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  1. It could be worse we could be following Swinton with the problems that they are having and they are in a league above us. Leeds sponsored Hunslet in our last home game, so what do we do say we don't want the money.We don't have a millionaire to call on. Yes, we should have done better with the duel reg, but we had a coach more interested in them than us and that didn't help us. Not having duel reg now is what the people who walked away wanted, so why don't they come back to us like you did John and support us, it's what they wanted. I agree now no more duel reg again but if we can take young good players like Sanderson off Leeds who don't want him anyway to feature in their plans we must do, that's a no- brainer... To be hoped the RL doesn't split division 2 up into 2 leagues or we will be in trouble.
  2. Wolfpack going.
  3. Well, Kyayakman why can't the singing start, you have seen us, surely your crowd are not that stupid? If I went somewhere different and seen something like that and loved, you would want to follow, you're a teacher I believe set an example to get the Wolfpack. Or just be stupid and get excited about the hot-dog man.
  4. Kayakman will you tell us honestly how many York fans did make the trip for this game, was it more than us? I would doubt that as we had over 100.It would be nice to know what York did bring over as in fan support.They ddon't they have any songs like us? apart from Yark Yark Yark, thing, but to be honest, York is a great place to visit with history from anyone going there from Canada.
  5. Well said Blackpool, I will second your post, so glad that I decided to go to Toronto as Canada was not on my places/countres to visit list until Huns played there, lovely people Canadian's, and what a clean place you have. This trip will go down as my best away match ever. Just get your supporter's singing like us Kayakman instead of getting more excited about that silly hot dog man thing at half time, ( yes I know you're new at this ) then you will truly rock.
  6. Going for 5 nights with a Mr Aidy Jinks. Can you get Quorn bacon over there Kayakman? LoL. And I told you Parksider would not be going Kayakman, he don.t even posts anything on here or goes to The Huns home games, what a great rugby league supporter he is.
  7. Josh, i think you might be getting mixed up with that other Leeds second row forward who played for us, who I now cannot recall who he is but was lazy and played one game away at Bradford for us, I did think Mc Shane played well for us though. David Brooke was a great player at 9 for us, remember him playing for us against Salford at Bramley a few years ago, when we played there for our home games, they were two leagues above us, but in the Challenge Cup and we drew that game thanks to Brooky having an outstanding game that day. Ok, we lost the replay away but we shook Salford on that day. David Brooke had many a fine game for The Huns top man.
  8. Phil football is a non-contact sport now, you just cannot compare it to the Rugby League game, A bit like me playing Crown Green Bowls, you could play every day.
  9. But Terry Webb was a better player.
  10. Paul McShane , who now is buzzing with Cas.
  11. Great post King apart from the last bit come back Richie Barnett ... when if you remember we were in the championship Richie dropped ball after ball on his wing, now I don't blame him so much as Eaton playing him week in week out with no confidence now what he should have done is play him in the second row , as he likes to drive the ball in effectively from our own 25, time after time, he would have made a good second row forward would Barnett , but playing as a winger no way. Although he didn't drop the ball in division one as much, as not as much pressure put on the wingers, in division one. What we need to do us get Duffy playing on the wing. our main problem now as I see it is at scrum half, we need to play Danny Thomas with Sanderson at halfback, too long now Ansell is not making anything happen from scrum half, we have no go forward here in such an important position. his kicking is not that good either. He needs to be dropped for a while, think this would do him the world of good, as complacency sets in being in the team week in week out. We miss gibson in the centre too for his speed, don't know what's happened here. It is a shame we have to face a good barrow team next up, then Toronto soon after. Two very hard games to come away.
  12. You can't reason with this guy Kayakman , he won't come on board, and to be honest would you really like him to come on board. I don't want him on board at Hunslet as he doesn't represent my club as is he is too negative in everything he says. Looking forward to coming over to Canada in June without him. We are taking the biggest support from this league as the Canada airline has told us, bet that pizzis him off.
  13. Answer my question Parksider, never mind the debate, you never post on the Hunslet forum, for some strange reason, as a Hunslet fan? I thought you might, you do on everything else not regarding your team? or shall we start to call you Trollsider more fitting, it seems you just like to argue against everyone on here. Please could you change your name you are an embarrassment to my club.
  14. Brilliant post-Kayakman. Parksider can't run on the Hunslet forum on here never mind your pack as he, a so-called Hunslet fan has never posted on our forum ever wonder why? so doubt he will run with you. Be great when we the Huns come over in June looking forward to it. Bet Parksider don't even go to Hunslet's home games so he has no chance of running anywhere near you. Parksider definition means a Hunslet supporter from our old ground.