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  1. Strike a light guv! Did that really happen?
  2. Awful from the referee. Another set of six on the Widnes line denied. Terrible decision but life goes on.....
  3. Pigeon Lofter

    New York - Gone a tad quiet

    They are certainly expanding. Here's a map of current and expected Union franchises. Each club is owned by the league and operators each own a share of the league. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_League_Rugby
  4. Pigeon Lofter

    New York - Gone a tad quiet

    There's Union activity though...Rugby United from New York are joining the MLR (Major League Rugby) for the 2019 season as are Ontario Arrows from Toronto.
  5. Pigeon Lofter

    Which broadcaster are Sky using?

    Will there be video adjudication (TMO) in all the Q8s?
  6. Pigeon Lofter

    REPORT | Dons 26-22 Oldham

    The link doesn't work.
  7. Hopefully without a moose antler wedged in...
  8. That would have counted if Andy Sweet was in charge....it was near enough! 😀 (Sweet was the infamous referee at the recent NW Crusaders v Hunslet game allowing a drop goal that wasn't!).
  9. How is Quinn performing for TWP? He has been in the media spotlight this week.