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  1. Its only a ###### draw because we both wanted someone like Leeds at home. The reality is there will be at least 1 Championship team in the quarter finals. Both teams will view it as a winnable tie and at this stage of the cup its really all you can ask for besides the money spinner. We always seem to do ok at Fev when we are underdogs so it also gives us Fax fans some hope
  2. Fax Syndrome. Make top 4, reward players, sign more players, players get comfortable and forget they have to make the top 4 because they are earning more than they did the season before, club in crisis and said players are released or have to take pay cuts.
  3. Might be a half back at Fax surplus to requirements.........
  4. Players wont be that bothered better losing pay than most teams get winning pay in this division.
  5. If you listen to the Bulls fans then you should be running 70 or 80 up them and if you don't do that then you will be classed as an average team in a ###### ground.
  6. I wonder what sort of deal he ended up with. Strange other clubs negotiating with him when he was still under contract, that is unless his agent was lying.
  7. Im not going to complain because it was a game I weren't planning on going to anyway and its one in which we should win pretty convincingly. Normally we take a decent number up to Cumbria but I doubt a lot will bother now.
  8. As I posted on the Bradford forum, why would Fev want a player not as good as the ones you have. The money he was asking for was daft when he left Bradford and leaving Sheffield under a cloud will affect his valuation but would Fev want to splash cash on a player like that when they can even pick up better from Leeds.
  9. I think a lot of people got that one wrong...........
  10. FWIW Dewsbury played the 2nd half with 14 players. Sykes should not have even been on the pitch when Tyrer trampled him. It also meant that you had a lot of players playing more minutes than their used to and considering how mobile our pack is it was always going to be a struggle in that second half. Personally I thought Fax were abysmal in the first half besides our defence which had to be very good considering we completed at less than 50%, a team with more confidence may have punished us. I thought dewsbury dug in though and considering the injury problems did a lot better than the scoreline suggests.
  11. London don't look a patch on last seasons team do they? I didnt think Fax had a chance of top 4 at the beginning of the season but the hit and miss form of Batley and london has me believing we might just sneak in. Bet your glad you decided against paying Sammutt 50K.
  12. From what you can see on the video Im not sure it was a red but his rep seems to come before him. Loved him at Fax just a pity how it ended.
  13. Sorry I didn't know. its a fine line with him, we did not have too many discipline problems with him at Fax, apart from him refusing to play, but still a very good player on his day.
  14. Nearly got the violin out then......... In all seriousness though the players in line for a ban will not miss this week.
  15. Some of the blame has to fall at the players feet. It just seems like naivety on both the club and players part.