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  1. @2010LeeHurst The good news though is that you have now attained the qualifying standard for this year's Tour De France.

  2. @MrJCRobertson @WoughtonLeisure Good news for you, @TheWorldGames has just announced the sports for the 2021 editio…

  3. 12:45 With city rental #bike outside #Antwerp Central Station By 13:12 Bike outside Antwerp airport, having cycled…

  4. Absolutely stunning routine from #China at #acrobatics2018 in the men's group qualification, the height on the some…

  5. @MartynSadler Good to see that the Minister of Sport met with Lizzie Jones

  6. @DannyRoberts74

  7. Freddy Krueger still making one jump, however he no longer lives on Elm Street, instead he visits sports arenas aro…

  8. RT @C4Paralympics: Ladies & gentlemen, meet the Wheel Blacks - and their Haka... [🎥: Dawn Watson/]

  9. @Martin_A_Salmon This may come in handy

  10. Wow! Marc Sneyd's drop goal from the halfway line gives #HullFC the unlikeliest of victories

  11. This #ChicagoBlackhawks fan was in the stands then got asked to play in goal during an #NHL game, saved all the sho…

  12. Standing Ovation for a Ref...

    Absolutely JohnM, it was an isolated incident, normally when Australian sports stars are caught doing something wrong, they start weeping buckets.
  13. Cracking first half at the #KCOMCravenPark tries galore, plenty of controversial decisions for the video ref, and a…

  14. RT @olympicchannel: After helping James Bond launch the 2012 Olympics, Her Royal Majesty 👑 has a new assignment:

  15. Missing the boat

    If you ever have the misfortune to visit KCOM Craven Park, look past the curved end to the docks and you will see a tall metal object floating in the sea.