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  1. Hows Duckworth been playing for your lot ? weve got him back on loan, big enough for a second row imo
  2. 5 days for us through the Toronto Official site staying at The Sheraton cost about 850 and that included a ground ticket and flights from Manchester. An amazing experience, Toronto is a sport mad City and it wont be long before they are in SL so visit there next year ! By the way did anyone see Brett Whiteheads pass for Hemel to set up a try last week? On that evidence id get him back asap ( its on facebook )
  3. Meatbodies, Wooden Shjips, Mark Lanegan, Moon Duo and The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  4. One man has killed Sport in the lower leagues and that includes RL, RU and Soccer his name was Jean Marc Bosman.
  5. We play Newcastle at Home but the 1st time we haven't a game we will be coming over to support Swinton, i came over the other week when you beat Oldham !
  6. Anything by The Brian Jonestown Massacre but I got my eyes on you off Strung Out In Heaven is my fav
  7. That Olpherts is one good centre and destroyed us last time at the start of the season. Salford must have seen him as well because they,ve signed him for next season, he actually trained with us a few seasons ago and deemed not good enough ! It could only happen at Hunslet.
  8. yes that was a well constructed post Hawkwindbag, sounds like one bad afternoon. On Paper that was our strongest team as well bar Hesketh.
  9. so did anybody go ? was it as bad as the result suggest ?
  10. Think hes only played one game roger against York at home, cant really form an opinion yet
  11. It really will be disgraceful if they somehow keep Bradford up, if Glasgow Rangers were deemed not to big to go down to the bottom tier then the same should be applied to the Bulls
  12. very impressed with Sanderson yesterday, his timing of a pass to put the runner into a gap is getting better each week and the long ball to Brierley for the try is something I haven't seen for a long time.Get him on a long term contract.
  13. This is the Club who used to say we will never go DR, now everyweek they say I wonder who we will get for sunday from their masters the Rhinos....
  14. You will love it Gav, Toronto is awesome, its a sport mad City and RL will surely take off bigtime, we saw Toronto FC who had 29,000, theres the Blue Jays Baseball who get even more and the Astronauts NFL plus the Ice Hockey Maple Leafs ! Niagara Falls is just incredible and well worth a visit.
  15. We are there now , Toronto is huge the place is awesome the team is very under strength with at least 7 missing but hey they will give it their best shot hopefully .