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  1. Stevos Barber

    Oldham pin badges

    Thank you clifford. Mine will be treasured ☺️
  2. Stevos Barber

    Round 1 β€” Workington Town

    Is there a ruling on the depth of the in goal area? If not why do we have to have the two lines and there be the confusion as we saw yesterday? Make the dead ball line the same as the football one!
  3. Stevos Barber

    Selling the club

    Totally agree on the social media. I will admit to not using it myself (I've got no friends, my dinners are a bit boring and I don't have a cute cat). Having said that jokingly social media can be a great tool. RU effectively makes it's games an "event". They can virtually sell out Twickenham for the Army vs Navy game. So lets make our games an event, a place to go for a good afternoon out. How? So leading up to a game post how you can't wait to be there, post pics of you and your mates enjoying a drink in the club, post how good the game is etc etc. If 3 people out of your perhaps 300 Facebook friends come to a game and other posters friends do the same how good would that be?
  4. Stevos Barber

    Selling the club

    Absolutely agree but these things all cost money. I'll throw something out here. If the club were to produce an A5 sized flyer would people volunteer to print some off at home and distribute them in the way jroyales has suggested?
  5. Stevos Barber

    Law Cup Competition

    Ok time to fess up. It was us...and I can't remember what it was. πŸ˜‚ I know there was something about Gracie Fields
  6. Stevos Barber

    2019 Replica Kits Now on Sale

    Ordered ours this morning. Hoping the sizing is a bit more realistic this season 🀣
  7. Stevos Barber

    2019 Replica Kits Now on Sale

    I do like hoops 😊
  8. Stevos Barber

    Garry Schofield

    2 extra zeros surely 🀣
  9. Stevos Barber

    Maders draws praise from Scott

    Hope you aren't being mischievous WhitworthYed 🀣
  10. Stevos Barber

    Maders draws praise from Scott

    And play matches in LNIA's back garden
  11. Stevos Barber

    Garry Schofield

    His tipping record isn't the best 🀣
  12. Stevos Barber

    Dave's logo the new club badge

    We like it! It says what we are, who we are and, most importantly, keeps the armorial part. Thats going to cost us in new shirts πŸ˜‚
  13. Stevos Barber

    Friday News

    Really positive from the club. If he can bring some of whatever York have been doing things will definitely move upwards
  14. Stevos Barber


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us to everyone at the club, to the fans,especially the travelling fans and to RL fans everywhere πŸŽ…
  15. Stevos Barber

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    The thing that strikes me about this thread is the amount of time volunteering is mentioned. I know that there are many who would, and will, volunteer and the hope is that the club accepts the help. What has gone before in terms of other meetings needs to be left behind. Learn from history dont replicate it. I do think this is a genuine move from the club probably prompted by Anne being more among the fans than Mr Hamilton is. Open minds and positive thoughts all. Enjoy the meeting. I only wish we could be there.