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  1. My dear old thing when one resides in Middle England those are de rigour.
  2. My Mother would go completely gaga if she thought I had gone into a Conservative Club. Now where is my selfie stick?
  3. I thought there was but couldn't see it on Street View so was wondering whether it had closed. I'll look again later.
  4. Any idea where you might be going for a drink pre match? We are coming up in the motorhome and have arranged to park in the Trinity car park.
  5. Fantastic display today. Sparkling attacking rugby and awesome defence. So pleased and proud of the boys. Sue is thinking of throwing a sickie from work next Sunday so she can come up.
  6. We are leaving soon. No time Toulouse
  7. Whatever was in those burgers needs to be bottled. Brilliant performance yesterday. Offloads. getting it out wide, supporting runs. I echo R34 about the KR fans some very positive comments from them walking back to the car. Hopefully we've turned the corner.
  8. OK. I'll look it up
  9. We are coming up for the match but bringing the motorhome and camping near Knutsford overnight. We've arranged parking at the Little B pub for the game so feel we ought to eat there. Where are you guys going to be?
  10. Is this the pub sign for the Michael Bolton (sorry Dave couldn't resist)
  11. As it's our nearest match we are hoping to be there. Any idea of where to meet/drink etc
  12. 'ray. It all sounded very fishy anyway
  13. On my way in an hour via Holmfirth to drop daughter and granddaughters off. See you in the club. Come on you Yes!
  14. Bon vacances to all those going. Allez les Yeds!
  15. Just watched it again and even though I heart stopped when Tuoyo tried to trap it and it ran forward off his boot