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  1. Can I have a pint of whatever ganley is drinking please. .
  2. While we are at Bower Fold how about "It's a Long Way to Tpperary"? Written and first performed in 1912 in Stalybridge credited to Harry Williams apparently for a 5 shilling bet. It's as quirky as Hull singing Old Faithful!
  3. Result!
  4. Hope they are as welcoming as the last ones. Though some real ale would be good .
  5. So sorry for you. Every game I went to in the 4 Nations there were Bradford fans and you guys are the innocents in all this. Take heart, we were where you are, worse even, and though it's a long road back it can be done. Best of luck to you all
  6. A scrum in RU is a lottery as to who is going to concede a penalty. Comment from the terraces during one Saturday match and the umpteenth scrum reset "sort it out ref other I'm going to miss Strictly"
  7. Merry Christmas from us all down here. See you in the new season
  8. I went to the the Northampton against Sale match last night. Don't decry me it is at least not football Solomona scored the kind of try he scored so many times for Cas but they both, Charnley especially, looked bored out of their minds. Solomona will probably stick it out, I think he as an RU background but I can see Charnley begging to go back to the Pies by May. Bet Lippy is the same.
  9. With his tipping form I'm pleased he has tipped us to go fown lol. As MR says its going to be hard, bloody hard to stay up. More home wins needed and less of the start playing after we are two tries down.
  10. It's worth it for the welcome we get . Wish we could manage it more often
  11. 2 and a half hours though Good Friday could be an hour on top of that
  12. The downside is that he is now much more available to bigger clubs "making him a offer her can't refuse" (do that bit like Marlon Brando as Don Corleone). Nobby has proved that he is a great coach working with limited resources and probably deserves better. The team can help make his mind up to stay by their performances but we, squad number 18, can help. Show your support to him and the team.
  13. Was that the Puffa jacket? I quite fancy one of them for those balmy July Sundays.
  14. To be fair we walked up to the stadium about 10 to suss it out and they were testing the past then and it was perfect
  15. We came up for the weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Having watched the games at Coventry, London and Anfield it seems to me that the difference is in the Australian attitude to the contact point when they are in possession. Two things; one, they don't always go looking for contact they will move the ball on just before being hit. Secondly they are always looking for an offload and, invariably, there is someone available.