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  1. Raider94

    RFL Disciplinary Panel

    I think Dallimore got banned for the same thing last year and thats why he received a longer ban this time under the new rules.
  2. Raider94

    Gene Ormsby

    Believe hes signed a contract with us til the end of the season (not a loan deal). Maybe seeing how he gets on with a view to signing next year?
  3. Raider94


    Today's Raiders team: Fieldhouse, S Toal, Hulme, Loxam, Cresswell, Marwood, Ashall, Parata, Duffy, Bullock, Crellin, Stack, Aspinwall. Substitutes: Mossop, Walker, Susino, D Toal Commentary available from 2.50pm at or on 106.3 Cando Fm
  4. Raider94

    Raiders V Batley

    Commentary available on, or 106.3 CandoFM LIVE FROM 1450
  5. Raider94

    2018 Squad

    Is max wiper still signed on?
  6. Raider94

    Big loss

    Speaking of big losses, the signing of Oliver Wilkes has just been announced by workington.
  7. Raider94

    Moving the Club forward with your help

    Workington run a '200 club' where they sell tickets for £20 at the start of the season, a number gets picked out every week and the winner gets a free ticket or hospitality or whatever prize it is that week.
  8. Raider94


    I thought that myself when i got told it cost us, i knew we paid to enter but obviously with winning it should have made a little bit of profit atleast. Heard a rumour that the ipro cup has been scrapped for next season, shame if it has with the structure of the challenge cup making it nearly impossible for a league 1 team to get a big cup day.
  9. Raider94


    This is what i got sent about last night. Got 12k prize money for sunday, Haven got 10k tho Made 35k in cup run Blackpool cost us money Debts not bad. Need to average 1200 fans next year to stay afloat, 2 haven guys close to joining, italian international signed.
  10. Raider94

    Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Well Whitehaven went and gave them a really good game last week so I'd be disappointed if we dont at least go and give them a go. We became a bit of a laughing stock after the last trip and all the stuff surrounding it we should be putting it right.
  11. Raider94

    Barrow v Town

    Only 4 points ahead arent we?
  12. Raider94

    Barrow v Town

    Great win! All we need to do is win 1 of the final 2 and we have got 2nd place and a home semi final.
  13. Raider94

    Barrow Raiders v Doncaster Rovers

    Another good win that shows the team can dig deep and win the hard way in poor conditions. Our pack is just class id love to have seen toronto come and play us at craven park this year but its not to be. Need to carry the momentum up to Newcastle cant afford any slip ups with haven on our heels!
  14. Raider94

    Whitehaven KO time

    Anyone got a link for commentary?
  15. Raider94

    Players Visas for Toronto trip

    I dont think anyone let themselves down tonight, toronto are just class. Would have liked to see us score a couple of tries but it wasnt to be. On to the final next week, lets get back to winning ways with some silverware and then focus on the rest of the season.