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  1. Town website

    Is he really? You are Carl Forster and I claim my winnings
  2. Town website

    Your problem GT is that according to you everyone goes to Haven for more money. Not everything is about money.
  3. Silly season has begun. Rumours etc.

    Maybe you should be bothered more about your own "rats leaving your sinking ship"
  4. Chris Coward

    Oh yes he did!!!
  5. Whitehaven

    Karl Foster has nothing to do with Whitehaven marra!!
  6. It's Newcastle

    Excellent post Captain and I would have pressed the like button but cannot agree with first sentence of the last paragraph!! As a Whitehaven supporter I would prefer us to be promoted rather than our Cumbrian neighbours.
  7. Wolfpack vs Whitehaven

    Er no! There was a possibility we could have ended fourth meaning a home game against Toronto. You obviously haven't applied for an ETA as you would have known you need to declare dates of travel.
  8. Wolfpack vs Whitehaven

    Absolute rubbish. ETA applied for within a week of fixture published. Two approved after team had flown to Canada.
  9. Play offs format

    Now now Sandy, play nice. I can't help it if Town fans believe they will win anything meaningful.
  10. Play offs format

    And the moons made of cheese!!!
  11. Media coverage of Cumbrian R.L.

    Absolutely pathetic Sandy! Coverage of people watching tele in a bar is now classed as sports coverage. Can't imagine there will be coverage of England in RLWC but maybe Scotland may get a mention.
  12. When did Barrow get promoted?
  13. Hunslet V Town.

    Read it again Haven were never mentioned! Maybe that's what's wrong with too many on here....
  14. Hunslet V Town.

    Hope too many didn't take your advice with the bookies. Love a knowledgeable tipster!!
  15. Staring to get worried

    But that defence has been better than Coventry, Oxford, South Wales and Hunslet who you mention and also Town who you conveniently forgot to mention!!! So you are right about being forgetful about rugby!