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  1. good luck worky ive taken you with 48.5 start
  2. Its a fair point mate , this time it was Zak Braham who got 10 in the 2nd half . Once again Dion Ayre and Jessie Joe Parker beat us , same old story - you could write the script , without them 2 they wouldn't have scored a point . To say we were without our 2 strike centres in Chappell and Heaton it was a decent effort and to say we were robbed with a dissalowed try near the end is an understatement , they fumbled the ball over the line and we touched down , its on the clubs website to view.
  3. Didn't he get injured while Boxing in some Charity Event and not playing Rugby ? Which beggers belief , who on earth would let a marquee signing go Boxing before the start of the season ?
  4. Thank god i got 18 start and not 16 John, amazed with the players missing you went up there and won by that amount , by the way we threw it away against Fax, Robbo is playing great
  5. Got to agree with most of that Gabby, at least Sandy is in the team this weekend, best goalkicker weve had since Mike Fletcher , an absolute devastating blow about Richard Moore and the Donny player who did it gets off scott free . A ball handling prop to replace Richie is now needed , I know Matt Nicholson has been released by Dewsbury tbh Id have him back , never let us down and can offload .
  6. No Chappell, Heaton, Moore or Sanderson this wont be easy .
  7. just to add to this we had a player at Hunslet who even though he only played a few games through injury I really rated, he went to Batley this year , name ... Niall Walker, Whats happened to him ? Don't say hes injured again ?
  8. Hunslet v Rhinos in the Championship should be 2 keenly contested games but at least if it dosent happen Wigan at Home should be good
  9. Chappell has an ankle injury , not sure about Jack , but not having our best goalkicker , I hope that dosent come back to haunt us .
  10. Anyone go ? Thought for 70 mins best weve played for a long time , quick play the balls , expansive passing ,offloads , even the wingers saw plenty of ball . Only slight downside was the last 10 mins when at 36-0 and the game well won we conceded 3 late tries and fair play to the Bulls for not throwing the towel in .The enigma is who do we play at half back , with 4 to go at Dean , Southernwood , Nicklaus and Sanderson, Dean has been the most impressive in pre season and we need Sandy for his goalkicking which could be crucial at Donny so id go with them 2 and maybe the others on the bench. Love to see this line up ... 1 Watson 2 Potts 3 Heaton 4 Chappell 5 Bloomfield 6 Dean 7 Sanderson 8 Moore 9 Lee 10 Robinson 11 Ashton 12 Straugher 13 Tonks 14 Southernwood 15 Haley 16 Emmett 17 Braham
  11. We played Bradford today was 36-0 up with 10 mins to go , ended 36-18 but played really well , im very optimistic for this season.Ive seen you twice at Batley and Dewsbury and been impressed both times . Dallimore is out tomorrow and im hoping to make ££££ on your boys.
  12. Good luck John ive backed you , very impressed with you at Dewsbury last week
  13. and to think when we at Hunslet did DR with Leeds 4 years ago and got a couple of Rhinos players , it was the Fev fans who were up in arms .... we stand alone at Fev, we,ll never go down that route at Fev , just 2 of the statements they spouted at the time, lol.
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