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  1. Favourite commentary

    Darrell Eastlake passed away today. Of Henderson Gill "he does a bit of a boogie" fame. RIP.
  2. Justin Morgan

    He's working for Sky Sport in New Zealand on Warriors matches, having been part of their World Cup coverage.
  3. Rugby league firsts

    Hawkeye was being used by Channel 4 on Test Cricket from 2001 but only as a TV gadget. It was from 2009 that the International Cricket Council allowed use for actual reviews.
  4. Not really. Last year Sky defaulted on a Round 5 tie only because the round backed out of Easter when they'd been busy with the double weekend then had a Saturday afternoon league game because no Thursday TV match after Easter Monday. So they defaulted and hence my note on website. Them defaulting is more likely to be down to scheduling than match quality and I don't expect it to happen this time. In terms of the cup Sky have not shyed away from picking good games regardless of status. Wasn't Batley v Featherstone picked the other year?
  5. WatchNrl.Com

    It'll just be the Fox games on offer. One or two a week from NSW Cup, normally middle of night Saturday or Sunday. They are working on an update to make that coverage clearer. Sadly no on demand Coverage of the games channel 9 cover from each competition.
  6. WatchNrl.Com

    Not so sure about that. When I asked for about NSW and Queensland Cup I was told it'd only be televised games that'd feature (Fox Televise one NSW Cup a week, Channel 9 one a week from each competition) and even then I couldn't get them to dechiper if it included the Channel Nine games from each competition. I mean, when I tried to clarify that I got a reply to a question I hadn't asked which said Origin would be Channel 9 coverage but with Fox Pre Match Build Up. Either way wait and see on the regional comps. Even if not every game from then, if you pay annually its a fantastic service. Chromecast working a treat.
  7. You must be incredibly naive to think that given the fact the trip was announced in July, a full two months before Wigan were even eliminated from top 4 contention. Its been a huge process to bring it together, planning that began on the back of the title success in 2016.
  8. Their were plenty locals on the hill where I sat. I'd say the travelling support was 50/50. Wigan had far more fans on the touchline stand which wasn't seen on TV, whereas Hull fans where congregated more together at one end like an away support would be at DW Stadium. For me the event was a great success. Wigan (as both this and next week are events that Wigan are hosting, marketing etc) got 2,300 more fans to go in Wollongong than they got to watch England v Lebanon in the World Cup at Sydney Football Stadium. It was a bigger crowd than St George got against Melbourne last season.
  9. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Not likely because the red button is pretty default now anyway. Any over flow likely to air on Sky Sports Mix which is on Sky 121.
  10. WCC Scheduling

    No its not Wigan v Hull that same weekend its the challenge matches between Hull v St George and Souths v Wigan which are also being televised over there.... And here for that matter.
  11. WCC Scheduling

    The Smith - Thurston testimonial was scheduled first the following Friday so it ruled out Sunday really and Wigan and Hull had scheduled on the Saturday before Leeds had won the Grand Final. It would have been poorer scheduling to clash the two.
  12. Limoux v Lezignan will be the next French Game streamed on Sunday 21st January - 2pm UK. They are playing Cup games this weekend so no streamed match.
  13. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Sky didn't discard it. Setanta offered a better deal back in 2007 at a time when Sky expanded into Championship coverage. Setanta have carried on for 10 years into being Premier bar a few months when Setanta collapsed. The key here is that Fox Sports, who are running the online service, hold control of the selling on of rights to TV in the UK. Sky is easy logic with Murdoch links to both companies. I expect it'll be three games a round sold on plus origin and play offs, with rest online but this will be at the call of Fox wanting to make it worth having the online service on top of Sky coverage for die hards . Also with Fox controlling the rights, expect to get fox coverage of all the games, instead of Channel 9, except maybe Origin.
  14. Homes Under The Hammer

    In Australia the Aussie games are on Channel 7 with all other games on 7mate, a freeview channel akin to ITV4. This is the kind of deal we should have been aspiring for here. Premier really is a waste of time exposure wise for this event.
  15. Homes Under The Hammer

    They've actually moved all three group games from BBC 1 to BBC 2 now. Listings at