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  1. The Blues Ox

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    Possibly more as its been said theres about 7-8 reserves that will get a run.
  2. The Blues Ox

    Would any other buisness.............

    SL has become stale and boring, filled with robot players but you simply can't have a lower tier competition been more popular than what is considered to be the big show. The problem in our sport rather than think of ways to make SL more attractive they will cut off the legs of those below them to try and ensure they are never caught.
  3. The Blues Ox

    Blessing in disguise......

    Its catch 22 whatever happens and although I hate us losing week after week I would take us playing against the likes of Leeds and getting hammered over beating the likes of Batley, no disrespect intended. Ive been told by someone at our club that our funding next season is less than it should have been because of the new structure but also that everyones will be in proportion to that as well. Could be the reason why the Sammutt deal doesn't make it over the line along with a couple of others and will mean once again for the most part we go with what we have.
  4. Its no wonder SL clubs wanted things put in place to protect themselves given how close Championship clubs are getting to them.
  5. 2003 was the last game at the Shay. 14-20 in front of just over 4000 fans.
  6. The Blues Ox

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Apparently this is correct and given Halifax have most of their contracts in place for next season it is likely to put us under unnecessary financial strain and affect our planning in regards to what players we can bring in. The great game.
  7. Personally I hope Toulouse make the MPG against Toronto rather than London as their team is much more suited to playing Toronto. Realistically I dont see Toronto winning another game and then it will come down to how many London can beat Fax by to try and get home advantage.
  8. We won't win a game in the 8's but we earnt the right to play in them so I would take a home fixture against Leeds any day of the week before a final in the bottom 8's.
  9. And there lies the problem. SL is dull and boring outside one or two main games. No amount of changes to the structure are going to change that.
  10. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    They got what they want, they do not give a stuff about the lower leagues unless it is using them to give experience to their players.
  11. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    Shouldnt be 1 team relegated to be fair. Should just be a straight 2 up.
  12. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    Its neither of those teams doing though, I'd imagine both teams voted against the new proposals.
  13. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    You have to feel for the players outside SL, this will mean big cuts in the wages that clubs can afford to pay. Thats going to lead to some more players leaving the game.
  14. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    RIP Rugby League outside SL.
  15. The Blues Ox

    New league structure revealed

    Im looking forward to Scotchy's reaction if, as now is expected, the SL teams lose.