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  1. Mancunians Launch Magic 5's Mancunians have launched a new, innovative project named the Magic 5’s. The Magic 5’s is the latest innovation from Manchester’s dual code rugby club and will see schools and community teams from across Manchester compete in a series of tournaments and festivals under the Magic 5’s banner. Played under five-a-side rules, the Magic 5’s is inspired by an event that Mancunians ran three years ago and will see the five-a-side concept extended to the sports that Mancunians offer including both codes of Rugby, Walking Football, Touch Rugby, Handball and Dodgeball. Mancunians is Manchester’s Dual Code Rugby club offering Rugby League in the summer months and Rugby Union in the winter. Working all over Manchester providing after school clubs, teaching cover and assisting schools to run sports teams, Mancunians has a 20:20 vision of getting 1,000 people active regularly and has a long-term goal to be a professional club. Part of the Active Mancunians programme and based on the philosophy of Primary Rugby League and the small sided games concept, Magic 5’s allows participants to be involved at all times and is as suited to sessions involving older people as it is to primary aged children as it encourages learning new skills through play. Many sports are now introducing a small-sided games format and the Magic 5’s will enable Mancunians to include even more people in their city wide activity. The events will see the theme of the number five run through them with the five metre tackle rule being used and games lasting five minutes each way, alongside other innovations such as a five point try being introduced and teams consisting of five players per side. Other sports will also see abbreviated rules being introduced with Handball and Walking Football games being played for five minutes each way and consisting of five players per side. More info here:
  2. Agreed on all counts. What a terrible mess.
  3. This will throw a spanner in the works... If one adds in the fact that the RFL are likely to lose out on between 8&10 million quid from Sport England soon and according to one of those 'reliable sources' that everyone involved in RL has, they may have to move out of Red Hall and find new offices in the near future, how does that affect things? Just a rumour of course...
  4. I don't see it as dodgy dealing John, just straightforward negotiations to give a business a fighting chance of survival. They are going to need more than that to stay up by the sounds of it.
  5. It is a mess. So sad. However, there's nothing to stop NewCo from negotiating a heavily discounted rent with the RFL which will offset the reduction in central funding and go somewhere to balance the books. NewCo would actually have a decent negotiating position as if the RFL refuses...then they won't get any rent at all. The details are complicated to decipher but that's what I would suggest from what I can understand.
  6. You're almost correct when you say that but in reality it's very different now. Many were members clubs which have a very different legal structure to a modern IPS.
  7. SEQDU Are excellent. But don't forget. It's not about what you do, it's about why you do it.
  8. Of course they can. What's the reason they can't?
  9. Because I can read and I was pretty close to the action for a number of years. Morocco and Japan for example, played in the last Emerging Nations despite not having a domestic competition and not having any plans to introduce a domestic comp either. It made life very difficult for me and other members of the team trying to justify their inclusion in the comp when they were at the time, quite obviously an artificial team.
  10. Wouldn't/ shouldn't the objective be to reward those nations who are full or affiliate members to incentise or reward them? Why include Nations who don't have any domestic activity and don't have any plans to do so?
  11. Don't open that can of worms
  12. That's the rub. Those posts are likely to have been funded by SE in the first place. They've effectively been told that they need to reduce costs by digitising so they won't be able to reallocate budget, it will have been taken off them. You could argue that if an organisation was profitable it should have invested into digital platforms before now but it hasn't. Why's that?
  13. Also a massive cost saving. The technology can be paid for from Sport England but that means less budget for people to administer registrations which sadly means redundancies...
  14. It turn out the digital restructuring is actually quite significant. Much more than a new twitter account...
  15. That sounds like an improvement on 2000 at least....