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  1. What's you're christmas wish?

    TBH Clifford I'm always proud of the team.
  2. New Book - Against all the odds

    My ugly mug's on there too Dave😎
  3. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Suzzy, I certainly agree with R34 I don't think Tony F is an Roughyed either after checking him out. I really hope Grimmer stays, love the guy and a pity he didn't get more game time last season.
  4. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    You know my thoughts after today 34. Think you've summed it up in a nutshell and wish I could have been as eloquent. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with my good mates from Dewsbury and also made a few new ones. Was good to talk to a lot of the players after the game who were quite honest and frank, hopefully a few of them will still be here next season. What concerned and upset me today was not the stayaways who I accept and understand their principles, but those that can make the trip to Toulouse, Rochdale and Swinton, yet can't take the time to turn up and say thanks to the players at the last home game of the season. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  5. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    I've not been very well of late and made the effort to get to Swinton to cheer the lads on, sadly it wasn't to be. Yes sad that we're going down, forget the if's, buts and what might of been.....what's done is done. All I can say is, as poorly as I am I'll be there Sunday to say thanks to the lads. No matter what all I ask is a 100% effort and that's what they've given. To any of the staff and players that won't be with us, I thank you for playing your part and grafting for the jersey. Wishing you well for the future.
  6. Toulouse

    Well my heart won. Great result. Well done on a magnificent team effort, so deserved the win today. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Toulouse

    Heart says Yeds, head says Toulouse, whatever the result I'm pretty sure whoever's wearing the red and white hoops will give a 100%.
  8. against

    I couldn't make it today, however when 34 is perturbed, so am I. When you look at the table, fixtures and results of late, we're in a total tailspin. I'm seriously worried and don't see where the next win is coming from. I'm old school and don't believe the table lies. One question from me, why did spanner walk. Don't see us pulling out of this. Million dollar question, do we need changes at the top.
  9. Bradford

    Agree with most of the comments above. Have spoken with 34 on numerous occasions. Were too easy to read and allows the oppositions sliding defense to close the gaps. Even if we are playing to a game plan, I really wish we'd at least use quicker ball, everything just seems pedestrian to me and is awful to watch. However one thing I would never criticise is the lads endeavour and effort, it's always 100%.
  10. Halifax

    Dare'nt say too much at this time, however I've come to the conclusion we're our own worst enemies. A game we could have won and with more guile we should have. Absolutely gutted.
  11. Hull KR

    Absolutely gutted through having a bad week that I couldn't make the game today. From the scoreline am I right in thinking the lads may have turned the corner.
  12. Blackpool

    That'll do for me 34.....about 15 yards from our hotel ???
  13. Bradford Match

    Well what a fabulous Sunday afternoon I shared with my fellow Yeds. Woke up with the grin still on my face ? First half I was a little worried as a few heads seemed to drop. However, as in the past with these lads, pure determination and graft and pride gave them the win they deserved. Be a long time before I forget Gilly's try, great break from Egodo and then slipping the ball to Gilly, then off he went on his mazy run to score Under the sticks. To cap it off the look on his face and celebration was fantastic. Great performance to take the points and an absolutely fantastic game of rugby. Thanks to all the boys for the immense effort you put in.
  14. Replica Shirts

    Hi ML thanks for the response and I fully understand you not wanting to end up with a load of stock. My query now is that my daughter ordered my shirt online through your company not the club. This leaves me a little baffled as to what my shirt has to do with the club as your company has now had her money for 7 weeks now. Again thanks for your response, as it stands I asked her to contact your company and cancel the order and request reimbursement.
  15. Batley sunday

    I think the least said the better about today's performance. However it left me frustrated and somewhat worried from what I witnessed. As usual a great day out at Batley with the warm and friendly Bulldogs fans. Will follow the boys through thick and thin, however I'm concerned there may be more thin times this season if it isn't sorted. Have to say IMO something definitely isn't right at the moment.