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  1. hunslet ramone

    Dual reg

    I do think long term loan spells is the way to go not duel reg.
  2. hunslet ramone

    Dual reg

    Well yes we would have , we had enough players and we did go down with duel reg twice . Having said that at the time i like being duel reg with Leeds as we had the likes of Jimmy Keinhorst , Paul Mc Shane , Jordan Lilley and others who all played well for us , it was great to see these players playing for Hunslet but we just had a poor coach who was more interested in being at Leeds. I wouldn't want it back though as all it does is devalue your own players , and can easy get bad morale in the club from the players as well as fans. We did get a lot of stick for it at the time from clubs supporters who now use it and now think it's Ok.
  3. hunslet ramone

    Liverpool RLFC (Merged Threads)

    Does Koukash know there used to be Huyton 1968 to 1984 and Runcorn Highfield 1984 to 1990 , sadly they never really took off as i don't see enough people will be attracted away from football from this city , a bit like Sheffield is a footballing city.
  4. Killing Joke Iggy Pop &The Stooges Ramones The Smiths Devo beating Joy Division only on points difference.
  5. hunslet ramone

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    Yes but trouble is Pudsey if Leeds can't afford a second team , how can we ?
  6. hunslet ramone

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    We have played some poor games and some great ones. I agree mostly with Hunslet Miner on his comments above. Personally like him in that i do think that Gary Thornton has mostly done a good job , best coach we have had in recent years. And he has brought some good players in to our club , we never would have gone to Oldham & Doncaster and won there like we did do with the other coaches of recent years. The bad thing is we don't seem to have decent cover when our first team choices are injured as shown up badly last Sunday.
  7. hunslet ramone


    Just some credit must be given to Hemel , they tackled us hard in the middle of the field and gave up.The score seems a little hard on them to me , they just seem to make a lot of silly mistakes , if they can get that sorted and add a few more established players they will do Ok. As for us in the end we did what we needed to and thought Straughter, Nicholson and especially Reed ran hard to beat them in the forwards, and Duffy deserved his man of the match, great to have him back and hope he is fit for Sunday.
  8. hunslet ramone

    Rhino Scent Detected!

    You could not beat Fev at home , so I don't think you will beat Leeds away , as they will be too fast for your team , as Toronto are not used to playing other full time teams in a higher league, can't see you beating Leeds to be honest. Having said that I do believe you will go up , and I hope you do , And if it's at the expense of say Widnes or Salford , of which this is your real hope it's all good . It is these two teams you need to beat when you meet them Leeds and Hull KR at this present time are a step too far for you. And i am am not a Leeds or Hull KR fan Kayakman.
  9. hunslet ramone

    Keighley 16, Hunslet 24

    Agree with all of the above here. Keighley played a great first half with some great high kicks which was destroying us. Second half as hawkwindbag said a different story. We played like Keighley in the first half , but credit to Keighley for some magnificent tackling in the first 20 mins of that second half and i could not see us scoring for the life of me , but when we did manage to break them down in the end was a great game to watch . Also we have a good goal kicker in Sanderson and now we look a very fit team thanks to Gary Thornton & all the coaching staff.
  10. hunslet ramone

    Even Distributions for the Championship

    I think oliverclotheshorse must be a Wigan fan Mr Gittinsfan. As it's them , Saints and Warrington, who was invited to the private party with the new chief of RL in who gets what regarding money from RL in the future. So your right lets just have 6 or 7 clubs and just share the money out with them. Or better still just give Wigan , Warrington and Saints it all.
  11. hunslet ramone

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I do think the one of the problems is , in the qualifying rounds to get through to the world cup finals is , England always seem to play teams who are like a semi pro rugby league team , in other words they have jobs like painter & decorators , or waiters , so when they play real teams like say Belgium/ Croatia, good job they didn't meet France, who are full time players in proper leagues they lose, because they are used to playing semi pro type of player. Personally I don't think England have improved at all , they just seem to have put a bit more effort in than before previous tournaments but to no avail yet again. And remember this they have had the most easy route through in years in a world cup , just England football fans are so desperate for anything to wave a flag about.
  12. I always remember not many seasons ago George Flanagan now at Bradford , giving a speech after his man of the match performance in the bar after a Hunslet game saying . I signed for Hunslet not Hemel Hempstead as we tried to duel reg him to them , and yes one of, if not the best player at that time for us , which was yet another bad Barry Eaton decision, but I know it must be harder for a full time player to refuse to go to another club , when told at the side of a semi pro player who has a full time job to fall back on who can walk away and not financially worry about it.
  13. hunslet ramone

    Jekyll & Hyde

    Agree with this , but for me Oldham and Huns are the form teams in this comp . Since we beat them away , don't think they have lost a game , they won in Cumbria , i think twice , something we don't do. This should be a massive game for both teams and could be the game of the season , the away game was a good spectacle in Oldham and like us they just deserve so much more in support from the Oldham folk , but before we get carried away there is the game at home to come against Coventry on Sunday.
  14. hunslet ramone

    RIP Geoff Gunney MBE

    Geoff , always the gentleman , great to talk to always had time for you . The best player ever to wear our shirt , watched him play when I as a kid at Parkside ., He was my dad's hero , as he obviously had seen him play more than me , but what I remember a hard running second row better than what anything the Aussies had. My dad told me he once turned down an offer from American football to play with one of there top teams with big money to stay with us as that's where his heart was. R.I.P. Geoff a true legend.
  15. hunslet ramone

    Haven Saturday

    Are we confident for a win in tomorrow's game v Whitehaven , we usually beat them at home , not away though.