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  1. We cannot keep throwing millions of pounds at a project whilst not seeing any improvement. It is similar to the foreign aid fiasco. Billions shipped abroad to third world countries over many years but once again, no improvements or changes. The NHS fiasco has not appeared overnight. It has been creeping up on us for many years and our so called leaders and health officials have just stood back and let things slide over the edge, accompanied with much wringing of hands. In answer to your comments about "the difficulties of instigating a three shift system" I strongly assume that you have connections with the system and do not welcome change. Why not start with preventing consultants in the private sector using NHS facilities when attending to NHS patients?. We have got to start somewhere if the system is to continue, although it is my opinion that the ultimate aim is for privatisation. Then we would see changes in manning and the overseeing of finances, no doubt to the detriment of the patient.
  2. One way of solving bed and staff shortages is to introduce a three shift system throughout the NHS. After all, they are supposedly a public service, akin to the police and fire services etc and as such should be available 24/7. Meanwhile, scanners and multi million pound technology is stood idle during weekends and holiday periods. also is the fact that billions of pounds of tax payers money is being paid in interest to private companies due to the Blair/Brown private finance scheme for the building of hospitals. We will be paying these companies massive interest charges for evermore. The whole organisation is far too large and the management structure can no longer handle the situation. It requires a drastic pruning. Billions of pounds have been thrown at the NHS but we never appear to have any improvement and this itself should be an indication of waste and mis-management, coupled with the fact that our population is rapidly increasing, Our politicians will not admit that this factor throws increasing pressure upon the whole organisation. Of course, it is an easy option to state "that the elderly are living longer". It is noticeable that no mention is made about the obesity, alcohol and drug related illnesses of the younger generations.
  3. About 10 years ago, the college, I forget the official title, but it was adjacent to the racecourse, played RL. Had a very good side, being made up of several players from the then Fev Academy who were attending the college. Loved to watch them.
  4. Amongst all this, if I remember correctly, the RL threatened to throw York out of the league solely because "they only had provision for 50 persons in the reception lounge area instead of the required eighty". What an utter shambles. The whole exercise is run like a third world country..
  5. Hooray. At last we have signed a recognised centre. Walton is a good player, not to hefty but will run at a brick wall. Should put some backbone into the line.
  6. Can anyone please explain to me why the position of "a Director of Rugby" has crept into the game over the past year or so. Exactly what are the functions of such a person and how does he operate within the scheme of things?. Is he an assistant to the head coach or is he a "go between" the head coach and club owner/chairman?. If a club has the confidence to employ their choice of coach, why on earth have a secondary person with such an important title to "assist" the coach. I certainly would not relish a "director of rugby" looking over my shoulder . I thought that the assistant coach shared responsibility. Appears to be an increasing trend and jobs for the boys and no doubt another drain on club finances.
  7. In full agreement, Phil. Much wringing of hands and wiping brows. The club representatives on the TV and in the press blame lack of resources and financial backing for their plight. No mention of financial mismanagement and committing money, which they did not possess, in an effort to crawl out of this mess. No sympathy whatsoever. Everyone is allowed two strikes but they have carried this albatross for many years.
  8. Because they love to flex their muscles and then cry "foul" when retaliation occurs. Hamas and similar organisations are simply unelected, undemocratic gangs who are intent upon inflicting their so called ideals and influence upon the western communities.
  9. Purely cosmetic. Recognised the state but then has done next to nothing in the matter of support against terrorism throughout the world. Just one big cosy club.
  10. Just a cynical old man JC, but I can never understand why for four days over the period we drink ourselves silly, stuff ourselves with grub and make merry and for the remaining 360 days the world kicks the **** out of each other. Beats me.
  11. Didn't realise that he had one. The UN security council is a load of codswallop and always has been. Where have they been hiding during all the middle east conflicts and where were they during the illegal invasion and occupation of northern Cyprus?.
  12. One simple answer, a 460 miles round trip plus accommodation.
  13. IMO the refs could and should keep the game flowing by using their authority and stop "bottling out" on decisions. A few sin binnings for holding down in the tackle, markers not square and pushing into the man playing the ball would not come amiss. A few sideline rests would not be welcomed by the coaches and players, but it would certainly tidy the game up. In my playing days, the ref would enter both changing rooms, prior to the game and lay down what he would not condone and what action he would take if the rules were not adhered to. It certainly tidied the game up and earned the players respect.
  14. Call me old fashioned but if it was my call I would allow the "elite" teams to make their own way in life if they so desired and allow the rest to revert to part time rugby. I wonder what sky would make of that?. When we had part time, the majority of grounds were full to capacity and grass roots was thriving. Sky, even taking into account their financial input, are slowly killing our game off. It is now a case of clubs wanting immediate overnight success aided and abetted by Murdoch and his team. We have progressed too fast and too far, and in the process neglected the planning and organisation of our fine sport.
  15. I would think that everyone is fed up to the back teeth with the fiascos at the Bulls and at Sheffield. One, who have had four venues in four seasons and are presently skint, the other sitting on a beautiful landfill site plus also being financially embarrassed. We are the laughing stock of sport and nothing, it appears, will change until we employ financial and astute business moguls at the top in order to completely overhaul our game from the grass roots upwards. On the bright side, it gives us summat to hammer out on the forum!!!!.