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  1. Well what a fabulous Sunday afternoon I shared with my fellow Yeds. Woke up with the grin still on my face 😀 First half I was a little worried as a few heads seemed to drop. However, as in the past with these lads, pure determination and graft and pride gave them the win they deserved. Be a long time before I forget Gilly's try, great break from Egodo and then slipping the ball to Gilly, then off he went on his mazy run to score Under the sticks. To cap it off the look on his face and celebration was fantastic. Great performance to take the points and an absolutely fantastic game of rugby. Thanks to all the boys for the immense effort you put in.
  2. Hi ML thanks for the response and I fully understand you not wanting to end up with a load of stock. My query now is that my daughter ordered my shirt online through your company not the club. This leaves me a little baffled as to what my shirt has to do with the club as your company has now had her money for 7 weeks now. Again thanks for your response, as it stands I asked her to contact your company and cancel the order and request reimbursement.
  3. I think the least said the better about today's performance. However it left me frustrated and somewhat worried from what I witnessed. As usual a great day out at Batley with the warm and friendly Bulldogs fans. Will follow the boys through thick and thin, however I'm concerned there may be more thin times this season if it isn't sorted. Have to say IMO something definitely isn't right at the moment.
  4. Daughter ordered my shirt early February. Spoke to her and she received an email stating they're ordered in bulk for the club so may be waiting up to another 28 days. Consider this pretty poor, that's me done with them and will definitely never order another item.
  5. Sad day indeed.
  6. Well 34 using your info just as a rough guide for sizing looks like my shirt is going straight back......when my daughter eventually receives it. I may just get her to cancel it and get a refund.
  7. Ah lol Clifford...... DOH !!!!
  8. Shared gate Tandle.
  9. Doesn't make for good reading 😬
  10. Expected delivery time is mid March Clifford. No idea why its taking so long.
  11. Sent you a PM Tangle.
  12. Thanks for the info
  13. Has anyone bought anything yet.....was wondering about sizing for kappa?
  14. As I've said before Dave....Griffin's as on the town coat of arms.
  15. Case 172.....Featherstone Rovers and 177 Sheffield Eagles.