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  1. Toulouse 2018 thread

    If he had disciplinary problems then it sounds like he will fit right in at Toronto after their latest trip......
  2. 2018 Squad.

    Splashing some cash aiming for SL next year. Natural progression has to be to go full time next year hasn't it?
  3. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Brilliant news for the rest of the league.
  4. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Be interesting to see If Cas let us have Trueman like has been suggested as Im not sure been bashed about in the Championship will be seen as good for his development.
  5. We have a very young squad this year and hopefully some who broke through last season will carry on their improvement and cement places in the first team then theres also a handful of players ready to make that step up.
  6. Its a nice position to be in and anyone thinking about our demise because of a lack of transfer activity in the close season could be in for a shock.
  7. Id guess at Elliott Morris then but his brother is with us this year as well. Elliott is already a first team regular but this was his first run out this year. Strong as an ox and a very good young player, I see no reason why he couldn't step up to SL at some point. We have a couple of pairs of brothers at the club this year and it sounds like one of them, Sion Jones, was the one causing you the most trouble.
  8. We defend very well throughout the club. We just have a problem scoring points and sounded like it was the same today where we dropped far too much ball and had to rely on good defence. It looks like a few of the fringe players stood up to be counted though by the sounds of it and have a very shrewd signing in Fleming. They will learn from that hopefully against a good Fev team.
  9. Wakey friendly

    About what? Fax finishing in the top 6? Seems on most forums predictions we feature in the top 6 so Im a little confused.
  10. Wakey friendly

    I think you will struggle to find many people outside Batley to agree with you. I agree our recruitment has not been great but given the average age of our squad although bringing in some more players would have been nice its not really needed. We have a few good young lads coming through and the ones that stepped up last year I expect them to improve again. I also expect us to do better from our DR agreement with Cas than we did with Salford but we will see.
  11. Wakey friendly

    Leigh and Torronto nailed on then the other 4 will be London, Fev, Fax and Toulouse although I expect Fev and Toulouse to take the last 2 top 4 spots. I doubt you will find many people other than the most biased to say otherwise.
  12. Its not a game that our coach wanted but one a previous director agreed to which probably explains the selection and why I am still sat at home.
  13. Wakey friendly

    Theres no pressure on you this season thats for sure. I do think its going to be tough for anyone out side the expected top 6 to get in there though.
  14. Wakey friendly

    I think you may be surprised by how well the team Trinity turn up with will do. It should be a good test for you.