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  1. Promotion in 2018

    Does that mean shield as been scrapped for us Hunslet boys ?
  2. 2018 Squad

    Jake decent when he wants but nothing from him last year where as season before he was good
  3. Grimmer is back

    see York have signed normington.
  4. Grimmer is back

    moving up Blackpool πŸ˜‰
  5. Grimmer is back

    new winger sounds good 19 tries in 16 games for Oxford. Plenty of try scorers
  6. Grimmer is back

    Some good signings but still a long way off a promotion team but should make top 8,
  7. Bristol RLFC

    US dumb fans would never have thought of that
  8. Tommy Brierley

    hardly featured for Hunslet. Struggled
  9. Danny Ansell

    never got him to be honest.has everything but does nothing consistently. Pass to man next to him as quickly as possible.not a half back for me.
  10. Exits.

    ryan mallender joined Hunslet
  11. Exits.

    bye πŸ™‹
  12. Exits.

    that was Simon 😊
  13. Harry Tyson-Wilson

    York seem very up themselves for a team with a ###### poor recent past😊
  14. Exits.

    other clubs wanted Cain southerwood who you don't rate 😊
  15. Exits.

    depends how good your coach is.