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  1. WCC Scheduling

    No its not Wigan v Hull that same weekend its the challenge matches between Hull v St George and Souths v Wigan which are also being televised over there.... And here for that matter.
  2. WCC Scheduling

    The Smith - Thurston testimonial was scheduled first the following Friday so it ruled out Sunday really and Wigan and Hull had scheduled on the Saturday before Leeds had won the Grand Final. It would have been poorer scheduling to clash the two.
  3. Limoux v Lezignan will be the next French Game streamed on Sunday 21st January - 2pm UK. They are playing Cup games this weekend so no streamed match.
  4. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    Sky didn't discard it. Setanta offered a better deal back in 2007 at a time when Sky expanded into Championship coverage. Setanta have carried on for 10 years into being Premier bar a few months when Setanta collapsed. The key here is that Fox Sports, who are running the online service, hold control of the selling on of rights to TV in the UK. Sky is easy logic with Murdoch links to both companies. I expect it'll be three games a round sold on plus origin and play offs, with rest online but this will be at the call of Fox wanting to make it worth having the online service on top of Sky coverage for die hards . Also with Fox controlling the rights, expect to get fox coverage of all the games, instead of Channel 9, except maybe Origin.
  5. Homes Under The Hammer

    In Australia the Aussie games are on Channel 7 with all other games on 7mate, a freeview channel akin to ITV4. This is the kind of deal we should have been aspiring for here. Premier really is a waste of time exposure wise for this event.
  6. Homes Under The Hammer

    They've actually moved all three group games from BBC 1 to BBC 2 now. Listings at
  7. Homes Under The Hammer

    Some advanced listings go up on the BBC Media Centre Website and advanced schedules go out on digiguide earlier than BBC put them on their website. The match was definitely originally scheduled on BBC ONE from 9:30am as they said as much on the Grand Final highlights programme last week. but they've decided to switch it to TWO and start at 9am. This is possibly because they have to show the opening ceremony and they won't take Breakfast off air before 9:15am when it normally finishes. All pretty poor stuff in my view, if this was Union World Cup they'd have shifted heaven and earth. Quite easy to put the normal BBC ONE programmes on to BBC TWO and let Rugby League have the exposure of being on the main channel which naturally gets better ratings. Interestingly the BBC does media centre website does suggest one sport will be on BBC ONE two days later and thats NFL all afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. Could be a mistake but we shall see. Whilst at it. Looks like FreeSports have three LIVE games on the opening weekend. Fri 27th: Australia v England (10am) Sat 28th: Fiji v USA (10:30am) Sun 29th: France v Lebanon (5am) The latter would not have been available Live without this new channel as it clashes with Ireland v Italy (4am) & Scotland v Tonga (6:15am) which are on Premier. Another clash airs on Sunday 5th when Papua New Guinea v Ireland (Premier) & Italy v USA (FreeSports) both kick off at 6am. Bilko -
  8. Indeed. Answer provided then seemingly ignored by the thread. has all the commentary links.
  9. No its not on TV. Sky showed a game short in Round just gone Monday and a game short this upcoming round because they showed four games from Round 11, the two extra having been brought forward on World Club Series weekend.
  10. Just to say the has had a bit of a mobile friendly revamp. Hope it works!
  11. I spent the afternoon on it. I hope to give it its own website soon.
  12. The Stevo on field team introduction lasted three rounds/six matches in 1996 before being dropped discretely whilst Super League took a weeks break for the Challenge Cup Final. Biggest gimmick not mentioned is the old advert break crossword that lasted from about 1993 to 1999. A bizarre idea that went because ad breaks decreased but was a good bit of fun. Eddie and Stevo also used to do a pantomime on the boots n all Christmas special. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast being two. Boots n all was a cracking show in winter days that got stuck in to the issues of the game. A party line began to be towed in summer and it became a poor token gesture when it returned when the ended "the world of super league".
  13. Worth noting that these Friday Premier League games are not weekly and only a maximum of 10 per football season. Given the football season runs for four months during Super League off season this isn't going to be such a big deal. Fact the big teams play in Europe quite a few midweeks also means that it'll be very difficult for Sky to have big "blockbuster" games on Friday Night and thus if you end up with Middlesborough v West Brom on a Friday it's not really going to be much different to a Championship Match between Leeds and Nottingham Forest. If it becomes a weekly thing in future than that might be an issue but for the moment it's not so much. It's more to give the PL flexibility around Champions League when Monday Night becomes difficult if teams are in Europe Tuesday or Wednesday.
  14. League Express Issue 2900 - 3rd February 2014. Article by Dave Rogers on Page 3 states "it does include coverage of the Championship Competitions from 2015 and international rugby league from 2018 onwards". By Championship that has turned out to me just middle 8s matches. Overall though their was so much fudging between two contracts at the time it was hard to work out what the deal actually entailed.
  15. I think the length was naive because it'd lacked foresight into rapidly changing technology. I mean not only have Sky been given the tv rights, they've seemingly got the digital and streaming rights as well. With the increase in 4g mobile technology, arguably more and more people will soon be watching on tablets rather than TV. This deal doesn't seem to be very pro-active in that regard. Overall a total failure to get any competition into tv rights is what is holding the sport back.