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  1. Awful News, condolences from Hunslet.
  2. We will give you a good game for 70 mins then Penky will win you the game late on , as he always does. A pity 2 of our main strike players are out in Ashton and Dean as id be confident but no Wilkes for you levels it out, hope the weather is fine.
  3. If Ford isn't a better half back than owt Leeds Rhinos have got than I,ll eat my hat. Same with Dane Chisholm, as well ask any Fev fans hes turned them around.
  4. Theres a guy at Toulouse whose the best passer of a ball ive seen since Wally Lewis and a stand off ....how Leeds or anyone else in SL haven't signed him ill never know ! I aint gonna say his name but you should all know !
  5. I don't think ive got sky sports mix mate !
  6. Seen the games this weekend on sky sports arena - 4 pages down from normal sports list ....but a couple of weeks ago the game apparently was on something called sky sports mix - what the hell is that ?
  7. looked all over sky channels this morning and yet again nothing on main channels - why do they hide the nrl games ??
  8. you've one player to stop - Hardcastle everything revolves around him , beware im gunna back you to win ...the kiss of death
  9. The characters and scenes fro my fav ever TV Show This is a Local House for Local People The League Of Gentlemen
  10. Blame it all on me , I backed you at 4/1 to win the league ffs
  11. good luck worky ive taken you with 48.5 start
  12. Its a fair point mate , this time it was Zak Braham who got 10 in the 2nd half . Once again Dion Ayre and Jessie Joe Parker beat us , same old story - you could write the script , without them 2 they wouldn't have scored a point . To say we were without our 2 strike centres in Chappell and Heaton it was a decent effort and to say we were robbed with a dissalowed try near the end is an understatement , they fumbled the ball over the line and we touched down , its on the clubs website to view.
  13. Didn't he get injured while Boxing in some Charity Event and not playing Rugby ? Which beggers belief , who on earth would let a marquee signing go Boxing before the start of the season ?
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