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  1. saddleworth


    Why on earth don't the pappy referees handle the situation when they occur?. Give em a red or yellow and just refer the really serious to the committee. The committee is handling more cases than the on field official.
  2. saddleworth

    wakey loan

    I would make an educated guess that Wakey have received more public and supporters monies over the years, than most RL clubs. Considering the state of the ground and the cost of introducing the safety standards etc., I think it is akin to ploughing money into an old banger to get it through the MOT. Meanwhile the council tax increases by almost 3%.
  3. Just when are we going to get a consistent line up?. I appreciate that injury problems occur, but we appear to be making RADICAL changes at times which to me, smacks of being low in confidence.
  4. saddleworth

    Toronto thumped

    It couldn't happen to a better club. Play in their faces and you can beat the best team in the world. As for Catalans, too many players pinching money in that set up.
  5. saddleworth

    It's official

    Ive got a brother in Batley Carr who wears a skirt and swears blind hes mi aunty.
  6. saddleworth

    It's official

    Is this a statement accusing officialdom of being corrupt or is it a cry in the dark against lax and schoolboy defence which obviously reflects upon the team and the coach?. Wipe your eyes, owd lad and start to kick the guilty ones into shape. Cannot stand cry babies.
  7. saddleworth


    Bad example,LTS. More negative thoughts, ie: "no one really expected us to win over there, being a step ahead along with Toronto". From what I saw of Toronto against the Rams, definitely overrated on this performance. Exceptional fitness, as to be expected, pulled them through. For goodness sake get into their ribs and yes, give away a penalty or two, but at least let them know you are there. How would the team react if our fans had stayed away due to them "not really being expected to win".
  8. saddleworth

    Eddie Hemings hanging up the mic

    Sorry to say but Jamie Jones diction is not good enough for a commentating position IMO.
  9. saddleworth

    R.I.P Peter Fox

    Met him at the book signing. A real gentleman with a deep knowledge of the game. Condolences to all involved.
  10. saddleworth


    A mess like this does not occur overnight.
  11. Best game of rugby I have seen for many a month. The possession that Leeds had in the first half should have guaranteed them a win. Nice change to see fast, flowing rugby.
  12. Poor game of rugby for the independent viewer to watch. Scrappy play. Bet Catalans are scratching their heads about the purchase of Smith and Tomkins. A couple of chocolate fireguards with a work rate of zero. Trinities game noticeably dropped off when Fifita was on the sidelines.
  13. saddleworth


    Fully agree lingard. Oh for the days of 15,000 fans watching Wakefield part timers. The game at present is heading for self destruct. The level of income from the fans support, involving EVERY team, cannot possibly prop up clubs which are paying vast salaries to overseas players. Not much point, financially or otherwise, to have gold studded players on the park being surrounded by rows upon rows of empty terraces.
  14. saddleworth

    Widnes problems

    How can you have rule "to stop this happening". Surely it is the responsibility of the clubs financial directors and the banks, to investigate and verify the strength and intentions of prospective investors.