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  1. This will tip AC over the edge, he will be foaming at the mouth, especially when Derek pulls up to a Sheffield game in his Lamborghini.
  2. Swinton have recruited a mid championship team and I think they will shock a few, Toulouse will win their home games and lose the majority of their away games. Hull KR & London will be neck & neck and positions could switch, Batley will be tough at home as always and will have learned a lot from last year, Featherstone are capable of brilliance or mediocrity but they will be better for a settled coach & team. Halifax and Sheffield look considerably weaker than I can remember for years, Dewsbury are always tough but look to have lost a few key players. Rochdale & Oldham will struggle in my opinion but I think Scott Naylor will draft a few in from Leigh and probably stay safe. All my opinion of course. Fun game. Hull KR London Featherstone Batley Bradford Swinton Toulouse Halifax Dewsbury Oldham Sheffield Rochdale
  3. You keep mentioning Halifax & Featherstone crowds, firstly im not sure Fev's crowds will be down, they had something to play for this year and did well, they have received extra funding & expect them to be a force in 2017 in the Championship. Halifax took last years £750k and paid off the directors loans, they recruited poorly and put in a youth team (which I happen to think everybody should) even though everybody else around was dis-banding theirs. If Halifax had recruited a few more solid lower end SL players/top champ players, they could well have made the top 4 and again received more funding this year and built year on year and increased crowds with success. 2017 could quite well have been a potentially great year for Fax but the fact is they showed little to no ambition and wonder why crowds don't flock down to watch them? Bradford should have finished much higher than they did with their talented playing roster and a huge investigation should be happening at Odsal on the amount of squad members they have. To have no recognised half's and so many squad players is a recipe for disaster. Sheffield, well, in fairness performance wise they have punched above their weight for years, but everybody could see it was going to end badly. I like the Championship, I believe it has the potential to be as entertaining if not more so than SL and I can only see it developing & getting stronger by the year, SL teams will not want to get sucked into it as its a tough league, this in itself should see a more entertaining SL as to be quite frank, SL hasn't really been that "super" the last few years has it? The next 1-2 years could potentially see Fev, Fax, Bulls, London, Batley, Toulouse, Toronto, Hull Kr, etc all battling out some classic games, Toulouse & Toronto could potentially bring in a TV deal for the Championship we just need somebody with a bit more ambition heading up the RFL. I believe the future is bright.
  4. From what I believe an offer for 1 year is on the table from both Leigh & 2 teams in the south of France. The French season overlaps with the UK
  5. I feel this one may just be too tough for Leigh
  6. A much better team than under Morals & Integrity Rowley. You could see they wanted it.
  7. Salford should win comfortably with their team & how their season has gone. Won't stop me wanting a Leigh win but realistically Leigh have more important games.
  8. Paul Deacon played at my age group for Hindley Giants all through my early teens so I'm not sure if he did come through Oldham, I believe he signed for the Bulls academy
  9. I agree with this, we are currently in transition until Toronto & Toulouse are in the Championship, the minute they are the RFL will implement the 2x10 strategy. The new salary cap across 3 leagues is the pre-cursor to this. Based on current standings I predict 2-3 years.
  10. No. He has commited until the end of 2018 as a minimum, in most press articles he consistently maintains if it's not this year then he will continue to strengthen until it eventually does happen. Personally I see an RFL re-structure before then. As I have always stated you don't have to like him but you have to respect his commitment & drive. The fact he stays off social media now is a lesson well learned.
  11. Solid player, spent time with us at Leigh aswell.
  12. Derek spends his own wealth on his love which is Leigh Centurions, salary cap is 1.8 million in all 3 comps now asking as you provide proof/bond to the RFL
  13. I can't see why a 28 year old NRL player with 130+ appearances for 3 different NRL sides isn't worth an opportunity when we have a need for wingers? Hardly on his last legs.
  14. Drinkwater has a European passport.