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  1. Is that Batley squad sustainable on this years money?
  2. ###### to the funding, that will all sort itself out I will be supporting Fev big style against everyone but Fax. Both part time teams and both capable of putting the cat amongst the pigeons. Would love for one or both of us to shock a SL team or beat the "mighty" Hull KR.
  3. Less fingers an all.
  4. Whoooosh. My point was about no all Champ game been televised and a ###### pick IMO for the game we are on. I mean out of all 7 games we have the Warrington one is the one I expect us to least competitive in so which bright spark thought it would be a good game for a TV audience?
  5. The contempt that Sky show to Championship teams is evident in their televised games. For our 1 Sky game we managed to get Warrington away, I mean who in their right mind sits in an office and thinks that would be a great game to put on TV. Fixture reversed then I could understand in but away is a bit of a laugh.
  6. Last game could be marketed as the 50K game.......
  7. Not really, I think they have been bang average all season. The season before obviously they had a few that you would take. No point bringing Manning back to be a high payed reserve player.
  8. At Fax next season. Also sounds like the Heaton deal was never actually a done deal and he could now stay. Its normally not long after this time that your chairman decides he wants Murrell and makes a silly offer. Realistically in the championship there are not that many standout players available especially in the forwards so we are left with older end SL players like you have or take a chance on young kids. Like take Bradford out of the equation and below Toulouse I cant actually think of a forward that any of the top 5 would go after. Half backs are probably even slimmer pickings with only Yates at Rochdale and White at Swinton who I think could do a job higher up the league. In the backs I think maybe George Tyson has the ability to do well at this level but outside him Im struggling.
  9. Too right about Radio Leeds and that shower of every week. Last week in my excitement to get the radio on and listen to post match reaction had to listen to JD talking about womens rugby for about 45 of the 60 minutes I heard. To be fair it made a change from listening to extended highlights from Leeds friday night game but still. Believe it or not I was not nervous yesterday but more excited. I love big games and as it turned out it was one of those with one team with nothing to play for against a team that had everything to lose. Compared to the things that went on at the beginning of the season this seems a million miles away. Now we get another crack against Fev at home which you lot must be pleased about
  10. Did it ever. Amazing what getting rid of a few less interested players during the season and thinning the squad out has actually done. Settled teams just play so much better together.
  11. Sorry
  12. Was driving and kept pulling over was not too worried about the drop goal until I got home and saw they had scored next set
  13. Just seemed strange him been that old and not really playing for Wigan. They must rate him to not want to get rid considering he is not a first teamer.
  14. 3rd of 5th it is then. What are you doing to me? Draw will do for 4th though for me.
  15. Serious question, if he is 23 and been at Wigan what has he been doing?