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  1. Yes a good showing yesterday , Ansell had his best game for us and a good kicking game and he seemed to be involved all over the place Regarding our halfback partnership , you still cannot rule out Danny Thomas , so it should be who is on form gets the halfback spots. At least we throw the ball around more than the old usual just drive up the middle , as we do have a better coach in Coyle . Hard to say where we will finish round about this season , as we don't know how good the others are apart from Toronto . Still all in all happy with the new players and players back in the fold.
  2. Rob Roberts was a great player and one who gets the moves going , and good kicking game, but how old is he now ? , no matter how fit you look you can only go on for so long, he seems to have been around years.
  3. We did let our best player as far as a kicking game is concerned go in Simon Brown , when we should have let Ansell go instead , no moves no kicks just offloads every time.bring Thomas in his position to get things moving simple.
  4. The game is played on Sunday 19th February Thunder, and me too looking forward to this game too some great people supporting a proper sport. should be a good game as both squads have strengthened this year.
  5. Yes Aston Wilson plays in the backs , if i remember right. Forgot to mention we have Brook Broughton back too that's a bonus always played great for us.
  6. Thomas should be named in that first 13 numbers squad. Apart from that we looking good to finish 2nd behind Toronto , and win the play off final. Plus having the new Leeds lads who are eager to play for us will help. I like our new coach as a player, and think he will get the best out of our team coaching them. Like the fact too he said we will change our style of play and throw the ball about, not just driving it up the middle as we have had to endure the last few seasons.
  7. Because the premiership and top money football leagues in the world of football fans are brain washed fools , not talking Scunthorpe or Cambridge Utd fans here, but those like you who love to give money to see multi million pound players playing for Liverpool , Man City etc , who don't give a toss about the supporters, they might pretend they do do until another club offers a pound more. Well well done langpark it must be great to give your money to watch them. £100 pound a game you say wow . Better watching Saint Helens for £20 , and watch a real team of whole hearted bravery and honesty as Therein73 says.
  8. That's true Odsal Outlaw , they used to be spot on every time the first time i went to Germany a few years ago , but this year i went to Berlin in May and the rickety old train i was on broke down enroute from Berlin airport to Berlin City Centre , waiting for it to be fixed for over an hour, and we thought exactly the same as you before this happened . I use trains a lot in England going to gigs etc, and the last few years never known a train that i have been on to be late or break down , so can see where Lounge Room lizard is coming from , or not if he's on a train in Germany.
  9. Well before the game , without knowing about what Peacock said , I wanted Hull KR to win , as not much time for Koulcash . Now what a great result after hearing this , we all know now what Hull KR think of the minions in our sport. Well your one now. And on another point , the last time KR played at Hunslet's ground their supporter's were fighting with our supporters outside our ground because they just wanted trouble , and they won the game. No other club we have played has been that bad regarding their supporters,I know it's not all of them, OK that's a long time ago but never the less. Just hope the Salford fans were OK today.
  10. At last i think Huns have a decent coaching team in James Coyle & Steve Deakin. hopefully won't be no mates being picked , but the team picked on ability and performance on the field. Looking like could be a good season next year. and we have Dave Bell as the new consultant conditioner too , of which he has plenty of experience working with top clubs. Yes the set up looks good.
  11. Well good on Danny Ansell having his best game for the club , he's had plenty of bad ones. must have helped him having Danny Thomas playing next to him. Yes did expect another loss today , your right, It's great Danny Ansell having his best game for us today King , and as you should know he has had many bad games for us this season. Suppose it helped having Danny Thomas next to him.
  12. Then should be play Thomas at scrum half , simple, bet we don't.
  13. I agree with your second part of your post in Jake Normington and George Flanagan being our 2 best players this year , but as far as everyone who has worn the shirt , don't think so, with one or two of our players,that's why we struggled to finish 7th. And why was not George Flanagan used for the 80 minutes and not his usual 30 , that's all season he never played 80 , so someone who only played 25 to 30 minutes a game being our best player , which he was , don't say a lot for our coach , who is looking more like the reincarnation of Mr Barry Eaton back to South Leeds Stadium. Thomas should have been our scrum half all season end of , what did we do use him as the guy who brought the kicking tee on , just hope he sticks with us , as this lad's class, i know i wouldn't , with the man getting his spot a poor second choice , sorry Steve but i see what i see , and all the supporters around me at the Huns games do.
  14. And overpaid cheats may i add.
  15. Football is now a non contact sport full of cheats and has been for a long time, this tournament has proved that again. Don't know why we as a Rugby League forum has anything to do with it.