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  1. That's a first, Millwall immediately followed by the word class.
  2. Williams a Dragon, would that be enough to qualify him to play for Wales at the 2021 World Cup?
  3. On the plus side, diners on the Rive Gauche were pleasantly surprised to find for once that their steaks were actually well done.
  4. Firemen would have put the blaze out sooner but for the interventions of French officials, who insisted they could not enter a public building with their faces covered.
  5. What is the difference between John Drake and David Furner? John spends all week trying to fix the problems with a siTe that is going down. David spends all week trying to fix the problems with ......
  6. Ottowa is also just across the river .....from Hull The Canadian Hull also has a Museum of Civilization
  7. MEA Championship October 2019 Great news that Morocco is back, and operating a league. Welcome to the international community Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. Many athletes from West Africa have the ideal build for being good forwards.
  8. Many people like to point out that rugby league does not get the media coverage it deserves. So when a major UK newspaper publishes a story about one of the most exciting developments in the game, how many comments does it get below the line? ZERO, yes not one person has commented on the story! The next time a sport reporter suggests a rugby league story, any sports editor will go "Thanks but no thanks, nobody reads that stuff."
  9. Assuming he stays in his new job for a week (big ask), would that be five drives and a dick?
  10. I went to get my hair cut this week, found out that the stylist was called Benjamin. I think he must have been a trainee though, as no matter what people requested of Ben the Barber, they all ended up with a short back and no sides.
  11. I recall the organisers saying there will be midweek games Found the quote in the Sky press release Unlike the 2017 tournament held in Australia, there will be midweek matches to maintain interest throughout the event and officials plan to recruit 1,500 volunteers to staff games.
  12. Pleased with all the venues, they should deliver a memorable set of tournaments and get some new people interested in the sport. Excellent ambition shown for the womens and wheelchair tournaments. Last time the tournaments were staged in the UK, Medway Park in Gillingham was the venue for all the matches. It is an international class sporting venue and indeed the home of England Wheelchair Rugby League. However its capacity can be no more than 500 people at best, down just one side of the pitch. Next time around for the Wheelchair players, they will play at EIS Sheffield, a major venue for indoor athletics and basketball plus The Copper Box (capacity 7,000) and possibly the leading indoor sports venue in the UK. (I personally have seen there international games/competitions in basketball, netball, volleyball, handball, badminton, taekwondo and boxing. Then there is the final at Liverpool Arena (capacity 11,000) which is where this year's netball world cup and a future gymnastics world championship will be staged. Similarly the women last time played at Dewsbury, Featherstone, Batley and Hunslett. 2021 they will be playing in York, Headingley, Anfield and Old Trafford. Hopefully the crowds can meet the increased capacities, if people turn out in numbers then league can lay claim to having the best womens world cup in rugby. The last two times that the other code's women's world cup were staged on British soil, the venues for the finals were Kingspan Stadium in Belfast and the Stoop. So if you are a female rugby player and want to play at the biggest most iconic stages in the world, the you need to be playing league! The excitement in York at being chosen to host the Womens World Cup
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