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  1. Marrafan

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Surnames start with a capital letter, it is Mr Kear. Know your English! 🤣🤣
  2. Marrafan

    Town V Skolars predictions

    Unfortunately the same rubbish emanates from Allerdale so both areas must drink from the same fountain. Why let truth get in the way of a good rumour no matter how ridiculous it is.
  3. Marrafan


    Your opinion. Will bow to your greater knowledge.
  4. Marrafan


    Assuming York win next week.
  5. Marrafan


    It’s seems to be part of the modern game, turning down 2 points to put more pressure on the defending team. I think fans of all clubs get frustrated by it and how many times do we see it all come to nothing, not even a completed set of six? Never mind we are all coaches, refs etc on the terraces. 🤣
  6. Marrafan

    Workington away.

    Thank you.
  7. Marrafan

    This weeks officials

    You don’t but you were against us, so don’t blame the man in the middle.
  8. Marrafan

    Workington away.

    The game is being streamed live on the RFL Our League app for those of you not going.
  9. Marrafan

    York City Knights predictions

    Being streamed free on the Our League app.
  10. Marrafan

    Carl Forster

    If the board were not so inept and had got off their backsides to bring money in then it would have been a different story. They have pleaded poverty, got money of us speccies then told us nowt. The old mushroom syndrome, not a bit a wonder fans are not happy. As you yourself have said about them Geordie they shouldn’t be anywhere near a rugby club.
  11. Marrafan

    Bradford Predictions

    Congratulations Town excellent win, well done.
  12. Marrafan

    Bradford Predictions

    Yes posted on social media she has another job.
  13. Marrafan

    Bradford Predictions

    Is that the Geordie shoreline? lol, I'll get my coat.......
  14. Marrafan

    Liam Finn

    None of those names appear in the title of this thread........just saying
  15. Marrafan


    It’s easier to make an excuse not to go than it is for some people to say yes I’ll go. Afraid it’s the same everywhere.