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  1. Great news. I hope Superleague can do so as well soon. Like the NRL, I really think they need to just accept they have to run a shorter season, rather than cramming in games or playing until December. I know finances aren't great, but Superleague is in a great position to provide broadcasters with content they need, given only 2 games a week are shown. Would be pretty easy to just show 3 each week in a 22 game season from here - even if they have to provide the third tv game on another weeknight they could. With the NRL finishing on schedule an ashes series would be possible, so here's hoping England can make it work too!
  2. Young Benji Marshall was certainly one to watch, as was Matty Bowen throughout his entire career. In fact, old Benji is still great to watch - not so much for his freakish individual play, as the really deft ball skills he now has. Some of his passing these days reminds me of Cliff Lyons with Manly in the mid 90s. Lovely to watch!
  3. Lockyer's ball playing skills and kicking game were miles ahead of Slater's or any other fullback for that matter. Combined with his speed, match sense and tendency to perform on the biggest stage, and he's the best all round fullback I've seen. His defence wasn't as good as Slater's, but it was fine.
  4. Queensland's match-winning try in Game 1 of the 1994 Origin series is as good a try as there can be. Given the calibre of player involved (on both sides) and the match situation, rugby league doesn't get better. "Renouf down the touchline..." as a kid supporting Brisbane and QLD, those were the words you wanted to hear!
  5. Yeah I like the look of Herbie. Goes looking for the ball, good footwork, and very good under the high ball.
  6. If all else fails, I actually think an end of season English origin/roses series wouldn't be a terrible idea post-season. Bringing back all the NRL players for it would be a good selling point. 1-2 games of that, followed by an England test against France might be a decent few weeks of rep footy.
  7. A well-run, strategic RFL/Superleague might see this is a great opportunity to develop a long term plan for the NA franchises under their umbrella, which is based on strategic growth not P&R, and join the NRL in negotiations.
  8. It's really unfortunate for Hall. He was a genuinely world class player who would've thrived in the NRL if he'd gone earlier. Sadly his knee hasn't allowed him to now.
  9. It's true. They got him clean early ball out wide maybe three times, and he caused problems each time. Cartwright got in the way every other time.
  10. Haas is more consistent, but Fifita has more moments of brilliance (which makes sense given one is a prop, the other a backrower). I'm glad they're both Broncos!
  11. I think they need an experienced coach who will get them playing some decent attacking footy. Anthony Griffin would be a good option.
  12. Coates is a winger, and is probably ahead of him in that position. But Farnworth offers a bit more utility value, so is a better option for the bench and isn't too far away from being the starting fullback now (as well as being in the mix for centre and wing). It remains to be seen if Isaako can cement the number 1, so Farnworth has opportunities ahead. As for other Englishmen, Williams looks great for Canberra and I think Watkins is one of Gold Coast's better players (admittedly not too hard).
  13. As a neutral I'm glad he's been sacked as the club has been a chronic under performer and actually look poorly coached. There is never any apparent attacking plan or structure. However, doing it straight after the game on live TV is very ordinary.
  14. Yeah I agree the standard has been good. My grumpy old man is usually a critic of Superleague, but even he told me recently he's enjoying it a lot more this year.
  15. Games TBC I think, but I've read they'll be getting together and having a mid-year training hit out against the England squad. While I'd prefer a mid-year test, I do think getting the Knights together for a training run against England is a good idea.
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