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  1. I have this down as a Fev win by about 10 points. They could bring in Thurston at half back and it wouldnt make much difference as their pack is not up to it and they will get rolled by Fev.
  2. The Blues Ox

    Try of the Week

    Im not sure who picked them as I can only imagine they watched some of the games. I mean you cant tell me the Halifax try at 4.25 on those highlights isnt better than at least a couple of the tries that made it in? Halifax V Leigh
  3. The Blues Ox

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    Manu still get more losing pay than our boys get winning pay?
  4. The Blues Ox

    Dual reg

    The reality is that any team heavily reliant on DR is probably in a false position in the rugby league ladder to the point where they either jepodise their clubs by over spending without it or face the harsh reality of finding their actual level in the rl heirachy.
  5. The Blues Ox

    2019 Squad

    Yeah amazing how a bit of context changes that quote isn't it?
  6. The Blues Ox

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    You basically answer my question right there. 😉
  7. The Blues Ox

    2019 Squad

    With a similar team to the one you had yesterday I think you will beat them comfortably to be honest. Their backs are decent but their pack is average at very best.
  8. The Blues Ox

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Yeah we have DR again this year with Cas and I expect to use it for the very same reasons I highlighted above for Fev but on a smaller scale. Obviously Mitch Clark was named last week and as it turned out he got pulled by Cas and another young lad had to step up from our reserves. He did enough to be picked once again this week. Fev are not at that stage where they can rely on their reserves yet and it will be a number of years before its likely that they can but credit to them for actually doing the right thing and making an attempt in that respect.
  9. The Blues Ox

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Can you read?
  10. The Blues Ox

    2019 Squad

    Not the first time you have quoted me out of context. Im sure a lot of Fev fans would agree if you posted the rest of the quote......
  11. The Blues Ox

    Cameron King

    As long as your chairman can get a good deal from Leeds, and on evidence so far he should be able to do that, then you will be more than ok.
  12. The Blues Ox

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    The reserves have to be good enough though to justify playing them. Realistically Fev are 6 or 7 players short of having a team capable of finishing in the top 5 so their options are either chuck in some players they know aren't good enough and likely finish anywhere from 7th downwards, or bring in a load of loan/Dr's who are bordering on SL standard. Although most of their fans may not agree with DR and the diluting the value of the Fev club, its pretty easy to see which route most of them would choose to go down.
  13. The Blues Ox

    2019 Squad

    Maybe an exaggeration but you get the general point.
  14. The Blues Ox

    2019 Squad

    I will go out on a limb and says its pay back for the briscoe fiasco? It's just a workaround and Im sure if the Rhinos really want them back then they would just sign new contracts for the Rhinos. I can see it from both points of view to be honest, as a fan I want to see the best team on the field that we could possibly get because as a fan its really just about winning games. There is always that thing in the back of your mind though if you are doing it when half the team don't actually belong to your club. I do not blame your chairman one little bit though for clutching at every last straw that he can.
  15. Wasn't too bad a game to watch but I didnt think we got out of 2nd gear and always had that feel about it as one of those games we were never going to lose. I didn't think our performance was any better than our one against Widnes but it just highlighted the difference in class between Widnes and Leigh which is obviously to be expected. For me it was just our slow start to the season continuing and it will hopefully get a bit better once we get a few key players back from injury. Leigh look like they have put a solid workman like team together and will win a lot of games, I cant really see them having enough to make the 5 though and even though it was their 2nd competitive game together there were a few cracks showing in their hastily assembled squad with quite a bit of onfield arguing going on and a little push and shove between two of their players after words were spoken.