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  1. Will add haven to my earlier list. Went to watch Fax vs Kells on a Wednesday night and it was absolutely bitter. Also saw Fax vs Haven there in a cup game in the mid 90's. Think it'd been postponed at least twice and there was still a decent amount of snow on the terraces, the pitch was what you'd call a bit heavy too!
  2. For me it's a toss up between Thrum Hall, The Watersheddings, Mount Pleasant or Limoux.
  3. Even though they go with 1-17 in oz it's not rare to see someone with 18,19 or even 20 odd on their backs due to naming extended benches during the week.
  4. Not seen them in years. If you find them I definitely need a heads up!
  5. Really struggling with a fax team and could easily just cop out and pick either the 1998 or 2010 teams. Been watching since the early 90's so will go with: 1. Mike Umaga 2. John Bentley 3. John Schuster 4. Greg Florimo 5. Mark Preston 6. Michael Hagan 7. Gavin Clinch 8. Karl Harrison 9. Paul Rowley 10. Brett Goldspink 11. Des Clarke 12. Michael Jackson 13. Martin Moana Nit sure about the bench but would probably go with Jamie Bloem, Kelvin Skerret, Graham Holroyd & possibly John Fieldhouse.
  6. Strong rumours that he will according to Brian Carney.
  7. In the article when it was first mentioned a couple of months back it implied that if you subscribed to one of the premium channels then you'd get the 'lesser' content included as part of the price.
  9. Without derailing the thread, would the top end of the league not be more of a talking point if Cas weren't so far ahead? With regards to the middles, I really don't see HKR as being as strong as Leigh were the last couple of years. Honestly don't think Wire et al will have too much to worry about.
  10. If you mean club Wembley aren't they on general sale this year? Sure there was a thread about folk getting upgraded.