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  1. The river Dee at Llangollen this morning
  2. Just been watching On her majesty's secret service with George Lazenby. I've turned it off after Daniel Craig all James Bonds seem ###### now
  3. The wife's not a lover of turkey nor are the kids. She over compensates for this by doing rib of beef, leg of pork and ham. Agree with other posters though that it all tastes better on Boxing Day straight out of the frying pan with all the veg and taties.
  4. I agree with you about H&S being tightened up but it's had nowt to do with the Euro or Maastricht as you keep saying.
  5. Maastricht had beggar all to do with it. The HASWA 1974 is the bedrock for all health and safety in this country. This has been continually supplemented by various codes of practice and other legislation drafted up by the UK government. It is a continually improving process that has nowt to do with Europe. They lag miles behind us.
  6. You'll find that our improvements in health and safety have got nothing to do with being in the Eu. We have always exceeded the Eu minimum standards and have been leaders in H&S matters. Look at construction sites in Europe today and sites in the U.K. There is no comparison.
  7. I'm voting for Mo but Andy Murray will win it
  8. Got what he deserved, hit in the pocket
  9. We are discussing the triple locked pension as though it is a vast sum, it's not. £7500 a year puts us 21st in a league of 27 European countries.
  10. Hope I've done this right. Autumn at Brodie Castle
  11. Gin

    I was in Scotland with the wife for a few weeks and noticed loads of different gins now being produced. I opted for a bottle of Gilt Gin, cost about £35. What a disappointment. It tasted as though they'd forgot to put some ingredients in. In the interests of having a balanced view I bought a bottle of Hendricks, Sapphire and Opihr purely for research purposes. I am pleased to report that all three were superb. The son is getting the Gilt Gin for Christmas.
  12. Probably means nothing to most people on here but after 45 years of work I finally worked out I could manage and took early retirement
  13. Things are looking good. Due to work commitments I've not seen the Cru for the past two seasons but will be getting my season ticket as soon as possible.
  14. Looking at the players committing for next year I think we're in for a good season. Plus no dual registration which I think is a good thing.