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  1. I'm not certain that a cap strictly related to "income" would do Toronto many favours...if related to backers funds then maybe, but I would wager their "income" as a club is nowhere near enough to get them the kind of cap they desire or even enough to cover what they spend now.
  2. They certainly do make them up as they go along hence the rules have been considerably adjusted or overlooked to allow TW's participation in the competition and this will, and will have to, continue for the duration of TW's stay in SL. If TW had to adhere to the same competition rules as everyone else they would have zero chance of competing. The foregoing of an amount less than the wage paid by TW to one player pales into comparison . TW say (or boast) they can easily afford to pay such figures in wages, and more , yet other clubs entire existence is dependent on this annual funding share . Let us not forget that every other club in the competition is paying for , themselves, reserve and academy teams to produce the next lot of Toronto players should they persevere. Yet TW don't just want this nice gift, they want more and more rule dispensations and allowances. TW do not appear to have much regard for the competition they want to be part of or have either been misled by their own staff or did not properly consider what membership of SL would and does entail.
  3. It might have been prudent for Toronto to study the rules and regulations of a competition they are spending millions to be part of. It perhaps would have also paid to do a bit of due diligence on the competition and it's other participants as to the likelihood of said rules and regulations been torn up for TW's benefit.
  4. How long is a piece of string K-man? In any event, 23 men, including your main playmaker (Wilkin) at 36 yrs old , numerous over 30's and not one player under 25 is not going to be enough to complete a full SL season. It is going to be a lot, lot tougher than you have experienced so far.
  5. London played well beyond their assumed capabilities that is for certain.However they signed 9 new players, used over 30 players, and were still relegated.
  6. I realise the off season (in particular) nonsense has reached new levels but ...?? Toronto do not have a better "squad" than the perceived relegation favourites (not unreasonably btw) , Hull KR. Hull KR also have a playable squad of over 30 players. Toronto currently have a squad of around 23 players, several well into their 30's. Some have poor injury records at SL level. Some have very little SL experience or have not succeeded at the level before .This squad will not be enough to complete the season and yet they have more or less spent up to the salary cap. This bad salary cap management will be their main downfall . Brain Noble is more than aware of this....https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/sonny-bill-williams-toronto-wolfpack-rugby-1.5378693 and is already seeking "off the book" dispensations. If Toronto stay up they will have done well and that is really the only goal they can possibly set.
  7. I think you must be recalling incorrectly or are making stuff up to suit your position again. There were 112 overseas players in 2009, the first season of licensing. In 2019, a P&R season of course, there were 72.
  8. What players and coaches? It's a website selling t - shirts.
  9. They are "based" in Huddersfield and are unlikely to ever be "based" anywhere else. Michael Knighton productions inc...
  10. It exists in a kitchen in West Yorkshire. To be fair , the guy and his mate have created a good bit of PR that has got them a few sales of T Shirts and stuff for a non-existent entity. At least somebody has had an earner.
  11. London signed 9 players in order to be relegated. Toronto have now signed 3? Toronto's first choice side has a good tilt at staying up but if (or rather when) injuries strike, they have very little. No cover in the spine positions for one instance.
  12. Seems like they are juggling and cutting other players wages already... Toronto offering players around Toronto Wolfpack are offering round several of their fringe players as they look to create space on their salary cap. They have signed just one player, Sonny Bill Williams, since promotion to Super League. The likes of Ryan Brierley, Gary Wheeler and Greg Worthington are being circulated to other clubs. Meanwhile, half-back Josh McCrone has taken a pay cut to remain at the club. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/off-the-record-rugby-league-rumours-and-gossip-190/
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