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    my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Supporting Sharlo Rovers and Fev.

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  1. Aggression

    Robin, the aggression I was referring to does not do our "family club" image any good at all.
  2. Aggression

    I realise that we are calling for aggression on the field but it appears that we have been witnessing plenty, whilst abroad. Cant beat it!!!.
  3. Match thread versus York

    Is the game still on?. Coming down in bucketfuls in my quarter.
  4. Shop

    Looks like au naturelle this season. Wifes booked a family stand seat.!!!
  5. Prices?

    Many thanks.
  6. Prices?

    What are the "at the gate " ticket prices for the Halifax game?.
  7. Ryan Bailey

    The game is a laughing stock
  8. Darrell Griffin

    Sorry to say, that if we cannot improve on the aforementioned the game is in a sorry state.
  9. Darrell Griffin

    Unfortunately, the game has seen the best of Hock, Moore and Griffin IMO. so why all the fuss. We can do better than that.
  10. diets

    Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and weighed in at 14 stone. Had to adapt to a completely new daily diet in order to control the affliction. Definite no, nos. Dairy products, red meats all sugars, bread and potato's. Eat fruits, steamed vegetables, fish and plenty of liquids. Allowed the occasional pastry which has resulted in a 3 pound weight loss which is holding steady and has controlled the diabetes.
  11. To all old friends

    Tha nobbut a stripling Maureen!!!. All the best to you and hubby. Si thi next season (all being well).
  12. To all old friends

    Wishing all supporters of Fev a happy and trouble free Christmas and New Year. Now, having reached the age of 83, I do not get to as many games as I would like, but I do my best. Hope you are reading this message,Robin and don't get too much of that falling down water!!!. Isn't it marvellous, for the next few days we hug and kiss each other, get drunk, eat our faces off and shake hands all around. Then, for the next 350 days we kick the **** out of each other. Doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Do bigger stadium means bigger crowds?

    Bradford, along with Leeds, must have the highest density of population in West Yorkshire but unfortunately the Bulls are located in an area which, in present days, has no interest in the game whatsoever. Similar circumstances affect attendances at Wakefield Trinity. Nowt we can do about it, I am afraid.
  14. Rob Smith's birthday

    Hope that you have many more to come, owd lad. A true club stalwart. Don't get drunk !!!
  15. Plastics in the ocean

    The problem being that the onus always falls on to the common man. Hows about legislating to the producers of all this garbage. . In my childhood days, we took a large cloth bag to the local store, all items being wrapped in paper. Todays fare cannot be offered without the use of plastics unfortunately. Has anyone taken into account the dozens of gigantic cruise ships sailing the seas?. What happens to their millions of plastic items and don't say that they ship them all back to their ports of origin which involves tremendous costs and precious downtime. It all boils down to the fact that mankind will have to stop being lazy, inconsiderate sods and re-cycle in the correct manner.