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  1. No Jimmy Thompson or Vince Farrar?
  2. Very sad. Him and Jimmy Thompson were heroes of mine in the seventies
  3. Wins for Toronto Scholars Crusades Thunder Cougars All Golds Raiders York some good games there.
  4. Moaning about refs from the terraces has alway happened and always will happen. My view is that the ref is closer to the action than I am so I may have a gripe but it's his decision and these things do even themselves out. He disallowed a Whitehaven try last Sunday against Crusaders in the last minute that I thought was good. A short while earlier he disallowed a Crusaders try that looked ok to me. It happens. However abuse from players needs stamping out, we're not football.
  5. Do you think that certain people on here drink before they post?
  6. All home wins although crusaders v Whitehaven could go either way
  7. I wish it was mate I really do
  8. North Yorkshire county show. A good day
  9. Can't argue with that
  10. Every time I watch Crusaders play there's always some decisions I don't understand but as the ref is a lot closer to the action I accept them although I may moan a bit. They are doing a good job and should be applauded and supported.
  11. All home wins except the Cru to beat Hemel
  12. Barrow have got to be favourites but they won't have it all their own way. The Cru are coming in to a bit of form. I'll follow my heart and say Crusaders to win
  13. That could be the reason for the low arrendance Steve but I thought there were more there tbh.
  14. Just got back from the Cru/Skolars game. Some very good and entertaining rugby from the Cru. A pleasure to watch
  15. A close game. Let's hope the lads can do it