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  1. Now now Sandy, play nice. I can't help it if Town fans believe they will win anything meaningful.
  2. And the moons made of cheese!!!
  3. Absolutely pathetic Sandy! Coverage of people watching tele in a bar is now classed as sports coverage. Can't imagine there will be coverage of England in RLWC but maybe Scotland may get a mention.
  4. When did Barrow get promoted?
  5. Read it again Haven were never mentioned! Maybe that's what's wrong with too many on here....
  6. Hope too many didn't take your advice with the bookies. Love a knowledgeable tipster!!
  7. But that defence has been better than Coventry, Oxford, South Wales and Hunslet who you mention and also Town who you conveniently forgot to mention!!! So you are right about being forgetful about rugby!
  8. Gillmeister, I wasn't talking about finances I was talking about Voodooguru's ridiculous comments about watering the pitch for the Toronto game. Finances are a concern for any club in this league, Town included because as you rightly say of the lack of interest. A change is needed at the top of the RFL to take it away from being so SL orientated. That is however for a sensible conversation which is lacking on either forum.
  9. The moon is made of cheese as well. You can believe it because I told you so.
  10. Just had an alert from BBC sport app that game has been postponed!!!
  11. Bad enough to pay for it but then to add insult to injury those attending Magic Weekend can view for free. Not those who have followed England/GB all over the place or who support any kind of Rugby League outside of SL. The whole problem with the RFL they think of nothing beyond SL, not a bit of wonder the game is in the state it is. The same people who decide the BBC offer was not good enough decided Eddie Stobbart's was!!! Beggars belief.
  12. So after running the SL boys close twice you must surely be expecting a big win for Town. If Haven are half the joke you reckon they are than anything less is surely disastrous for you.
  13. Must be getting soft in my old age DKW couldn't agree with you more!!
  14. He's an important part of the team so why not?
  15. Sorry to disappoint guys statement from Whitehaven on their forum: Stories circulating yesterday that WRLFC2010 was issued a winding up order from HRMC, the winding up petition was issued against WRLFC2012 , to our knowledge no such company exists and the winding up order was withdrawn, the club can confirm there are no outstanding payments owed to HRMC from WRLFC 2010. The club is moving forward in a progressive and positive light as shown in recent weeks and the squad that has been assembled. We look forward to a great season ahead with plenty of support from the local community. Posted on behalf of, Tom Todd Chairman WRLFC 2010