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  1. VAR

    It is very simple, if the incident involves a player from the opposing team then the pass is clearly forward, if it is from my team then it is fine.
  2. rfl block minga

    Dave T Possibly, but the whole thrust of the regulations across all sports is that the Home Office wants people in the UK who are of exceptional quality, to ensure that jobs a European person could do are not filled by someone of an equal standard. In that respect, the international requirement is likely to be more important than minimum appearances. I would imagine that clause being drafted to cover the situation of a young international sportsman with amazing ability who may not have played many club games eg Neymar at Barcelona. I can not see that rule being waived for someone with no international experience. With regard to Minga's situation, there are a few things Featherstone could do; the rules do allow for a review of the RFL decision, but whether the club would want to incur legal expenses on a case with a highly uncertain chance of success is debatable. As Minga does qualify for France on residential grounds, he may not be far off the time needed to become a French citizen. Alternatively, if he has a European partner, then he would be able to immediately come and play for a UK club under EEA regulations, without needing a visa under the UK points system. Either way the problem would be solved
  3. rfl block minga

    The problem is two fold; the 75% appearances is a Home Office requirement across all sports, but injuries can be discounted with documentary evidence provided on official club stationery. Thus Featherstone would be able to get round this by asking Toulouse for confirmation of when Minga was injured. However the second requirement of having played recent International or NRL/SuperLeague football appears insurmountable. Both conditions have to be met for an initial application. So if he had played for Catalans he would have been fine, but unfortunately does not qualify with Toulouse. Applications for players whose current/last club is located outside of the U.K. but which competes in Super League, the Championship or League 1 Any such application will be an initial application not a change of employer application; however, to reflect that they have been competing in a U.K. based competition the player must have achieved at least one of the following: • played in at least 75% of competitive matches (first team matches not including friendly matches) in the Super League, Championship or League 1 (as applicable) for the period of the previous contract and the player met the initial requirements which were in place at the time when they signed for their previous club, based on the World rankings at that time, as verified by the RLIF. • meets any of the requirements set out in 3, 4 or 7 for initial applications (save that any reference to NRL matches in such requirements shall be deemed to be references to Super League,
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