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  1. Fully agree Haskey. You play for pride amongst other things and to shrug the result off as "pre-season blues, a vastly understrength team", etc., etc is not good enough in my opinion. We should start as we mean to go on.
  2. saddleworth

    New GM

    Going to finish up with more "suits" than players
  3. saddleworth

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    That's a pretty safe bet.
  4. How on earth can a sport be organised and expected to function when two completely different sets of rules applies to the same sport?. We have the "top dogs" in rugby playing under a different set of rules compared to the rest of the clubs, which provide the majority of the rugby league structure, may I add. I suspect that this may be a last ditch stand by the SL to pull in outside support and sponsorship, whilst in the meantime and the long term, casting the remaining clubs aside in the coming years.
  5. saddleworth

    Who really likes Christmas?

    Exactly my line of thinking. A week of "hail fellow well met" and then we spend the remaining 51 weeks kicking the s**t out of each other. A right con game.
  6. To be quite honest, who is really bothered. Some people get their knickers in a real twist.
  7. Being aged 84, I am afraid that I am not up to speed with the hidden agendas of IT, Maureen. Should be issued with a health warning. All the best to Yourself and Hubby for the festive season.
  8. Did I fall for the 3 card trick with this one?. Since signing on the 5th of November, I have received loads of e-mails urging me to support projects all over the uk. Not good enough IMO.
  9. saddleworth

    Championship players average salary

    Tell that to the homeless!!!
  10. saddleworth

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Why cant people just mind their own business?. Let the people in power sort everything out. For goodness sake just sit back and relax. It will all come out in the wash. It is akin to reading a "Corrie" script.
  11. saddleworth

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    Several reasons: (1) An ageing fan base who are loosing the inclination to watch, in many cases, sub standard rugby. (2) Admission prices are basically not worth the money compared to the fare which is served up. (3) Many fans have reverted to watching grass roots rugby which is at least honest gamesmanship. (4) Blatant lack of publicity and seemingly lack of interest from our upper echelons who appear to be all mouth and trousers.
  12. saddleworth

    2019 captain?

    We had a great captain in Stu Dickens. He regularly played the full 90 mins at prop and also kicked the goals. Have we gone soft or what?.
  13. saddleworth

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    I would hazard a guess that the SL supremo's would love Hearn to become involved, more so with regard to his comments about the salary cap. Being an old cynic, I think that he would concentrate his efforts towards the top rankers with everyone else having to make their own way. To put it bluntly, wherever there are pound signs he's not far distance. I just do not trust the man. Boxing is rapidly developing into a shambles with programmes being filled out with ageing journeymen. Lads contesting for main titles after having about six contests the bulk of them under the umbrella of Hearn.
  14. saddleworth

    Reserve grade for next season

    Exactly, Oxy. Why do not such parents learn lessons from the past. I could fill a book about young lads ranging from 10 yrs upwards who have been "seduced" by the SL clubs only to be discarded after being with the club for a couple of years at the most, the problem being that such lads usually loose interest at this stage and are lost to the game. Far better for the young uns to be blooded in their local teams and progress from there to the Championship and THEN take the ultimate step if considered good enough.
  15. saddleworth

    Reserve grade for next season

    What has happened to the old fashioned scouting system?. 50 or 60 players milling around taking part in "trials" does not show true potential. Send the scouts out to the grass roots rugby. that will show if they can hack it or not.