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  1. Bombed chance by Fax. We were very sloppy in the first half but then dominated the 2nd half and when we got back within 2 points there wouldnt have been many backing against us to win the game from there as London looked spent and then we drop the kick off. Missed opportunity for 2nd.
  2. Fantastic that he has taken it upon himself to speak for everyone. I'm glad he doesn't build houses. These people with established track records and look at the state of our game. Well that was an easy one because when the Championship clubs found out that the SL lot were planning to take away any funding they could, well it meant that their clubs were at risk. Lets take away some SL teams funding and see how they would survive. I just hope its not his team that is relegated this year putting hundreds of players and coaches out of employment just like last time.
  3. Should be a belter of a game down in London. Its probably a must win game for London as it would leave them needing to go to Fev and pick up victory which would be a tough ask and for Fax if they can sneak a win they would be favourites to get 2nd place and a win would pretty much make them safe in the top 4.
  4. Lets get Fax and Fev in and see if they can fair any better with the SL money. Im pretty sure both would.
  5. The Blues Ox

    Jackson Hastings.

    Apparently had a bit of a battle to sign him.
  6. The Blues Ox

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    Ive got a bit of an excuse that you could use for this game Steve, apperently Duffy and Dwyer had a bit of a bust up in the Fax reception area witnessed by a few people before the game. Dwyer thinking that he shouldn't have even been sent there to play which might explain why he did not have as much involvement in the game as expected.
  7. The Blues Ox

    Briscoe to Leeds then

    I thought I'd gone quite easy on you to be honest although I have got some juicy gossip on another thread........
  8. The Blues Ox

    Briscoe to Leeds then

    I can't remember how it used to work, something along the lines of offering full time employment rather than part time. Like I say Im not sure if it still even works like that but Fax have lost a number of players like that in the past(although it were younger players than Briscoe so maybe that plays a part).
  9. The Blues Ox

    Briscoe to Leeds then

    Do you really reckon you will get so much for him? Id hazard a guess at a token figure between 10-20k to make it out Leeds are doing you a favour. Im not sure if the old employment laws are still in force but if hes on a part time contract and gets offered better they used to be able to just tear up their contracts. Obviously it could be a player deal or even a better DR promise.
  10. To be honest we would put more of a fight up than Fev against the SL teams but I wouldnt expect us to be near when it came to promotion but then again Ive not really said we are heading to SL or anything like that just point out the fact that we are the leagues 2nd form team behind Toronto.
  11. The Blues Ox

    We could still qualify

    Whats better? Toronto play a full team of players not wanting to get injured for the 8's or they rest a few players and bring in their backup players(who are also better than most championship players) who are wanting to make a statement and get in the team for the 8's.
  12. The Blues Ox

    Toronto and visa's

    Watch for which players pick up injuries in the week leading up to the game. Theres usually 2 or 3 from each team not able to travel.
  13. The Blues Ox

    Match Thread: Halifax v Featherstone Rovers Sunday 8th July 2018

    A few of your players with no gas left in the tank.
  14. At the moment Im thinking that Toulouse could be the team to miss out in the top 4 as they enter their traditional end of season wobble. Of the teams near the top 4, Toronto I think have a decent chance of promotion, If Leigh make it I think they will have a similar chance, Toulouse could trouble teams at home but wont win an away game even to the champ teams so pretty much no chance, Fax would likely compete but playing full time teams each week would be a big ask although if they get 2nd then you never know. London again could trouble teams at home but you cant see them making it and Fev would get pumped every week.