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  1. Think Ladbrokes paid for free travel for season ticket holders and discounted travel for anyone else for the trip to haven so might happen again. Not sure if it's something they do for all televised/streamed games though.
  2. Is that so they can roast it and make money that way?
  3. Apparently Mike Rush was spotted in Coogee. McManus was quite coy when interviewed by Dave Woods but said the club would have an idea on the next coach in 2-3 weeks even though it may not be made public.
  4. Think he started on the wing then shifted to centre before settling in the 2nd row.
  5. On the BBC rl podcast they seemed to think McQueen would cover the outside backs. Williams to cover hooker?
  6. Not seen the Moi Moi one but the Radio Manchester commentator seemed to think it was a hard and fair shot. Think Moi Moi has form this year though from the Siddal game so will be interesting to see. Are all incidents reviewed on Tuesday as Championship and league 1 are normally reviewed a wee later aren't they?
  7. I was only about 18 months old so have no memories of this but everyone seems to have a story. I know that my mum was far from impressed with my dad as she was due to give birth to my sister and he went on the lash to Wembley (she got her own back though she wouldn't allow her to be called Eadie). Apparently the town centre was dead and they gave the result over the tannoy in Boots. Also heard a story that at the semi (not sure whether 87 or 88) that one of the opposition fans ran onto the pitch, had a few words with the ref and then legged it to take refuge amongst the fax fans. After a bit of a shoeing he came flying back out a lot quicker than when he went in.
  8. Copied this from Everything Rugby League on Facebook. From a South African Rugby Page 'There are rumours coming out of Australia that the Western Force already have a deal in place to switch codes and become a Rugby League franchise with the Perth-based outfit going off to play in the NRL should they be axed from Super Rugby' Has anyone heard anything about this? ERL certainly hasn't... If this was the case would it just be the Force switching codes or teaming up with the existing Perth bid team?
  9. It's interesting you should mention players going down injured. Not relating to this game but there was a report in oz a couple of weeks back about the potential mis-use of the free sub for concussions and how certain teams used it more than others and at particular points in games. Definitely something to keep an eye on.
  10. Not on tv mate, only 2 games a week shown in the U.K. You'll have to wait for the highlights which will be on the sky website not too long after the game finishes.
  11. Would it be a case of paying extra or if you buy a premium package it would include the variety one too?
  12. Wasn't it mentioned in commentary that any dangerous contact is now an automatic sin binning which is maybe why he didn't see red?
  13. The Wakey coach and captain were on Radio Leeds a few weeks back and said there team was going to be made up of experienced players, newcomers and girls stepping up from u16's.
  14. Ex Penrith and Gold Coast full back Preston Cambell.