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  1. Anyone got a link for commentary?
  2. I dont think anyone let themselves down tonight, toronto are just class. Would have liked to see us score a couple of tries but it wasnt to be. On to the final next week, lets get back to winning ways with some silverware and then focus on the rest of the season.
  3. Wether the team is delepted or not we will still give them a good go. Great opportunity for some of the lads who havnt had as much game time to show what theyve got and put themselves in the mix for the final next week.
  4. Former Great Britain and England players Chris Joynt and Keith Senior will conduct the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup sixth round draw on Tuesday, April 25 (from 6.30pm). The draw will be broadcast live on BBC News Channel’s Sportsday programme.
  5. Hopefully we enjoy torontos artificial pitch just as much, see they are already 16-0 up at crusaders
  6. Great result away from home!
  7. I dont get why saturday nights arent favourable, personally i think its great because i can finish my shift at 5 past 6 and get the the game before kickoff, whereas a sunday i would have to give it a miss or use holidays. Sure there will be plenty in the same boat? Thought we did well in poor conditions last night and great to see us keeping york to nil even though they did have their chances especially in the 2nd half. Shame about morrow believe hes done his shoulder in, luckily we have a decent sized squad with plenty of cover but the sooner hes back the better.
  8. Wonder how the RFL will decide who goes up. Will they allow one of the relegated teams to go back in or will they go for the runners up in the play off final. Wouldn't suprise me if they just promote toronto, it would certainly make for a more interesting league 1 next season.
  9. Someone on their forum mentioned him signing a few days ago, along with carter and walker!
  10. 1. Chris fleming 2. Lee Haney 3. Chris Hankinson 4. Cameron pitman 5. Max Wiper 6. Peter Lupton 7. Liam Campbell 8. Rauri mcgoff 9. Nathan Mossop 10. Anthony bate 11. Andy Litherland 12. Adam Nicholson 13. Liam Harrisson 14. Brad Marwood 15. Dan Toal 16. Matty heaton 17. Danny Jones
  11. What games have you been watching? Weve scored over 200 points in 6 games with ward as our kicker and i think apart from yesterday he has done well, maybe someone on here can let us know how many kicks he has got/missed. Just beaten the league favourites to progress to the next round of the challenge cup yet theres still something to moan about.
  12. Oh dear kev wont be happy!
  13. Not on his performances when he played for us, didnt do anything wrong but nothing outstanding either. Plenty of potential there though and he must be doing something right to get himself noticed by saints. Good luck to him.
  14. Widnes Saints Salford Huddersfield Leeds Castleford
  15. Weathers not been too bad here snow + ice wise, i would say it will be on unless it gets a lot worse.