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  1. Agreed, Im talking about when the opportunity to make SL arises and Toronto are top 4 in the Championship. Will these players still have the appetite knowing they will be replaced following the Leigh promotion model Obviously this all changes if the structure changes. FWIW I like the idea of Toronto in SL
  2. I have already heard the Toronto player bubble is borderline bursting, the fact some of the current lads know what Sims & Taylor are being paid, what Brough & Myler had been offered is already causing some in camp resentment. We know how that worked out at Leigh.
  3. Signed for Warrington. Will Dagger gone from Warrington to Hull KR.
  4. RFL currently paying Bradford's Wages aswell. Bradford players have been told they are not going down.
  5. All im aware of is its a current SL majority.
  6. Its an option on the table that most teams are pushing for hence it being brought up by Marwan.
  7. To save face and possibility of Catalan having a bye that weekend.
  8. SL is going to 13 teams in 2018 and to 14 teams in 2019. The emergence of more FT clubs means that players can earn more being in the Top 4 of the Championship than in SL. The clubs are pushing for this model but want the decision to be made sooner rather than later so that contracts can be sorted ETC Bradford are not going down. The loser of the MPG will come up.
  9. Don't worry I don't take things personally.
  10. IMO Hull KR should be brought back in and SL go to 14 teams with mandatory academies. For those who don't like Leigh we have done OK in our first season back, won more than I expected and a lot of our players will be better with a year under our belt. Ben Reynolds, Sam Hopkins, Matty Dawson, Ben Crooks, Gregg McNally, Martyn Ridyard, to name just a few English lads have all gotten better as the year progressed. (I know McNally plays for Ireland) The only way SL will grow players of SL level is by more players playing it. Bradford have thrown a load of talented kids in at the deep end in a tough physical league and a lot of these lads have caught the eye and been fantastic, if Bradford were at the other end of the table these young lads would not have been given the chance. If your good enough your old enough. SL can support 14 teams.
  11. I'm sure overseas players was the first item on the agenda in the Chelsea boardroom when they won the Premier League
  12. looking forward to watching this guy, best mates with Mitch Brown who has nothing but good things to say about Leigh Centurions.
  13. And Daniel Mortimer from the Roosters.
  14. Wakey for me. Leigh still ravaged by injuries.
  15. Saints win for me we are ravaged with injuries.