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  1. Things building nice and steady in South Wales. This is good news
  2. Sorry mate you caught me at a bad time
  3. No need for sarcasm mate
  4. Right thanks mate, never thought of looking round the back lol
  5. I thought the curtain raiser was a great game and hopefully something that can be repeated. I even enjoyed the main game despite the score line as the lads never gave up trying till the final whistle. As for the ref....... I suppose he was closer to the action than me so I suppose he saw things that I didn't. Where was the marquee set up Swann?
  6. Crowd was 581 Steve. Let's hope a lot of them make a return visit
  7. Just got back from the match and your comments just about sum it up for me Jon
  8. Some very good points being made on both sides of the argument here. I don't know which is right or wrong but I would be worried that if we legalise say heroin then we are telling people it's ok to use it and end up creating more addicts.
  9. Anybody watching The Repair Shop on BBC 2? No mention of how much it costs to fix or how much money it is now worth as per American restoration. This purely concentrates on how the repairs are undertaken by skilled craftsmen. As an amateur woodturner/woodworker I find it enthralling.
  10. There was a few strange decisions, for both teams, given today Steve that I couldn't understand but I suppose the ref is closer to the action than I was. I thought there was a bigger crowd too.
  11. Nobody mentioned Ken Dodd. I saw him a few years back in Blackpool. He stood on stage for nearly four hours one joke after another nonstop and not a swear word to be heard. Go see him before it's too late.
  12. Can't disagree with that Gerrumonside.
  13. I watched them against the Cru and they looked a useful side. Good luck for the season
  14. It's six months this week that I packed in work. It all seems a hazy memory that I would not go back to.