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  1. saddleworth


    Okay to complain after the event, but doesn't the last member of staff carry out a check on toilets, electrical equipment, alarms etc?.
  2. saddleworth

    Toronto and visa's

    We have access to a lot of that through Thomas Cook
  3. saddleworth

    Toronto and visa's

    Does not contribute one iota to the game, especially the grass roots over here.
  4. saddleworth

    Toronto and visa's

    An utter shambles. Do the same visa restrictions apply to Toronto?. Taking into account our visitor restrictions, the worlds their oyster. I hope that FUNDS from the RLFC are not being contributed to these globe trotting escapades.
  5. saddleworth

    Wakefield Trinity 18 Catalans Dragons 35

    Shocking display. What was the reason for playing Hirst when it had been stated that he was not fit?. Two missed tackles and two tries. Why buy antipodeans and still loose games instead of giving the youngsters a chance Just doesn't make sense?.
  6. Sorry to say that IMO it is our education system that is failing. Going back a few years, we had several schools who produced some cracking rugby teams. These were led by ex rugby players who had taken up teaching and also by teachers who supported and followed the game. These teams produced several lads who were picked up by the top clubs. As the teachers have retired or moved on, we now have nothing.
  7. saddleworth


    Being an occasional, neutral spectator, I honestly believe that there is nothing seriously at odds with the team. The major problem, IMO, is the fact that you require the forward line bulking up. No one setting up platforms or busting tackles thus enabling the halves to get to work. I realise that finances are tight but I do believe that with the forward line bulked up, the halves are good enough to take advantage. As it is, the poor devils are on a hiding to nothing.
  8. saddleworth

    super league

    Strongly indicates that St Helens, Warrington and Wigan rule the roost and ARE super league.
  9. saddleworth

    super league

    I am fed up to the back teeth with the standard of refereeing. I will not put them down for poor decisions, nor will I call them all the names under the sun for such decisions. Humans make mistakes on a regular basis. What I do strongly object to and cannot honestly work out what is happening, is the fact that consistency appears to have flown out of the window. Off side for one team at play the ball, yet dozens of similar offences are apparent throughout the game and fail to attract the attention of the official. Holding down is another constantly overlooked offence but yet is penalised three tackles later. All I ask for is consistency, be it right or wrong. At least everyone gets a fair crack of the whip.
  10. saddleworth

    The future of Rugby league

    Be prepared,GH. Many more teams will be going over short handed, including SL teams (assuming they make the grade) due to the "form" which is flying about. Future players will have to be squeaky clean and probably have to complete a Criminal Record Check. Probably the first question asked. second question, which position do you favour.
  11. saddleworth

    What do we add ?

    Robin, cannot deny the fact that the Broncos have brought some good lads through their ranks, being scattered throughout all the divisions. Ten or twelve years ago they had a cracking academy set up down in the smoke led by Scarsbrook and company. I have always admired their perseverance and the fact that they can still produce quality players.
  12. saddleworth

    Toronto away

    A load of old cobblers from start to finish. If they want to develop the game over there, let them get organised in Canada, as we did many years ago in Huddersfield. They will possibly provide an outlet for the antipodeans because they certainly do not contribute to our grassroots.
  13. saddleworth

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    He plays well for Sharlo, so give him a shot!!
  14. saddleworth

    Laying on in the tackle

    Toronto in the ruck, played the ref like an old violin. The delay tactics were way over the top. Notice a big drop in the attendance. 5,800 on the tannoy. Most people appeared to be more interested in the beer tents.
  15. saddleworth

    Cheers Tommy (Saxton)

    Always gave his best for the Fev shirt. Held him in great respect as a player. Best wishes owd lad.