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  1. What we want is a team that plays expansive rugby. Rugby that is played off the cuff by a team which is more or less given a free hand, such as, (dare I say it), C*s. No matter what our opinions are, they are a joy to watch and their styles and methods are reaping the dividends.
  2. Our options get less and less with each dismissal. I am afraid it is the proverbial poisoned chalice, or in other words, here we go again.
  3. I bet that a pinafore suited thi down to ground Robin.
  4. I fully agree with your last sentence. I think,IMO, that one of our major problems lies around our ruck area. We seem to labour from play the ball and the distribution. We see very few "scoots" from dummy half but it is noticeable that when a player is taking the ball in (on his own), the bulk of the team appear to be crowded in a group in the centre of the park acting as spectators. Nothing is being created, be it a fault of the halves or maybe lack of position being gained by the forwards. Not very attractive rugby by any means.
  5. The water boy
  6. Feigning injury to stop a flowing move or to regain oxygen appears to be a common occurrence in the game from amateur to the top
  7. Think that you are a trifle disrespectful to a fev supporter, with your comments. You must admit that the team were an utter shambles today and I for one fully resented paying my money to watch a fourth class performance. Fax killed us with speed around the ruck, meanwhile our defence was horrific, our line speed and our support play non existent coupled with a completely flat attack. I for one will require a vast improvement before I hand any more of my hard earned cash over. I believe that some of the team are playing in a comfort zone which is neither fair to the club or the supporters.
  8. Shocking news. Thought I hadn't seen him at the Sharlo games recently. Salt of the earth. Condolences to all the family. RIP.
  9. Finny way above moaning McGuire. Guaranteed plenty of favourable penalties with Burrows.
  10. Of course abuse and disrespect for officials in any form of sport must be stamped out. I am also of the opinion that match officials at times aid and abet such disrespect. Namely, failure to lay the law down and display those coloured pieces of plastic they carry around with them. Insist that when they shout "held" and "release" in the tackle the players obey and do not carry on waltzing up and down the field. Refs should show more authority on the park which would indicate to the players the fact that any infringement will be severely dealt with. Three words of advice to the officials, "don't bottle out". Earn your respect.
  11. Not to defend Acton, but birds hit on Reynolds was a cheap shot to say the least. Bird went down like a wounded soul in an effort to avoid the attention of the referee. Acton was aware of that, IMO and was "assisting" bird to his feet.
  12. Check thi facts before you engage the brain, owd lad. I cannot recall any suspensions during the past six or seven years, but I do know that we have won plenty of top trophies plus producing players who have gone on to successful pro careers. They have had a youth set up in place for two seasons now and It was the BARLA/RL set up with the introduction of summer rugby which has upset the apple cart. School holidays, weekend family trips has led to a shortage of players. Who the heck wants to play rugby in the summer?. Will be appearing hopefully once again in the pennine league next season.
  13. Having said that, how many times has Thaler officiated at Cas" games?.
  14. No answer to that JC.
  15. They were missing a lot more than that. Typical French/Catalan opening tactics. Bullying everything in sight down the middle of the park. Unfortunately for them, they got their come uppance.