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  1. Stevos Barber


    I do see where jroyales is coming from and probably for the good of the game as a whole he is right but for us down here I can't see anyway that we would be jumping in the car at 9am on a Sunday morning for a 140 mile drive to watch anything other than Oldham. The game needs a huge investment from somewhere and a new far sighted leadership. It needs marketing, media support and terrestrial coverage. Where does this come from? God only knows. It's about as likely as me winning Euromillions. Whatever happened to the interest from Matchroom? Like R34 we'll still keep coming as long as it is Oldham.
  2. Stevos Barber

    Hunslet away.

    We'll be cheering the boys on from down near Paris. Gutted to be missing this one. Sing your hearts out and be the 18th man!
  3. Stevos Barber

    London Skolars

    Just a quick post to compliment Anne Kearns on her leader column in the programme yesterday. It says absolutely everything that Sue says about Rugby League in general and Oldham in particular. Like Anne she has only watched the game for a few years and Oldham for the last four years but she is now a committed Yed, at least by adoption. We forget what a fantastic "product" we are lucky enough to watch week in week out. I'm writing this while the England footie is on in an effort to stay awake. These are the best players in the world yet so may passes go astray. As for Union you can get well oiled if you go and buy a pint at every scrum. At least you won't miss any action 😊. If you really do consider yourself a fan then get down to Whitebank with an open mind and shout your heart out for the lads because they damn well deserve it. They give it their all and are bloody good at what they do not least in representing OLDHAM. if that is too much to ask then fine but please take your negativity away from here, The lads don't need it, the club doesn't need it and the game in general doesn't need it.
  4. Stevos Barber

    7 on the bounce

    Nice tweet and echo that pride. Try of the day for me was Bens. Brilliant build up and opened the defence so wide a truck could have come through untouched. Good day, great result and home early for a change 😁
  5. Stevos Barber

    Coventry Away

    Any thoughts on a pre match meeting place?
  6. Stevos Barber

    Hull KR

    I know....sigh. Ah well roll on Sunday
  7. Stevos Barber

    Hull KR

    Wish someone would make the decision soon. Sue is off that weekend so we want to come up in the motorhome and make a weekend of it but which campsite do we book? I know we are only two but people do need to plan
  8. Stevos Barber

    North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    Not pretty and feared the worst at 2 nil but its a truism that to win the big prizes at the end of the season you have to win ugly sometimes. It was just good to be with everyone again after our trials and tribulations with the Beast from the East so far this season.
  9. Stevos Barber

    North Wales Crusaders 25/3/2018

    Diolch ichi hefyd. Though with our record this season (intended to travel up for twp matches both snowed off) it might be better to say that we are not coming. So Weather gods listen in...we are definitely NOT going nor will we be in the Turf pre match. Hope that fooled them
  10. Stevos Barber

    Halifax in the Cup

    Watch their website but an hour ago the ref hadn't got their from Barnsley and the Stadium staff hadn't got their from Ripponden (6 miles) Call us jinxed after the Hemel game and now this but we will be there in Wrexham next week smothered in sun lotion
  11. Stevos Barber

    Halifax in the Cup

    Just spoken to Halifax as we would need to set off now. The guy on the phone is waiting for confirmation but his gut feeling is no go
  12. Stevos Barber

    Halifax in the Cup

    Thanks mate. Really looking forward to it
  13. Stevos Barber

    Halifax in the Cup

    Just bought our tickets online. Any thoughts of pre match meeting? Only asking so Dave Naylor can come up with some variation of a pub name 😊
  14. Stevos Barber

    Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    At least we don't have to go over the Woodhead this year, pretty as it is. Looking forward to catching up with you and everyone. #LoudandProud
  15. Stevos Barber

    Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    Keeping fingers crossed for the weather as Sue and I are planning to come up. Job for tonight. ....find thermals 😃