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  1. They just stopped doing them.
  2. Challenge Cup next week then Batley v Toulouse on Saturday 23rd are scheduled far as I'm aware. So far they only seem to be streaming matches that don't clash with games on TV, which with Toronto on most weeks narrows the choice somewhat.
  3. Bilko

    NRL on Sky this season

    It's important to remember the time difference is 11 hours until the UK puts clocks forward on March 31st and then Sydney/Melbourne go backwards on April 6th bringing the time difference down to 9 hours. So most weekend games early on are actually middle of night (or very early in the morning). The clock changes make a big difference and its an explanation why Thursday and Fridays (I.E Evening Kick Offs) are more favourable early to Sky compared to potential weekend games at 4am, 6.30am Saturday or 5.10am on a Sunday.
  4. Like been said it's because the expensive production costs are done for them in these instances. Simple as that.
  5. A few years ago. Bein Sports have settled more for 6pm locally so 5pm here in recent times.
  6. 7pm looks more likely for the games in Canada backing out of 5pm Catalan broadcasts.
  7. Easier to check fixtures at
  8. Bilko

    Elite 1 live streams

    Last season they only started streaming weekly from January.
  9. Bilko

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Two things. 1, as broadcast times increase (three hours on Fridays now) viewing figures decrease. They are average figures for the whole show and I can tell you from doing radio commentary that a lot just tune in for the match and barb figures don't equate that. 2, that 27% decrease may have just been some switching to tablets, mobile phones etc. I think barb figures are purely for TV. The way people watch TV is changing all the time with new streaming technology and its only natural that TV figures will decrease across the board. Streaming figures to my knowledge are not made public by broadcasters but likely will give them a much clearer picture.
  10. Bilko

    Pacific Tests TV coverage

    Indeed. I genuinely think Sky only realised today that they had the rights to them.
  11. Bilko

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    If it's the tweet I saw, I didn't take it that way. Regardless, I'm 99% sure it'll be Dave Woods anyway whether from there or Off Tube from Salford, perhaps similar to how Sky did Wigan v Hull from Sydney.
  12. Bilko

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Why on earth would Australia's Fox League host broadcast a match between England and New Zealand?
  13. Yes Sky are limited to three per week. That's all that was on offer from Fox Sports who had rights to sell to TV in UK & USA markets, not the NRL themselves. Fox prioritising the app they run. Yes Premier showed them all but this rights cycle was not a bidding process more Fox finding a partner that suits them.
  14. Bilko

    Favourite commentary

    Darrell Eastlake passed away today. Of Henderson Gill "he does a bit of a boogie" fame. RIP.
  15. Bilko

    Justin Morgan

    He's working for Sky Sport in New Zealand on Warriors matches, having been part of their World Cup coverage.