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  1. Hull KR

    I know....sigh. Ah well roll on Sunday
  2. Hull KR

    Wish someone would make the decision soon. Sue is off that weekend so we want to come up in the motorhome and make a weekend of it but which campsite do we book? I know we are only two but people do need to plan
  3. North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    Not pretty and feared the worst at 2 nil but its a truism that to win the big prizes at the end of the season you have to win ugly sometimes. It was just good to be with everyone again after our trials and tribulations with the Beast from the East so far this season.
  4. North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    Diolch ichi hefyd. Though with our record this season (intended to travel up for twp matches both snowed off) it might be better to say that we are not coming. So Weather gods listen in...we are definitely NOT going nor will we be in the Turf pre match. Hope that fooled them
  5. Halifax in the Cup

    Watch their website but an hour ago the ref hadn't got their from Barnsley and the Stadium staff hadn't got their from Ripponden (6 miles) Call us jinxed after the Hemel game and now this but we will be there in Wrexham next week smothered in sun lotion
  6. Halifax in the Cup

    Just spoken to Halifax as we would need to set off now. The guy on the phone is waiting for confirmation but his gut feeling is no go
  7. Halifax in the Cup

    Thanks mate. Really looking forward to it
  8. Halifax in the Cup

    Just bought our tickets online. Any thoughts of pre match meeting? Only asking so Dave Naylor can come up with some variation of a pub name 😊
  9. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    At least we don't have to go over the Woodhead this year, pretty as it is. Looking forward to catching up with you and everyone. #LoudandProud
  10. Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Keeping fingers crossed for the weather as Sue and I are planning to come up. Job for tonight. ....find thermals 😃
  11. Law cup week 😁

    Any idea who A N Other was? Did he look like Ryan Hall? Greg Eden? Jermaine McGillvray? Or even Darrell Griffen? Great result though wish we could have been there.
  12. Happy New Year

    And, hopefully, a successful one to all Yeds everywhere and particularly to all the nutcases that we get to stand with. Be Loud and Proud
  13. Merry Christmas!

    A Merry Christmas from us down here too. Looking forward to getting up to Whitebank to see everyone.
  14. England vs Tonga You Tube highlights

    Fame at last...anyone know who these are at around 2 minutes. I mean it looks like the Queen but surely not
  15. New Book - Against all the odds

    You'll need your autograph hand this season! See you in a month or two