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  1. You best brush upon your RL knowledge...if 46 GB caps ( record), top try scorer in Australia , inducted into West Tigers hall of fame, Man of Steel, World record transfer fee holder etc etc is not reaching sporting heights then 99% of players must be amateurs... Whether or not you like his opinion is your personal choice but the guy was a top , top player. Cannot be denied in any size , shape or form.
  2. Yes indeed, small time time sport stuff yet again...embarrassing for the Wigan club who are admitting a poor football team rule the roost (and call the shots) in their area. As others have pointed out though at least we get a more appetising match to watch.
  3. Only the same as the comment he quoted. A minimum wage of £80-90,000 , which has no seemingly logical basis, would end Super League overnight...
  4. You do know we finished 2nd at the 2016 Olympics? medal total since 1908...13 Boxing world champions...Tour de France winners, Tennis Grand Slam winners etc're pretty one eyed at the best of times but 3rd rate nation??? Rugby League maybe but we are pretty good at many sports...
  5. Nothing is been done to teach anybody that's the point...Unfortunately the RFU have had to show us the standards expected of a governing body with regards clubs seriously and possibly deliberately failing to meet their obligations.
  6. I believe Bradford are in this predicament entirely of "Bradford's" own volition...why this qualifies them for "favours" is not clear...they seem to be the RBS of the RL world.
  7. Hull KR will walk it by a margin...
  8. That's not the point at all...and i agree with some of your sentiment but it does not hide that fact that i could probably write a close enough script of the game and the plays contained within , before its played...from tackle 1 of set 1 to tackle 6 of set 40 the formula is pretty much the same game wide. If on Sunday evening you can point out a dozen moments of individuality or flair i will be amazed.
  9. Have you see any RL in the last few years?? The days of risk, flair , creativity and playing what you see are long gone ...
  10. If Huddersfield lose next week the game against Hull KR will probably be an anti climax as they would have to win by about 50 points or more in East Hull , assuming Fev carry on as they have. Huddersfields only hope of avoiding the MPG is to win next week... If Salford can knock up two massive scores however then Hull KR might need to win...
  11. If only the ground WAS in the middle of the council owned East Park...would only be 20 billion percent better than its current site!!!
  12. Watts was the best player on the field by a lengthy margin then double it... Hull KR must be so glad they got all of £50 grand for him...they used it so wisely...
  13. Taking last years 23 game season as a guide Leeds have little/no chance of the four, would entail winning 12 out of their last 15...not gonna happen if you cannot beat Wakefield.. Making the 8 is going to require winning more than half the remaining games so they need to get on with it very quickly. I would say one of , if not both of , Huddersfield and Leeds , are likely to finish bottom 4 unless they go on a "run"...and soon. And then they still need the Salfords and Castlefords to lose plenty.
  14. What is in fact astonishing and the real kick in the teeth for young (or old) British players is that both St Helens and Salford thought that an average to reasonable, overseas forward with his best days well behind him was worth 7% of their total salary cap... In a salary capped/glass ceiling competiton then that is real mis-management of your resources.
  15. Agreed and agreed. Perhaps the best outcome would be a challenge to the cap and the RFL and self interested status quo...