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  1. It never happens that way though. They'll keep us in suspense and drip feed us one by one , some time after Christmas.
  2. Of course people are entitled to express their opinion. The trouble is it's the same old negative moan without a constructive means of addressing the problem. We know the problem, repeating it over and over and over and over and over, isn't going to make one iota of a difference. We all know the solution! It's the same one the club has had since it's inception, MONEY! Back in the day it was wealthy benefactors, with the odd public subscription and the occasional bucket and blanket collection. So unless someone wins the lottery let's just do what we, as poor penniless fans, do best and that's turn up, and bore everyone we work and live with , but hopefully convert them to the cause. We are Oldham, we are the first home of Rugby League. We deserve to be at the top table. But before others believe in us we have to believe in ourselves. Come on Oldham!
  3. I get so exasperated with these recurring whiney comments. We all know we're not where we want to be. Do you honestly think that whinging and moaning and sniping and "let's look at companies House" is really going to change things? Do you really think that CH is looking at this forum and thinking "you know what they are right, I'm going to jack it in and hand it over to them because they know the facts!!!!?". No! We are where we are. I've pointed out ad nauseum this season was a dead rubber. Behind the scenes is what's happening. We have a 15 year lease on a training ground. A ladies team is well into its formation The noises from Frank Rothwell are positive vis a vis boundary park. As they say the only way is up! Come Oldham come on Oldham!
  4. No matter the position we end up, I always think about this time next year!? Hopefully we'll be in the same position that Keighley found themselves this year. But then I'll be worried about this time the year after.
  5. Well done the Hornets. I really hope you do it. Will miss the A627m derby. But, I want you to show those association round balls who's the superior team in Rochdale.
  6. I see Dec Gregory is departing Widnes. I don't think he achieved much with them this last season. I thought he was good with us. Whole hearted and although diminutive he gave 100% and lively on attack.
  7. Twas ever thus. Over the years I've rarely seen the instigator get punished, but have often seen the retaliator punished.
  8. Apparently, next season as now. Any changes to be in 2024. Of course this is the RFL we're talking about. Never was as good since it moved from Queen St, Oldham.
  9. To be fair, to both hornets and us, it wasn't short term gains. Neither of us could carry on on at dilapidated grounds. We didn't have really a choice.
  10. Must admit though, there are some inconsistencies in RL . Newcastle being one of them. Won nowt, game wise, and were promoted on promises of 'expansion' and spreading the game. Now they can't maintain that promise. Going back to part time. Do they deserve to be in the championship? Well yes, they followed the rules and they are outside the relegation zone. Do we deserve to be in the play offs, of course. On the off chance we win all our remaining games and get promoted, the RL will look at changing the rules. Because it will be seen as a nonsense that sixth place can be promoted. But for now those are the rules. Does anyone know has any team won the play offs from such a low position?
  11. Oh, really?. Denmark got knocked out of the Euros, but won the cup because they were reinstated because Yugoslavia was disbanded. Did they deserve it?
  12. What!? Objective: get in top six. Achieved! Therefore deserved! Hunslet got one point from four off us this season. If, and yes I know its a big ask, ('possible' versus 'probable' and if lady luck goes our way) we beat the butterflies, sorry , the hornets, is that undeserved? We will always be one game away from the next step. The seasons not over till Dave says it is. He's already said win the next five games and ........! Come on Oldham come on Oldham!
  13. Not being pedantic, well yes I am , only the grammatical society may get a hold of it and I know you're probably from Yorkshire where normal rules tend not to apply, but It's 'folklore'! Sorry?
  14. And the capacity? It's a big game for both teams.
  15. Saving their players for the big match in the A627m el classico me thinks!?
  16. Way to go Dave, what's the next step in your plan?
  17. Remember that season, about 10 years ago, we had no players with about a month before kick off!? We did quite well that season. Remember the season the old club went bust, no players? The game survived. I know it's another game but I always remember Denmark winning the Euros after they were knocked out in the rounds. You can't predict what the next season will bring. Let's see what this season turns up first. Remember it's knock out rugby from now on and we're at home for the first game.
  18. 1997, on boots n all, stevo said, and I paraphrase , Oldham will be back in superleague in 3-5 years. Yeah right!!!. Predictions and prophesies along with prophets are bo llocks. It's a numbers game. There's at least one person saying Wakefield Will win superleague next year. If, on the off chance, it happens, they'll be regarded as a prophet, a sayer, a person of extreme knowledge. They're not. How many economists do you know who can predict the future? Exactly!!!
  19. Just to remind everyone that from that date on in 1895, the HQ and home of the northern union was, for 35 years, queen st Oldham. As it appears the new HQ is at the Etihad, a mere 2.7 miles from Oldham border, it would appear Rugby League is slowly but surely making its way home!
  20. TBH always found these questions meaningless. Can't compare forwards with backs , 1895 with 2022. But if a statue were to be erected in the town centre it would have to be Joe Ferguson. Prove me wrong.
  21. Bank holiday weekend maybe!? Think people would rather go to the caravan than spotland.
  22. It's survived so far. However having said that no club/business can survive in its present state. Continuity and change are a must in the survival stakes. It's a question of getting the balance right. You're mixing facts with opinion. Neither you me nor anyone else, apart from those running the club, have the 'true facts'. So it's your opinion based on hearsay and supposition.
  23. Hunslet lost 20-32. So their point difference is now +1. If we can't win at Swinton, we need to keep the score down and beat hunslet in the last game in order for Dave's prediction to come true.
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