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  1. Seems theres a lot of people who know how to keep Murrell quiet. Im sure that info would be welcomed by just about every coach in this league. In terms of quality we are probably still quite a way away from where we were probably aiming at the beginning of the season but with someone now running the show willing to address the problems in the squad we have shown quite an improvement over the past few weeks. That said Saturday was still sketchy at best but we still had more than enough for the Bulls. This Sunday in my heart I reckon one of those comfortable games where we don't look like losing and maybe a 16 point or so margin. My head says we often struggle at Batley and it wouldnt be a massive surprise to see a tight game with either team sneaking it.
  2. Should be an easy win for Toronto but Leigh could sneak it if Toulouse have a lot of injuries. A full Toulouse team probably wins that game easy. Expecting Fev to beat Bradford as well which should leave the top incredibly tight and put a little bit of pressure on Bradford to keep up with the pace.
  3. Most full backs in the SL could drop to the Championship and be stand out at half back. I wouldn't get too carried away with White after 1 maybe 2 decent games to be honest. We saw yesterday glimpses of how much quicker we will move the ball with Grix in the halves. Ive no problem at all about bringing some quality in to a position that we have needed upgrading for at least a couple of seasons now.
  4. There does seem to be this thing building where Bradford are been made out to be better than they are. I would guess the beeb and RFL will be praying its them that make the semi final. Still a good win for Fev and makes it all very tight for the top 5 now although I have a feeling that York may drop off a bit now.
  5. Murrell is different class but our problem is he has been carrying the team for too long with Marshall seemingly unwillig to bring in a quality scrum half to compliment him. We looked better with the ball last night than we have done in a while and will only get better as Grix and Murrell get game time together.
  6. Chisolm looked a class above for you guys. I thought Bradford may have got the better of us with someone like Chisolm on the pitch as Lilley isnt a patch on him.
  7. Im expecting there to be a different mentality to the Fax team that Bradford will be facing this time to the one they faced a few weeks ago. Scott Grix should make a difference to us and it poses a few selection dilemmas after the convincing win against Dewsbury. Despite losing the last game, a game we looked comfortable in for 65 minutes, and Bradfords performance against a shambolic Leeds team, Im going for a Fax win by about 14.
  8. Thought Fev had copied the pubwatch idea when I saw the title........ Good advertising though, I wish Fax were a lot better in this respect. We don't even get game highlights at the moment.
  9. Listening to the BBC pundits this is a game that Halifax may as well not bother turning up for. What makes it interesting is that at the beginning of the season if you told Halifax fans they would get Bradford in the quarter final they would have been wondering who they would get in the Semi Final. Now though with Halifax been way off the pace and Bradford doing OK and coupled with their win over Leeds it should make for a really good cup tie that both sets of fans can be thinking about the win.
  10. Probably an easier win than most fans anticipated for Fax but the truth is although Dewsbury competed for periods of the game Fax never really got out of second gear. We seem to have found some form in the last few weeks but the real test will be next week against Bradford.
  11. Should be a good game between Dewsbury and Fax and hopefully the winner gets a winable tie someone like Leeds at home.
  12. He's not the messiah.......
  13. Careful you might hurt my feelings.
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