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  1. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet 16, Bradford 36

    Ive seen em 4 times John , twice again us , once at your place when they nicked it off an injury time kick,and Newcastle and they aint playing that well. Get Butler Fleming back fit this week and a fired up Adam Robbo and you've a chance but watch Flanagan near the line ...
  2. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet 16, Bradford 36

    We don't get much luck on the playing front do we ? Last week Moi Moi gets a 2 match ban and somehow plays before its enforced and is responsible for us getting a man going in the bin just 1 tackle into the 2nd half , Worky then get 12 points in them 10 mins . This week Flanagan who broke his hand and hasn't played for 6-7 week ...guess what , he comes back for Hunslet and true to script gets his usual tries from dummy half , if we don't know by now what he will do we never will . TBH if we,d have had Chappell and Braham we could have nicked that , Bulls were nowt special , Crossley was the best forward on the field , Chisholm is class but so lazy and just does enough . We need a full strength team on the Park for the play offs , id love to see a fully fit Walker and Grimmer with this squad.
  3. The King Of Leon

    Haven reaction

    said last week when we played you, without moi moi you would struggle to beat Haven and so it seems.
  4. The King Of Leon

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    I thought youd got a tidy little ground compared to how it used to be.Were all in the same boat in this no mans league and it breaks my heart to see some of the crowds at traditional clubs. Stick together !
  5. The King Of Leon

    Workington on Sunday

    I thought we played very well 1st half and could have scored in the 39 th min when Williams stole the ball one on one and looked to add to the 14-4 score, we played great for the 1st 40 mins our forwards making great yards.The 2nd half was a disaster from the opening set , Flynn got 10 mins in the bin after a Moi Moi charge then Penky took charge and Worky got 12 points while we were down to 12. Worky then dominated the rest of the half to be honest , Muffy got us back in the game but somehow Sandy hit the post with the easy kick and Town punished us more with a late try with Forber hitting the goal from the touchline. We didn't go for one 40/20 in the entire match on the rock hard pitch which I find strange in this weather, to make matters worse I think Zak Braham broke his arm and Lewis Reed limped off .
  6. The King Of Leon

    Bulls Thunder

    Fairfolly , the Bulls went for goal twice when Thunder were down to 12 men, you made one break in the 2nd half when Chisholm went 60 yards, Thunder were held up at least twice over the line and got within scoring another 3 or 4 times. No doubt about it we got out of jail at North Wales last week and with a weakened squad at Worky we will do well to get a result tomorrow. However with a full squad watch out for us in the play offs.
  7. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet game.

    Said for a while this could happen if it doesn’t rain , north wales was rock hard last week and ours was the week before . We’re setting off at 10.30 am any updates appreciated in the morrning
  8. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet game.

    Just replying to DavidM
  9. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet game.

    Watson Chappel Foggin - Johnson
  10. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet game.

    Weve got 3 key players out which isn't good now for our chances, has the pitch been watered ? Like concrete down here.
  11. The King Of Leon

    Bulls Thunder

    I went to this , trust me that was a false scoreline, Bulls were awful scored 6 points off a kick in last min. Thunder battered away at the line in 2nd half but cudnt get the ball down. Bulls were having to go for goal even when Thunder had a man in the bin. Take Chisholm out and they could have even lost, we both play them in the next couple of weeks and on this evidence they are no certs .
  12. The King Of Leon

    Round 16 - Doncaster - Retro Round!

    And now moi moi can play again us apparently even though he got 2 matches ffs
  13. The King Of Leon

    Round 16 - Doncaster - Retro Round!

    Lets hope HKR don't have any injuries for the play offs lads, if they do then its Bradford and us going to the promise land
  14. The King Of Leon

    Round 16 - Doncaster - Retro Round!

    Wheres Normington these days lads ? You know whose fast coming up on the rails don't you...
  15. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet game.

    just Penky to stop then , worky 10 Hunslet 24