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  1. On my way in an hour via Holmfirth to drop daughter and granddaughters off. See you in the club. Come on you Yes!
  2. Bon vacances to all those going. Allez les Yeds!
  3. Just watched it again and even though I heart stopped when Tuoyo tried to trap it and it ran forward off his boot
  4. Got home at 7 30 still smiling and bumped into no 2 son Jimmy walking along the road. He couldn't believe it. I think my heart was still racing when I got to Woodhead. The celebrations at the end even beat the Haven match last year. Giving it heart and soul to a team as a fan brings us all back to being 11 years old again sometimes.
  5. Is there an emoticon showing banging your head on a wall?
  6. Not been able to get up for a few weeks Is it The Fleece again or the White Horse?
  7. If we can up the game just a bit this is winnable. Come on you Yeds!
  8. Just love the fairness of it all
  9. I'm in Dublin for Paddy's Day and the rah rah game so can only cheer from across the Irish Sea. Come on you Yeds
  10. Only, I suspect, until the end of the season
  11. Done...thank you Dave
  12. Enjoy the game, win lose or draw. The fans are a great bunch so smile a lot and drop in to the conversation that its your first game they'll make you welcome.
  13. Yesssssssss!
  14. Love that!
  15. I take your point Fluffybed but you have probably chosen the two least likely candidates. As some here know I am a season ticket holder at Northampton so let me make a few points, hopefully take them in a positive way please. Firstly Saints own their ground and have for many years. Their Chairman has been with the club for over sixteen years going back to the “amateur” days. When he came in he stated that he was not prepared to bankroll the club for ever and it had to live within its means. Saints have traded in the black for the past sixteen years. They fill the stadium (capacity 15,249) for most games. It has been improved continually over the past sixteen years with three new stands. Each of these was part paid for by a subscription from the fans with the subscribers being commemorated by their names being on a brick in the wall. There are regular Fans Forums, an official Supporters Club and the unofficial one which raises money which it gives to the club and which is gratefully received. The last amount bought a warm up bike for the touchline. The fans are loyal, one ex player said that they would turn up for the opening of an envelope if a player was doing it. They were relegated a few years ago, the gates dropped by an average of 1000 over the season. The ground is within a mile of the town centre. If you drive through Northampton you see more Saints stickers in cars than you do for the football club and the crowds are about double that of the football club. It’s not all good news, a pint costs £4.20 with a pound for a returnable glass, but you can never find anyone to take the glass back. The replica shirts are nearly £60 and other merchandise is equally expensive. I haven’t bought anything in the shop for the last two years. I’m not being defensive. I offer this as lessons for us all to learn, fans and club officials too. Now if you had mentioned the Sorrysods as we call Saracens who are over £7 million in debt I would more than take you point. The RFU would not let that “success” story die.