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  1. Cult YouTuber Korean Billy, the Asian fascinated by British dialects has made a promotional video for Magic Weekend. Though a fair few people are knocking the video, it has already racked up an impressive 50,000 views. So, it is achieving its purpose of getting people talking about Magic Weekend
  2. Great result for Skolars against an All Golds team going well.
  3. The Wolfpack continue to be discussed in the most unlikely media outlets
  4. More details about the emerging nations tournament here. Confirmed nations are Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Niue, Philippines, Thailand and Vanuatu. The RLIF is expecting to confirm several additions to this already diverse list in coming months, with the tournament draw to be released in 2018.
  5. 10/10 for Art 1/10 for English Grammar The curse of the errant apostrophe strikes again. What does the Raven own? Therefore it should be Ravens, not Raven's. Note to our pancake and maple syrup-loving cousins, the butchering of the English language is best left to your Southern neighbours. The logo represents a powerful trickster figure that represents both good and evil and is an expert in killing the game. Are you Canadians sure, that the artwork was not originally commissioned by the RFU?
  6. The following sentence is one of the most gloriously bonkers I have ever written. Here is Al Jazeera's report on Toronto Wolfpack's League 1 debut.
  7. It is curious that Britain's second city never features in the names that crop up for future ventures. Birmingham has very few professional sports sides for a city of its size. It is a city starved of sporting success and apart from their cricketers and women footballers does not boast a team in the top flight of any league (West Brom is technically just outside Birmingham) The failed sporting ventures in Birmingham
  8. The Bryan Adams Experience were fantastic, everyone present seemed to be enjoying the performance. My brother and I had previously seen Europe do a gig at a sports event, and we were both agreed that the tribute act yesterday were better than the rock superstars.
  9. Ontario born, Toronto resident, Jason Englishman would have been perfect for this gig
  10. A few years ago the game had a truck tailgate opportunity.
  11. There are reports that a NRL star is set to be banned for life for alleged match fixing. Given the prevalence of match fixing in other sports it would not be surprising if it has touched rugby league. However it will be deeply disappointing and definitely not the sort of thing we wish to read about.
  12. In a rare departure, the Daily Mail has a story about the Challenge Cup early rounds. Any guesses whether it features Toronto or Fryston. Correct
  13. Watched the game from Paris and thought that Donald Trump's contractors had accidentally turned the construction plans upside down and had managed to build a wall that would keep out the Canadians.