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  1. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Anyway,can't sit here all day reading this. Got to get back to the shop to sell my apple's and pear's.
  2. Joueur du match shurely. Shout out to Gildart. Thought he looked very sharp and provided Charnley with well timed,accurate passes.
  3. Of all the clubs that have recently ceased playing professional rugby league,one of the least discussed appears to be Bramley. How or why did it all end,could they have been saved or was the sale of the ground for housing too good to refuse? They had a smashing ground,a decent team with reasonable support and competed in the first division quite successfully for a period.I recall them winning the Floodlit Trophy one afternoon! They had at least one director who had previously helped resurrect Hunslet and appeared to be a well run club,living within its means. I know they resigned and morphed into the Buffaloes,but the background to the whole thing intrigues me. At Hunslet,we had some great derbies against them,although not with as much success as I would have liked. Any thoughts?
  4. Discussing things among ourselves on here is fine but we are "the converted". Why don't we get out there and ask non fans for their opinions? I often fill in online surveys on subjects as varied as brands of baked beans,the cost of train travel or the war in Ukraine. Very rarely is rugby league even mentioned. In sports surveys,the word "rugby" is often used to cover both codes,but we know what they really mean. It's rather frustrating. The only survey about rugby league I have filled in came from Our League,if I remember correctly. All well and good,but we are all supporters of the game at the end of the day. Let's get out there and ask people. We may not like some of the answers,but it may give us some pointers.
  5. Disappointed.Hunslet's form has really dipped the last few weeks. Well played and well deserved Crusaders. Great set of fans,credit to the club,especially having been messed around plenty this season. Good luck to both clubs in the final.
  6. That's cruel.It would end up covered in ink.
  7. Serious question. Is it planned to extend the pitch length to 100m?
  8. Not often Naga is outdone in the eccentric attire department.
  9. As predicted by many,a very tight game at Hunslet decided on goal kicks in windy conditions. Hunslet unbeaten at home in the league with just one game remaining against the Skolars. Fingers crossed. This season has been a real improvement especially regarding fitness and goal line defence.
  10. I notice that the NRL match coverage on Sky this morning was provided by Channel 9. It was very noticeable that,during play,there was relatively little commentary from the mere 2 gentlemen behind the microphone. It was heavenly,like a throwback to times past,more Channel 9 for me please. Over on Fox,there is much love for Vossy. Much as I like the fella,he never seems to take a breath. What do others think?
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