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  1. It’s a sad emoji actually Jim. Sad that your life appears consumed by what goes on in Whitehaven to the exclusion of anything Town related.
  2. Bulman, Thompson C Phillips, Kelly, Parker fringe players?
  3. Both Ethan Kelly and Matty While have been out longer and are still out. So your now saying we have been lucky with no serious long term injuries? Nothing to do with the way we have played then? Have you watched any games this season?
  4. How can you say a bit of luck on the injury front? At least 8 injuries of four weeks plus, 3 picked up in one game.
  5. Long way to go yet Sandy. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of twists and turns to play out yet.
  6. Marrafan


    Donald and me have never pretended to be Town fans. Always said we were Haven. Jim is obsessed with Haven and thinks any town fan who posts anything against the club is a Haven fan. Totally deluded.
  7. Thought Oldham was just over 300.
  8. And Whitehaven fans complain at being charged a quid deposit
  9. Just asked a question on an open forum. I can look and go on any clubs forum so am I obsessed with every other club? Whitehaven have been trying to redevelop the ground for years now, long before Town even thought about it so how does that make us obsessive about Town?
  10. How much was handed over by your three “fans” to save you 2/3 years ago?
  11. All sounds positive as long as it keeps taking us forward. Back shift Friday so I’ll miss it, fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks for that Ivan there was me thinking Haven won because they were the better team. Officials, injuries, time between games, ifs and buts any more excuses to tell us that we were lucky to win? Take your rose coloured glasses off marra.
  13. Certainly was Not even a prop on the bench and we still took your superstar pack backwards.
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