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  1. The King Of Leon

    Today against Halifax

    Agree about the disapline, we must be aware that other teams will target Richard Moore by targeting him and hes got to not respond and keep his cool. Lets hope he does on Sat against Parkside.
  2. The King Of Leon

    mufaro mvududu

    I asked the question and was told he was taking a year out from the game .
  3. The King Of Leon

    Today against Halifax

    Got to agree, I was critical about Dean last week but yesterday he made 2 tries and scored 1 in the 1st half, kicked a goal from the touchline and looked a good signing. The big no 12 who I presumed was Hawksworth because there was no teamsheet or names on the jerseys also looked good . The penalty count was 13-4 to Halifax and in the 2nd half we hardly had any possession even going downhill and sooner or later Fax finally got in front after countless sets in our 25 due to penalties piggy backing them up field . To say we lost Ben Heaton after 30 mins with stitches in his knee, Ritchie Moore got 10 mins in the bin before ht , Adam Robbo never come out in the 2nd half, Jack Lee and Nathan Chapell were missing it was a good afternoons work against a very fit , fast team who with QLT, Murrell and Grady back will be serious contenders in the Championship.
  4. The King Of Leon

    York’s cup match thread

    very impressed with Joufret, think you will have a decent season. The 2 sending offs were ridiculous and spoiled a decent contest up to then , yellow cards would have been enough .
  5. The King Of Leon

    mufaro mvududu

    Got to agree with everything that's been put on here after Sundays showing, getting our packleader sent off, our captain sin binned and main tackle buster pulling out in the warm up were 3 killers that didn't help but the French kid at stand off and Brambini had a field day against our half backs. One big positive was Ben Heaton at centre who looked the real deal.
  6. The King Of Leon

    Garry Schofield's League 1 Predictions

    2 way race between Worky and Hunslet
  7. The King Of Leon

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Cronulla Sharks for me , Shaun Johnson to lead them around the Park alongside Matt Moylan and Josh Dugan ....nice
  8. The King Of Leon


    Skybet lol try to get more than a fiver on , a joke firm
  9. The King Of Leon


    I think with a potential pack of Moore Lee Robinson Ashton Stragher and Tonks it will only be a year before we join the Baby Robins lads , keep a place for us.
  10. The King Of Leon

    2019 squad

    Blimey I thought you,d signed THE Kevin Brown from Wire then John !
  11. The King Of Leon

    Danny Nicklas

    Any honest Opinions lads ? Weve signed him, didn't he play for York ? Just hope hes better than the last scrum half you sent us , Tyson - Wilson ! Thanks for Adam Robinson by the way, always been tremendous against us whoever hes played for .
  12. The King Of Leon

    Official Club Statement.

    no but ive just backed Worky in a private bet , only Tyson and Woods to stop
  13. The King Of Leon

    Official Club Statement.

    nowt like a good smokescreen all week m8
  14. The King Of Leon

    Official Club Statement.

    says my man whose at the ground just now
  15. The King Of Leon

    Official Club Statement.

    Its a miracle , Worky have got 17 playing and Penky also is in !!