes it for the meaningless friendlies tour it is.
  6. Hastings is obviously a huge loss, and a couple of other solid players are moving on too. I agree it'll be hard, but Watson has proven himself a good coach, they also have Sarginson coming in, and a few other players are still improving. Lolohea has it in him to become a top five eighth, it's just getting time in the position - which he only really got for the first time this year. Salford's big problem is along with Saints staying strong (and plenty of young talent coming through), other clubs around them - Warrington, Wigan, Hull - are all looking stronger, Toronto will come in with a good team, Castleford are always thereabouts, and Catalans have strengthened too. It's shaping up as a good comp!
  7. Wigan gave the roosters a good game this year, and they're not even close to St Helens
  8. That grand final definitely matched the NRL for quality and intensity. St Helens played a great game, and have been consistently outstanding all year. There's no reason they wouldn't be in the 8, and pushing for a top 4 spot.
  9. Yeah that's true and a good point. I guess I just think Coote is a good player, but not great, and is also near the end of his career. I don't see the point in selecting him.
  10. I could accept Hastings for GB because he's young, growing into serious quality, and could potentially commit a whole career to England/GB. But Coote is near the end of his career. Better to just either stick with Tomkins and reward his long England service, or blood the best young fullback options.
  11. It had a huge increase in streaming numbers though, to partially offset the TV ratings drop.
  12. You could argue residency strengthens the case - as that's where they've chosen to make their home. So I think the point is you can argue a million different perspectives. Ultimately, it's up to the player and the coach/selectors. My only issue in all this is when strong nations grab players who are genuinely from developing nations (like we did with Radrada - that was disgusting).
  13. Most NRL 9s squads always featured a couple of big middle forwards. Graham has ball skills and is a great defender and worker in the middle, Burgess a damaging ball runner when he has a bit of room to wind up. Pretty sure both have played 9s before, which will also help.
  14. Absolutely brilliant result, building on the Salford GF qualification as well, to make this a truly historic weekend for Super League. The game needs stories like these. In time, I think even Wigan will thank Salford for beating them - dwindling crowds suggest fan apathy has set in. A few painful losses will be just what they need to give their successes meaning again. As for Toronto, I don't think it's long before every team is glad to have them around too.
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