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  1. hunslet ramone

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I do think the one of the problems is , in the qualifying rounds to get through to the world cup finals is , England always seem to play teams who are like a semi pro rugby league team , in other words they have jobs like painter & decorators , or waiters , so when they play real teams like say Belgium/ Croatia, good job they didn't meet France, who are full time players in proper leagues they lose, because they are used to playing semi pro type of player. Personally I don't think England have improved at all , they just seem to have put a bit more effort in than before previous tournaments but to no avail yet again. And remember this they have had the most easy route through in years in a world cup , just England football fans are so desperate for anything to wave a flag about.
  2. I always remember not many seasons ago George Flanagan now at Bradford , giving a speech after his man of the match performance in the bar after a Hunslet game saying . I signed for Hunslet not Hemel Hempstead as we tried to duel reg him to them , and yes one of, if not the best player at that time for us , which was yet another bad Barry Eaton decision, but I know it must be harder for a full time player to refuse to go to another club , when told at the side of a semi pro player who has a full time job to fall back on who can walk away and not financially worry about it.
  3. hunslet ramone

    Jekyll & Hyde

    Agree with this , but for me Oldham and Huns are the form teams in this comp . Since we beat them away , don't think they have lost a game , they won in Cumbria , i think twice , something we don't do. This should be a massive game for both teams and could be the game of the season , the away game was a good spectacle in Oldham and like us they just deserve so much more in support from the Oldham folk , but before we get carried away there is the game at home to come against Coventry on Sunday.
  4. hunslet ramone

    RIP Geoff Gunney MBE

    Geoff , always the gentleman , great to talk to always had time for you . The best player ever to wear our shirt , watched him play when I as a kid at Parkside ., He was my dad's hero , as he obviously had seen him play more than me , but what I remember a hard running second row better than what anything the Aussies had. My dad told me he once turned down an offer from American football to play with one of there top teams with big money to stay with us as that's where his heart was. R.I.P. Geoff a true legend.
  5. hunslet ramone

    Haven Saturday

    Are we confident for a win in tomorrow's game v Whitehaven , we usually beat them at home , not away though.
  6. hunslet ramone

    Haven sunday

    Deano is right in what he says about Duel Reg , as we all know at Hunslet , but not I would think this don't apply in Normington's case. I thought he was great at Hunslet, and he was my favourite player before his last season with us, Normington' just didn't seem to put the effort in , and I was told he would not train properly as instructed by your old coach , who has now made for the first time in years Hunslet a very fit team. I thought that he Normington would have buckled down with your club , but to me looks more like can't be bothered. So i think Gav is right here. Anyway think we will beat Haven tomorrow at home that is , even though they are playing well , away is a different case altogether.
  7. hunslet ramone

    Whats wrong with the hun's

    That's true Yack2017 But it's not always wise to do this as we have found out before now. You might just get a shock like Leeds did last night.
  8. hunslet ramone

    The Half Time Try

    Grimmer got injured near the end of the first half , seen him holding his arm. We need Lewis Reed back if he wasn't injured he should have been in the squad end of. Looks like Newcastle were told they just have to win this game and they did , with their tackling being exceptionally good all game , so let's give them some credit here. great ground is this one , shame it's not Thunder's , as noticed fixture board on the way in said Newcastle Falcons V London a rugby union game next week , no mention of anything to do with League.
  9. hunslet ramone

    Are we ambitious enough ?

    Right then so lets wait and see. Does anyone know how much Clipper has pledged as in money to support the club ?
  10. hunslet ramone

    Are we ambitious enough ?

    Have we got any money to strengthen the squad without putting us in the red that is the question , we have brought in some great players this season . The most worrying thing now is the Cain Southerwood's injury . This will disrupt the team as he and Sanderson our half backs get the team moving forward. All teams get injury's it's how you deal with them. Good we have a good coach in Gary Thornton for once who will do the best he can in these situations. Grimmer won't be match fit fit anyway even if he is over his long injury , which I doubt it is a shame as that would solve the problem for Sunday against Newcastle. We had a problem being short on a winger a couple of weeks ago now we don't as Walker has been superb as Gary fixed that problem bringing him into the team on the wing. Do we still have Tyson Wilson what about playing him on Sunday against Newcastle ?
  11. hunslet ramone

    Would you prefer a 4G Pitch at SLS ?

    Yes agree it seemed to suit us , maybe some of the old slower Hunslet sides of the past it wouldn't , but would be nice now for us to get this down and it looks like a bowling green surface from a distance. I think the best people to ask would actually be the players and coaches about this as the old 4G pitches players used to get like carpet burns on players skin if I remember rightly. Now don't think this will ever happen as the cost of laying one of these is between £300,000 to £500,000 or so the Soccer store says. Think I would rather the Council build a stand opposite the main stand instead then.
  12. hunslet ramone

    Easter games

    After our game on Friday , I watched the Bradford v Oldham game later on Bulls TV. similar score to us , but I thought Oldham played better than us at Bradford , even though the score was similar . Having said that we played terrible on Friday v Keighley but a lot better Monday v Bradford for periods at least. Oldham will be a big test as can't really see us winning there , ( we don't usually that is ) What we need is a leader , like our departed George Flanagan ,that's someone to take charge of the team on the pitch. I still think we will beat some of the better teams in this league most likely at our home ground though.
  13. hunslet ramone

    Bradford 32, Hunslet 12

    Yes agree with Hawkwindbag on this one well put. I do think we need a leader now we lost George Flanagan , that was apparent yesterday , don't know who can or will do this now for us. Plus as you said we made costly silly mistakes , leading to Bradford tries,where as Bradford didn't make many , not important ones that is. And it's a shame we lost Duckworth who now is playing amateur , he did play well for us and Fev this last couple of years on the wing, Gibson needs to be back in the centre spot as he is not a winger. Looking at Bradford yesterday , yes they played and look better than us , but they are not a patch on the last years Toronto team , and I see them getting beat at say one or two teams away this season, can see this happening at Oldham , I think it's this coming Friday they go there, but most likely Bradford will win this league as they are mostly full time players and that matters playing part timers. beating Keighley on Friday is vital now if we want to maintain chasing with the pack .
  14. hunslet ramone

    New date for Bradford Challenge Cup game

    Lenin is right , there isn't a better option available , not like it could be left to later in the season.
  15. hunslet ramone

    Danny Ansell

    What I seen of Danny in my opinion was he was only good when we played the likes of Oxford or say Hemel .When it comes to the better teams , he went absent missing tackles and not being in the game. He did play a lot of games for Hunslet but he would not have been in my team if I was anything to have done with it , I wish him all the best with you though .