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  1. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    I saw him play for Fev one night against London he was only average tbh , I,ll admit he run us ragged last sunday but hes no Jonathan Ford or Jarrad Sammat. I was more impressed with Vince Rennie last week , he took us apart in the pack.
  2. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    I never expected to win with the team we had out but to get hammered 10 -46 was ridiculous. Once again outplayed at half back and the prop Vince Rennie made more yards himself than the combined Hunslet pack . The Toon looked a decent outfit as we found out when beaten up there and only last week posted 50 against Worky, I think the most galling fact was when a certain winger collected the ball over 50 yards out and terrorised our defence to score one of the best wingers tries ive seen for many a year , if only we had a big strong winger who could score like that .....guess what , we had and he never had a decent pass in the few games he got to play for us before being deemed not good enough and given away .....well played Mo Agoro that must have been a sweet moment, it could only happen at Hunslet .
  3. The King Of Leon

    Whitehaven 46, Hunslet 10

    Bang right Pudsey, we have a great goalkicker and good long passer at stand off but should take the line on more and a scrum half who looks good against the lower teams but comes up short again the top teams. That sums it up.
  4. The King Of Leon

    Whitehaven 46, Hunslet 10

    I didn't go so hard to comment but when you play Whitehaven its pretty obvious your gameplan should be try and give Dion Ayre as little time as possible and stop him getting the ball to Jessie Joe Parker .....result Ayre 2 tries Parker 2 tries, its ok running big scores in this lop sided div again Hemel etc but when we come up again a half decent playmaker like Penky, Ayre , Chisholm, Hardcastle its always the same story. No doubt when we play Newcastle next week Lewis Young will be allowed to play in a dinner jacket just like he did when we played them up there.
  5. The King Of Leon

    Ryan Brierley

    I was wondering the same ? is he injured ??
  6. The King Of Leon

    Newcastle away

    There not a bad team Newcastle, they beat us ( Hunslet ) up there and that Lewis Young is some player. I take it Penky didn't have his usual " A" game ?
  7. The King Of Leon

    Hunslet 48, Skolars 12

    a good point about Daley Williams. Hope Zak Braham is injury free for Haven on Sunday.
  8. The King Of Leon

    It's three years to the day since *that* match

    id backed Fev at big odds on as well my luckiest ever punt
  9. The King Of Leon

    Richard Moore

    Injuries to key players and selling the Club Captain hasn't helped John and your right if Newcastle get Hock with Finn they will be serious contenders but losing Lewis Young which looks likely will be a massive blow. Good luck at Worky on Sunday, stoping Penky is the key. Very impressed with Batchelor St Helens obviously felt the same !
  10. The King Of Leon

    Richard Moore

    Announced in the Rugby Leaguer.A great signing for next season can offload like no other forward weve had since Danny Fearon, things looking good for next year.
  11. The King Of Leon

    Poor poor Hunslet side today

    Can’t beleive I missed Ashton out , he’s been a standout player this season and should be in the 2nd row, no way would he have been bullied like we were on Sunday. Good job Andy Ellis and Jake Butler -Fleming weren’t playing . However we proved at the SLS with the right team again York we can give them a game and if we play them again in the play offs we might put up a better fight .
  12. The King Of Leon

    Poor poor Hunslet side today

    This game proved without Chappell, Tonks, Braham, Haley, Williams, Duffy we lack any kind of firepower and their replacements are ok against Hemel and West Wales but nowhere near good enough against York , we didn't make one line break in 80 mins and that says everything. York were very impressive and to say they were on the verge of going under 2 years ago the transformation is remarkable, yes they are DR with HKR but that's the way of the World in RL.
  13. The King Of Leon

    Keighley 16, Hunslet 24

    Thought it was a real tale of 2 halfs with the ref who gave Keighley everything in the 1st half and then gave everything to us in the 2nd - a 10 nil penalty count to us going down the slope and Keighley had to give in eventually. Thought Reed getting sent off was very harsh but even against 12 men Keighley never broke us once and their only ploy was Hardcastle booting the ball as high as he could which resulted in 2 lucky tries off shocking bounces. Thought Chappell had a strong game , Tonks runs it in well but with Ashton getting 4 matches, Reed possibly a ban and Zak brakeing his arm its gunna be tough now to get in the 5 , the programme seller, if that's alright with him, should be aware I backed us with 4 start y,day and at 16-0 cursed myself however all was good at the end ...
  14. The King Of Leon

    Brian Bevan

    I saw him play at Parkside for Blackpool against Hunslet but he was at the very end of his career but my Dad told me all about him and the tries he scored for Warrington.
  15. The King Of Leon

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    Congrats on a great result