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  1. There is not a chance he has been or is going to be on a six figure salary per year. An unproven SL player signed from a lower league depending on the length of their deal would be on something like 40k 50k 60k based on a 3 year deal. It may be a six figure deal but collectively over the contract term. There aren't many players in SL over £100k per season.
  2. Tough game after Wakefield's lacklustre display against Leeds and can Leigh keep up the enthusiasm of the last few weeks? All makes for an exciting game that can go either way, prior to the season I was just hopeful Leigh would be competitive and fair better than in 2005 so to for me to say it can go either way makes me happy in itself. I do fancy Wakefield at home though by 8.
  3. I expect a different Warrington tonight, if they click it will be a tough night for Leigh. Warrington win by 8.
  4. You hate something we NEVER do, might aswell roll Peacock, O'Loughlin & Hock out then they always stepped up. The most potent attack we have is players that should debut, having said the that we always lose any meaningful test game when we wheel the "old guard" out anyway. Players should always be picked on merit, form & performances, otherwise how do they grow?
  5. If you were picking the team off form and not name then Watkins, Hall, McGillvary & Cudjoe would be nowhere near the team. At the moment, Shenton, Eden, Minikin, Makinson are all worthy of a look in and there are still injury doubts on Burgess, Manfredi and Gildart who would all be in the mix IMO.
  6. Leigh Centurions have retweeted a picture clearly showing Acton grounding the ball, nothing "dodgy" about it. Good decision made by the ref.
  7. Huddersfield looked like Leigh did against Wigan the previous week and never looked like scoring. Too may players going through the motions and absolutely nothing coming off the bench at first interchange. Id be worried as a Huddersfield fan Brough looks like he's gone.
  8. There is a Toulouse fan on Twitter that streams all their games, I have watched 2 now its pretty decent.
  9. Same lads, Fryston Warriors, Liam Hood week before (jaw), following week Rangi Chase. Looks like that club have a real issue with Pro's.
  10. I thought the Rams played well, tough to breakdown and you have some big lads, you just needed to be a bit smarter ball in hand. I think you have a fair bit to be positive about Both teams had a few missing, leigh did have a strong side out but where missing Martyn Ridyard, Glenn Stewart, Cory Patterson, Ben Crookes, Adam Higson, Eloi Pelissier to name a few. All the takings after costs went to Dewsbury, this was agreed after we took Reynolds back last year. Both teams got a much needed run out.
  11. This will tip AC over the edge, he will be foaming at the mouth, especially when Derek pulls up to a Sheffield game in his Lamborghini.
  12. Swinton have recruited a mid championship team and I think they will shock a few, Toulouse will win their home games and lose the majority of their away games. Hull KR & London will be neck & neck and positions could switch, Batley will be tough at home as always and will have learned a lot from last year, Featherstone are capable of brilliance or mediocrity but they will be better for a settled coach & team. Halifax and Sheffield look considerably weaker than I can remember for years, Dewsbury are always tough but look to have lost a few key players. Rochdale & Oldham will struggle in my opinion but I think Scott Naylor will draft a few in from Leigh and probably stay safe. All my opinion of course. Fun game. Hull KR London Featherstone Batley Bradford Swinton Toulouse Halifax Dewsbury Oldham Sheffield Rochdale
  13. You keep mentioning Halifax & Featherstone crowds, firstly im not sure Fev's crowds will be down, they had something to play for this year and did well, they have received extra funding & expect them to be a force in 2017 in the Championship. Halifax took last years £750k and paid off the directors loans, they recruited poorly and put in a youth team (which I happen to think everybody should) even though everybody else around was dis-banding theirs. If Halifax had recruited a few more solid lower end SL players/top champ players, they could well have made the top 4 and again received more funding this year and built year on year and increased crowds with success. 2017 could quite well have been a potentially great year for Fax but the fact is they showed little to no ambition and wonder why crowds don't flock down to watch them? Bradford should have finished much higher than they did with their talented playing roster and a huge investigation should be happening at Odsal on the amount of squad members they have. To have no recognised half's and so many squad players is a recipe for disaster. Sheffield, well, in fairness performance wise they have punched above their weight for years, but everybody could see it was going to end badly. I like the Championship, I believe it has the potential to be as entertaining if not more so than SL and I can only see it developing & getting stronger by the year, SL teams will not want to get sucked into it as its a tough league, this in itself should see a more entertaining SL as to be quite frank, SL hasn't really been that "super" the last few years has it? The next 1-2 years could potentially see Fev, Fax, Bulls, London, Batley, Toulouse, Toronto, Hull Kr, etc all battling out some classic games, Toulouse & Toronto could potentially bring in a TV deal for the Championship we just need somebody with a bit more ambition heading up the RFL. I believe the future is bright.
  14. From what I believe an offer for 1 year is on the table from both Leigh & 2 teams in the south of France. The French season overlaps with the UK
  15. I feel this one may just be too tough for Leigh