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  1. The trophy presentation is taking too long to arrange.....not many people left in the stadium to bear witness!
  2. A great game for the neutralish viewer! Plenty of skill,brute force and heart on display. Sydney obviously a class above but Wigan pushed them in the second half. Well worth watching,a contest to the end. Roosters superb in the tackle, often pushing Wigan back several metres from the point of first contact. Also, intelligent kicking from hand on the fifth tackle...Aussie teams always master this, UK teams not so much. The better side won,no doubt about it.
  3. Was that a competitive scrum?? Are we in a time warp?
  4. Wigan still in this.....but only just! Enjoyable contest and not over by any means. Finishing from Morris absolutely ruthless. Difficult to impossible to stop him when he has so much momentum and movement. All those tries needed scoring and he's unlucky not be be awarded four instead of three.
  5. Leutele almost disgusted in having been chosen for a post match interview!
  6. Widnes are going to have to magic some unorthodox plays to break through the Toronto line.....TWP seem to have everything and everyone covered at all times. A great game to watch but Toronto looking strong in every position and confident in both attack and defence. Widnes less so.
  7. Newcastle so close on three recent plays.....can't believe how effectively the Doncaster defence was in closing them down each time. Three certain tries denied by amazing cover tackling.
  8. Does one of the commentators keep calling Newcastle "Gateshead"?
  9. ....and another barnstorming drive almost the length of the field sees Sheffield force another try. Thoroughly deserved IMO.
  10. Wow! Sheffield score the try of the night. Great length of the field run and a conversion puts them ahead. Interesting last few minutes to come.....😈
  11. He's probably tired after a day at school......he looks about 14.
  12. You are not wrong. Maybe the two referee system coming in next season will go some way to sorting out the dropped ball/loose carry farce that's being adjudicated as a penalty more often than not as things currently stand. How many times already this season in the televised games has a player neglected to protect the ball or spilled it through his own incompetence and then get awarded a penalty? Ridiculous. Maybe a case for TMO reviews as in the NFL? At least then justice would be served instead of poor play getting rewarded in game after game. Doubt that will happen though.
  13. Myler saying in the televised post-match interview that Leeds "will take a lot of positives away from that"..... Wow.
  14. Leeds error prone for the entire game. Fancy one-handed backhanded offloads won't win matches if there's little penetration of the defensive line. Where's it going wrong?