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  1. We were awful, we dropped every ball, what is crarey doing at training? The big money boys Wilkes, aspinwall and that joke of a fullback on the big money whatever his name is were awful! If you want me to enjoy this week then sort yourselves out, I've had to pretend I'm ill to avoid having my other daughter this weekend so if we are awful again against York then I will not be coming again and not spending my hard earned benefit money on a season ticket next season, you can forget it!!
  2. What good is this to me when I bought myself, my wife and my five kids a shirt in the off season? Will I get a refund? I feel let down by the club once again!!
  3. It's looked to me for a while that the squad assembled is for the intentions of finishing mid table and definitely not going up which may be a good thing going forward for the club but pretty awful to watch and £15 a pop to watch that shower of s#### is definitely not good value for money.
  4. luptons scoots from dummy half were better than mossops last week. mossop only wanted to scoot when he was near the try line when passing was the better option.
  5. is the rumour about James Gordon true? one of the toilet cleaners at work told me he has been training back at Barrow? it could be true as ive not seen him in the gym for a few weeks now.
  6. we need a marquee signing. Get Brett Carter in, he can't get a game up at town
  7. Hi Pete, if you are going to attempt to react in such a negative manor, i suggest you at least check yourself before you wreck yourself #BadGrammar #StandCorrected Gus
  8. If you call 1 player being signed on at warrington as being raided then you would be correct. the only other player signed on for a super league team is at wakefield! the majority play for the cumbria academy already! get your facts right or dont bother posting!!!