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  1. Because of the salary cap. Since changing it if you have an investor who can do a load of "sponsorship" it will count as income and raise your cap. Obviously they will once again be spending beyond their means and its likely we will revisit this in 2-3 years.
  2. I think you should give all the Fev lads a go for the first game and only rely on dual reg after that.
  3. DR

    About a month a go on RLFans, maybe a couple of weeks before our announcement but no I wont be having a nosey for it.
  4. What Bradford need and what they actually do is usually complete polar opposites.
  5. Probably want to bring a Bulls icon like Leon Pryce, Henry Paul,........Karl Harrison..............Paul Anderson.............Jimmy Lowes to be the new coach.
  6. DR

    It didnt go down well when I did. Those close to the club knew what I were talking about though.
  7. Comfortably by all accounts. RM said he thinks they have a team that would make the top 4 in our league.
  8. DR

    Needs must. Good luck to them but we turned Leigh down because of an on going investigation................. I would have preferred Leigh just because of the quality in their squad compared to Salford but it was too big a risk for our club apparently.
  9. A lot of them know about cash flow because they run successful business where the cash does flow, as soon as they get involved in a rugby league team they find there is no cash flowing and thats where the real good businessmen come to the fore.
  10. I think the new structure plays its part with the money they have offered as has been said the RFL could really do with filtering more money down but I do accept that teams have to also be awarded for finishing position. But what we had last season was 4 teams teetering on the edge trying to get the golden goose. Well maybe not Sheffield as that was a disaster from start to finish(I notice they only announced their intention to play in the Championship this week, 1 rule for one and all that) but Fax, Fev, and Bradford all ran in to financial difficulties last season trying to make the top 4. Is that what the RFL wants for its teams? Fev made the 4 got the cash and payed the bills, Fax made cuts to staff and players and carry on as before, Bradford sign even more players to try and get back to SL and go pop. Mismanagement in the finest at Bradford but still Im not sure the structure helps.
  11. Got any free tickets for the Fev V Fax game going?
  12. Losing Manning freed up a chunk of money so you would guess so. I think it will be younger members on peanuts though rather than established players.
  13. Its normally Batley that are wanting sign players from clubs in this league when they run in to financial difficulties............
  14. About 8 out of the door so far. Fax expected to announce 3 new signings and it looks like we have the pick of their youth teams as well. I guess keeping our 2nd team did have 1 unexpected advantage.
  15. Good signing at this level. IMO a better centre than anyone you currently have at the club. Again IMO its only a poor pair of hands that has stopped him giving it a real go in SL.