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    my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supporting Sharlo Rovers and Fev.

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  1. saddleworth

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    For one thing, the presenters are not afraid to express their opinions about tactics on the field or of a players performance, something that we appear to be frightened of expressing over here. Our game has developed into predictable and repetitive rugby We lack "personalities" on the park and our rugby is being "played to order" as is the round ball game. All we are asking is that we play what we see in front of us and play "off the cuff" rugby. Too many "set pieces" whatever they may be and may I ask why we have to put up with a "sixth" official in the presentation team?. Havent we enough officialdom on the field and sidelines?.
  2. Hear, hear Phil. Been declared fit so lets have him out on the park.
  3. saddleworth

    Serena Williams

    Now and again !!!!
  4. Okay, JC, I give in. You are the winner!!!.
  5. H"mm. Punchard. An apt name for an ex-Fryston player methinks.
  6. saddleworth

    Improving attendances next season

    Don't lets bury our head in the sand regarding this subject. As with the bulk of sports today, the spectators are an ageing population. Just look around the stands and there are not all that many youngsters. Sign of the times I am afraid, phones, laptops etc. . There will have to be some massive innovative ideas within the sports scene, notably our game, in order to make money or, even survive.
  7. saddleworth

    Wembley Final

    Why all this fuss and bewilderment?. The round ball followers have far more many clubs to handle than us and everything appears to be organised and in place for their competitions.
  8. saddleworth

    Gaz Hock

    We ought to have a blue print attached to the main gates upon this subject. It happens, time and time again, we fail at the final hurdle. Just relax and get used to the situation
  9. saddleworth

    Wembley Crowd

    I bet you are a "stay" supporter into the bargain.
  10. saddleworth

    Coaching staff

    Don't know how we managed a few years back
  11. saddleworth

    Making up for the short fall in funding.

    If only we could finish the season as we perform during the campaign. Why oh why do we always fail at the final hurdle, loosing out on critical payments?. Do the Club and the players really want to dip their toes into that financial pot, or are there other explanations why we always knock on the door but appear not good enough to enter.
  12. saddleworth

    Consistency Key - Tomkins

    I do not support Wigan, or any other SL club for that matter, but I do believe that Tomkins is, at the moment, playing the best rugby of his career.
  13. saddleworth

    Coaching staff

    Can anyone tell me why clubs require assistant coaches, directors of rugby, etc., etc?. More assistants= more clash of opinions and undermining of decisions. The boss is the boss who should live or die by his and his alone decisions.
  14. saddleworth

    so now 31 charged in huddersfield

    Okay, so another evil gang of low lifes have been rounded up. The problem, IMO, is the fact that these #### are, in a lot of cases, being protected and allowed to carry out these evil deeds with the full knowledge and permission of certain members of the hierarchy. This is a fact that has been proven in many similar cases. Unfortunately, these perpetrators are very rarely named and shamed, or even imprisoned.
  15. saddleworth

    Why do you support Fev?

    Can understand your feelings, Robin. Been watching Fev for almost twenty years. More or less knew every player personally, the coaching staff, and the Directors. Real homely feeling about the place. Times have changed, along with personalities, not always for the better, but I still wend my way down P.O. Road now and again.