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  1. Don't forget Barry also won us promotion John, not denying he got us relegated twice ( in a very tough league ) but the promotion also needs addressing. Regarding this season it was ridiculous Toronto not getting fast tracked into the Championship and Bradford not put into Championship 1, no one wants to see a squad with their financial clout knocking up 80-100 everyweek.
  2. Whilst I think your being a bit hard on Barry Eaton John I respect your decision, I believe Bazza falling out with Grimmer from virtually the 1st game at Wakefield against Fev cost us the chance of staying up and not DR, that plus a load of bad luck in 2 games against Halifax in particular. Regarding Brown he used to kick 40/20,s against us for fun when he played for Sheff but all that seemed to stop when he joined us ! I also think Danny Thomas never showed his true qualities for us and for that blame the coaching which seemed to stifle his attacking capabilities just like Brown.
  3. If we are blaming Barry Eaton we might as well blame Bramald as well John who couldn't get Simon Brown to perform to his best even in the pub league that we are now in.
  4. After watching Simon Brown give an absolute masterclass in tactical kicking last night for Sheffield against Dewsbury im left wondering why we never got the best out of him at Hunslet ! Was it poor coaching or the fact that Sheffield have players out wide who can read his game better ?Whatever the reason he was outstanding last night and tbh I wish we still had him.
  5. A tremendous advert for the Championship today, a real end to end game with some quality tries from both teams , played at last in glorious weather which makes such a difference from the usual mudbath conditions, only beaten really by the quality of Pelafasini ( Feka ) who was a handful everytime he touched the ball and set up donnys equalising try after we had hit the lead with 20 mins to go. To be 16-6 down at half time after losing Jake Normo to the sin bin and Lewis Reed to injury things looked bleak but the team showed great fighting qualities in the 2nd half to be 22-16 up but Feka turned it around with a damageing run and offload to level things up.A Donny drop goal with 10 mins to go seemed to win it but a try with the last move of the game from Tali wrapped it up but with a bit more better line defence in the 1st half we could have won this.Cant knock the effort though today , a great game.
  6. Liam Finn
  7. Hope you are well Steve same old same old with our grimmer they leave him out and leak tries when he plays they are more solid naylor knows this but feels obliged to play the lonees from cas and Huddersfield never should have left the Huns but again was he was rejected for asbeens

  8. you were warned about Ford, the best player in the Championship by a country mile
  9. This should be a great game, keeping Ford quiet is the key, he really is different gravy at this level.
  10. So far as I know he was working away in the building trade
  11. I couldn't get to the Hemel and Halifax games but thought we were lucky to beat Gloucester but until we get a decent sunday without rain , wind and mud its impossible to access how we are doing. Unfortunetly the Whitehaven game at the weekend has now been postponed - no doubt it will be blue skies , calm and sun out this sunday..... from what ive seen Ince looks a decent winger.
  12. ive heard it all now, our captain and only threat near the line dropped, you couldn't make it up.
  13. Don't tell me they have dropped George Flanagan !?
  14. Weve never had as many coaches, surely good solid ex pro players such as Rob Roberts, Mark Cass, as well as James Coyle and Steve Deakin can learn them a few new moves in training ! The bottom line though when you lose experienced players like Brown, Barnett and Faal and replace them with kids the writing was on the wall.
  15. Very well played Thunder you outclassed us the centre Olpherts looks a great prospect.