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  1. Several matches of the Wheelchair World Cup will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube Host nation and defending champions France will be welcoming teams from Spain, Italy, Wales, Scotland, England and Australia to towns around the South of France. 18-28th July
  2. Combined Pacific Islands Univeristy Students 48 Rugby League Ireland Students 4 Scotland Rugby League Students 48 Wales Rugby League Students 18
  3. Given both sides recent from. Wolfie is nailed on to be voted Man of the Match. Wire 20 Leigh 12
  4. First round played in the Defence Forces Rugby League World Cup 2017: Fiji Army Bears 40 UK Armed Forces 20 Australian Defence Force 64 New Zealand Defence Force 8
  5. RFL news report, looks like Harry had a great time, hopefully he will be up for more engagements as a result
  6. Here is the RFL video of the day
  7. Yes, Sky Sports Bombay Mix
  8. Confirmed as out of the World Cup Disappointing, I loved seeing him at the last World Cup and will be a big loss to this year's tournament.
  9. The Woflpack have started a trend of teams based abroad crossing an ocean to play fixtures in Canda, here is the latest sports franchise seeking Canadian opposition. This venture makes the Wolfpack experiment look sane by comparison. It involves: 1 A team from China.. 2 ... playing a sport completely unknown in China 3 There are no direct flights between this team's home city and the other cities that have franchises in this competition 4 All the other teams are based in the east of Canada or the USA 5 Some journies for fixtures will involve a flight of minimum length of 21 hours 6 To top it all, the team will be playing in a women's professional competition
  10. Congratulations to the Wolfpack on staging three high quality home fixtures, and getting the city of Toronto to embrace you so quickly. However I can see that because the fans are so new to the sport, they are making lots of rookie errors, which if not corrected soon would mean that the traditional rugby league community will never accept TW as one of their own. Firstly stop being so darn enthusiastic about The Greatest Game. Sure, there is a lot of excitement about being the latest sports franchise in your city, understood. But to come away from your initial home games, buzzing and vowing to invite all your friends to the next match is not the done thing. If you can develop,an attitude of misery and long suffering, that would be greatly appreciated. If you could also cut out the fun stuff, like the hot dog gun, cheerleaders and beer tents, so much the better. Stop making pronouncements that you ultimately wish to play in Superleague and then taking methodical steps towards that goal. It is especially galling to ordinary fans, that the RFL is frequently being thanked for the opportunities provided. These actions undermine the credibility of the sport. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the RFL are a bunch of muppets who can get nothing right, and that the only reason that (insert name of your team) are not in Superleague, is because the RFL has rigged the current system against them. Toronto Wolfpack's media relations are not yet of the required standard. You are not supposed to get scores of media outlets writing multiple positive stories, just not the done thing. Far better the more nuanced British approach of studious neglect and the odd mention of the sport in a dismissive paragraph every now and again, unless they can find something negative to write about. I was sickened by the fact that when FuiFui MoiMoi and Jacob Emmitt got red cards, the Canadian newspapers did not print a raft of front page articles for the next month describing their infamous thuggery. Unbelievably, the Wolfpack is attracting the attention of sports writers who have never seen a game of rugby league in their lives, and then wax lyrical about the interaction between players and fans. Are Canadian journalists unaware they are not supposed to be cheerleaders for the sport? Where is the traditional approach of hacks attending a single game, and then penning a cliched, dismissive hatchet job? Multiple TV deals ensuring every game is transmitted live on two continents, Pah! The place of Kingstone Press league 1 clubs is to be not seen and not heard. Beating drums and wolf howls and chants of Wolfpack!Wolfpack! are way over the top and far too loud for my liking. If you want to make sure the team know of your presence, whilst not actually offering your encouragement, admonishments to the referee of "get them onside" or "get off him" to the opposing side will generally suffice. Talking of people present, your method of actually counting the number of tickets scanned, is a highly irregular and irresponsible way of calculating the attendance. Please use the universally accepted tools of an armchair, a TV set, one jaundiced eye and the back of a cigarette packet. Please make sure you also subtract anyone who has gone for a beer or hotdog or toilet break when arriving at your final calculation. The sponsorship of the Wolfpack by a transport company shows great promise but is in need of refinement. Could I suggest that instead of a deal with an airline, that the Wolfpack get an agreement with a national trucking company to paint pictures of the players on the back of their vehicles. That way your brand can be equally ignored by your target markets of businessmen unaware of the sport and overworked truck drivers. The way that the Wolfpack have gone about assembling their playing roster also gives cause for concern. Please stop focusing on the accessibility and ability of the players. Any true rugby league fan knows that what matters most is the nationality written on the player's passport. It is also troubling that the Australian players that the Wolfpack have recruited, seem to be free of injuries, have not committed social media gaffes, nor ingested illegal substances nor are in possession of criminal records. Your actions are giving Superleague scouts a bad name. I also observe that the Wolfpack backs are scoring lots of points. This is acceptable for now, just make sure that by next season the players are either crocked, transferred to an Australian club, or retire and emerge a few weeks later at a club in a competitor sport. The location of the Wolfpack is the most pressing issue to be remedied. If the Wolfpack had chosen a small town halfway along the main East West motorway and called themselves the Belleville Wolfpack Trinity, no-one would have even realised that the club was based in Canada, but would have assumed it was Wakefield's reserve team. If anyone had asked the name of the motorway and you mumbled Highway 401, so it sounded like M62, no-one would have been any the wiser. However to locate the team in the most well known city in Canada was just asking for trouble. To avoid city slickers becoming too attached to rugby league, it is recommended to follow the well worn path of big city clubs frequently changing name and home stadium. There is also the unwelcome trend of people travelling to the games from the Greater Toronto area. Please put an end to this awful practice,as it it putting us British fans to shame. If the Wolfpack adopts these strategies then they are likely to be as equally embraced by British fans as by the Canadian ones. However if they persist in doing thing their own way, they will just have to live with the consequences, however disagreeable they might be.
  11. Slightly disappointing that Nathan Campbell and Chad Bain have been released. The whole premise of The Last Tackle was giving locals the opportunity to play professionally.
  12. That's the trouble with Superleague, so predictable and the same teams end up in the Grand Final.
  13. Already looking forward to the England Scotland Final.
  14. I predict a pie ate.
  15. There is no problem with sports teams coming if their salaries are paid from outside the UK, so no work permit needed.