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  1. Just seen that Toronto merch is available in the Hull shop for the next week.
  2. Saw an advert on Facebook where Premier were plugging it
  3. If bought with a credit card you could raise a dispute with your credit card company either for goods not received or not as described. The other option would be to raise a section 75 as the company that issued them have gone bump.
  4. Having watched Fax at Limoux a few years back in the cup I can safely say it was absolutely bitter.
  5. New fax home shirt
  6. Saw this yesterday, looks nuts.
  7. There was a great one between Batley and Leigh a few years back in the old NFP playoffs. One of the Batley players scored and all his teammates lined up and he ran back pretending the ball was a camera and taking a team photo. Also seem to remember John Bentley sitting on the ball looking bored after scoring a breakaway try against London.
  8. Interesting. Never heard of this before.
  9. Is it just me or does Andrew Johns seem to be off his face?
  10. Just registered to vote. Anyone idea what time the vote will open? Really don't want to have to watch spoty to find out.
  11. Not a bother mate. Don't be too hasty with the docs though!
  12. Found these as well but think they were on ITV as late night mid week highlights.
  13. Had me second guessing there but think I've found it.
  14. Wasn't the Wigan-Roos game in 94 live on grandstand? Don't think any of the other games that year were live but there were certainly highlights of them on itv with dreadful commentary and multiple slow mo replays of the trys.
  15. Just came across this. Not April yet is it?