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  1. If they don't know what they are going to do at that stage PR, we might as well all go home
  2. Tha knows what they are like at Fev, Maureen. These would have been quips as they went down the shaft on a Monday morning so I am sure the comments will be accepted as the village brand of humour, nothing more.
  3. Agree, Robin. Our disciplinary record over many seasons does not appear to improve. There is a big difference between "getting into their ribs" and trying to take a chaps head off, along with abusive language to officials. No use moaning about squad disruptions due to injuries when some of it is self inflicted in this way. We have thrown many games away or just scraped through due to our pathetic lack of discipline. Bring in hefty fines via the club, either pay or don't play.
  4. Unfortunately suffers from inconsistency as per the rest of the officials. This point never appears to be dealt with. I can accept poor decisions providing similar decisions are applied to the opponents, but it is a rare commodity in the sport.
  5. Speaking to several relatives living in Toronto, ex-pats, their comments are "what rugby league".No publicity in the public domain and nothing heard about the formation of the team.
  6. An outstanding example IMO is poor owd Danny Kirmond. Picked up a couple of serious injuries last season, obviously brought back into the game miles before full recovery and his game has suffered. Still not up to top form.
  7. What is it with these injury problems in the rugby world?. Not only Fev, but many, many other clubs are being wracked with injury problems. Is it because they are being "overtrained, being brought back into the game before being fully fit, or is it because the players of today are too "lean" as opposed to the players of a few seasons ago or is it because the playing schedules of todays fixtures are too severe for their bodies to recover.
  8. Tha lives in a dream world. Debate over
  9. By the same token, you provide me with evidence to prove otherwise.
  10. This chap was a mass murderer, not a terrorist. There are still many IRA members active today, acting as mercenaries with the Taliban and Jihadists.
  11. Only one thing to say. Get stuck into their b####y ribs.
  12. I do not believe for one moment that WMDC give two hoots about the rugby team. Unfortunately the club has been engulfed in controversy for many, many years. Even when they had one of the top teams in the country and the winners of many cup finals. the finances which were accrued were not reinvested into the buildings and the overall maintenance of the ground, as witness the present state of affairs. I think that if they do move out of the area, they will be cast adrift by WMDC who will be most happy to be relieved of the pressures of the Newmarket deal
  13. Won on the back of stupid penalties given away by Leigh,but a win is a win. Definitely requires the defence stiffening. Two very soft tries down the left flank. Where did Hirst get to? Four hit ups and then he vanished. Even taking into consideration his lack of fitness, he did not break any pots
  14. Reported in local press that they are contemplating selling the franchise which will raise them about 1-5 million thus automatically dropping down a league. Favourites to take their place being Toronto/Toulouse.
  15. Robin, that is why WMDC have failed to collect 7 million pounds in council tax arrears for last year, as per the previous year, although having said that they always ensure that they collect my donation.