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  1. Hangover cures

    A pint of Sam Smiths used to sort me out. Then again that’s what normally got me into the state in the first place.
  2. Carillion - gone?

    The contract to build the A14 in Cambridgeshire is a joint venture with Carillion and Balfour Beatty. All Carillion staff are being transferred on to Balfours with no change in salary.
  3. Carillion - gone?

    You surprise me with your comments regarding McAlpines. I worked for them for 35 years until Carillion unfortunately took us over. Certainly within Alfred McAlpine civil engineering division we were renown as one of the best payers in the business. As far as non payment is concerned I believe Carillion are owed millions from work in the Middle East. One contract alone they built at a cost of £200m and have not received a penny. This is not an attempt on my part to defend them.
  4. Carillion - gone?

    What about KPMG in all this. They audited and passed off accounts every year that given the scale of losses here must have been obvious. As far as Government intervention is concerned they’re on to a loser and will be criticised for taking action or criticised for not taking action.
  5. Carillion - gone?

    Spot on Trojan. Unfortunately there were still a lot of ex Tarmac employees in senior positions within Carillion and this practise continued with a lot of suppliers and subbies being put on 120 day payment contracts. These are the people who are going to be hit hardest in this sorry mess. The CEO however will be ok as he changed his contract a few months before the brown stuff hit the fan so that his bonus was safe and could not be clawed back.
  6. Hail to the Chief!!

    I had a good twenty minutes natter with him when I paid for my season ticket last year. Very knowledgable and passionate about the game and of course our team. I was impressed and think he’ll do a grand job.
  7. Predictions for league 1

    After a disappointing time last year Crusaders will surprise a few and make the play offs, just. Looking at the teams involved league 1 will be very entertaining this coming season, I’m looking forward to it.
  8. is this fair?

    I follow what you’re saying here but don’t HKR have a duty of care not to allow known troublemakers on their supporters bus. After all Feath were warned about them but HKR still brought them.
  9. programmes

    Hello superten and welcome to the Cru family. You’ll find the supporters to be smal in numbers but passionate and probably the best fans around. Your best bet to get a response is on the North Wales Crusaders Facebook page as that’s where most of them post. Should be a good season next year and I think we’ll get into top six maybe higher. Have a look at the official Crusaders website where all players signed on for next season are listed. Season tickets very reasonable, I’m a pensioner so it only costs £60
  10. Pre Season Friendly

    Should be a good game, always enjoyed the visits of the Hornets
  11. Wales Rugby League World Cup review

    It’s an interesting article, thanks for posting. With regard to Crusaders Rob Massam who is mentioned is an ex Cru player. This year we are running an A team with a view to giving the youth a chance to continue playing league after under 18’s. Some of these will feed into the first team. Last season we had Blake Turner sign on direct from the juniors, he has now been snapped up by Rochdale. It’s only small steps at the moment but we hope to have a steady stream of young lads coming in to the game. Good times ahead.
  12. Les Tonks RIP

    A local hero when I used to watch rovers as a young man. A great servant to the club
  13. League 1 2018

    Give me a shout if you come to the Crusaders john mate and I’ll stand you a pint. Hopefully we’ll give you a game.
  14. League 1 2018

    I’m really looking forward to the new season. The Crusaders have retained the vast majority of last years squad plus recruited more. Also we are running an A team next year. This will give continuity for the under 18 team with a view to players progressing into the first team. Exciting times ahead,