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  1. I have no doubt that Ricky Wilby is a very capable and professional operator but I just hope he hasn’t fallen under the spell of the convicted fraudster who used to frequent the Perpignan and Canet Plage areas of South West France. He is well known for tricking and convincing even the smartest operators - including the owners of this forum and people who are and were in the highest positions in the British game - into allowing them to provide advertising space that he sold on several times to several unwitting customers, often charities, in a number of sports over the years and was even featured in a BBC Radio 4 programme: see link below. IF he is involved - and I have no evidence that he is - it will end in tears. Let’s see these property magnates that Wilby mentions,, if they are associates of the chap mentioned above they will be fraudsters also. And good ones. I sincerely hope that New York are a raging success but knowing this bloke well, he won’t be able to stop himself from trying to get involved.
  2. Clive Sullivan - The man who broke rugby's racial barrier.

    Or perhaps Jimmy Cumberbatch? He played for Broughton Rangers, Lancashire and England in the 1930’s.
  3. Mancunians Introduce ‘Rugby Kidz’ Programme Innovative Manchester based rugby club, Mancunians have launched Rugby Kidz, a new initiative aimed at engaging young children in the sport of rugby. Aimed at children in reception, year one and year two, the programme will encourage the children who participate to develop new and existing skills and improve physical literacy in a safe and fun environment. Using a multi-sports approach, Rugby Kidz will introduce children to the core skills of rugby, catching, passing, running with the ball, decision making and so much more utilising skills and games from other sports. Once children graduate from the Rugby Kidz programme they will be signposted to Mancunians’ ever-growing under 7’s and under 8’s teams that play rugby league in the summer and rugby union in the winter. Rugby Kidz sessions will run on Sunday mornings throughout the year at Mancunians’ Hough End base using the indoor sports hall during the winter months and then outdoors during the spring and summer. Rugby Kidz will also be introduced into the local Primary Schools that Mancunians work with and all primary after school clubs will be rebranded to Rugby Kidz Clubs with immediate effect. Salford Red Devils fan, Paul McKenna has been bringing his two daughters to Rugby Kidz sessions since last September and is impressed at the way his children have developed. “it's a very enjoyable session for them and they look forward to going every week.” He said. “Their skills and confidence have improved considerably since they started and it is great to see them enjoy themselves”. Gill Appleby brings her two grandchildren aged four and five years old to the sessions every week and says that her Manchester City loving family are very impressed with the way that the sessions are run. “They are very enjoyable and both of my Grandchildren have developed enormously since they started going. Mancunians is a welcoming and friendly club and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their children along.” Sessions cost £3 per week and can be booked in advance at or by calling 07977 486236. Schools who are interested in hosting a Rugby Kidz club can call 07977 486236 or email for more information.
  4. TV details for Samoa v England

    Chris, the problem is that the RFL is currently run by a bloke who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.
  5. £47,500 for Mancunians

    A great time was had by all at our birthday party today. Woolston Rovers, Cadishead Rhinos, Salford Roosters and Mancunians played in the sunshine. Another couple of successes: we've recruited a couple more players for our minis teams and a full Adult Tag Rugby team have joined up. All in one day. Great result. EDIT We also have a ten year old referee. He's a sibiling of one of the younger kids. He loved it too.
  6. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Have you become ther unofficial press officer, Stuart? Your posts are getting increasily like that North Manchester RL chap who used to post on here. What happened to him? It's fanatstic weather for our 8th Birthday Party today. Four clubs coming to Hough End with their junior teams to celebrate with us. Should be a great day. Our wheelchair and tag teams are getting an outing soon also too.
  7. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Which team? The men's team play in the NW merit league. The U7's/ Cubs are playing in NWC festivals The U8's are playing in NWC festivals We may also have an U14's for the first time who are probably going be to be playing firendlies this year.
  8. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Thanks. It's a constant battle to get rugby league on the agenda anywhere in Manchester. We made a decision 4/5 years ago that if we are to reach our objective then we'd have to do one of two things: spend a lot of money for not much chance of return which would be unsustainable and result in the club having debt, or that we play the long game and develop strong local partnerships. We chose the latter and to add other sports to our repertoire and we're much, much stronger for it.
  9. £47,500 for Mancunians

    We'll always be a rugby league club. All the other activities we do are done to compliment our rugby league activities - our core. We run union activities over the winter simply to prevent people from what we call 'drift'. I.e. We spend a lot of time and effort recruiting players of all ages to the club in the spring and summer only for them to go off in the winter and play union with the majority of them either not coming back to the club at the time of year we want them to or coming back at all. That way the rugby league side of the club gets stronger each year.
  10. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Yes it does. We've engaged with a team manager who is going to run things. He'll get in touch. Can you send your details please?
  11. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Thank you.
  12. £47,500 for Mancunians

    It's the same as Tag rugby but no running or kicking. One foot needs to be on the floor at all times, on and off the ball. And before the flat cappers ask, it has a play the ball also.
  13. £47,500 for Mancunians

    Mancunians are celebrating a major funding boost after receiving nearly £50,000 to kick off new sporting activity across Manchester. Mancunians, who are Manchester’s dual code rugby club have been granted £47,500 to grow their successful Active Mancunians programme across the city. The programme will see both codes of Rugby, Handball, Dodgeball, Wheelchair Rugby, Walking Football and new sports including Walking Netball and Walking Rugby introduced at various areas around the UK’s second city. The Active Mancunians programme, which is unique to Manchester will be delivered in collaboration with the growing number of partners that Mancunians has across the city and will create a gateway for people getting involved in sport for the first time, for those returning to activity and to signpost people of all ages into the existing sports teams that the club has. The programme will also see Mancunians extend their ever-growing primary school programme to new schools in new areas of Manchester which have been requesting to join. The club is seeing a steady stream of children join the club’s out of school activity sessions from primary schools and this is seen as a priority area. Read more here:
  14. Endangered Rugby League Clubs

    Thanks. Found it now. That's not good. Would be interesting to know who is chasing them and why. In any case it underlines the risks of chasing an unsustainable and unachievable dream. Once the money starts to run out, horrendous problems start to happen.
  15. Endangered Rugby League Clubs

    Can you provide a link? Can't see anything.