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  1. Sent you a PM Tangle.
  2. Thanks for the info
  3. Has anyone bought anything yet.....was wondering about sizing for kappa?
  4. As I've said before Dave....Griffin's as on the town coat of arms.
  5. Case 172.....Featherstone Rovers and 177 Sheffield Eagles.
  6. Hope so Tangle
  7. Thanks for the reply ML
  8. No news yet ML..... when will it be revealed
  9. Well seems like me and my lad are on the same flight as Tangle lol 4 nights accommodation in Tolouse still makes it nearly 50% cheaper than going out on the 7th...... Just hope as many other yeds that want to go can get it sorted.
  10. Lol Dave....Think some of us have an idea who that might be and hoping it happens
  11. Hoping to put plan B into place tomorrow once I hear from kev
  12. Don't dispute that Tangle.....however I have to cut my cloth accordingly.
  13. Yes I looked at those dates too tangle trouble is accommodation averaging 50 quid a night it turns into an expensive trip.
  14. That's me priced out of a trip to Tolouse. Over 300 quid return now.
  15. Don't think it's ever wise to make such a prediction pre season. The guy has no idea how well or poorly the other semi pro teams may have recruited. Most of all how well any new players may gel until they've got a few games under their belt with new team mates and game plans. Think he may well end up with "egg on his face" Suppose it's added spice for the A627M El Classico lol