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  1. I don't see him as any other position but its probably a bit unfair to criticize him in a game he really didnt play in. A lot of Fax fans would agree with your assessment though.
  2. Fitness was always going to play a part as it seemed our game plan was to try and defend up the hill for the first 40 minutes. I mean 1st time we get a piggy back we don't even make touch which is so basic but it wasn't the first time its happened and won't be the last for us. If I had any gripes I think your second try the final pass is forward and we had a 'good' try disallowed in the 1st half but we can't have that many complaints as it was a very slack performance from us.
  3. Not sure what your point is about Murrell and Johnston but Johnston went off after about 15-20 minutes with a head injury not to return. Brandon Moore is a shiny light for us but in my opinion we could do with another half back and another hooker. Last season when AOB played we were so much sharper compared to the slowness we have become accustomed to. Regards Clark my view has not changed on him no. You could change him for half the players who play in his position at the top end of the championship and still have the same results. Im not saying that as a bad thing its just that I don't see him as a stand out and especially not after just one good game. Ive seen many players build a career on the back of one or two good games, take Alex Brown as an example, so yeah not changed yet.
  4. Overall I thought Fev's halves were much better than ours and that was the difference but I expected that before kick off anyway.
  5. I agree with a lot of that, again our defence was actually pretty good but you simply can't invite pressure like we do especially against a team with Ridyard in it. We have become accustomed to looking poor in attack so no real surprise there, the only real surprise was that we were still in the game at half time. From that point we should have taken the game by the scruff of the neck but as per we give unforced errors early in the tackle count as soon as we get any position. The only real positive I can take is that we played most of the game without a half back which is going to effect any team especially in those conditions, in reality it might not have made that much difference but we will never know. We defended well again its just no team can expect to f]defend for as long as we did and win many games. Fev would have had 20-30 in that first half against a poor team. Again I agree with most of that. The worst part for us is that at 8 4 in the 2nd half we didnt even make Fev work, you can excuse if a team is defending really well against you but our handling is so poor at times that Fev must have been laughing their proverbials off.
  6. Fax just get 10% for this one according to the website.
  7. If we are 50 down you can catch me in the car park in the que to get out with 20 to go.
  8. Not sure it was cheaper at £20 but I think we do get to keep something like 10% of the money.
  9. The reality is we should lose but hey ho I will still show my face if we do. Its always nice to put one over on Fev and probably especially this year as, not so much on here, but on social media a lot of your fans think we should be in for a tonking today given Fev's recruitment compared to ours(watch you will run up 50 points now lol). COYF
  10. I keep reading stuff from Fev fans regarding the numbers of Fax travelling support. I mean its not like Fev have been turning up to the Shay in large numbers in recent years. I can't remember the last time either team travelled with more than 500 fans to be honest. I do put that down to the state of the game at our level though as both teams have done pretty well in terms of results.
  11. fevnut's blog

    I tried to be careful with my wording but you still got me. Edit: you missed the hopefully off my quote.
  12. how much would this accum win you?

    Most odds by bookmakers are daylight robbery . Theres the occasional price boost that offers value but for the most part and especially on RL the bookies make a killing if people decide to bet on it.
  13. Quite a lot of pressure on them in this one, they have spent a lot of money and their chairman won't tolerate 3rd or worse this year.
  14. fevnut's blog

    I actually don't think there will be many games that are this year especially away from home. Getting in the top 4 is going to be very dependant on everyones home form.
  15. fevnut's blog

    Id forgot with us not signing anyone in the off season just how decent of a squad we actually have. I think if we were to add in a quality half back and another good hooker to compliment Brandon Moore I think we would have the makings of a very good team.