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  1. Hunslet reaction

    To be honest both teams played well in a good open game , I thought Oli Wilkes played well for you, Doran who I rate highly was a disappointment after his opening try and I expected more from Tansey. Still think you will be up there come end of the season.
  2. Hunslet 27, Workington 20

    What a terrific game that was, best ive seen down there for a long time, even if we had lost id have said we played well ! My only problem was the pitch or state of it after American Football had been played on it 24 hours earlier !
  3. Would you prefer a 4G Pitch at SLS ?

    Watching the game at Oldham and Widnes tonight, no mud making a quick fast passing game, wouldn't it be great if Leeds City Council did the same ? Thoughts....
  4. Oldham

    0-0 for 38 mins then the usual ht try to put Oldham 6-0 up at ht.The 2nd half was a vast improvement by both teams and when Oldham went 12-0 up it looked bleak but a try by the impressive Walker after a great crossfield kick by Sanderson when Jimmy Watson had gone 60 yards gave us hope esp after Sandy converted converted from the touchline. However Oldham soon got a try back after a forward drive and offload to go 16-6 up but crucially the easy kick was missed and with 25 mins to go Hunslet started to make inroads with Sandy and Southernwood linking well and when a kick through was spilled by Kyren Johnson it looked like Blagborugh picked the ball up to score an opportunist try and with an easy kick to come at 16-12 it was game on. After Oldham then bombed a try we then produced a brilliant try when Cowling and Jordan - Roberts released Walker who went down the touchline leaving Johnson for dead and with Sandy adding the goal we were in front at 18-16. After more Hunslet pressure with 5 mins to go I think it was Reed who made the game safe with a close in try leaving Sandy the easy kick to complete a great 24-16 victory. For us Watson , Sanderson were outstanding, Cowling was solid and Walker could be a real find with 2 great tries his 2nd a real beauty and after a dire performance against Keighley a real turn around . We must now address why we are so much better away from home then at the wind tunnel of South Leeds Stadium !
  5. Hunslet

    thanks lads 2 good lakers, I rate them both. York and Donny play this DR bigtime , we might as well join em.
  6. harry tyler wilson

    one things for sure whoever made Southernwood a marquee signing needs to look at their judgement. Ansell got some stick and had his critics but at least he could throw a moneyball pass at times and open up a defence.Where we go from here after that performance god only knows, only Ashton from the many pre season signings has looked value for money.
  7. Danny Ansell

    i think were being a bit hard on the kid, he improved no end last season and was named Swintons m o m in the game he played for them at the start of the season. Playing alongside Paul Sykes or Gareth Moore will no doubt improve him.
  8. Hunslet 26, NWC 10

    Pudsey , our budget is one of the biggest in the division ( Bradford excluded ) we have a 100k backer, we should be able to blow anyone else out of the water.
  9. Hunslet 26, NWC 10

    nothing wrong with jack lee , john. Just think Penky would be a great addition to the squad if we want to get out of this division.
  10. Hunslet 26, NWC 10

    Tom Ashton been the signing of the season so far , can I suggest we replace Flanagan with a similar hooker who creates havoc at this level , his name ,,, Sean Penkywicz , the travelling up to Worky must be a killer and he showed against the Old Boys in the Cup just what he can do .
  11. Just been playing Argus , Robin the opening bars of Blowin Free get me everytime ! So many memories of seeing them at The Reading Festival , Leeds Uni, Bradford St George Hall, Leicester De Montford Hall and more recently the Irish Centre in Leeds and Andy Powell still working that Flying V...
  12. Continuing from the Obituary thread , Argus by Wishbone Ash an amazing album and still possibly my all time fav, The King Will Come, Warrior and Blowin Free this album was soooo good it more or less ruined The Ash they tried but could never better it and sadly Martin Turner and Andy Powell split hence the 2 bands still touring today.
  13. Argus still my fav all time album Robin, Blowin Free gets the hairs on my neck standing up everytime.
  14. I preferred Sounds, always got it on a weds morning and looked for the tours and new albums by my fav bands like Wishbone Ash !
  15. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

    You made hard work of that lads, id backed you -16 I seem to be a Jonah for you , had you at Keighley as well . Thought when Penky was on you were ok , when he was off it was a 50/50 game. Credit to the Parkside team they were much better ( and bigger ) than I thought.