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    my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supporting Sharlo Rovers and Fev.

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  1. saddleworth

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    Its a bit of a catch22 situation, JC. Appreciate that a club must have the fans to provide support and finance, but by the same token, the club and players must, in return, give the fans value for money, ie; on field performances and a club willing to offer a good rapport with the fans.
  2. My choice would be between Ross"s and Yorkshire Tracky. For goodness sake, how many have we had over the past seasons. Strikes me that it is who you know, not how much you know.
  3. saddleworth


    If true, a great shame. They played Sharlston yesterday and although loosing heavily, never gave up and didn't let their heads go down.
  4. saddleworth

    Steve Lingard RIP

    A grand fella and a gentleman. Loved to drop in at Sharlston to watch the grass roots. Condolences to the family.
  5. saddleworth

    New Grounds.

    Will believe all this when I see the first brick being laid. Fev have built up a lovely little ground due to effort and toil. Surely its not beyond the scope of the big boys to follow suit.
  6. saddleworth

    Sharlston 18 Fev LIONS 19

    Great performance by the Rovers. Pulled back 18 points in the second half and prevented the Lions from crossing in this half. Only point was the dropped goal in the dying seconds although Rovers decided to take the ball in when awarded penalties near the sticks. A poor tactical decision as it turned out. Agree about Medforths performance. Strong, brave runner. A real nail biter. Support your grass roots rugby.
  7. saddleworth

    Reserve grade for next season

    So exactly what is the point of running a reserve team?. In that case we will just be supplying promising young lads to be cherry picked by other clubs.
  8. saddleworth

    Reserve grade for next season

    Great news. Only hope that the lads are treated with respect when it comes down to first team spots when required and that we don't fill up with DR players. Lets hope and pray that other clubs follow suit.
  9. saddleworth

    AGM tonight.

    Surely, with what could affect the future of our club, do the shareholders have a legal representative at the AGM ?.
  10. saddleworth

    private equity company land plans

    Oh, I don't know about that, BP. Witness the financial crash a few years ago. Cannot recall many leaders being hounded out.
  11. saddleworth

    private equity company land plans

    I tend to agree with you in certain respects, SOA. I think that from the bottom of my heart we are chasing dreams. Not only is it draining funds, spending monies we do not possess, has anyone thought about the running costs if the rainbow is achieved?. If any one condition was agreed at the meeting, would it then be a sure fire thing to achieve SL?.
  12. saddleworth

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Thought that we are a family club. Most inappropriate to quote the name of a horrendous paedophile on our forum as someone you would not object to, to represent the club, even in jest.
  13. saddleworth

    private equity company land plans

    Obviously the equity company have their own legal bods. Haven't the silent majority any friends/connections within the legal system to offer advice?. I cannot foresee shareholders agreeing on such important decisions without the backing and advice from their own appointed experts.
  14. saddleworth

    children and religion

    Tha wants to get a job or get a life. I bet tha thought this one up sat in thi armchair watching Corrie.
  15. saddleworth

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    No matter what the advantages and monetary gains from gaining SL status, I do not relish the thought of "borrowing" several high flyers from another club to achieve this. Lets be fair to our own lads.