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  1. saddleworth


    Abart reight.
  2. Did not attend due to the owd arthritis playing up. Thought it was the best display by the halves which I have seen for some time. Think we just require a little more beef up front. Toronto nowt to shout about on this showing, IMO.
  3. Noticed that in the NRL, incidents of playing the ball into the man are very few and far between, even when it is quite obvious that a player could win a penalty using this method. That is why their game is far faster and more attractive to watch.
  4. Haskey, the list is endless.
  5. Could the loan be a method of guarantee towards the continuation of SL at BV, another "get out of jail" clause?.
  6. Fully agree regarding touch judges. They should be more involved in the game. They can obviously monitor off side offences from play the ball. What puzzles me is the action of the ref when a try is scored. He always glances across to the linesman for what I assume is confirmation, the linesman being stood against the corner flag, usually about 50 yds away. If they can seek confirmation on such an issue, then they should be allowed to accept a linesmans decision on play the ball and ruck offences.
  7. B****Y typical. I expect more than "throwing the game or loosing" in return for my hard earned cash. Next suggestion , why not sit in the changing rooms and toss a coin. An attitude that explains falling attendances.
  8. My strong objection, as stated in a previous comment, is the use of loan/DR players. We MUST have a settled team. Appears to be panic selection. As for attendances, its a lot of brass to watch a load of rubbish.
  9. Cannot play good rugby unless we have a consistent team. Too many changes.
  10. Basically, he skirted around every topic, as was to be expected. A smoke and mirrors job.
  11. Watson is far from the finished product, IMO. Week after week, what with DR and loan players, we appear to be putting out experimental sides at a period when everything should be settled.
  12. Why on earth don't the pappy referees handle the situation when they occur?. Give em a red or yellow and just refer the really serious to the committee. The committee is handling more cases than the on field official.
  13. I would make an educated guess that Wakey have received more public and supporters monies over the years, than most RL clubs. Considering the state of the ground and the cost of introducing the safety standards etc., I think it is akin to ploughing money into an old banger to get it through the MOT. Meanwhile the council tax increases by almost 3%.
  14. Just when are we going to get a consistent line up?. I appreciate that injury problems occur, but we appear to be making RADICAL changes at times which to me, smacks of being low in confidence.
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