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  1. absolutely not. Think as a club we are making some bad judgement calls. How can you dual reg with a club who are having to loan players in
  2. Aston Wilson finally realised he could break tackles and grew in confidence. best step I've seen for ages from Jimmy Watson. Well done Hunslet
  3. complete joke of a club. Their entire set up is worse than amateur. Even had same bus company to bring both teams.
  4. yeah, think I'm up for that one
  5. Agree 100 % , no point giving him time he isn't good enough. 2 passes and a drive is utter garbage.3 kids from leeds are way outta their depth at this level.No pace at all and a winger on loan who scored 1 try in 16 appearances for Whitehaven,surely we can do better than that.people will not pay £15 to watch performances like today.
  6. Lot of new players and 1st hit of the season. Need time to gel, but was disappointed with all the new players. definitely looked out of their depth. Fev on the other hand should be pushing hull kr.
  7. Seems a very weird squad. On last seasons showing we don't need any wingers
  8. Cumbrian teams will be up there on home form.Hunslet and cougars from Yorkshire I have doubts on Toronto even lasting. Someone over there is obviously an idiot with money. Most of their squad may not settle
  9. i was more interested in Aston Wilson named number 12
  10. worky and haven at home. barrow away
  11. johnson disappointing, Coventry ok
  12. Not heard anything about voting
  13. Not sure about Coyle, but set up looks ok
  14. most improved would be danny ansell for me
  15. didnt realise we were that close