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  1. Pigeon Lofter

    Australia vs Tonga

    The Aussie bench looking like troops in the trenches in World War 1...looking around,bewildered and stunned as the noise blasts out all around them!
  2. Pigeon Lofter

    Australia vs Tonga

    What an atmosphere! Tonga try?
  3. That was a couple of hours well spent. Not a classic but a fierce contest for the full eighty minutes.
  4. Some fantastic tactical kicking from Wigan!
  5. Coming to the boil nicely! That skirmish in the tunnel should guarantee some skullduggery in the second half.
  6. Old Trafford is a dangerous place to slide in for a try deep in the in-goal area! The way the ground slopes towards the perimeter hoardings looks like a terrible accident waiting to happen. There must have been some incidents over the years??
  7. Upgrade or demolish? They should do one or the other....both are certainly substandard.
  8. I can't remember another game where the adjudicated video footage wasn't available on a big screen for actual spectators at the event to see for themselves. Perhaps TWP could have provided the screens but chose not to? All todays reviewed decisions seemed authentic,there was no sightings of a correctly grounded ball in any of the replays.
  9. Since 9pm this evening? There will be an expansion of spectator facilities surely. Let's see what news breaks in the coming weeks.
  10. A couple of weeks? I thought it was 3 days.
  11. Have Wakefield? Apparently, there's an agreement with Trailfinders admin to upgrade Ealing facility if London were to re-enter SuperLeague.