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  1. Law cup week 😁

    Any idea who A N Other was? Did he look like Ryan Hall? Greg Eden? Jermaine McGillvray? Or even Darrell Griffen? Great result though wish we could have been there.
  2. Happy New Year

    And, hopefully, a successful one to all Yeds everywhere and particularly to all the nutcases that we get to stand with. Be Loud and Proud
  3. Merry Christmas!

    A Merry Christmas from us down here too. Looking forward to getting up to Whitebank to see everyone.
  4. England vs Tonga You Tube highlights

    Fame at last...anyone know who these are at around 2 minutes. I mean it looks like the Queen but surely not
  5. New Book - Against all the odds

    You'll need your autograph hand this season! See you in a month or two
  6. New Book - Against all the odds

    It's on my list to Santa
  7. 2018 Fixtures

    Brilliant work. Thanks Dave
  8. 2017 World Cup

    Well said Baron
  9. Sammy Gee

    Great player, great person. He will be sadly missed (not least by my other half lol)
  10. Pests - Bank Holiday Monday

    Typical! Of all the matches to miss. Maybe I should stay away more? Seriously though chuffed to bits. The World League beckons for next season.
  11. Sheffield/Wakefield

    My dear old thing when one resides in Middle England those are de rigour.
  12. Sheffield/Wakefield

    My Mother would go completely gaga if she thought I had gone into a Conservative Club. Now where is my selfie stick?
  13. Sheffield/Wakefield

    I thought there was but couldn't see it on Street View so was wondering whether it had closed. I'll look again later.
  14. Sheffield/Wakefield

    Any idea where you might be going for a drink pre match? We are coming up in the motorhome and have arranged to park in the Trinity car park.
  15. Toulouse

    Fantastic display today. Sparkling attacking rugby and awesome defence. So pleased and proud of the boys. Sue is thinking of throwing a sickie from work next Sunday so she can come up.