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  1. pudsey hawk

    Reserve league

    In an ideal world league 1 and championship clubs should refuse to do dual reg then super league clubs would be forced into reserve team. No supporter outside of super league seriously want success given to them by dual reg
  2. pudsey hawk


    Unfortunately no one seems interested. Made loads of good signings too
  3. pudsey hawk

    League 1 2019 table predictions

    Hunslet to top it
  4. pudsey hawk

    2019 Squad and signings

  5. pudsey hawk

    2019 Squad and signings

    Grimshaw was a waste of time for hunslet last season. Could never get a run of games
  6. pudsey hawk

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Be amazed if rugby league is here in 5 years . League one will end up playing each other home and away then loop fixtures which is farce. Had enough of this sport now
  7. pudsey hawk

    Predictions for league 1

    League 1 south might change a few things and too soon. Hunslet yet to announce several players
  8. pudsey hawk

    Dan Hawksworth

    Don’t know how this post got on here 😳
  9. pudsey hawk

    Dan Hawksworth

    Sounds decent
  10. pudsey hawk

    Dan Hawksworth

    Was announced yesterday morning
  11. pudsey hawk

    Dan Hawksworth

    good to know cos we need better. Released 9 and 3 others gone so fair bit of work to do in rebuilding. Will York continue DR with hull kr ?
  12. pudsey hawk


    I agree Blackpool, but to be fair wingers don't apply at hunslet.
  13. pudsey hawk

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    If rest of super league can afford a second team I'm sure Leeds can. They just prefer dual reg. Not sure how much a second team would cost us but at the moment we have no chance of bringing anyone through or keeping fringe players match fit (see Newcastle match for proof )
  14. pudsey hawk

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    Badly need a second team
  15. pudsey hawk

    Is Mr 94 at most Hunslet games

    Home and away including long trip to west wales