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  1. Oldham. Now I'm not saying these are the best players. They are the ones that stand out. They are players that I've seen, so none of the older greats are included. 1 Paul Aitchison. 2 Charlie McAlister 3Des Foy 4.4 Hussain M'Barky 5 John Henderson 6 Paddy Kirwan 7Ray Ashton 8 hugh Waddell 9 Alan McCurry 10 Bob Lindner 11paul Round 12 terry Flanagan 13 Andy good way. 14 mick Burke 15 john cogger 16 Mike ford 17 mick Worrall.
  2. To be honest no I haven't. However, back in the day injury pile ups were less obvious because we had the 'A' teamers and if necessary the colts. Now it's more obvious because we don't have automatic replacements.
  3. Just read that Latics have been playing Celtic at Bower Fold. Hope they haven't ruined our playing surface!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. The problem, Roger, is that the Naylors great grandad had a bike. So he spread his seed wide and far. The thread is about getting rid of Scott Naylor. however dave Naylor is a fan and a whizz with things on the Web, dark, deep and www dot. But the original op just said 'naylor' . See?
  5. Well I know he's taking ages with the new website and his views on marketing the name Roughyeds don't please some fans but his twitter updates are good. I say keep him. On a serious note though No! Who would replace Scott and would they do any better? I can't see it.
  6. He was and I remember he always had loads of padding and bandages on one arm.
  7. As an Oldham fan can't wait for the final to be moved from Wembley so that the Oldham challenge cup curse can be broken. We've not been in the final since we were there 4 times on the trot ,1924,25,26 and 27. The first wembley final being 1929. Robbed by hull kr in 1964 semi, match abandoned, poor light, with us winning. Robbed by Castleford in1986. Bob beardsmore scored with leg in touch. Oh for the big screen then. Robbed by Warrington in 1990. Perfect kick by Mike ford through to Paul lord, touched down , only for John holdsworth to dissallow the try for off side. Never! Bitter ? MeπŸ˜‘
  8. Hmmmmm! ? You can't see the pattern can you? Oldham seem to have thrown the towel in with certain games, namely hull kr , tolouse and London. Yet pull their fingers out with teams around us. Remember we've beaten Bradford, Dewsbury, Swinton and Sheffield and drew away to Rochdale. Had close losses to featherstone away andLondon at home. And we've still got a game in hand, home to dewsbury. So I think you need to put Swinton and Rochdale back into that relegation fight.
  9. I know we're better than this. I'm pretty sure it's one of mental attitude. I think there must be a list of 'must wins' in the teams minds. Whether there's a physical list up I don't know. And there's a similar list of 'not going to wins' and this , tolouse and HullKR are in that list. I think we need a sports psychologist to say 'you know what lads, you can win this'. And then if we lose, it won't be by as many. Swinton winning hasn't done us any favours either..
  10. I see Nathan Mason is in the team. Always get a good feeling when he plays. Hope I'm right.
  11. Wonder what the bookies would give for all away wins?
  12. Loads of memories. Some of which have already been mentioned. I remember one very very cold Tuesday night. It was bitter and we were playing featherstone at home at t'sheddings. We were stood nehind the sticks on the club end kop.Ray Ashton received the ball on the half way line, attacking the Herbert stand end. A fev player grabbed him , ashy side stepped and sped through. BUT the fev player had grabbed ashys jock strap. He kept running till it snapped. He ran on and scored. There was a sharp intake of breath from the crowd as the elastic snapped. Heh heh happy days.
  13. Why was Nathan Mason dropped from the team sheet at the last minute? Anyone know?
  14. Wasn't he so big they had to sew two shirts together?
  15. The circular 'phoenix' avatar that oldham 13 uses on Twitter has been used by someone, I assume the same person, on this site.