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  1. So where do you think we will finish ?

    Think Bradford will walk it but the 2nd spot is well up for grabs. Injuries and DR ( York / Donny ) to have a massive say but think we will be in the mix for 2nd spot, this would be hopefully how it will pan out . 1 Bradford 2 Hunslet 3 York 4 Doncaster 5 Whitehaven 6 Oldham 7 Keighley 8 Workington 9 Gateshead 10 London 11North Wales 12 Coventry 13 West Wales 14 Hemel Any Opinions
  2. 2018 Squad.

    any opinions on Nathan Chappell lads ? I remember having a great game for you against us 3 seasons ago, weve signed him.
  3. 2016 Reserves. Where are they now?

    Jack Coventry has been with us at Hunslet for the last 18 month and weve just added a winger from oxford called Jordan Gill who I presume is the one listed on here.
  4. Another RL character gone

    Think it was Graham Swales and he was playing for Bramley at McClaren Field at the time, Geoff ( Piggy ) was not Happy and that's an understatement ! What he did for Huyton was incredible r.i.p
  5. 2018 Fixtures

    easy wins on 6th may and aug 19th :-)
  6. Bradford ?

    you've got a good memory john ! I cant even remember his full name but he could slip a pass out of a tackle which he did for Gateshead again us - think he only played 2 pre season games then vanished never to be seen again.... However you've got a decent lad in Jake Normo, hes a loose cannon with a short fuse but a decent player and will stand out in your motley pre season signings of wakefield kids who no one has heard of, Donny resreves, and the usual HKR cast offs, Jake will stand out like Wally Lewis compared to them :-) :-)
  7. Bradford ?

    Our new winger Jordan Gill scored 3 tries for Oxford when they beat York.....that's a great pedigree and will do for me :-)
  8. Grimmer is back

    anyone who scored 3 tries again York will do for me lads
  9. Bradford ?

    Morning John, cant wait for the new season , think Bradford will finish top so long as Chisholm dosent get injured. Look forward to meeting up when we play you.
  10. Bradford ?

    Come on lads, it was one of the biggest flukes in sporting history, from memory you scored one try after the half time hooter had gone and the ref didn't hear it and another on the 7th tackle, Paul Rowley was going radio rental about the ref esp after Craig Hall had a good try dissalowed :-) :-) I just hope Hunslet don't get the same ref when we play you next year we don't want him keeping the score down as we run the tries in ... :-) Grimmer putting Foggin - Johnson in for his hat trick to get the 50 up only to be pulled up for a forward pass is just not on :-) :-)
  11. Bradford ?

    i remember watching that game on premier sports, I think the ref got yorks man of the match award :-)
  12. Bradford ?

    All good fun John, have you still got that Nick Rawsthorne I wouldn't mind taking him as well - we just take who we want. Because we can !
  13. Bradford ?

    Foggin -Johnson, Tyson -Wilson and Mallender know whose the top dogs once more lads, they aint daft. Back to being our feeder club once again, it was only a matter of time :-)
  14. Bradford ?

    Be afraid, be very afraid.... we are back !!
  15. Grimmer is back

    I know that Graham I couldn't believe Oldham didn't play him there either ! However with Sanderson, Southernwood and Tyson- Wilson at half back id like to see Grimmer maybe at loose forward.