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  1. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    What re you talking about. There isn't a Canadian in the team. Aussies who cannot get a place in their home teams and ex- SL players who are winding down.
  2. something to be proud about

    Just completed watching the game on Freesport against Toronto. Kelly should be proud of his lads on this showing. Wonderful scrambling defence against a team of full timers and so called elite and they were not in the least overawed by reputations. Toronto on this performance are far from becoming a top SL side.Well played Dewsbury.
  3. Major announcement

    Leave Percy alone. He is a stalwart of the Sharlo team
  4. Once again it has been left to the USA, the UK and a member state of the EU (France) to make our feelings known. This begs the question, where is the "leader" of the EU, namely dear old Angela?. The Germans are keeping their heads down regarding the issue. Could it be the fact that they obtain about 60% of their energy supplies, oil and gas, from Russia?.
  5. 10 mins before kick off

    Fully agree Rob. The volume is horrendous. so bad that you cannot conduct a conversation and even the spoken word is garbled due to excessive volume. I thought that I had gone deaf at one stage but suddenly realised that the music had stopped !!!.
  6. 10 mins before kick off

    When warming up, why not call the captains to the centre and toss the coin. The refs are usually warming up at the same time. Simples.
  7. Full back for next season

    Thanks for that snippet.
  8. Full back for next season

    Can someone please put the record straight. Are the above comments being made by the REAL Gareth Hock or is it a set up?. Either way, making such comments about a team mate, be they from Mr Hock himself or by proxy, does not reflect very well upon the club, IMO,. Simply, not ethical. Not only was Hardman off his game, but defensive wise other players should be holding their hands up.
  9. Full back for next season

    Watched the Rovers for many, many seasons and I am afraid that we still appear to be playing a similar style of rugby as we were serving up a few years go. We cannot complete our sets being at a loss with the final movement. Either no support or we are looking around for an area to place the ball whilst being gobbled up by the defence. IMO we are lightweight in the forwards resulting in the halves having to make it up as they go along. Terrible game today not worthy of my £15.
  10. Stuff Toronto, Benidorm is a better option

    Robin, we cannot even fill our stadiums over here, never mind trailing 7,500 miles. Agree with comments on Canada. Friends there and been twice. We are akin to a third world country in comparison.
  11. Why are loan players being recalled, thus denying them game time, but are then not involved in team selection?. Strange!!!.
  12. Derrell Olpherts

    Was a key player with Sharlo. A regular in a team that was top of the pile.
  13. Stop This MoM Nonsense Now

    Just another money making rip off. A bit like Dickinsons Real Deal. Why not select one person, week by week from the commentary team ,to make a decision?.
  14. The will to win was there but the tactics were poor,IMO. We had no chance down the middle against a massive pack. but when we managed to get the ball out wide we had more success. Very poor set completion, poor support play and lack of line speed contributed to our downfall.Whiting tore us to shreds and our lack of bulk in the pack is obvious. They are far from being a SL team and we are a long way from becoming one, as we are. Poor forward displays equals no platforms for the halves. We always appeared to be chasing the game. A yellow for pathetic infringements in the ruck would have resulted in a much better game. Weak officialdom.
  15. How on earth can Hock be fit. Appears to be well overweight.