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  1. Same could be said of Workington “fans” going by the post below yours
  2. Pleased you can engage in a reasonable debate. Am I not a Reds fan? (Cue further abuse)
  3. I liked the post because as much as I would be pleased to see a new stadium in West Cumbria it would not be at any price. I think the poster was right in what he was saying. I think a PFI built stadium would be a disaster and a millstone round Allerdales neck. If I was a Town or Reds fan I would be concerned as to how much that would be costing my club.
  4. Does the Cup not take precedence?
  5. Marrafan


    The joys of DR!
  6. What an arrogant reply! Typical of the SL mentality ruining the game
  7. Would think every club would like a new investor. It’s not exactly a cash rich game is it? Don’t think I would have wanted Mr Koukash anywhere near, not sure Town would either but hey that’s just my opinion. Just happy I’ve got a club to support this season. Be interesting to see if he can make a go of it in Liverpool and how long he lasts before he gets fed up.
  8. Haven’t a scooby do Jim and not bothered. Try answering my question.
  9. Shame for you looked a decent p0ayer for you in the Ike game. Hope he recovers well.
  10. Does he replace the local lad that’s gone to Kells?
  11. I thought he had been released by “mutual consent”. Surely that applied to both sides of the contract didn’t it? If not and they are holding back his playing registration I’m afraid that’s indefensible.
  12. Well done Town you deserved to win the friendly. I’m sure Geordie Townie will be counting the crowd on his photographs as we speak. Plenty of work for Haven to do on that performance. At least your wingers saw some ball.
  13. Good idea certainly worth considering by the powers that be surely.
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