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  1. flyingking

    Jamaica v USA live now

    Jamaica's qualification is very welcome news and can hopefully boost the crowds for the World Cup games in some of the non heartland stadiums According to Wikipedia the biggest concentrations of Jamaicans are found in the following cities: London – 250,000 Brent, Croydon, Hackney, Haringey, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Waltham Forest and Enfield. Birmingham – 35,000 Handsworth, Winson Green, Aston, Ladywood, Newtown and Lozells Bristol – 20,000 St. Paul's and Redfield Nottingham - 12,200[29] Manchester – 10,000 Old Trafford, Moss Side, Cheetham Hill, Chorlton, Didsbury, Wythanshawe, Urmston and Sale Gloucester – 4,000 Barton, Tredworth Leeds – 4,000–5,000 Chapeltown and Harehills Leicester – 3,000–4,000 Highfields and St Matthews if their games could be played at Wembley (Brent) or the London Stadium (Hackney) Bristol City's ground and The Ricoh (West Midlands) then there could be some very healthy attendances at each ground.
  2. Antarctica is claimed by the following seven nations: Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Chile, Argentina and Norway, all nations who play rugby league internationally so the miseryguts would be wrong!
  3. FT 38-8 Canada appeared to enter the locker rooms at half time and not come out for the second half. Congratulations to a very powerful and useful Jamaica side
  4. Now 36-8 Embarrassingly one sided, Jamaica just far too physically strong. They will have a good chance against presumably USA in the final. The addition of the Super League players making a big difference to their squad. If Canada repeat this this performance in the bronze medal match, it could be a historic victory for Chile.
  5. BJB grabs his second try and Jamaica now sure to have two chances to qualify for the World Cup, either by winning the final at the weekend or by winning the repechage tournament featuring the loser of the Americas final, South Africa and the Cook Islands
  6. Jamaica have a third try disallowed, this time was a knock on
  7. Try Jamaica, the Caribbean side finding it all too easy to make metres and a huge deficit now for the Canadians to overhaul 22-8
  8. No match can be described as rugby league game nowadays unless it has a try disallowed for obstruction, Omari Caro the latest not to benefit.
  9. Ben Jones Bishop with the dummy and TRY 16-8 to Jamaica, looks like a case of No Canada!
  10. Canada get a lifeline, finding a gap to power through 8-12, as kick hit the post
  11. 12-4 to Jamaica at Half time, Jamaica looking very solid in defence and Canada repeatedly lacking quality to get line breaks or get in behind Jamaica. How amazing it would be if Jamaica qualified for a World Cup in England, they would be sure to gave lots of people supporting them.
  12. flyingking

    ENWC Results

    Great job RayCee
  13. flyingking

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Another amazing scenario would be Toulouse win by 55 points, Toronto and Halifax win and Hull KR lose a tight match. The Million Pound Game would then be Salford v HKR! There are variations on this, London could win a thriller but HKR still stay in the MPG, if the combined points difference swing from HKR to London in the Halifax and Widnes games is less than 15.
  14. Wigan fans may however be disappointed if they order the paella, contrary to the name it contains no pastry at all.
  15. Getting tickets is not the problem, whether the players turn up at the stadium on the date printed on your ticket might however be a different story.