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  1. British airports served by Air Transat are Manchester, Birmingham, Gatwick and Glasgow The perfect weekend, see a rugby league game and Niagra Falls. If you want to add in a bit of culture, the superb Royal Ontario Museum is next door to Lamport Stadium and there plenty of Broadway shows nearby
  2. A delight of sport is seeing stars in action who are so much better than their peers,such as Bolt, Farah, Van Gerwen is in that category too

  3. I hope Monte Gaddis earns a roster spot when the next Wolfpack trial match takes place. This link shows that he has got the character to make the most of any chance he might be given. He is also articulate, geared to helping others and is media savvy. He could be a great addition to the sport and someone who could be able to promote rugby league to American athletes.
  4. Of the sportspeople anyone who got a gold medal was awarded an honour. Rowing is not a mainstream sport so anyone who can name more than 3 rowers is likely to be a rower themselves.
  5. Sally Barker MBE a sports masseur for the British Cycling Team has also acted as a team masseur for the England Women Rugby League team and for the New Zealand's mens team on a couple of 4 Nations tours.
  6. For those not familiar with Tim Adams, he is the Chairman of Rugby League Benevolent Fund which is part of Rugby League Cares.
  7. An insight into what other sports are doing to interact with fans
  8. Excellent to hear of the hard work that is going into some of the newer pockets where rugby league is springing up, hope that El Salvador, Poland, Hungary and the other nations involved will soon become full members of the RLIF and will be able to try and qualify for the 2021 World Cup.
  9. Excellent interview with Paul Cooke and Adrian Durham covering a number of interesting subjects; analysis of Hull FC post Wembley, the passion for rugby league in Hull, and being a modern coach.
  10. Turkey are going to have their first league competition games appropriately enough on Christmas Day! The inaugural Turkish Rugby League Association competition will kick off this Sunday in Istanbul with two matches. The 5 competing teams will be: Bilgi Kadikoy Bosphorus Eski┼čehir Aqua Olimpos Full details to be released at their season launch tomorrow night. (source RLEF Facebook page)
  11. Agreed, excellent article I would like to read some more about clubs that are developing links with Africa either in their own communities.Perhaps we could have a Rugby League World article featuring Widnes' work in West Africa and London Skolars efforts with local schools. The games before the Capital Challenge show that Skolars are tapping into London's ethnically diverse population.
  12. Give him a chance, he is probably the most approachable member of the Royal Family and the one most likely to relate to the Rugby League fan base Given his relish of tough physical challenges and his passion for sport in changing lives, he could turn out to be an excellent appointment.
  13. That is Liverpool the suburb in Sydney, Latin Heat have announced a bumper day of international matches for February 4th
  14. It was the national side's first fixture.
  15. Got cheap tickets to the Challenge Cup Final because I wanted to experience an event at Wembley. Then was in Australia a few weeks later and saw two play off games Tigers Wests v NZ Warriors, followed by Melbourne Storm v NZ Warriors.