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  1. Thought it was a good commited effort against a fairly decent Rhinos team. To lead 14-10 on the hour , then unluckily concede an 80 yard intercept try off a dropped pass plus a last min drop goal shows what an even contest it was . Ansells kicking was a massive improvement on last week and to get 2 massive 40/20,s shows just what he can do. With all the chances we had close to the line im sure if George Flanagan had been playing then the score would have been different.
  2. I,ll agree with that play Danny Thomas at stand off, at least he can create things and offers options. This might seem out of the box, but Rob Roberts looked like hed lost loads of weight and possibly match fit on sunday , we need someone in the forwards who can offload and set some moves up , how about registering him as a player ?
  3. Lets pull no punches, it was dreadful, playing downhill 2nd half and only 18-6 behind we should have done far better. Apart from one high kick on the 6th tackle after about 65 mins the rest of the kicking game was abysmal. On that evidence its gonna be a long hard season, hope im wrong.
  4. Surely the obvious thing to do is put a newly formed Bradford Bulls into championship 1 and fast track Toronto into the Championship.Whats the point of seeing Fui Fui Moi Moi and half the ex leigh team wracking up 100 point wins against Oxford, South Wales and Gloucester ?
  5. well done from all at Hunslet
  6. Seconded John
  7. I thought it was an excellent venue, big ca r parks bang opposite , loads of meeters and greeters to show you where to go , loads of food /drink outlets and a great view, I also thought the Ricoh in Coventry was very good as well.
  8. can see Toronto fast tracked into the championship tbh
  9. I will be there, knew Keith very well, condolenses from all at Hunslet.
  10. signed for Donny, bad news for us, not always apprieciated by some but always gave 100 % and top try scorer plus always took the ball up out of defence.Best of luck Ritchie but not again us...
  11. Amazingly we missed out on a trip to Toulouse last year and now hoping wed see one of the best Cities in the World in Toronto I can see this going t its up with the Bradford situation....ah well we can always look forward to going up to Worky and Haven instead !
  12. Will we be playing Bradford Northern ( not Bulls ) at Horsfall Stadium next season ? and not getting a trip to Toronto because I can see them getting fast tracked into the Championship with that squad and Bradford getting demoted .What a mess the RL is in with the situations at Sheffield and York, Fax taking a pay cut, Salford escaping by the skin of their teeth and now Bradford looking bust. At least us at Hunslet pay our way.
  13. As a neutral who sees a lot of you when Hunslet aren't playing it was pretty obvious why you were clueless today and no one has yet sussed it.........Paul Sykes wasn't playing
  14. Got to be said I never saw that coming, after the shocking home performance against Doncaster and the hammering at Barrow I think most Hunslet fans expected another loss today.However the opposite happened, we seem to play far better away from home with a far more expansive game and fully deserved the win today. Danny Ansell had his best game for the club, Jake Normington was awesome and with the 2 best no9,s in the league controlling the ruck we gave York a lesson in taking our chances. To be honest I wish we played away everyweek.
  15. Your season turned round the day you signed Dallimore, a very good player.